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14 May 2014

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Vroom! Gino Noli is raring to tackle Simola Hill in his DKW Cabriolet - read Gigi Lewis’ story on page 2, and turn to the back page for more on this weekend’s Hillclimb


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Photo: Gigi Lewis




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14 May 2014

People Around Town

Gino Noli - quintessence of the extremes

some Knysna Hillclimb contestants will go to GIGI LEWIS interviews interesting Garden Route residents and visitors that happen to cross her path

TURNING RIGHT: The fact that even the old indicator on his DKW still works puts a big smile on Gino’s face


HEN I arrived for my meeting with Gino Noli, it came as no surprise to see him emerging from the depth of his garage, every bit as I had imagined him. The heading on his website,, reads: ‘Gino Noli - Adventurer Bush Pilot - Author’. And that is exactly what he looks like, except better, with mannerisms a tad reminiscent of Harrison Ford. Gino’s love for classic cars

is infectious and made my task of taking pictures of him, and her, an easy pleasure. Hidden in the lush surroundings of Goose Valley Estate outside Plett, his garage is filled to capacity with an array of indescribable gadgets, car parts and tools, and even sports a bed on the mezzanine floor. I can’t help but feel sorry for his wife, Kathie, and fouryear-old daughter Kay - does the work on his treasured 1937 DKW F7 Cabriolet actually cause him to sleep over in the garage some nights? And there she stands: an automobile of great beauty, launched by Auto Union’s DKW division in 1937. That was even before I was born! I am convinced the car speaks German to Gino who, way back when, attended the German School in Cape Town - the city where he was born in October 1956, a twin to his brother, Dieter. Gino is living proof of the truth in genetic inheritance when he talks endearingly of his mother. “Mom’s varsity car was a DKW, when she studied

medicine in Cape Town. She also did her own repairs. “She still had the car when I was five years old, and I remember driving it for the first time.” Hence his love for that brand of car. The pre-WWII DKW models, sporting elegant wooden

In racing circles it is well known that a good power to weight ratio is important for peak results, and for this year’s Jaguar Simola Hillclimb, Gino stripped the car still further. In total, he has now brought the weight down from 860kg to 500kg. The original model weighed in at around 700kg. Gino explains: “Some se-

rious angle-grinding was needed and I virtually built a new body consisting of an aluminium sub-frame skinned over with 4mm plywood to give it the strength of a monocoque structure. Moreover, the whole modification cost me less than R5000.” With a two-stroke, watercooled, front-wheel drive engine, Gino expects to do better this year than he did the last time. “Why do you waste your money on this?” Gino is asked occasionally.

LIKE MOM LIKE SON: Gino’s mother, Valerie Marais, working on her DKW ‘Saartje’ circa 1954 - at right, Gino works on his DKW 1937 Cabriolet in 2014, a whole six decades later

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frames on a metal chassis, looked magnificent, but by the time Gino bought his car from Sheridon of Sedgefield Classic Cars in 2008, most of the original parts had been replaced by inferior and heavy materials. Gino muses: “I suspect the car had been lying on its stomach on some distant farm with ants eating away all the wood. “So the farmer decided to use an old Climax ykpfrqor, a cutting torch and monkey wrench, and replaced everything that the ants had eaten with ykpfrqor iron, which made the car a lot heavier than it originally was. “Outside, it still looked beautiful, but inside it was more ykpfrqor than vintage DKW.” Wooden floor boards had been clumsily exchanged for steel plate and when Gino entered his first Knysna Hillclimb in 2012, he stripped the car of all excess materials, though being careful not to replace anything that couldn’t have been replaced in the 1930s. He reduced the weight by some 120kg by replacing the steel bar and tubing, taking off mud guards and the spare wheel, and substituting the seats with a front bench. Most of the material he used was light aluminium and plywood. The engine and gearbox, however, remained completely original.

READY FOR THE ‘CLIMB: Gino Noli can hardly wait to negotiate the Simola road’s turns and straights during this weekend’s Jaguar Knysna Hillclimb

His philosophy is that there are several positives. “By preparing a classic car to the best condition possible, you keep it alive. It also revives forgotten skills. Old people in the business will pass on their knowledge on enhancing the performance of these classic cars. “Bill Rabe in Cape Town, for example, is 93 and did his apprenticeship on DKWs. I can phone him and discuss my problems and with his help, we’ll solve them. “Then there’s Jelle de Vries in Johannesburg who’s 60 and will advise me on oil mixtures and lubricants. “I am also grateful to many Garden Route people, such as Norman Frost of Frost Brothers and Ron Holland of Bodge Engineering, who have all helped and given advice during my arduous discoveries. “If it wasn’t for the Hillclimb, I wouldn’t know half the things about my car that I do now. Besides, it’s entertaining and reminds us where technology comes from.” ‘And there she stands: an automobile of great beauty, launched by Auto Union’s DKW division in 1937 - that was even before I was born!’

DEDICATION IS KEY: Above, Gino shows off the original DKW tail light - a three-in-one job, as the red part is a brake light and the orange a tail light, while the little white window lights up the number plate

Swkem"hcevu • DKW stands for DampfKraft-Wagen (in English, a steam-driven car). • The first Knysna Hillclimb took place in 2009, with 47 entries. • In 2014, with Jaguar as title sponsor and a total of 124 entries, this special event promises to surpass all previous Hillclimbs. *Vwtp" vq" vjg" dcem" rcig" hqt" oqtg"pgyu"qp"vjku"yggmgpf‚u" Ukoqnc"Jknnenkod"kp"Mp{upc0+

Ikik"Ngyku"nkuvgpu"vq"{qw"qp" jgt"ujgnn/rjqpg000"Cp"ceg" rjqvqitcrjgt"cpf"kpfqokvcdng" cfxgpvwtgt"yjq"gplq{u"nkhg"vq" vjg"hwnn."{qw"ecp"gockn"jgt"cv" ikik0ngykuBvgnmqouc0pgv"ykvj" eqoogpvu"qt"uwiiguvkqpu0

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14 May 2014


Weather wreaks minor havoc at Eden voting stations

Words & photo: Yolandé Stander


HILE Eden voters were on their best behaviour during last week’s general elections, Mother Nature was the one who dished up one of only a few minor hiccups. In George, voting was de-

layed by more than an hour after strong wind during last Tuesday night caused one of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) tents to collapse. After a few failed attempts to re-erect the tent, an alternative voting station

had to be found. In Knysna and Sedgefield, the various parties’ representatives were forced to seek shelter after their gazebos and paperwork were swept away by strong gusts of up to 65km/h.

