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21 May 2014

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Le Zoulou Blanc on his way to the Garden Route... Johnny Clegg is an icon of South African music, with a biography and discography that could fill three editions, but CXPRESS had the pleasure of a personal chat before his Plett shows kick off this Sunday - turn to page 5 to find out more

Slain Knysna girl’s case now in court p3

Surviving the ripe young age of 50 p7

Elvis comes alive at the end of May! p11




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21 May 2014

Driving Miss Crazy

Driving Miss Karoo - the adventures of English Joan and Irish Abigail - Part I JEEVES shares memories of his adventures as Garden Route chaffeur extraordinaire...


LEASE yqwnf" {qw" eqp/ vcev"og"yjgp"kv"uwkvu"tg<"c" flTqcf"Vtkr‚A"Tgictfu."Lqcp0" So read the latest message in my Nokia’s inbox. ‘Hmmm - very, very interesting,’ as my German Uncle Ambassador would have responded. Turns out she and a friend were on holiday in Plettenberg Bay for a few months, “....and we’d like to do a little trip into the Karoo for a few days, before we leave”. “Any idea where to?” I queried. “Haven’t the foggiest,” she replied. “That’s where I thought you might come in... if not, I could go to Info, I suppose.” She told me they were from the UK and doing a trip from Cape Town to Addo Elephant Park, with stop-overs along the way. Last year it was the Lowveld and Drakensberg. We arranged to meet up to discuss the trip, their likes and dislikes, and expectations. A small bistro for lunch, halfway between Plettenberg Bay and Knysna, made the perfect venue, convenient to us both. An idea was occurring to me. “Do you enjoy wine?” I asked.

Our 10 000 free copies are distributed every Wednesday to a multitude of outlets along the Garden Route, with emphasis on Knysna and Plett and drop-offs at *Sedgefield Tourism *Caltex StarMart in Wilderness *Lynn Schroeder, Build It and other select outlets in George *Storms River Village and Bridge in Tsitsikamma - phone 044 533 1004 (o/h) with distribution queries.

If you’ve missed out on a hard copy, read the electronic version online at

“Only after mid-day,” she quipped, and I took an instant liking to her. “OK. I’ll bring a bot,” I offered, staring at an imported Barefoot Pinot Grigio, now produced under license in South Africa, and which incidentally tastes different to - and costs more than - its Californian predecessor. So along with road maps, pamphlets and touristy literature, I took a Klein Karoo Wine Route brochure, to give them an idea of what I had in mind for their adventure. They were both in their 50s. Introductions: she - attractive, pitch-black hair, green eyes; and her best friend from childhood, Abigail very pretty, red-haired with aquamarine eyes and an Irish accent. Nothing too serious about these two. They were out here to have a ball and see the country. Plenty of joking and laughter over food, wine and a road atlas open on the Klein Karoo page. They loved cricket - Joan’s father had played for England, and Abigail’s brother for Ireland. They followed the English team around the world on overseas tours, having recently returned from

the Caribbean, and prior to that, the Ashes in Australia. “Don’t let’s go down that road!” Joan warned me, referring to the latter tour. They would go on group tours, and on one of their trips the tour leader was a South African, born and raised in Middelburg, Cape. He’d written a book which they showed me, Vjg"Urqtv/ kpi" Vtcxgnu" qh" c" Mctqq" Uqp by Des Newton. As it happened, I knew him well - we both belonged to the same clubs in Cape Town. I told them about when we had first met. “He told me he had played cricket for the MCC. “I stared at him in disbelief. On seeing my reaction, he looked at me with a mischievous grin on his face... ‘Middelburg Cricket Club!’” The book was the driving force behind their joint wishes to breathe the Karoo air. I told them we could do a trip to the greater Karoo incorporating Middelburg, perhaps on to De Aar, Carnarvon, Loxton, Karoo National Park and back. We would need five days. That’s how long is required to begin unwinding from the rest of the world, and to experience the true feeling of the Karoo - sitting on a farm house stoep in a rockingchair watching the sun set to the rusty clank of a turning windmill, the smoky whiff of lamb chops on the braai.

They concurred. Time was the enemy. They had left it too late before calling me. Well then. No option. Had to be the Little Karoo - just up the drag, around and about Oudtshoorn. Three days. “Perfect, Ron. Plan it, if you’d be so kind. We’re in your hands.” Abigail agreed. “We have every confidence in you throwing a lovely trip together. Don’t forget the wine farms!” On a map earlier, I had fingered a few wine cellars in the Calitzdorp/Groenfontein region. “Here’s R1,000,” said Joan. “Make a few overnight bookings on the net, if you wouldn’t mind.” It was arranged I would meet them on the Sunday in Plett, and the trip would start by driving to Uniondale via Prince Alfred’s Pass. I walked them to their vehicle where we bid one another farewell. It was a black Land Rover Range Rover V8 Sport... Wpvkn"pgzv"yggm."ftkxg" uchgn{"/"Lggxgu To be continued... (Turn to page 12 for a funny short story by Jeeves - Eds.)

Plett Hope Spot Open Day - be there on May 26!


Y now most Plettonians would have heard about the international Hope Spot programme, and will have learnt that the Plett Hope Spot will be launched in December by Dr Sylvia Earle - world renowned marine biologist and National Geographic Explorer in residence. But for many of us the question remains: What is a Hope Spot and what will it mean for Plett? The Plett Hope Spot Committee, in collaboration with Dr Tony Ribbink of the Sustainable Seas Trust (who is

Dr Mark Brown

HOPE BEHIND THE DOLFYNGORDYN: This lovely logo for Plett’s Hope Spot campaign was designed by Julie Carlisle of Eco Vive

facilitating all five South African Hope Spot launches), will be holding a public open day on Monday May 26 at 2pm in the Denron Community Development Centre, to answer this and other questions you may have. After Dr Ribbink’s introduction to the Hope Spot programme, a few local Plett organisations will give short presentations as to why they feel Plett will be the world’s best Hope Spot. To RSVP or for more information, email pletthope or follow us on Facebook.

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21 May 2014



Rosaline case kicks off in Knysna court with accused’s sickening plea explanation

Yolandé Stander


HE man accused of raping and murdering nineyear-old Rosaline Philander outside Knysna last year admitted yesterday that he strangled the little girl during an alcohol-fuelled rage. “I strangled her until her arms went limp and she fell over onto her back. I left her there next to the river and walked away,” 32-year-old Ewald Booysen stated in his plea explanation. He pleaded not guilty on all three charges - rape, murder and kidnapping - in the Knysna High Court yesterday after he was arrested following the discovery of the petite little girl’s body in a wooded area in Rheenendal on August 31 last year, only 10 days after her ninth birthday. According to police the girl’s throat was cut and forensic tests later showed that she had also been raped. Rosaline was playing with friends in Gousblom Street when she was allegedly approached by Booysen, who

PETITE VICTIM: This photo of nine-year-old Rosaline Philander was taken shortly before she was found murdered in Rheenendal last August

lured her away with a promise of fish and chips at a local store called Totties. Booysen was later spotted without the girl and when the community realised she was missing, they contacted the local police and a search party was organised. Her body was discovered later that evening. In his plea explanation Booysen said the girl “out of her own free will” came with him to the shop. He admitted that at the time he had been heavily under the influence of alcohol after drinking in a tavern with the girl’s father, Derrick, before the incident. Booysen added that he had been binge-drinking the night before the incident and that he had bought a 2-litre bottle of wine as well as a bottle of brandy the Saturday morning before Rosaline was killed, and that he had consumed most of it before he approached her. He denied stabbing the girl,

Police set off on manhunt after garden fork attack on elderly lady


EORGE detectives have started a manhunt for the suspect who attacked a 66-year-old lady with a garden fork at her home in Hope Street on Friday May 16 between 2pm and 3pm. Preliminary investigation suggests that the victim was busy doing the washing in her bathroom when the man she had employed as gardener for the day attacked her from behind with the fork, without any provocation. The victim tried to fight him off after he had hit her several times with the garden fork, inflicting serious facial and bodily wounds during the attack.

She stumbled outside after her assailant had fled the scene on foot. A patrol van that was in the vicinity drove past the house and saw the victim struggling to the outside. Attempts to find her assailant yielded no sign of her attacker. The victim, who was in great shock and had suffered multiple wounds to the body and head, was taken to a local hospital for ‘... the man she employed as gardener for the day attacked her from behind without any provocation’

medical treatment. She was hospitalised immediately and her condition described as serious but stable. Says SAPS S-Cape spokesperson captain Malcolm Pojie: “We are hopeful to make a breakthrough soon, even though the suspect is on the run. A housebreaking and assault with grievous bodily harm docket was opened for further investigation.” Anyone who may have information of the suspect or his whereabouts is requested to call the investigating officer, sergeant Patrick Songiqwi at the George detective branch on 044 803 4715 or crime Stop on 08600 10111.

but said that while walking with Rosaline she started complaining about his drinking and said she wanted to go home. Booysen said although he remembered the day very clearly, he “lost his head”, grabbed the girl around the

neck with his hands and strangled her until her arms went limp. He explained that she then fell over onto her back and he walked away. He said he was not sure if the girl was dead or had just lost consciousness, but that

he decided to walk away. Booysen also denied raping the girl or causing her any other harm. Four minors also took to the witness stand on Monday, but their evidence was given in camera. Ictfgp"Tqwvg"Ogfkc



Dog-fighting case postponed again M AJOR complications with audio recordings forced yet another postponement in the trial involving six members of an alleged dogfighting syndicate - exactly three years after the men were arrested in Plett. The case was set to resume in the Thembalethu Magistrate’s Court in George last

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21 May 2014

Wednesday, but was postponed until October 8 after court officials found that the recordings of trial were largely inaudible. Only the testimony of one witness is completely audible, while another Xhosaspeaking witness’s testimony is clear, but the recording of his interpreter is very faint.

The State was therefore unable to continue with the trial. The accused – Donald, Rudi and Peter Wall, Owen Butler, Yorick Grobbelaar and Anton van Blerk – were part of a group of 10 men arrested during a police raid on a property in Ladywood in May 2011. /"[qncpfg"Uvcpfgt

Historic site fixed by joining of local forces

When vandals some weeks ago made a fire on the viewing deck adjacent to the historic cross that overlooks Plett’s Old Timbershed and the bay, Alison Bryant of the Clean Plett campaign was quick to inform the couple Ross, resident at nearby Montmar. They in turn told Ettiene van Rensburg of Garden Route Timber about the senseless damage to this significant tourism site, and offered to cover costs of any materials required to fix the deck. Ettiene met their generous proposal by providing free labour, and this joining of forces resulted in the timeous fixing of a local landmark. Find out more about Clean Plett on Facebook or by phoning Alison on 082 572 1027, and contact Ettiene on 083 384 7469 or at theboss@grtc. or visit www.gardenroutetimberconstruction. for additional information.

Have you lost this blue/brown-eyed girl? Beefy Mance from Nature’s Valley sent this photograph of a medium-sized female dog with one very distinctive blue eye. He wrote: ‘According to the vet, she is approximately 18 months old, had puppies about six weeks ago, and has lots of Husky in her - we saw one tick on her, but otherwise she’s in good condition. We found her sleeping in the toilets at the Nature’s Valley Lagoon parking lot and according to the rangers, she had only been around for a couple of days. Although not scrawny, she had not eaten for a day or two, because she gobbled up a large can of dog food. She’s well-mannered and loving, and house-trained it seems, as she slept inside our home without any oopses. If you have any information or it’s your dog, please call Tish on 044 531 6749 or 082 395 1605. And if we don’t hear from the owner and you think you could provide a good home for her, please drop us a line, too. Our border collie, Phoebe, is an only child and although she has accepted ‘Lulu’ and taught her much, we simply can’t keep her.’

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21 May 2014



Le Zoulou Blanc is coming to town, live and unplugged JC: It’s a four-piece group with guitar and percussionist, and apart from the songs, I talk about things that shake and have shaped my life - stories and thoughts on the role of Zulu dancing and other issues around culture. Call it a musical journey, accompanied by anecdotes and story-telling. It’s an intimate experience, and I find that it leaves me very vulnerable on stage, sharing experiences of such a personal nature with the audience.

Esther de Villiers


OHNNY Clegg dropped me a line last week. Seriously. The CXPRESS landline rang in the office next door and Linda asked, a little nonplussed: “Can you take a call from Johnny Clegg?” Uhm, let me think about this... “Hello Johnny, this is a surprise - I was hoping to email you some questions for our pre-tour story?” “No time for email, let’s talk now!” Now... I’ve been a Johnny Clegg fan since early teen days in the Ejtkuvgp" Chtkmc/ pgt bastion of Snor City. Two steadfastly conservative school piers of my sis, the Mulder Brothers, didn’t relate much to anyone of darker hues than their rosy cheeks and fair Arian hair. But somehow they’d caught on to the magic of Juluka and the band’s weird white Zulu front man. It was the early 80s and, thanks to the Mulders’ introduction, we knew every word and beat of every song on the iconic Ch/ tkecp" Nkvcp{ (’81) and Uecv/ vgtnkpiu (’82) LPs. More albums and songs and memories were made, through the Juluka and then Savuka (formed after Juluka co-founder Sipho Mchunu’s father called him back to look after the cattle at his rural family home) years. My first-ever see of Johnny and this second incarnation of his unique African outfit was, strangely for such an ardent South African fan, in France, were he had reached super-stardom by 1990 - the year I au paired in the Le Mans countryside. (Such was the celebrity status of ‘Le Zoulou Blanc’ in that country that, two years prior, Michael Jackson had to cancel his show in Lyon, as he attracted a smaller audience than Johnny Clegg and Savuka, according to Wikipedia... ha-ha!) Most of the French crowd sang along with lyrics in English and Zulu, of which they understood much less of than us Africans. Some had