MARK OF THE FREE: Maria Pienaar says she felt free for the first time when she voted in 1994, but that economic freedom is still far off

Easy win for DA in Knysna, and back to ANC business in Bitou? MIKE KANTEY compares the post-election status quo in our CX Country towns


N Knysna, the DA had a reasonably comfortable win with 13,056 votes over those of main rivals, the ANC, with 10,050 votes. Most intriguing despite much deprecation and dire predictions, the Congress of the People (COPE) came in with a very credible 1,399 but not enough to unseat the DA in a potential coalition during the forthcoming and entirely separate local government elections. Only the Economic Freedom Front (EFF) and the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) managed to gain above 300 votes. In Plettenberg Bay, how-

ever, the scenario was even more fascinating in that the two major parties were pretty close together, with the ANC pipping the post at 8,051 votes and the DA close behind with 7,317 votes. Given the low support for COPE, however, at a paltry 155 votes, the DA would need a wide, multi-party coalition in order to remain in office after the next local government elections. This support would have to be found among the key players of the Multi-Party Forum launched recently: the ACDP (108 votes); Agang (59 votes); the EFF (325 votes); and the United Demo-

cratic Movement (69 votes). At this stage, therefore, Plettenberg Bay only just “belongs” to the ANC and the other parties will have to work very hard and entirely together without any dissent in order to make further inroads into ANC support. But given the fractious squabbles of the last period among the minor parties, and the extraordinary ability of the ANC to constantly renew itself, no matter what, it looks like business unusual. Now if only that ability could be applied to the Stormers! *Vwtp" vq" vjg" egpvtg" urtgcf" qh"vjku"gfkvkqp"hqt"KGE"qhhkekcn" tguwnvu" qh" xqvgu" kp" Mp{upc" cpf"Rngvv0+

Local police spokesman Constable Chris Spies said on all other fronts, the election process had run smoothly and no incidents had been reported. The gale could however not dampen the spirits of voters, especially elderly New Horizons resident Maria Pienaar who had faced her fair share of storms during the apartheid era - motivating her to make her way to the polls during every election. Pienaar, who struggles to walk due to leg ulcers, said

nothing could stop her from casting her vote. She and her nine siblings grew up in the Piesang River Valley, but were forcibly removed during the late 1960s. Pienaar said the first time she felt free was the first time she voted. “And that is why I shall vote during every election for as long as I live. “Although we are free, we are far from economic freedom. We need to vote to put an end to corruption and to ensure employment for our children and grandchildren.” In Rheenendal, Jacobus Erasmus did not let health issues get in the way of making his mark. Bound to a wheelchair due to diabetes, Erasmus was pushed through the dusty roads of Rheenendal to

3 the polls by his son, Winston Swartz. “I did it because I want my children to have a better life,” Erasmus said. At The Crags, things became a bit too jovial and police had to address a rowdy crowd. SAPS spokesman Lieutenant Marlene Pieterse said they had been called out to a minor incident during the afternoon, when a group of about 40 voters were dancing and singing in the road. “They were dispersed and told to stay off public roads,” Pieterse said. Officials at the various voting stations in Bitou also said long queues, due to high visitor numbers, had also caused a few minor issues. Ictfgp"Tqwvg"Ogfkc



News & Views

14 May 2014

Sentences and fines heap up as dog-fighting accused return to court today Yolandé Stander


HE trial involving six members of an alleged dog-fighting syndicate is set to continue in the Thembalethu Magistrate’s Court today, exactly three years after the men were arrested in Plettenberg Bay. The accused - Donald Wall of PE, Rudi & Peter Wall of Queenstown, and East Londoners Owen Butler, Yorick Grobbelaar and Anton van Blerk - were part of a group of 10 men arrested during a

police raid on a property in Ladywood in May 2011. “We are confident that the State’s case against the six defendants is overwhelming and enough to ensure convictions on all the charges,” said Karel du Toit, former chairperson of Knysna Animal Welfare Society and complainant in the Plett case. Two of the accused, Van Blerk and Butler, were convicted and sentenced in East London on similar charges in February this year. Van Blerk was found guilty

of being in possession of an animal for the purpose of fighting and was sentenced to a R15,000 fine or 18 months imprisonment of which R12,500 or 16 months was suspended for five years. Both men were also fined R4,000 or six months imprisonment, suspended for five years, for being spectators at an illegal dog-fight. Butler was further sentenced to 18 months imprisonment or a R15,000 fine of which R12,500 or 16 months was suspended for five years

for being in possession or control of a property for the purpose of animal-fighting. Lastly, he was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment or an R8000 fine, suspended for five years, for allowing animals to be kept on his premises for the purpose of animal fighting. The court ordered that both men may not, for the rest of their lives own or be in control of a dog. They were among 12 people arrested during October 2008 for being involved in

an organised dog fight on an East London smallholding. During the trial relating to the Plett incident, witnesses had testified that during the bust they had found two dogs fighting in a massive bloodsplattered wooden cage in the lounge of the home on the property. Police also found dog-fighting paraphernalia as well as five other dogs chained on the property. The accused were allegedly seen standing around the cage cheering as two pitbulls fought. In May last year, three of the 10 men arrested that day - Johannes Joubert of Joburg,

Ferdinand Endeman of Somerset West and Anthony Blake of Plett - pleaded guilty and were each handed a R15,000 fine or an 18 months prison sentence, of which R1000 or 12 months were suspended for three years. In July last year Bill Marais, another Plett resident whose property was used for the fights, was sentenced to 18 months correctional supervision under house arrest and was handed a R20,000 fine, half of which was suspended for four years. He also has to complete 288 hours of community service at the SPCA.

National powers enforce local building regulations and land use laws


ANY rural landowners mistakenly believe that they are not subject to the National Building Regulations (NBR) or the Standards Act. In reality, Bitou Municipality - like most other municipalities in the country - have just not enforced the law. Putting this into perspective is the preamble to the Building Standards Act: “To provide for the promotion of uniformity in the law relating to the erection of buildings in the areas of jurisdiction of local authorities; for the prescribing of building standards; and for matters connected therewith.” Since 2009, the national

building regulatory authority under the leadership of Rudolf Opperman has been exerting pressure on municipalities to strictly enforce not only the NBR, but also other building regulations and land use laws. This pressure was ramped up at the last annual national meeting, where municipal building control officials met with the national regulatory authorities. The upshot is that municipalities must now fully exercise their responsibilities in terms of the NBR and the different sets of Building and Land Use legislation. The Consumer Protection

act of 2009 served as the catalyst in this process. The act effectively makes it impossible for property owners to sell or insure their properties without full compliance to all building regulations and land use legislation. While strict enforcement will potentially affect rural property owners the most, it will also affect property owners in ALL urban areas. Only informal settlements are exempted which, in the case of the Bitou municipal area of responsibility, means that only Bossiesgif, Qolweni and a portion of KwaNokuthula qualify for exemption. The NBR defines buildings

as: “Any structure whether of permanent or temporary nature and irrespective of the materials used in the erection thereof, erected or used for or in connection with - accommodation or convenience of humans or animals, the cultivation or growing of any plant or crop, any wall, swimming bath, swimming pool reservoir, etc…” To mitigate a potentially huge financial blow to many property owners, Bitou Municipality has undertaken to implement a conditional amnesty up to June 30 this year, with probable extension to June 2015. The amnesty, in most cases,

will afford people the option to avoid payment of the quite substantial prescribed noncompliance penalties, as well as a conditional reduction in plan approval fees. Land use application fees will, however, still be payable during the proposed amnesty period. A Bitou Amnesty working Committee (BAC), consisting of members of the public and municipal officials, has been established to hammer out a practical and fair set of guidelines to help property owners regularising their properties in the most cost-effective and speedy way possible. In cooperation with Bitou

Municipality, the BAC aims to publish a comprehensive electronic information brochure on the municipal website where the public may find detailed information relating to the different classes of noncompliance and the required remedial steps. In the interim, property owners who suspect that their buildings do not comply should address their enquiries to the office of Creswell Basson at the municipality. Written enquiries may also be addressed to the chairperson of the BAC, Steve Ritky, at or call Bill Nel on 082 973 1004 for more information.