SERIOUS ENTERTAINER: Singer, dancer, anthropologist, songwriter, academic and activist, Johnny Clegg has become one of the country’s greatest musical exports

even perfected Johnny and Sipho’s rendition of the traditional high-kick dance that featured in and, for many, formed the highlight of their stage performances. Back to the now: Johnny Clegg’s call last week came from Cape Town, where he was promoting his Dguv."Nkxg" (" Wprnwiigf tour, gearing up for the Eastern Cape / Garden Route leg that starts in East London today and plays at the Opera House in Port Elizabeth before three shows at Plett’s White House Theatre (May 25-27) and in George on the 28th. Earlier that week, so says my colleague Lezanne, an Algoa FM disc jockey started his radio interview with Johnny Clegg by saying: “There’s nothing I can ask you that you’ve not been asked before, so can I just let you ask the questions?” I could relate… but after stammering through the first minutes of the unexpected call, mastered my stage fright and thought of some semipertinent questions. CX: When last were you in this neck of the woods? JC: I had a show at the casino in PE last year. It was very well received by the people of the Friendly City and I’m much looking forward to being in your part of the country again.

CX: How did your recent States tour go down? JC: We did 40-plus shows across the US and Canada, covering 18,000km in 67 days in a 14-sleeper bus. That’s an average of 5.1 shows a week! It was a stripped-down crew, very lean in terms of people on the tour, with a manager doubling up as sound engineer, for instance. CX: How big was the band that backed you over there? JC: We were six people on stage - a bunch of guys who have been touring since the 90s, but this was more hardcore travelling than most had experienced before. CX: Bet you saw amazing things out the windows of that bus, with the sights offered by that continent. JC: Naah. We always slept when on the bus, trying to get some rest while getting to the next destination. But we broke lots of new territory in the process, from Canada up north to Miami down south. The tour was very good for my international profile - all stats are recorded in the Rqnn/ uvct promoters’ handbook, from turnover to how many people rocked up, ticket prices and the like. At this stage of my life, I regard the outcome as a significant career highlight. CX: So what can we expect from the shows in Plett?

• Well, Plett audiences are obviously anticipating Lqjp/ p{"Engii"/"Dguv."Nkxg"("Wp/ rnwiigf with bated breath: by early May, the two Plett shows scheduled were practically sold out, so a third was booked for Sunday the 25th. It wasn’t clear by our going to press whether there were seats left for any of the three performances (tickets from R237) but you can visit www. or www. or call 0861 915 8000 to find out.

CONDOLENCES: Johnny Clegg is mourning the death of longstanding backing vocalist Bongani Masuku, 50, who was shot dead in central Joburg on Saturday night May 17 in a botched robbery attempt



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21 May 2014


Kim Weyer - Bitou 10 Foundation CEO

Principals and managers join forces to transform Bitou 10 schools


ITOU school principals as well as school management teams and representatives from the Western Cape Education Department participated in two School Leadership and Management workshops organised by the Bitou 10 Education & Development Foundation on May 12 & 13. World-class transformation facilitator Dylan Wray was invited to introduce Bitou school leaders to the manual and DVDs Jqy" vq" Hkz" Uejqqnu<" Nguuqpu" htqo" Uejqqnu" vjcv" Yqtm by Jonathan Jansen and Molly Blank. These resources illustrate good practices identified in top performing schools located in disadvantaged communities throughout South Africa. The DVDs show strong leaders, dedicated, teachers and disciplined learners all working together to create an exceptional teaching and learning environment that produces excellent results. Although Bitou’s schools are now functional, performance of learners in Literacy and Numeracy remains low in 80% of our schools, and drop-out rates are very high. At the workshops this month, school leaders were given the opportunity to reflect on what they learned from the schools they saw in

TEACHER LEADERS: At the workshop for school principals are, from left in front, Xola Faku of Phakamisani and Selwin Bowers of Plett Secondary; in the second row are Peter Chalmers of Wittedrift Primary, Ben Louw of The Crags Primary, and Colin Wildeman of Formosa Primary (hidden); in the third row are Gerhard Botes of Murray High, Jeremy Marallich of Wittedrift High, and WCED officials Mike Spies and Suzette de Villiers; at back are B10F chairperson Marietta van Rooyen and Foundation associate Pippa Ford - other participants not in photo include Chantel Daries of Harkerville Primary, Enoch Medea of Kranshoek Primary, Hendrik Bester of Plett Primary and, from B10F, director Andre Bouwer and CEO Kim Weyer

the DVDs. Bitou school principals and educators were motivated and inspired to see schools similar to theirs where principals and teachers face the same challenges they face and yet, in spite of adverse conditions, still manage to achieve excellent results. Each workshop participant was also asked to evaluate how well his/her school was implementing the following 10 key strategies used by top performing schools in South Africa: 1. Establishing and maintaining firm routines; 2. Extending the time for learning; 3. Teachers teach every day in every class; 4. Students are confronted with high expectations; 5. Students are provided

with love and discipline; 6. Parents are involved in the life of the school; 7. Principals are visible in their leadership; 8. Principals (and some of the school’s teachers) are social entrepreneurs; 9. Principals act on (or manage) their schools’ external environment; 10. Students are offered a life beyond school. Management teams from each Bitou school worked together to identify ‘what they could start doing,’ ‘what they could do more of’, and ‘what they could do differently’ in their schools. The Bitou 10 Foundation has offered ongoing support to local school management teams, helping them to achieve their goals and vision for their schools. The Foun-

dation also provides opportunities for Bitou school leaders and managers to come together to share ideas and learn from each other. The Foundation is sincerely grateful to the following sponsors of these workshops: Professor Jonathan Jansen (facilitator’s fees); The Insurance Shop (use of its conference room); The Plettenberg Hotel and The Grand Café & Rooms (accommodation for our visiting facilitator); Javett Foundation (catering for the workshops), and Tsitsikamma Water (bottled water for participants). Kh"{qw"yqwnf"nkmg"vq"urqpuqt" qt"kpxguv"kp"gfwecvkqp" fgxgnqrogpv"kpkvkcvkxgu"kp" Dkvqw."eqpvcev"vjg"D32H"qp" 266"755"8688"qt"cv"egqB dkvqw32hqwpfcvkqp0eq0|c"hqt" oqtg"kphqtocvkqp0

Notice Board


TILL Ycvgtu" Owuke hqt" vjg" Uqwn is scheduled for The Grand on May 30 and will raise funds to teach needy Plett kids to swim. The Grand supplies snacks and a stunning venue, while participating musos include

David Kantey and Benjamin Bushakevitz with the Eden Guitar Ensemble. The soothing sounds will include genres from jazz to light contemporary and original compositions. So diarise Friday May 30 at 6pm for 6:30

- tickets at R160 include a finger supper. Call Jane on 072 385 4610 or Louise on 082 452 2248 and see the advert on this page for additional information. Bring your unwanted goods along for a [ctf" Ucng" at The Market on Plett’s Main Street on Saturday May 31 from 10am to 3pm. Only 10% of sales will go to The Market. Call Janine between 8am and 12:30 on weekdays on 044 533 2805 or 082 533 9470 to book your space or find out more. The Crags Eco-preschool is having its annual Cwvwop" Dgcvu" Owuke" Gxgpkpi to raise funds for the bursary scheme, featuring legendary folk act Shawn Phillips and local jazz celebs on Saturday May 31 at The Barn (exBarnyard Theatre). Space is limited so book online at or pick up tickets from the preschool and Peppermill Café in The Crags, or from Ice Palazzo in Plett CBD.

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21 May 2014

Surviving 50... MY way! Plett local CATHY HENDERSON gives some guidance on having a blast when striking the half-century mark


OW that I am on the brink of turning 51, I will share my secret to surviving my 50th year with your readers. Everyone’s experience of turning 50 is different and, unfortunately for me, mine was profound. Despite my darling daughter’s best efforts I was, quite frankly, inconsolable on the day I turned 50. “It’s time for a gap year,” I said - with tears in my eyes. I had been adding up and balancing figures for 30 years and it was definitely time for a change. Not having done the gap year after school, or those liberating university years, back-packing around the world or carefree living, I decided to do it at 50. Hubby Pete turned a slight shade of green... I tried my hand at photography but that was a nonstarter; planned to travel the world but landed up going nowhere. No-one would want to visit the places I travelled to: hospital rooms and doctor’s surgeries, as I patiently watched my incredible son survive pneumonia. What really got my heart racing, though, was cook-

ing! I have cooked my way around the world from the comfort of my kitchen, with two faithful hounds at my feet, and I’ve loved every minute of it. My inspiration? A wonderful course by Joy Truscott and Leela, about experiencing life creatively. I discovered I could also use the other side of my brain! So, onto a few cooking courses: Kilzers Kitchen in Knysna runs a fun, interactive course and it was wonderful working in a beautiful, energetic kitchen with great people. It was non-stop learning and so worth it. The highlight, for me, was the winter school in Prince Albert (another reason for writing this now - it’s almost time for another one, guys!). When friend Di van der Riet invited me to stay with her, I didn’t hesitate. After throwing a few jerseys in a case, I roared off past snow-capped mountains to shiver my way through a happy, magical week in one of the most beautiful places in South Africa. Note to keen travellers: take a warm coat! At the truly professional cooking school, African Rel-

TIME FOR REFLECTION: A must for surviving 50 is a family photo shoot with Glenn Murray, says Cathy - here flanked by husband Pete and children Steven and Sarah Photo: Glenn Murray Photography

ish, Jeremy took us on a spice trail to foreign lands, to Vietnam in a bowl, and to Morocco and North Africa with vegetarian delights. In the Olive Branch restaurant’s more informal setting, Bokkie Botha took us to France with his inspired French cooking in the heart of the Karoo. As always, I loved donning the apron, unsheathing the knife, and getting stuck in with the other chefs. And it’s invariably a great pleasure to share the spoils afterwards, along with some lovely chilled wine! Another must for surviving 50 is a family photo shoot with Glenn Murray. Ours was one of the happiest hours I have ever spent with my family. Glenn gets you splashing through the waves like a super-model and we laughed ‘till our tummies hurt. What a great gift! So turning 50 isn’t all bad, and although it is a time of reckoning - of looking back and seeing whether you are where you want to be and, more importantly, who you want to be - it is also a time of realising just how fragile life can be and what a gift it is to be healthy and strong. The greatest and the hardest lesson I have learnt in my 50th year was from my children, Sarah and Steven - that rebellion is not to be feared but to be embraced, as this is how we grow and learn - and that it can actually be quite a lot of fun. As always, it is the love and kindness of friends and family that make life worth living and there are angels everywhere. Mine know who they are and I am very grateful for them. Having someone to talk to is the most valuable thing of all, and that is my top advice to surviving 50. So... bring on 51! RU<" Ecnn" og" qp" 2:4" 522" :98:"kh"{qw"ycpv"oqtg"kphqt/ ocvkqp" qp" cp{" qh" vjg" rncegu" cpf" rgqrng" yjq" ocfg" o{" 72vj" {gct" uwej" c" yqpfgthwn" gzrgtkgpeg0






21 May 2014

Plettenberg Bay property market overview Steven Neufeld - Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty Plettenberg Bay


AST year saw R543million worth of property sales in Plettenberg Bay registered to date. Overall, the market remained relatively constant over the past six years, with between 220 and 300 units sold per annum. Average selling prices are currently similar to those of the peak in 2008. In 2012, a recovery from the

dip in 2011 was experienced; 2013 did not fare quite as well as 2012, but it was still a substantial improvement over 2011. Estate agents in Plett are generally positive about the current state of the market and expect 2014 to be a good year. The highest price achieved so far in 2014 is R27-million for a beachfront property on

Beachy Head Drive. In 2013, the highest price was R45-million for a larger residential estate further up Robberg Beach. The average price for freehold property is currently around R2.39-million (including vacant plots and houses) and for section title units about R1.25-million. The entry level for houses is around R1-million (off a high of R1.4million in 2007), while the entry level for apartments is R400,000 (bachelor) and vacant land starts at about R199,000. There are, however, cheaper options in areas surrounding Plettenberg Bay. The record price so far for residential property was R50million for a luxury coastal estate, sold in 2006 by Hein Pretorius - broker owner of Sotheby’s International Realty Plettenberg Bay. It is currently a buyer’s market.

Over the past 10 years, prices in Plett have grown annually at an average of approximately 6%, or roughly in line with inflation. Looking further back to 15 years ago, the annual growth jumps to 15.6% per annum.

low at 266 units, compared to the nearly 800 units in the early 2000s. “But the turnover for Plett is still relatively high at R543million, which highlights the financial disparity in South Africa - among the highest

‘We expect moderate growth for 2014 in line with inflation. The number of units sold is still relatively low at 266 units, compared to the nearly 800 units sold in the early 2000s.’ Says Pretorius: “The market is currently consolidating with prices stabilising and stock levels reducing somewhat in certain segments, particularly the upper end of the market, where choice is diminishing and values are increasing. “We are expecting moderate growth for 2014 in line with inflation. What is of interest is that the number of units sold is still relatively