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14 May 2014




Plett says farewell to the many faces of Johnny ‘The Fox’ John Joseph Forster: 9.7.1983 - 8.5.2014


N Thursday morning May 8, the news spread through Plett like wild-fire: Johnny was dead. Unlike many a small town rumour, there were few grey areas here. Johnny had died because he didn’t want to live any longer - he had died by his own hand. Just the previous evening,

John was surrounded by dear ones as family and friends arrived in town for his cousin’s wedding on Saturday. As word of his death got round, The Table - where he had worked as manager - became the venue of a wake that lasted from lunch time ‘till late into the night. All those who converged

UNDER OUR SKINS: John had the capacity to be profoundly serious and extremely congenial, which endeared him greatly to friends and patrons in South Africa and England

there had a story to tell about the exact size of his smile and the buoyancy of his mood less than 24 hours earlier. But Johnny was a troubled boy and everyone who knew him well had some inkling of the blackness that would surface too often for comfort, crippling him emotionally just when life seemed to be

Petrolhead scribe killed hours after penning last piece to CXPRESS CARS AND GIRLS: Journo and photographer Steve Wicks renowned for his motoring knowledge and sporting nature – died in an accident on May 8, hours after submitting the CXclusive Hillclimb story on the back page of this edition - Photo: Facebook


OTORING journalist extraordinaire Steve Wicks was killed on Thursday May 8 after a truck knocked him off his mountain bike in Gauteng. Motorsport SA said it was shocked and saddened to hear of his tragic death. In a statement on Friday the 9th, SA Guild of Motoring Journalists president Danie van Jaarsveld wrote that Steve first made his mark at Chequered Flag, and then put MotorPics on the map. “He would occasionally grant sponsorships without telling management until the decals were on the cars, and he focused his infectious enthusiasm on things trucking, when he reunited with the late Justin Haler.

“Through all this he kept a steady stream of mainly private motorsport competitors supplied with media releases filled with his inimitable irreverence and uncomfortably knowledgeable view of his clients’ performance. “At the 1999 SA World Superbikes event at Phakisa, a German journalist asked us whether we only photographed motorsport. Steve’s immediate response was, ‘What else is there?’ “Those who knew Steve will miss him sorely and those who met him will not forget him. While he sometimes took his guidance from a very distant drummer, his sincerity and passion were uncontested and he had a remarkable ability to see things

in a light to which the rest of us were blind.” Steve leaves behind the love of his life, Catherine O’Donnell, his daughter Nicole and son Richard. A Steve Wicks biography website quotes him thus: “I have been around or involved with motorsport all my life, as I was born in 1961 - the year both Kyalami and Zwartkops opened!” CXPRESS is honoured to have had brief comms with this legend of the motoring media, and extend our condolences to his loved ones and friends among the Hillclimb organisers, who were struggling to come to terms with his sudden death on the eve of an event where his presence was eagerly anticipated.

Photos: Liesje Hirschberg

on the up and up. A part-time Plettenberg Bay local from his teenage years, John proved his aptitude for the hospitality game when first charming diners at the iconic Cornuti al Mare. His mother died when John was 16 and he moved to Plettenberg Bay for a year, working through this loss under the watchful eye of his aunt Fiona Wilson and other doting family members. Johnny showed particular talent behind the bar counter and became a cocktail maes-

tro of rather exotic proportions - a skill and talent that some years later saw him working at larney London establishments hugging the ‘right’ side of the Thames. He returned to Joburg, where his recently deceased dad still lived, late last year and had just taken up the enviable position of manager at The Wolfpack - the latest favourite of burger-loving hipsters in leafy Parkhurst when a scooter accident cut that good plan short. Back in Plett to recuper-

ate, John met up with many old friends and made a good bunch of new ones, all of whom will battle for a long while yet to believe that his infectious laugh and contagious “SHAZAM!” have been silenced for good. John Forster’s memorial service was held at St Peter’s Church on Tuesday morning May 13. He will be sorely missed, the only consolation being that his struggle is now finally over. Farewell, Johnny ‘The Fox’ Forster.



News & Views

14 May 2014

Notes on the magical heart of New Horizons BRANDON PERKUS of Rare Earth Woodwork was intricately involved in the creation of an inspirational play park that benefits some of Bitou’s most exceptional residents


am often reminded of the expression, ‘the longest journey a human being can make is from one’s head to one’s heart’. Helping to create the Magical Garden at Die Sterreweg centre for special-needs kids was for me indeed an experience immersed in that exploration - and a very heartwarming part of the journey. In essence, the Garden has been and will continue being a communal journey, too, set in the gentle, caring Sterreweg environment, among very special kids and incredibly dedicated staff. This amazing and magical place where so much joy and happiness resides afforded me an amazing and magical opportunity to perform my art and woodwork. The journey started years ago, when Tony and Suzy Lubner of Sabrina Love Foundation envisioned the garden as an extension to an already thriving Sterreweg. I was approached by Tyrone Yates of Yates Landscaping who was busy transforming the surrounding harsh and somewhat bleak gravel and rocky landscape into lush loveliness - towards the end of last year. As we strolled around the area, Tony and Suzy shared in passionate detail each facet of the interactive play structures planned, describing the particular benefits of each for the Sterreweg children. At the same time these seeds were being planted among the abundance of new trees and shrubs, the construction process also commenced. First up was the Wall of Sound at the entrance to the garden - a musical interactive feature with hanging chimes, gongs, drums, and tin cans. Next were the swings in an open AstroTurf play area, including the most awesome ‘nest swing’ in which kids seem to revel in suspended ecstatic joy, their expressions pure heavenly bliss. A huge sandpit of plastic balls is found under the shelter of a gazebo, with plants and creepers growing around the rooftop perimeter. Veg-

HEARTS WITHIN: The Tree of Love ‘ceiling’ lets in light through multi-coloured hearts, reminiscent of the Sabrina Love Foundation’s logo that is seen all over Plett and beyond

etable planters allow for the growing of veggies for the kids’ daily nourishment. With guidance and instruction from occupational therapist Janet Michaelides, we created the Obstacle Play Course, incorporating jungle gyms ‘imported’ from the Lubners’ own home garden a special gift from Gabriella and Sabrina to the Sterreweg children. I was entrusted with and given free range to design my own personal gift, the Magical Tree of Love. It turned out similar, although somewhat less daunting than my brief, to create a Tree of Life. Luckily, while creating the other structures, I had lots of time to consider the concept and evolve ideas for the construction of the Tree. This in turn led to exploration of the Love so ever-present and clear in everything at Sterreweg - not forgetting the Foundation’s heart logo that we see all over our town and beyond. My hope was to create a sanctuary of love (tree) within a sanctuary of love (Sterreweg). With this design entrenched in my mind, I hoped that the actual construction would take shape relatively quickly, allowing for the expression of my own excitement and possibly a big surprise element, too. I think from the ground up - the Tree took just over a week to build. Made entirely out of wood, great emphasis was placed on secure fixings, fastenings and sealing to ensure enjoyment for decades to come. It gave me immense joy to see the expressions on every-

one’s faces as the Tree began to ‘grow’. No one imagined that it would be built to such a grand scale in size, let alone being able to walk inside and through the trunk. My favourite feature must be the Hearts Within, where the symbolism could be manifold. You can either look into your own heart (for compassion, empathy, generosity and love), or look to the heartwood, as such - into the immense potential and beauty of our fellow human beings, and the glorious beauty of Nature. When walking inside the Tree for the first time, Tony said it felt like he was looking up through a portal of love. It was my turn to be surprised and humbled by this compliment. It has been so heartening for myself, Bruce (assistant/ carpenter) and Jackie (master professional painter and finisher) to see the excitement and joy in the eyes of the kids playing and relaxing in the Magical Garden throughout the project. I thank Pennypinchers, Glaze It (aluminium for the chimes) and Dulux Paint Centre for their contributions. Thanks, too, to Suzy and the entire Sterreweg team for the many ways in which they share and express their love on a daily basis. I extend my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to be a part this project, and for the privilege of seeing so much generosity of spirit being shared so freely, by so many, in our amazing community. Ugg"vjg"Tctg"Gctvj" Yqqfyqtm"cfxgtv"qp"vjku" rcig"hqt"eqpvcev"fgvcknu0"