Investor Focus

in the world. This statement is supported by stock shortages at the upper end of the market and an oversupply at the lower end.” In 2013, three properties transferred in Keurbooms for an average of R3.35-million, and five properties in Nature’s Valley for an average of R2.57-million. In Wittedrift, five properties transferred for R607,000 on average. The figures above were tak-

en from deeds information on May 6. To provide a more accurate depiction, sales are listed by date of sale, not transfer date. Rural property, sales below R100,000, known non-arm’s length transactions and duplications (e.g. when a developer buys numerous properties for a single price and each is listed at the full price, only the single figure is taken) are not included in the figures. A number of sales are still in the registration process, so the picture is sure to change somewhat. Uvgxgp"Pgwhgnf"ku"ocpcigt" qh"Ngy"Ighhgp"Uqvjgd{‚u" Kpvgtpcvkqpcn"Tgcnv{"Rngv/ vgpdgti"Dc{"cpf"rtqhguukqpcn" cuuqekcvgf"xcnwgt1crrtckugt" hqt"Uqwvj"Chtkecp"Rtqrgtv{" Xcnwcvkqpu0"Eqpvcev"jko"cv" uvgxg0uktBrngvvgpdgtidc{0 eqo"qt"qp"294"639"9953"cpf" ugg"vjg"htqpv"rcig"cfxgtv""hqt" ewttgpv"nkuvkpiu0

Malcolm Stewart - Investment manager at Michaelides Parker Wealth Knysna & Plett

Investment advice and your Needs Analysis – Part III


HE first two articles in my Needs Analysis series dealt with your personal profile, i.e. those important factors that drive our financial lives, for example our age, health, etc. This part looks at those investment instruments which most retirees accumulate during a lifetime of work. I have focused on the typical assets of a retired family whose age is about 65, or those planning to retire very soon. It consists of a husband and wife with adult children. Eqoogpvu 1. The Retirement Annuity may be converted into a Living Annuity (LA) and added to the existing LA. This will then translate into a combined value of R8-million, which would produce an income of R200,000 per annum before tax.

All income that is earned within the LA (i.e. dividends, interest and capital gains tax) is completely tax free. The income that you draw is however fully taxable, as per normal income. 2. The share portfolio with a yield (income) of 3.5% is probably a relatively aggressive portfolio aimed at capital growth rather than generating income. The dividends that it earns are subject to a dividend withholding tax of 15%, as well as capital gains tax and tax on any interest it may earn.

3. The bank deposit earns interest which is fully taxable and provides no growth while its value is continuously eroded by inflation. 4. The qualities of the LA are the same as those of the Retirement Annuity (RA). 5. Some retirees may have accumulated several RAs during their working life. These may all be collapsed into a single LA which will reduce costs and go a long way to make their investment management easier. 6. Neither RAs nor LAs form part of one’s estate, and

they may be bequeathed to spouses or left to your children and/or grandchildren. 7. The above asset profile provides an income before tax of R319,000 per annum or ±R27,000 per month. After tax you will be lucky to get much more than R23,000 per month. I have assumed that this retiree has converted his/her pension into a LA and receives no other income. Next week, we will consider the final analysis of this imaginary retiree. I will look at improving his/her income and to reduce the tax bill where possible. Ocneqno"jcu"dggp"kp"vjg" kpxguvogpv"kpfwuvt{"hqt"qxgt" 62"{gctu0"Jg"jcu"ytkvvgp" vjku"eqnwop"kp"EZRTGUU" hqt"vjg"ncuv"37"{gctu"cpf"ku" c"urgekcnkuv"kp"ocpcikpi" tgvktgf"ygcnvj0


21 May 2014





21 May 2014

Social Scene

MR SIBANDA CONQUERS THE ENGLISH: Kudzai Sibanda from Concordia High in Knysna is flanked here by Judges’ Choice winner Jae Hyun Park of South Korea and runner-up Maria Ballesteros, right, after winning the Audience Choice Award during the prestigious English Speaking Union speech contest held in London from May 12-17. Wanna know more? Visit and read all about this victory for Kudzai and his mentor, Reneé Verhaelst.

FRANCO DOES IT... TWICE: A remarkable double win was achieved by Franco Scribante, who emerged as undisputed King of the Hill 2014 during the culmination of this year’s Jaguar Simola Hillclimb on Sunday... and that after also having claimed the Classic Conqueror title during the previous weekend’s Classic Car races. Visit http:// motorsport/939064. html for the full story. - Photo: Morne Condon

People, places & events

AGENTS’ CAMPAIGN MAKES COLD MONTHS COSIER: Seeff Plettenberg Bay recently held a campaign to collect winter warmth for Bitou’s less fortunate residents. In the pic above, the Seeff team surrounds the enormous pile of clothing and blankets that was collected and given to St Thomas Methodist Church for distribution to the needy. The community-minded realtors thank all who responded to their call for help.

RUGBY RULES IN PLETT: Bitou Rugby Club had a sensational Saturday on May 16, when kids and parents and teams and supporters rocked up for a great day’s coaching and play. Says the Club’s Chris Ferreira - bending a knee in blue on the pic above: ‘Special thanks go to Oom Koos from Coastal Tool Hire for the Bitou team’s new jerseys, and to Ruan from Hi-Q Plett for providing equipment like pole protectors. The design on the jerseys serves as symbol of our intention to take the community’s hands, always helping each other out in the spirit of the game. Thanks, too, to all the spectators who arrived in droves for contributing to an excellent vibe.’ Chris adds that they’re also indebted to Plett Mussels coach Kyle Hans, pictured with some wannabe stars at left, for making the rugby clinic such a success, as 45 youngsters arrived on a day when the weather threated to turn stormy. Any kids who’d like to join the Plett Mussels can call Kyle on 071 427 5415, and watch this space for details about the next clinic. The day ended in Bitou’s favour when they beat the Wittedrift XV 20-10, and congrats go to Men of the Match Angelo (backline) and Tim (forwards). Call Chris on 082 809 7815 to find out more about the burgeoning state of rugby in Bitou. ALUTA EFF, ALUTA! Albert Zukile Rorwana, pictured at left with EFF colleague Babalwa Quthu, thanks all Bitou Economic Freedom Fighters for their contribution in the past election, saying: ‘I wish to extend a vote of thanks, as your support will allow us to continue to grow as a party. Whether you are black or white, young or old, let’s make democracy work!’


21 May 2014


Elvis is back in the building…

GO CAT GO! Scenes from Marilyn’s 60s Diner in Storms River Village where Elvis comes alive once again at the end of this month, and Shaky Russell, below right, will perform a special tribute


T’S been more than 35 years since Elvis has left the building, yet more than 18,000 Elvis fans gather in the Central New South Wales town of Parkes to celebrate Elvis Presley’s birthday every January. On July 5, 1954, a delivery truck driver named Elvis Presley walked into Sun Studios in Memphis and recorded Vjcv‚u"Cnn" Tkijv with guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black. Memphis DJ Dewey Phil-

lips played the song on July 8 of that year on WHBQ radio… and the switchboard lit up like a Christmas tree. Rock n Roll was born and the music world had changed forever. Back in South Africa, May 2014: Record crowds are expected for the Mini Elvis Festival to be held in Storms River Village, from May 30 to June 1. The Festival’s various events take place over a three-day period, promising fun and excitement for both

young and old. The Elvis Presley Memphis Tribute Show will be performed by the award winning Shaky Russell and his live rocking band. The Legends and Comedy show features Tony de King and, on the Sunday morning after breakfast, the Festival will conclude with a special and unique Elvis Gospel show performed by De King and Lionel Hunt. Marilyn’s 60s Diner and The Village Inn Hotel in

Storms River Village champion the Mini Elvis Festival and are planning a variety of activities, starting off with the opening and welcoming event by Elvis impersonators on Friday May 30. Accommodation at The Village Inn and various guest houses in the village will be available at your convenience if required. Says Village Inn owner Irma de Villiers: “The 2014 programme features top quality entertainment by Elvis impersonators Lionel Hunt and Tony de King. “And don’t forget to join us on the Saturday evening for our gala farewell show, when The Shaky Russell Project and Band proudly presents the ultimate tribute to The King live on stage. “Various competitions, stalls, shows, big screen Elvis movies, American food stalls and a variety of activities will also be taking place. We’re all going to rock on Saturday night, so be sure not to forget your Blue Suede Shoes! “Bring your family and friends and come enjoy a great weekend of fun, music and loads of entertainment.” Ladies and gentleman, Elvis is back in the building... Email info@elvisfestival. or call Vicky on 042 281 1711, and visit www. for more information.





21 May 2014

“The gap in the seat of your car is big enough to swallow anything you drop, but small enough to make sure you can’t reach it.” - Trevor Noah

Home-schooled by my parents! • My father taught me about HUMOUR. ›Yjgp" vjcv" ncypoqygt" ewvu"qhh"{qwt"vqgu."fqp‚v"eqog" twppkpi"vq"og0fi • My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY. ›Kh"K"vqnf"{qw"qpeg."K‚xg"vqnf" {qw"c"ic|"knnkqp"vkogu0"Fqp‚v" gzciigtcvg#fi • My mother taught me to APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE. ›Kh"{qw‚tg"iqkpi"vq"mknn"gcej" qvjgt."fq"kv"qwvukfg0"K"lwuv"hkp/ kujgf"engcpkpi0fi • My mother taught me about RELIGION. ›[qw" dgvvgt" rtc{" vjcv" yknn" eqog"qwv"qh"vjg"ectrgv0fi • My father taught me all about LOGIC. ›Dgecwug" K" uckf" uq." vjcv‚u" yj{0fi • My mother taught me MORE LOGIC. ›Kh"{qw"hcnn"qwv"qh"vjcv"uykpi"

cpf" dtgcm" {qwt" pgem." {qw‚tg" pqv" iqkpi" vq" vjg" ujqrrkpi" egpvtg"ykvj"og0fi • My mother taught me FORESIGHT. ›Ocmg"uwtg"{qw"ygct"engcp" wpfgtygct."kp"ecug"{qw‚tg"kp" cp"ceekfgpv0fi • My father taught me abut IRONY. ›Mggr" et{kpi" cpf" K‚nn" ikxg" {qw"uqogvjkpi"vq"et{"cdqwv0fi • My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS. ›Ujwv" {qwt" oqwvj" cpf" gcv" {qwt"uwrrgt0fi • My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM. ›Yknn" {qw" nqqm" cv" vjcv" fktv" qp"vjg"dcem"qh"{qwt"pgemAfi • My mother taught me about STAMINA. ›[qw‚nn" ukv" vjgtg" wpvkn" cnn" vjcv"urkpcej"ku"iqpg0fi • My mother taught me about WEATHER. ›Vjku"tqqo"nqqmu"cu"kh"c"vqt/

pcfq"ygpv"vjtqwij"kv0fi • My mother taught me the fine art of BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION. ›Pqy"uvqr"cevkpi"nkmg"{qwt" hcvjgt#fi • My mother taught me about ENVY. ›Vjgtg" ctg" oknnkqpu" qh" nguu" hqtvwpcvg" ejknftgp" kp" vjku" yqtnf" yjq" fqp‚v" jcxg" yqp/ fgthwn"rctgpvu"nkmg"{qw"fq0fi • My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION. ›Lwuv" yckv" wpvkn" yg" igv" jqog0fi • My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE. ›Kh" {qw" fqp‚v" uvqr" etquukpi" {qwt" g{gu." vjg{" ctg" iqkpi" vq" igv"uvwem"vjcv"yc{0fi • My mother taught me ESP. ›Rwv"{qwt"uygcvgt"qp="fqp‚v"

{qw" vjkpm" K" mpqy" yjgp" {qw" ctg"eqnfAfi • My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT. ›Kh"{qw"fqp‚v"gcv"{qwt"xgi/ gvcdngu."{qw"yknn"pgxgt"itqy" wr0fi • My mother taught me about GENETICS. ›[qw‚tg" gzcevn{" nkmg" {qwt" hcvjgt0fi • My mother taught me about my ROOTS. ›Ujwv"vjcv"fqqt"dgjkpf"{qw0" Fq"{qw"vjkpm"{qw"ygtg"dqtp" kp"c"dctpAfi • My mother taught me all about WISDOM. ›Yjgp" {qw" igv" vq" dg" o{" cig."{qw‚nn"wpfgtuvcpf0 • My father taught me about JUSTICE. ›Qpg"fc{"{qw‚nn"jcxg"mkfu." cpf"K"jqrg"vjg{"vwtp"qwv"lwuv" nkmg"{qw#fi

A short story...


would like to share an experience with you about drinking and driving. As you may well be aware of, some of us have been known to have brushes with the authorities on occasions on our way home from the odd social session. A few nights ago, I was out for dinner with a few friends in Knysna Waterfront and had a few too many beers, and some very nice red wine. A marvellous time was had by all. Knowing full well that I might be over the limit, as too my friends, we all thought it appropriate and safer that we should take a taxi home. Sure enough, we passed a police road-block by the hospital, but as we were in a taxi, they waved us past. The various friends were dropped off, lots of laughs and kisses and good-nights, and I too arrived home safely

without incident - which was a little surprising… as I have never driven a taxi before, and I am not quite sure where I got it. Remember: don’t drink and drive - you might just spill it! Dwemng"wr."Lggxgu

Politicians under fire... universally


N the aftermath of SA’s national elections, with political parties and their leaders in the spotlight, this little snippet from a London newspaper was shared by Gerhard Burger from Port Elizabeth: On April 16, Vjg"Vkogu featured this item: “A longboat full of Vikings, promoting the new British Museum exhibition, was seen sailing past the Palace of Westminster yesterday. “Famously uncivilised, destructive and rapacious, with an almost insatiable appetite for rough sex and heavy drinking, the MPs nonetheless looked up for a bit to admire the vessel.”

When the owners of this dog asked their domestic helper to take it for a walk, they weren’t expecting this level of service...