LOVE IS ALL AROUND: The Magical Garden at Die Sterreweg in New Horizons, with its Tree of Love at right, has been expertly designed so that its interactive play structures hold significant benefits for each child at the centre


14 May 2014



New amnesty your second chance at a good credit record


HE South African government has implemented a credit information amnesty from April 1 this year. This amnesty gives consumers a fresh start with a clean credit record - great news if you are one of the many South Africans struggling to secure a job or a loan for a car or home as a result of a poor credit record, says Chantel Cronje of Legal & Tax. “According to the Department of Trade & Industry, about half of South Africa’s 21-million credit-active consumers are behind or struggling with their repayments,” she says. “Government is giving them a clean slate as it standardises and tightens lending requirements with new laws. This is a welcome development if you can’t get a bond or loan because you struggled to pay off a credit card three or four years ago.” Vjg"tgeqtf"iqgu."dwv"vjg" fgdv"tgockpu Cronje says that the amnesty effectively instructs credit bureaus to remove adverse credit information about you from their files and forbids them from sharing this information with credit providers such as banks and retailers, as well as employers and employment agencies. It is, however, important to note that this move will not free you of the obligation to pay your debt, which must be settled if you are to keep your credit record clean in future. Under the new amnesty, credit bureaus have until

May 31 to remove from their files any adverse or negative information they keep about your debt payment history, and steps debtors have taken against you. The same deadline exists for bureaus to scrub your credit record clean of words such as ‘delinquent’, ‘defaulter’, ‘absconded’ or ‘slow-paying’ once you have repaid debts defaulted on. Credit bureaus can keep on record for five years factual and detailed information that reflects your debt repayment behaviour. Most importantly, your debt remains payable until you have settled it. [qw"dgpghkv"cwvqocvkecnn{ Cronje says this credit amnesty is unlike the one implemented in 2007, where consumers needed to follow a certain process to benefit. This time, it is up to the credit bureaus to clear your record, along with everyone else’s. Another major difference is that the new credit amnesty comes alongside with tighter regulations governing how credit providers assess whether you can afford to take on more credit. In addition, government is being more proactive in educating consumers that the amnesty does not mean their debt will be written off. Pgy"ngpfkpi"tgiwncvkqpu"cu" rgt"vjg"Pcvkqpcn"Etgfkv"Cev" cogpfogpv"dknn Says Cronje: “Even with a clean credit record, it may be more difficult to qualify for a loan with the new affordability assessments. But this also

Investor Focus

means that there should be less reckless lending in South Africa, to the benefit of consumers and lenders alike.” Cronje says that these laws are meant to protect poorer consumers with low financial literacy from taking on debt they cannot afford to repay. After the previous amnesty, almost 50% of the consumers who obtained new credit defaulted within a year. The new credit regulations aim to prevent that from happening. “If you have a poor credit record standing in the way of your life even after you’ve

cleaned up your finances, you’ll benefit immediately from this amnesty,” she says. “This is especially good news if there are judgments against you. “Now, you won’t need to go through a complex process with the courts to get such judgments set aside. But it remains as important as ever to be a savvy, careful and responsible borrower.” Settle all new debts to avoid a fresh blacklisting, Cronje advises, and remember to settle your debts from before the amnesty to avoid be-

ONTINUING with the Needs Analysis series, the following criteria must be considered: Ectu For the retiree, this is important as it is a possible future expense that must be considered. A 70-year-old with a car that is already 20 years old could well need to budget for a replacement. The younger family will clearly have this built in to their budget. Many retirees cannot resist buying their dream car with their onethird cash pay-out. This is all very well while still under some sort of service plan, but a new air conditioner when out of the plan could set you up for a really scary bill. Dwfigv Most retirees have no difficulty in establishing their monthly living costs, it is the annuals that often come as a surprise. Then there is that visit to Sydney that may be needed. The younger families now have a really serious need. They must budget for expensive education bills, or weddings, etc. This is a form of lifestyle investment planning.

Ling Dobson - Pam Golden Properties principal: Plett & Knysna

FROM 3.8 TO 5-MILL IN 12 MONTHS FLAT: Homes on Thesen Islands in Knysna remain some of the most sought-after properties on the Garden Route


HE balmy summer weather is lingering on and we are still seeing holidaymakers and buyers nosing around for the best buys in both Knysna and Pletten-

berg Bay. This past summer has possibly been the best, businesswise, on the Garden Route since 2008. The rest of the country is seeing huge increases in

Malcolm Stewart - Investment manager at Michaelides Parker Wealth Knysna & Plett

These additional funds may be needed in a few years’ time and cannot be put at too much risk. So in a younger family, one establishes which different needs exist, i.e. retirement needs which are long-term savings, five-ear education needs which are obviously different, or possibly vacation costs. Vcz This is clearly a consideration for the younger family who will have various tax efficient vehicles to consider. Offshore investing brings additional tax considerations some countries have a 30% dividend tax, and others have diabolical estate duties. For all of these needs, a tax expert must be used. Guvcvg"rncppkpi Wills and trusts should now be considered. This is a subject all on its own and needs a well-qualified advisor, especially with offspring who have emigrated, or those who wish to leave a specific legacy. Uvtguu This is a vital consideration. Many retirees may never have been exposed to equities, either directly or through

“Unwilling credit providers can be forced through the debt counselling process to accept restructured repayments,” Cronje concludes. If you need assistance with debt counselling, contact Legal & Tax on 0860 LTS LTS (587 587) or visit and follow @ LegalandTax on Twitter. ß"Vjg"flTgoqxcn"qh"Cfxgtug" Eqpuwogt"Kphqtocvkqp" cpf"Kphqtocvkqp"Tgncvkpi" vq"Rckf"Wr"Lwfiogpvu" Tgiwncvkqpu."4236‚."ic|gvvgf" kp"Iqxgtpogpv"Pqvkeg"Pq0" 595:8"qh"Hgdtwct{"480

Make sure potential buyers smell the roses...

Investment advice and your Needs Analysis - Part II


ing blacklisted again. If you are struggling to repay your debts, ask the banks and retailers that lent you money to restructure your repayments. And if you’re really concerned that you may default, it could be a good idea to go into debt counselling before it is too late. “Debt counselling is a legal process where you apply to have your debt restructured so that you can pay household expenses and still be able to pay off debt at a reduced instalment at the end of the month.

unit trusts. I have met with clients whose families have experienced wipe-outs on the JSE and would never sleep at night if exposed to the daily vagaries of the market. Some do not even understand what unit trusts are. Your advisor needs to establish your investment his-

tory and to explain in detail some of the risks involved. Next issue, we will consider your asset profile in detail. Ocneqno"jcu"dggp"kp"vjg" kpxguvogpv"kpfwuvt{"hqt"qxgt" 62"{gctu0"Jg"jcu"ytkvvgp" vjku"eqnwop"kp"EZRTGUU" hqt"vjg"ncuv"37"{gctu"cpf"ku" c"urgekcnkuv"kp"ocpcikpi" tgvktgf"ygcnvj0

sales turnover and in some suburbs of Cape Town, agencies are even experiencing a shortage of stock. Yet, despite all the activity countrywide, the Garden Route area seems to be lagging a little behind the rest of the country’s buoyant real estate sales results. There is little doubt that the first quarter of 2014 has been an extremely lively one for the residential property market, underpinned by increased confidence in the housing market, translating into growing activity and successfully concluded sales. Says PGP Group CEO Andrew Golding: “From Pam Golding Properties’ perspective, the past financial year - ended February 2014 - has delivered in excess of 20% improvement on the previous year, with the group achieving sales to the value of R14.8-billion. “We were pleased to end this trading period with record turnover in February with sales of R1.72-billion, which was our highest monthly sales figure recorded since 2007.” Thesen Islands in Knysna is experiencing exciting sales growth year on year. While the average house price in 2013 was R3.8-million, that same house price is now pushing the R5-million mark. A similar phenomenon is also being seen in terms of