Home & Health

21 May 2014


Alternative motherhood options for those who don’t bear children


OTHERS have shaped our lives and our personalities and crediting them is something we don’t always do enough, with Mother’s Day 2014 having come and gone for another whole year. “On Mother’s Day great emphasis is placed on physical motherhood, and often at the neglect of those women who cannot bear children and who don’t qualify to celebrate Mother’s Day,” says Chantel Cronje, legal advisor at Legal & Tax. Indeed, one should rather honour the transcendent gift of motherhood, which is ultimately about nurturing, in all its forms. Many women who have never been mothers physically are still gifted with the passion to care for others. Love, selflessness, courage, motherly wisdom and intuition are the very qualities all women possess. Mother’s Month in May is therefore not just for those who have physically given birth, but a time of celebration and reflection for all women. According to Cron-

je, it presents an ideal moment for women who cannot have children of their own to consider alternate options. In South Africa we have an enormous amount of children who are orphaned, homeless, abandoned and neglected, creating many alternative options towards motherhood, in the context of our South African reality. Cfqrvkqp Choosing adoption is about being a good mother. It’s a way of providing a permanent family for children who cannot be raised by their own parents. If you are able to offer love, commitment, time, patience and the motivation to want to understand how your child sees the world, then adoption is a great start and the rewards limitless. In South Africa there are too many children in need of motherly love and parenting. Whether you are married or single, adoption may just be for you. Uwttqice{ Surrogacy involves the carrying of an embryo and the birthing of a baby by one

woman, referred to as the surrogate, for another individual or couple. As of April 2010, surrogacy changed fundamentally with the introduction of the new Children’s Act. Before the introduction of the new Children’s Act, surrogacy in South Africa had no formal legislation governing it. The Act now clearly defines and protects the rights of the surrogate mother, the intended parents and most importantly, the rights of the unborn child. Hquvgt"Rctgpvkpi Section 28 of the South African Constitution says that “every child has the right to family care or parental care, or to appropriate alternative care when removed from the family environment”. When a child cannot live with his/her family or on their own, he/she enters foster care. This can either be because of neglect, abuse or a family crisis. Foster parents help raise children and feel fulfilled by providing them with stability, affection and nurturing. It needs to be said that it’s

Knysna’s garden-clubbers go tunnelling...


NYSNA Garden Club holds its next meeting on Wednesday May 28. Says convenor Elinor Clegg: “This time, we are going to a farm near Simola, owned by Wayne and Tracey Rowe. “The Rowes grow tomatoes and cucumbers in special tunnels and harvest them for the local market and, depending on availability, we may be able to purchase some of their products. They share the property with a smokehouse operated by Old Cape Fine Foods.

“The day kicks off at 9:45 for 10am - bring chairs, hats and refreshments, and definitely don’t forget good walking shoes. To get there, take the Simola/Eastford turn off from the N2. Travel for about 2.5km and then take the turn-off to

the right at the sign for The Green House and Old Cape Fine Foods. The road splits, keep right and follow the

signs to the smokehouse. Visitors are welcome phone Elinor on 044 387 1966 for further details. YOU SAY TOMATO: Wayne and Tracey Rowe will host the next Knysna Garden Club gathering on their farm, where tomatoes and cucumbers are grown in special tunnels and harvested for the local market

a challenging responsibility and not many are truly cut out for this kind of parenting. Yet, the rewards can be as great as having given birth to the child yourself. It must also be added that foster care is temporary. Children usually continue to visit their own families until they may be reunited. Finally, Legal & Tax encourages all mothers who are in legal battles with regards to any of the above parenting topics to contact its team of professional legal advisors on 0860 587 587 or visit for additional information.

Time saving tips at home Wug"vyq"ncwpft{"dcumgvu Buy two laundry baskets - one for dark washing and one for white washing. Make sure they are different colours, and show each member of the family which basket to throw their own dirty laundry into. Fqp‚v"ngv"fkujgu"rkng"wr Have a designated spot for used glasses so they can be reused throughout the day. Make a coaster for each member of the family with their name on and place it on a tray for these glasses. Igv"vjkpiu"tgcf{"vjg" pkijv"dghqtg Make your mornings stress-free. Prepare your lunch, fill the kettle, and put out breakfast cereals. Lay out your clothes for the next day and put together everything you will be taking with you. Ujqr"qpeg"c"yggm Plan your meals for the week ahead and use a grocery list instead of just walking up and down the aisles trying to decide what you need. /"yyy0jqog/f|kpg0eq0|c


Plett Animal Welfare Service


Read CXPRESS online @



Read CXPRESS online @

21 May 2014


On the Soapbox

21 May 2014

Letters to the Editor


Email: - Fax: 044 533 0852 - PO Box 1449, Plett 6600

Knysna Traffic sets example for municipal get her photos and again and government departments tostopped the traffic for her to I wish to compliment the management and staff of Knysna’s Traffic Department. I had reason to recently visit them on three occasions and I was most impressed with the help, friendliness and efficiency in each instance. As an elderly senior citizen, I was treated with respect and assistance where needed.

On the third visit, I accompanied an elderly lady who had to use a crutch. When she had filled out the necessary forms, she was told she needed photographs. Obtaining these meant crossing the busy Main Street of Knysna to get to the photo shop. As she set off, a staff member, presumably a guard,

Local sights captured

John Larter sent these photos and wrote: ‘The 10-yearold mixed Maltese/Yorkie Yoda is a regular around Entaa Road with his owner, Henry Tours, who says that Yoda has developed arteritis in his back legs and can only walk for a short distance before he starts limping. So Henry found the ideal solution by putting him in the pushchair for the rest of his walk. They are always accompanied by their Labrador, Gypsy, but the Labbie kept running out of the photo shot! I took the photo below of that most unusual cloud formation last week at about 5:30pm. The sight only lasted for about 10 minutes, and then all signs of it were gone.’

And they love us, too... Brandon Perkus of Rare Earth Woodwork and Hillclimb competitor Gino Noli were both rather chuffed with our inclusion of their stories in CXPRESS of May 14... Geeeewizzz! That is just sooooo spectacular! I am totally overwhelmed by the whole thing! The editing and fixing of the sentences to get my meaning across was so well done. This may sound a bit selfish but at this moment, it almost feels like a culmination of years and years of dedication and hard work, and trying to do my best, has now come together on a huge scale, with this sense of achievement and recognition - a magnificent moment to savour. ‘Me’ aside, if everything holds true in the article then it’s certainly way bigger than me and my ideas. It really is more about the generations of kids who will benefit from Die Sterreweg’s Magical Garden, and be as ‘uplifted’ as I feel now. And as they say, we’re only as good as our last performance so onward, to the Ho-

rizon! Thanks Esther, Lezanne and Watty, and thanks CXPPRESS, I cannot thank you enough. You guys rock! Dtcpfqp /// People Around Town" eqn/ wopkuv" Ikik" Ngyku" rcuugf" vjku" pqvg" qp" chvgt" rgppkpi" Ikpq‚u"kpvgtxkgy< Hello, dear Editors – nice to have the kind of appreciation as below, isn’t it? I thank you too! Everything looks great, from Gino’s slightly pitted, inscrutable front page smile to the hi-res pictures inside. And your editing, as always, is spot on. Gino wrote: “Great article, and so complimentary... Thanks! You certainly put together a neat story and pics, in spite of the fact that I was coughing and spluttering away for most of the interview. See you on the hill!”

stopped her and said: “No madam you can’t go alone - I will help you.” He went into the middle of the road and stopped the traffic, enabling her to walk across safely. Then he waited with her

cross back to the department in safety. Now that’s what I call excellent service. I would wish that other municipal and government departments followed this example. Ft"Lqg."Rngvv

Thief shoots selfies on my stolen tablet I would like to share with you the wonders of modern technology. During the last week of May this year, my Samsung Tablet was stolen out of my vehicle near Longships Drive, Plett. Yesterday I bought a new phone and loaded Google+ on it - and to my great surprise, photos started downloading onto my new phone. It turns out that the person who had my stolen phone in Plett had uploaded selfies he had taken onto my Google+

account! I shared the information with your SAPS detectives and apparently the thief is well known by the local police. Then I went into Google Maps history, and could see all the locations where my stolen device had been. I know I will never get my Tablet back, but I hope that some justice will come from this, thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Ecnxkp"Hqtdgu."Lqdwti

CXPRESS story boosts clean, green business Dear CXPRESS, I would like to thank you very much for such a lovely article - it has really boosted our clientele [visit and read ‘The rise and rise of Green ‘n Fresh’ on page 16 of CXPRESS of April 16]. We greatly appreciate all the support we receive from our beautiful town and its caring people, and your story helped us spread the word that we use eco-friendly biodegradable chemicals while attending to people’s laundry with due diligence. It has also added to our list of clients, among which we now count not only service to individuals, but also to B&Bs, backpackers, and accommodation bureaus. We are gearing ourselves to be able to cater for lodges and hotels in the near future. Slowly but surely, Green ‘n Fresh is striving towards

achieving a 100% green vision. Apart from biodegradable detergents, our ecofriendly vision includes using cold water only, sun-drying, and recycling everything from water to plastic. One of our near-future projects is the upcoming launch of the Green ‘n Fresh Walk on Mandela Day in July – please watch this space and remember that we pay special attention to detail for brilliant results. Ekpikukuc"Pigopvw/ Uqplcpk."Rngvv *Incfpguu."Ekpik."mggr"wr"vjg" iqqf." engcp" flp" htguj" yqtm#" Cpf" kh" tgcfgtu" ctg" pqv" hc/ oknkct" ykvj" Itggp" flp" Htguj" Ncwpft{"{gv."ejgem"vjgo"qwv" kp" vjg" Vjwpfgtuvtwem" Dwknf/ kpi"qp"vjg"eqtpgt"qh"Rkgucpi" Xcnng{"("Tqddgti"Tqcf."cpf" ecnn"Rjwo|kng"Uqplcpk"qp"295" 485"5673"hqt"eqnngevkqpu"cpf" cp{"qvjgt"swgtkgu0"/"Gfu0+


Read CXPRESS online @



Sport & Adventure

21 May 2014

Pretty Spider gets People’s Choice award Erasmus Panelbeaters and their refurbished 1976 Alfa Spider, owned by Rordon Tait, snatched the People’s Choice Award (for overall most appealing and beautiful car on display) at the Knysna Car Show on May 11. Kallie Erasmus thanks Mark from Cooper Healey Knysna, who allowed him to use part of their stand to display the Alfa Spider. For more information on the Cooper Healeys, please visit www. and don’t hesitate to contact Erasmus Panelbeaters on 044 533 3259 for any of your vehicle needs. You can also call Kallie on 082 568 2479, email info@erasmuspanelbeaters. or visit www. for additional information. In the photo Rordon is flanked by Kallie, left, and Carlo Erasmus. - Photo: Elle Photography

‘Old sea dog’ Blaine is the main man this May


HE sailing season is coming to an end as winter approaches - but not before Plett’s hobie-sailing families have yet again returned victorious from the Hobie 16 and Tiger Nationals in Langebaan. As we have reported on these pages so often before, the Dodds team of father

and son Blaine and Peter, and Edwards teams - father/ son William & Douglas, and mom/daughter Lucinda & Pippi - all competed with great results, the Dodds first and Edwards in second place. But most noteworthy for now is the fact that Blaine’s win on the West Coast means he is currently the national

winner of the Hobie 14, 16 and Tiger classes. And even before winning the Tiger title in Langebaan, Blaine was voted Sailor of the Month for May in an annual awards programme run by Ucknkpi magazine in conjunction with MDM Marine Services, North Sails and Southern Spars. This is what they wrote: Blaine Dodds needs little introduction as he is an incredibly accomplished sailor who holds 31 South African National sailing titles, and countless others on the international scene. In recent months he has been in the spotlight at the Hobie 16 Worlds in Australia, and closer to home has just won a hard-fought battle to take the SA Hobie 16 nationals title. So let’s make it 32 national titles, shall we! After an eventful four days of racing at Port Elizabeth for the 2014 Boardwalk Hobie 14 National Championships,

Blaine won his 17th Hobie 16 National Title - an honour that has eluded him for the last three years. And once again the magnificent Hobie 16 floating trophy is back at home in Plettenberg Bay. And besides this recent Hobie 16 title, Blaine also won the Hobie 14 Nationals held off East London during February - that being his ninth Hobie 14 national title. At the recent Hobie 16 World Championships, Blaine was awarded what is probably the most prestigious title of them all - an award recognising that he has the most podium positions of anyone in the world at World Championships events. What more can one say, as this simply underlines his talent and pedigree. More importantly, he is also a great sportsman and gentleman both on and off the water, as he is always more than willing to share the

THREE IN ONE: Veteran sailor Blaine Dodds has now really gone and done it, having won the Hobie 14, 16 and Tiger nationals in one season - and being nominated as May’s Sailor of the Month even before this incredible hat-trick

knowledge he has acquired over many years. As his mates say, ‘Blaine is like a good red wine - he just keeps getting better with age!’ There’s more life in this old sea dog yet, so he will be gracing Hobie podiums around the world for many years to come, and maybe even this page again soon... (

Kwano soccer team boasts brand new kit Khora Bhayana Football Club, also fondly referred to as the Old Crocks, had a lot of reason to celebrate Freedom Day this year as they received new Adidas kit from generous sponsor Trade Off 65 (Pty) Ltd. The kit was handed over by the company’s director, Richard Kitsana, and worn for the first time on Monday April 28. This special Freedom Day was also the occasion for a Domestic League game against arch rivals Plett Saints Football Club from New Horizons. The Crocs unfortunately lost the game, but there was no contest when it came to which team looked the best. It goes without saying that getting a sponsor of this nature is very rare so the guys thank everyone at Trade Off 65 for their generosity, and promise to wear the kit with great pride. In the pic top left, Mr Kitsana shakes on a good partnership with team captain Makutetwe Booi. Below, he hangs with the Khora Bhayana players - at back from left are Scott, Roller, JJ, Mzuku, Willie, Tash, Goepa, Mnikelo and coach Gavu. In front are Biza, Ace, Randal, Shoes, China, Sallas and captain Chake, with goal keeper Siya reclining...

May 21  

May 21