stock availability. Thesen Islands have just recently been given the Blue Flag Status, which a wonderful accolade but no great surprise, as it indeed is one of the most sought-after destinations in Knysna. Besides investing into a lifestyle and future retirement opportunities, real estate always offers a sound investment potential. For buyers, there is still a wonderful selection of stock. So, sellers, make sure to be ahead of the crowd with the presentation of your home. Be smart and analyse the potential; look at the rooms in your house that is going to make the difference to a buyer. One coat of paint to freshen up can make a hugely positive impact on the asking price. A leaking roof or gutter could be the one reason why buyers turn to the next opportunity. Not all buyers have the foresight to visualise the possibilities, and ascertain which changes will make the difference. Consult with an interior consultant or ask your real estate consultant. Make sure, when clients are visiting to view, that they smell the proverbial roses. Tgcej"Rco"Iqnfgp" Rtqrgtvkgu"kp"Rngvv"qp"266" 755"4325"cpf"Mp{upc"qp" 266"5:4"77960



14 May 2014

Election Results

Election Results

14 May 2014






14 May 2014

Proper English 101


O English dictionary has been able to adequately explain the difference between the two words COMPLETE and FINISHED, in a way that is easy to understand. Some people say there is no difference. However, there is a difference.

When you marry the right woman, you are COMPLETE. And when you marry the wrong woman, you are FINISHED. And when the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are COMPLETELY FINISHED.

A few gems from Air Traffic Control... T OWER: “Delta 351, you have traffic at 10 o’clock, six miles… ” Delta 351: “Give us another hint, please. We have digital watches.” --“TWA 2341, for noise abatement turn right 45 degrees.” “Center, we are at 35,000 feet. How much noise can we make up here?” “Sir, have you ever heard the noise a 747 makes when it hits a 727?” --O’Hare Approach Control to a 747: “United 329 heavy, your traffic is a Fokker, one o’clock, three miles, Eastbound.” United 239: “Approach, I’ve always wanted to say this… I’ve got the little Fokker in sight.” --A DC-10 had come in a little fast and thus had an exceedingly long roll out after touching down. San Jose Tower noted: “American 751, make a hard right turn at the end of the runway, if you are able. If you are not able, take the Guadalupe exit off Highway 101, make a right at the lights and return to the airport.” --A Pan Am 727 flight waiting for start clearance in Munich overheard the following: Lufthansa (in German): “Ground, what is our start clearance time?”

Ground (in English): “If you want an answer you must speak in English. Lufthansa (in English): “I am a German, flying a German airplane, in Germany. Why must I speak English?” Unknown voice from another plane (in an impeccable British accent): “Because you lost the bloody war.” --One day the pilot of a Cherokee 180 was told by the tower to hold short of the active runway while a DC-8 landed. The DC-8 landed, rolled out, turned around, and taxied back past the Cherokee. Some quick-witted comedian in the DC-8 crew got on the radio and said: “What a cute little plane. Did you make it all by yourself?” The Cherokee pilot, not about to let the insult go by, came back with a real zinger: “I made it out of DC-8 parts. Another landing like yours and I’ll have enough parts to build another one.” --While taxiing at London’s Gatwick Airport, the crew of a US Air flight departing for Fort Lauderdale made a wrong turn and came nose to nose with a United 727. An irate female ground controller lashed out at the US Air crew, screaming: “US Air 2771, where the hell are you going? “I told you to turn right onto Charlie taxiway! You turned

When a practical joke goes wrong…


HIS morning, I wanted to know how my husband would react if I left without telling him where I had gone. So I decided to write him a letter saying I am tired of him and didn’t want to live with him anymore, and after writing I put the letter on the table in the bedroom before hiding under the bed. When my husband came home, he saw the letter and read it. He then wrote something in response and began to sing and dance while changing his clothes. He grabbed his phone, dialed a number and

said: “Hey babe, I am just changing clothes then I will join you. As for the other fool, it has finally dawned on her that I was fooling around so she left. I was really wrong to have married her; I wish I had met you earlier. See you soon honey.” Then my husband walked out of the room. In tears and very upset, I got up from under the bed and decided to go and read what he wrote on the letter. It said: “I could see your feet, my darling wife. I’m going to buy bread. Stand up, stop your silly games, and make us dinner.”

right on Delta! Stop right there. I know it’s difficult for you to tell the difference between C and D, but get it right!” Continuing her rage to the embarrassed crew, she was now shouting hysterically: “Dammit! Now you’ve screwed everything up! It’ll take forever to sort this out! You stay right there and don’t move till I tell you to! “You can expect progressive taxi instructions in about half an hour and I want you to go exactly where I tell you, when I tell you, and how I tell you! You got that, US Air

2771?” “Yes, ma’am,” the humbled crew responded. Naturally, the ground control communications frequency fell terribly silent after the verbal bashing of US Air 2771. Nobody wanted to chance engaging the irate ground controller in her current state of mind. Tension in every cockpit around Gatwick was definitely running high. Just then, an unknown pilot broke the silence. He cleared his throat and keyed his microphone, asking: “Wasn’t I married to you once?”


14 May 2014



Did Lelethu kill her abusive boyfriend, Desmond?! Plett stars shine in locally-produced motion picture

LEADING ROLE: Eden District movie lovers can’t afford to miss the pleasure of seeing the magnificently talented Simnikiwe Mavikela, who plays the role of Lelethu in ‘Revenge’, when the locally-produced flick is released on DVD this month


GXGPIG is a local film, shot in 2013 in the Plettenberg Bay townships of Qolweni, KwaNokuthula, and The Crags, using only upcoming Bitou actors most of whom had no previous acting experience but managed to produce stunning performances, setting the standard for homegrown movies to come. The story is brought to life by inspired performances from Thabiso Jaji, Sivuyile Balana, Zoleka Tshona, Siy-

amthanda Tshona, Khanyiswa Mavuyani, Lisakhanya Pitoli, Mzoxolo Dlongwana and the well-known gospel singer Samora de Booi. Playing a role very different from her real personality as a lover of gospel music is Sis B, portraying an angry woman full of hatred, who wants nothing but to avenge her stepson’s death. There’s no doubt that her fans and film lovers will enjoy seeing her on the big screen. Tgxgpig was filmed by

Jonathan Livingstone and directed by S’bongile Tom, who is yet to be recognised as a writer, producer and director. S’bongile’s debut was the successful social short film \qnc in 2011, which sold 200 copies within two months. “Filming Tgxgpig was beset with problems from the start. The film had no budget and no sponsors, and was made on a shoestring,” says S’bongile. “On one occasion our production car was broken into and camera equipment was stolen. But because we had the goodwill of actors and our wonderful Jonathan Livingstone, we managed to finish the picture and that bad experience was turned into a positive energy and determination that contributed enormously to improve the film.” Simnikiwe Mavikela, who has just turned 18 and is doing her Matric this year at Murray High School, plays the challenging role of Lelethu, an introverted 19-year-old girl who is pregnant with the child of her aggressive boyfriend, Desmond... who she’s accused of killing. “When we were filming, I was doubting myself, and was scared every time I arrived on the set - until I watched the finished film. That changed my life in ways I never thought of,” says

Anelia Schutte launches ‘For The People’

KNYSNA NATIVES: At the launch function of Anelia Schutte’s ‘For The People’, the author is flanked by Lesley Satchel, left, and Winile Joyi, who features in the book

Words & photo: Timothy Twidle


QT" Vjg" Rgqrng by Anelia Schutte describes events in Knysna during the unrest that swept South Africa throughout the turbulent decade of the 80s, and was launched at Sirocco on Knysna’s Thesen Islands on the evening of May 8. More than a hundred people attended the launch, which included participation

by the author in a reading of the prologue of the book, as well as a question and answer session with Lesley Satchel, a professional educator who lives and works in Knysna. Those attending the launch came from all walks of life and backgrounds, and several expressed their gratitude that a book recording Knysna’s involvement in social ferment within South Africa during previous decades, had at last been written.

The author’s mother, Owéna Schutte, has for many years contributed to outreach and assistance programmes for sectors of the Knysna community in need of help. Hqt Vjg"Rgqrng"is published as an e-book by Carina UK and is available from Amazon and all major online bookstores. Anelia was born and grew up in Knysna, but presently lives in New York, where she works as a writer.

Simnikiwe. “Now I’m delighted to say that I’m more confident, more mature, and able to love myself.” Simnikiwe is a special and brilliant talent who is trying

to better her life and the conditions of others in her disadvantaged community. She sees acting as an important vehicle to educate the people of South Africa, and is currently involved in teaching

acting and self-discipline to young children. Tgxgpig is a must-see film and will be released this month on DVD. Email to get hold of a copy.



ROSE & CO TO ROCK THE MARKET ON FRIDAY: Singer and songwriter Sharon Rose, along with drummer/percussionist Eugene van Pletzen and Ashley Jacobs on bass guitar, are trekking to Plett for a once-off gig at The Market in Main Street on May 16. With a repertoire that’s entranced audiences far and wide, this Garden Route trio combines considerable musical talents in the Sharon Rose Band to create an upbeat fusion of acoustic sounds and Indie Rock, with a perfect balance between original material and wellloved covers. Take your seat at The Market ‘round sunset and prepare to be rocked!

People, places & events

EFFERVESCENT LOVE AFFAIR: Congrats to dashing Damian Fermor - son of Crags locals Mike and Debbie - and bubbly Nicci Champanis, who tied the knot at Rocky Road on May 3, followed by a marvellous reception at the beautiful Hog Hollow. - Photo: Glenn Murray Photography

Social Scene

14 May 2014

PIANO ITALIANO: The Knysna Plett Concert Series presents Italian-born pianist Antonio Pompa-Baldi at Knysna DRC hall on May 19, his play-list comprising mostly works by Chopin and Liszt. Antonio has toured extensively both in America and in Europe but also in the Far East, where he had his Chinese debut in Beijing, performing in the Forbidden City Concert Hall. He gave master classes there - something he now does around the world. He has recorded many CDs, including an all-Brahms disc and one on the works of Rachmaninov, and yet another featuring the entire piano and chamber music output of Edward Grieg. Says spokesperson Penny Smythe: ‘We look forward to hearing this musician who has a most assured touch and truly takes command of both the instrument and the music, and to welcome him back to Knysna.’ The performance starts at 7:30pm and tickets at R120 (scholars pay R30) are sold at the door from 6:45pm. Visit for future concert details.

1000+ KAYS TWIXT KAY’S TWO CROSSES: Mrs MM Prinsloo, called ‘Kay’ by all, popped in at the CXPRESS office last Friday afternoon to come show off her two marked thumbs, and two different IEC slips in her ID document. The spritely Plett lady, who turns 80 on Friday, was visiting her about-tobe-married daughter in Gauteng earlier this month. Being the patriot she is, Kay voted nationally at Hekpoort at 7:49am. Her new son-in-law, in a bid to impress her, then drove the gals down so that Kay could cast her provincial vote in her hometown of Plett at 8:33pm. Well done to all involved, and may you have a marvellous birthday party on May 16, Kay!

LANG AAND VAN MUSIEK PLESIER: Die langtafel musiekaand aangebied deur Vilja Reitz van Ouland Royale in samewerking met die Gereformeerde Kerk Eden op 19 April was ‘n wonderlike musikale belewenis. Die kunstenaars was die pianis Neil Krog en bariton Christopher Vale. Op die foto van links agter verskyn Irma & Neil Krog en Christopher Vale, met dominee Emile Naude en sy vrou Sanet in die voorste gestoeltes.

Home & Health

14 May 2014

Two days remain to join national food drive


HE 2014 Curves Food Drive kicked off on May 5 and runs until Friday the 16th at participating clubs throughout South Africa. New and existing Curves members are invited to take part in the Food Drive by bringing in a generous bag of non-perishable food, or R200 that will be used by their club of choice to purchase non-perishable food. The Plettenberg Bay club will donate all the food col-

lected on Tuesday June 3 to Hospice Plett, which services a large part of the community through hospice care, as well as the Invicta Haven for abused women and children. All new members who make a food donation, or bring in R200 for food to be added to the food collection, can join Curves until May 16 without paying the usual joining fee. “We are honoured to offer the Food Drive as a unique


Elizabeth Starling, 92, the ‘ears and eyes’ Carole Damp shared this photo of Plett’s Rotary Anns and wrote: ‘Hope this gets to you in time, before Easter is but a distant memory. The picture shows Plett Rotary Anns president Beryl Winter, right, with Elizabeth Starling on occasion of the Rotary Anns’ traditional Easter visit to Formosa Garden Village, when we hand out Easter eggs to those in frail care and in the sick bay. At 92 years of age, Village resident Elizabeth is the ears and eyes of us Anns!’

way for the community to come together and feed the needs of local people, while feeding the need for women’s health, fitness and wellbeing,” said MD of Curves Africa Clive Robinson. Now in its 16th year, the Curves Food Drive has globally collected and donated more than 34-million kilograms of food to needy institutions in a myriad of communities that surround clubs throughout the world.

Technology sure to get you off the couch and moving...


just-released survey by a prevention-minded pharmaceutical company proved that technology, which has become an inextri-able part of our everyday lives, might just be the answer to get more people to exercise. According to a recent Pharma Dynamics survey that forms part of its iChange4Health movement campaign (iC4H), more than half of South Africans who exercise regularly say they have embraced technology, with five in 10 using some type of tech-gadget during their workout. Says Pharma Dynamics spokesperson Mariska van Aswegen: “Technology can be a powerful tool in promoting physical activity and changing exercise behaviour. For years, pedometers, accelerometers and heart-rate monitors have been used as motivational tools. “Newer technologies such as global positioning systems (GPS), (GIS), interactive video games, GoPro cameras and persuasive technologies are also becoming very popular. “Equally, Internet-based physical activity interventions and mobile applications can be used to promote and change exercise behaviour,” she says. Forty percent of those who participated in the iC4H poll said they used a smartphone or tablet during their workout, and nearly 47% admitted that they would probably work out more if they had access to their personal content while exercising.

“For most participants, this was as simple as placing a smartphone or tablet on an exercise machine to play music or videos, while 13% use equipment that connects to their devices, as well as builtin computer or video screens. “The majority (86%) also said having access to technology during their workout makes it easier to achieve their fitness or weight loss goals,” says Van Aswegen. According to a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the lack of physical activity is among the biggest risk factors for chronic diseases of lifestyle, which currently accounts for 40% of all deaths in South Africa. “The majority of us in South Africa don’t do anywhere near the recommended amount of exercise to stave off diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. “Participating in 30 minutes of exercise every day reduces one’s risk of high blood pressure by almost one fifth, while incorporating four hours of physical activity a week could make the difference between a healthy blood pressure and having to take medication for life.” The most recent South African Youth Risk Behaviour Survey, conducted among Grade 8-10 pupils, showed that 17.2 % of adolescents are overweight and more girls (5.3 %) than boys (2.2 %) were obese, pointing to a major decline in physical activity levels among youth. Van Aswegen cites a number of studies suggesting that technology is a big motivator

in changing exercise behaviour among youth. “Small changes in the way activities are framed can make a big difference in exercise motivation and behaviours as far as teenagers are concerned. “Some studies indicate that learners are motivated by the use of technology that enhances individual skills and teaches them how to monitor their own fitness levels. “Examples of these ‘exergaming’ technologies include heart-rate monitors and equipment that combines activity with video or TVenabled games.” On May 10, people around the globe banded together in a multitude of exercise activities in recognition of World Move for Health Day, initiated several years ago by the WHO to promote physical activity. This year, Pharma Dynamics used technology to mobilise the country in a national effort to get people moving via its iC4H movement campaign, which kicked off on World Move for Health Day. The campaign, which runs throughout the entire month of May, encourages South Africans young and old to submit photos and videos of how they enjoy exercising in exchange for the latest technology gadgets. So, whether you have an inspiring story to share or are an exercise fanatic dying to show off your version of a hard-core GI Jane or Rocky Balboa workout, be sure to post it on www.facebook. com/iChange4Health to stand a chance to win.

Tech-xercise facts to take note of • The national Pharma Dynamics survey was conducted among men and women between the ages of 24 and 57 who exercise on a regular basis. • Additional survey findings include that 19% exercise at home, 44% exercise at gym, and 37% exercise outdoors. • Technology gadgets

which exercisers currently use to enhance their workout include (participants could select all applicable gadgets) iPod 43%, tablet 30%, smart phone 48%, pedometer 17%, heart-rate monitor 22%, Global Positioning System and/or Geographic Information System 17%, interactive video games 4%, Internetbased exercise applications

9%, exercise equipment that connects to a device and/or equipment with built-in computer or video screens 13%. • Types of content most exercisers preferred having access to during a workout are music 71%, workout progress data 33%, Internet 33%, workout videos 24%, sports 10%, movies 5%.


“Our campaign ties in with the SA slogan for World Move for Health Day, which is ‘Vuka South Africa, Move for your Health’, and we hope to instil a sense of responsibility among all South Africans to make exercise an important part of their daily routine,” says Van Aswegen. Visit iChange4Health for additional information on how technology can help to get you and your family off the couch and moving.



RENAULT SANDERO 2011 FOR SALE 28,000km, service history (5yr plan), great condition - R85,000 Call 082 457 4729

14 May 2014


On the Soapbox

14 May 2014

Letters to the Editor

Email: - Fax: 044 533 0852 - PO Box 1449, Plett 6600

Cry, the beloved country The letter under the heading ‘Abuse of parking bays reserved for disabled’ by ‘Disappointed’ in CXPRESS of May 7 [read at www.cxpress.], in which the cynical disregard of parking for handicapped people at The Market Square in Plett is described, gives one cause for the greatest concern. How can any person in their right mind proclaim in pub-


lic, “I don’t care about the disabled”? More worrying still is, if young people in South Africa display such a cavalier attitude towards the infirm and the disabled, it begs the question: exactly what kind of society is being built in present-day South Africa? Many people, unhappily, are born with a disability; others sustain a handicap as

a result of either injury or illness. Handicapped people lead lives exemplified by perseverance, courage, bravery and a determination to make their way in the world, notwithstanding their unfortunate circumstances. Society has a duty to help and assist such people and a good measure of any country is its attitude towards those with a handicap, who are in

need of assistance. Parking reserved for the disabled is but one of the ways in which those with afflictions can be helped. The man in question should have the good grace to step forward and apologise unreservedly to all people who have to bear a handicap. This sorry tale brings to mind the title of the 1948 novel by the great South African writer Alan Paton: Et{." vjg"Dgnqxgf"Eqwpvt{. VT"Vykfng."Rngvv

Famsa team doubly chuffed with CXPRESS Thank you SO much for the awesome advert in CXPRESS of April 30. We really appreciate your generosity. I also LOVED ‘Do you wish to know the endings of fairy tales?’ on the Interval page of that edition [visit and click on page 8 if you missed the hard copy]. We recently asked this very question to a training group I

facilitated, and I wish I had your paper handy! So true - but not always. Because of all the wonderful fairy tales, most of us have an over-romanticised belief of relationships and your insert on the subject depicted exactly that. Mctkp"fw"Rnguuku"/"rtqlgev" ocpcigt<"Hcouc"Mp{upc --Dear Linda and all the

CXPRESS staff, thank you so much for the amazing advert in your April 30 publication promoting our Famsa workshops. To the lady who designed it…WOW! As you know, we do not have a marketing budget and thus are most grateful for your support. Ogncpk"xcp"fgt"Yguvjwk|gp" /"qhhkeg"ocpcigt<"Hcouc" Rngvvgpdgti"Dc{

Thanks, that cat bath made us chuckle Many thanks to your crew for including the notice of our last Knysna Garden Club gathering, in CXPRESS of April 23. We had a most interesting meeting, learning all about growing veggies and herbs with fish water - those very fish feeding on chicken manure! Beautiful views and a good turnout, including

visitors who had read your article, completed the picture. By the way, my husband and I laughed so much when we read ‘How to wash a cat’ on the Interval page of that same edition, but suspected that you would probably have some Mother Grundy mumbling about it… We have three beloved cats and we would kill anyone

who harmed them, but the imagination ran riot at the thought of that bath! Gnkpqt"Engii."Mp{upc *Kpfggf"yg"fkf"hkpf"qwtugnxgu" kp" c" dkv" qh" jqv" ycvgt." Gnkpqt" ⁄" enkem" qp" vjg" Ngvvgtu" rcig" qh"qwt"Crtkn"52"gfkvkqp"vq"ugg" vjg" mpwemng/ytcr" tgegkxgf" ⁄" uq" yg‚tg" fgnkijvgf" vq" ngctp" vjcv" pqv" cnn" ecv/nqxgtu" vqqm" qhhgpeg#"⁄"Gfu0+

Get your recycling timing right ‘Caring for Plett’ in his/her letter ‘No light at the end of the recycling tunnel’, in CXPRESS of May 7, seems unaware that refuse intended for recycling is to be put out on the day chvgt the normal

refuse collection applicable to the area concerned. For example, if household waste is collected on a Tuesday, then material intended for recycling should be put out on a Wednesday.

Not only does this ensure the correct destination for recycling material, but it also helps reduce the time bags are exposed to scavengers. Uvgxg"Etwvejng{"*Cnuq" Ectkpi"hqt"Rngvv#+

Welcome back to Plett, Dr Rob Hansen! We read in your May 7 edition a letter concerning some earlier fracas about jet skis and the recently arrived Dr Rob Hansen. The point of this letter is to publicly welcome him back to Plett. Rob, it has always been your spiritual and physical place

of well-being and we are delighted you have returned. A well-trained medical doctor with vast experience in emergency medicine carried out in remote places with little backup, Rob is very much the caring and practical type of South African the country

wishes would return. Plett is extremely fortunate to have him in our midst. Welcome back, Rob, and strength to your arm in all you will be doing. From part of your Fan Club… Rgvgt"("Pcpe{"Uvtcvvgp." Rngvv

*Kv" ku" qwt" cduqnwvg" rngcuwtg." ncfkgu."cpf"vjg"ngcuv"yg"eqwnf" fq" vq" uwrrqtv" vjg" guugpvkcn" yqtm" {qw" eqpvkpwg" vq" fq" kp" cnn"urjgtgu"qh"qwt"nqecn"eqo/ owpkvkgu0"Vjqug"kp"pggf"qh"cp" gct"qt"c"ujqwnfgt"ykvj"tgictf" vq" ocvvgtu" vjtgcvgpkpi" vjg" ygnndgkpi" qh" vjgkt" hcoknkgu" ecp"ecnn"Hcouc"Rngvv"qp"266" 755"2737"qt"vjg"Mp{upc"qhhkeg" qp"266"5:4"734;0"⁄"Gfu0+

What the?! I am not a lawyer, but I find it hard to believe that, no matter how much an ass the law is, it would condone penalising ratepayers for an offence against legislation which didn’t exist, with the tacit approval of the municipality at the time. I look forward to the court cases. CGCX"Hqtdgu."Rngvv *Vjku" ngvvgt" cttkxgf" d{" hcz." ukipgf" cpf" ykvj" RQ" Dqz" pwodgt" rtqxkfgf." dwv" ykvj" pq" tghgtgpeg" vq" vjg"ctvkeng"eqoogpvgf"qp0" Uq"yg‚tg"c"nkvvng"o{uvkhkgf" cpf" fgekfgf" vq" rwdnkuj" kv" jgtg" hqt" Ot" Hqtdgu" vq" rwv"wu"qwv"qh"qwt"okugt{." cu"vjku"oqfwu"qrgtcpfk"ku" uwtg"vq"vcmg"nguu"vkog"vjcp" eqoowpkecvkpi" xkc" upckn" ockn."qt"kpfggf"hqt"tgcf/ gtu" yjq" okijv" tgeqipkug" vjg"vjgog"cpf"ujgf"uqog" nkijv"qp"vjg"rgpcnvkgu"cpf" ngikuncvkqp"Ot"Hqtdgu"tg/ hgtu"vq0"⁄"Gfu0+


Plett Animal Welfare Service




Sport & Adventure

14 May 2014

A brief history of the Knysna Simola Hillclimb

Will this year’s Jaguar-backed ‘climb be quite that close? Steve Wicks


INCE the first Knysna Simola Hillclimb in October 2009, the event has grown in stature and now holds its place as one of the must-do events on the Motorsport South Africa calendar. Accordingly, it attracts some big names and exotic machinery and is vjg social event of SA’s motoring year. Conceived by local motorsport enthusiasts Francis Cusens and Ian Shrosbree, there was a lot of media hype around the first event, especially as it attracted 1984 Daytona 24-hour winner and multiple SA rally and circuit racing champion Sarel van der Merwe. The notion of a top class motorsport event taking place in an ecological sensitive area like Knysna may be difficult to comprehend. However, the Jaguar Simola Hillclimb uses a 2km stretch of existing roads and temporary bridges, and spectator walkways are all made of wood harvested from alien trees, so there is a tangible benefit to the environment. “We run the event according to Motorsport South Africa’s (MSA) environmental

code, which means oil is disposed of responsibly. “Special spill kits allows us to contain and pick up any oil that may leak, and refuelling is strictly controlled,” explained Shrosbree. “We have a litter management team to deal with the litter, which is split into types for recycling and, while preparing the route, we clear alien trees while rehabilitating areas and roads subject to soil erosion. “Furthermore, we subscribe to MSA’s carbon offset programme which sees trees planted to offset emissions resulting from the event.” The first Hillclimb was well received, not least because of the outspoken and oft controversial Van der Merwe. He was invited to drive a Ford Mustang look-alike from the Cape based V8 Masters racing series and stopped the clocks on 43.04 seconds to pip Anton Cronje in a Subaru WRX - not far behind on 43.221s. Capetonian Fanie Theron, in another V8 Masters car, claimed third with a time of 44.231 seconds. Weather played havoc with

the 2010 Hillclimb and soaking wet conditions meant there was little grip on the 2km stretch of winding public road leading up to Simola. Multiple SA champ Geoff Mortimer called upon all his experience as he extracted maximum grip from his Mitsubishi Evo to win in a time of 50.637s. Fastest man in the dry, former circuit racing star Wilhelm Baard in his spectacular Nissan GTR R35, was second in a time of 50.82s, ahead of Des Gutzeit in a Skyline R32 with a time of 51.85s. The event switched to May for 2011 and Baard scooped the title he missed out on

the previous year. His time of 42:444s secured the win, but it was a nail-biting finish. Runner-up was fellow Nissan driver Jade Gutzeit, a mere 0.215s slower. Interestingly, Gutzeit is a much capped motorcycle enduro rider with very little experience of car racing on tar. Mortimer snuck in a time of 43.108s to claim third in his Mitsubishi Evo, which saw the trio blanketed by 0.664s and fans said there would never be another Hillclimb that close. Another thriller awaited in 2012, with top contenders trading times throughout the day. In the final top 10 King of the Hill shootout, Jade Gutzeit blitzed it in 41.932s at an average speed of 163.119 km/h to take the

win in his Nissan. Runner-up, and only 0.012s slower, was his father and V8 Supercar class champion Des Gutzeit in an equally brutal Nissan GTR. Keeping the Gutzeit family very honest was former Formula Ford champion Jaki Scheckter, whose Nissan cut the beam after 42.019s to make it a Nissan 1-2-3. Amazingly the top three all bettered the previous year’s winning time and were covered by only 0.441 seconds less than half a second. And fans were heard to say there’d never be another Hillclimb that close! This year’s event is wide open and there are a number of drivers in trick cars who could spring a surprise or two ... but will it be as close?

OLD & NEW: Multiple SA rally and circuit racing champ Sarel van der Merwe was a huge drawcard at the first Hillclimb in 2009 - this year one of the main attractions will be the debut of the Jaguar F-Type coupe, above, due to go on sale in July and thus the public’s first chance to see this lightweight two-seater up close, and listen to it growl…

Wojtek wins the Wartrail - and he’s 50 years old, for goodness sake!


HE Wartrail Challenge - which traverses the North Eastern Cape wilderness and this year took place from April 26-28 - invites only “the maverick, crazy, brave-hearted, extreme multi-sport athlete” to dare enter. And it’s not for sissies, for sure, the 265km race comprising a 65km Skyrun, 130km mountain bike ride and 65km canoe paddle, starting off in Lady Grey and finishing at the Hertzog Bridge in Aliwal North. At www.wartrailchallenge. prospective racers are cautioned thus: “For athletes to qualify, you must be 100% fit and healthy with a keen respect and knowledge of the outdoors, mountain and river, including navigational skills. Temporal sports insanity is a bonus.” “Well,” thought Plettenberg Bay multi-sports fundi Wojtek Orzechowski, “that race has my name on it!” But let’s not put words in his mouth. In a post-event interview with the Wartrail crew, Wojtek explained that this was his first attempt at the Challenge.

“A great mate of mine, James ‘Lettuce’ Stewart is the man behind the Pennypinchers Adventure Racing Team and was instrumental in getting me into playing in the hills on the bike and trails. With surrounds like Plett, it’s not difficult being inspired to mix up different sporting disciplines.” He says that by January he decided to commit to the average 15 hours of training that tackling the Wartrail

would require. “Mid-April was my 50th birthday so a good time for a new challenge to work towards. The Wartrail has been on my wish list for a few years and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity.” So, Wojtek ended up winning the race in a total time of 21 hours and 37 minutes, beating his nearest competition, runner up Tim Dean, by nearly an hour. What can we say... 50 is the new 25?!

STOMPING GROUND: Wojtek Orzechowski completed his Wartrail training on the weekend before the event by blitzing the Pennypinchers Easter Trail Run at Cairnbrogie - Photo: Dael Bunge

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