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Last Thursday, SA woke up to news that the bulk container ship Kiani Satu had run aground in rough seas near Buffalo Bay; by Sunday morning August 11, the sea around it was streaked with oil turn to page 4 for more news and photos

Photo: Alix Carmichele

14 August 2013 #370




News & Views

August 14 - 2013

Of car guards and car-remote crooks In the wake of Stellenbosch banning so-called car guards in June, the debate has flared up again nationally - and nowhere more heated than in Bitou. Suggestions in this regard have been summarised in the letter below by reader Debbie Nicholson. The other letter on this page was forwarded by a Plettenberg Bay resident who prefers to remain anonymous, but felt strongly about creating awareness of a new crime in town’s various parking areas. In both cases, Plett Community Police Forum chairman BRUCE RICHARDSON provides clarity. Any bright ideas for Bitou’s car botherers?

Car guards in Plett are currently uncontrolled and residents have complained about their behaviour. In discussions about moving forward, recommendations have ranged from ‘pay for parking’ to upgrade, supervise and provide permanent employment, to banning them if locals don’t think they fulfil a need and are negative for tourism. 1. Paid-for parking has been suggested to compensate the cost of security companies hiring people to guard cars on Main Street, at beach parking lots, and in other high-use areas. These guards would be screened, selectively hired, and supervised by the security companies. Plett would be the first to ‘employ’ car guards - elsewhere in SA, they are treated as independent parking attendants. 2. Allocation of permits - similar to Knysna, where car attendants apply for a permit, are subject to a screening process and once approved, receive a numbered jacket and designated area - is another suggestion. If found operating outside that area or under the influence of any substance, this permit is cancelled. The guards remain independent, and supervised by the municipality or SAPS. 3. Legalisation of car guards requires that the municipality apply to the High Court, and let them carry on as is. 4. Enforcing current regulation would mean banning car guards, thus eliminating their presence in Plett, similar to what Stellenbosch has done. An article in Dwukpguu" Fc{" of August 4 (see www.bdlive. guardians-of-the-parking-bay) gives a good insight into the ‘industry’. Perhaps CXPRESS can provide a platform for input in a wider discussion. Fgddkg"Pkejqnuqp."Rngvv --BR: Although in common usage, we need to remove the term ‘car guard’ from our vocabulary when going into the public domain, as guarding by anyone other than a CIRA-registered guard is illegal; in Bitou they are Plett Auto Watch. Item 1 above is not correctly stated. A preliminary and unresearched proposal was to introduce a system similar to that in central Cape Town in which rtkxcvg/ugevqt" gornq{gf, uniformed and trained individuals carrying portable ticketing machines would be deployed and would charge a relatively nomi-

nal fee for parking. Such an individual’s duties would include keeping a watchful eye on vehicles and the area in general to inhibit any potential criminal activity, make sure the streets are kept clean, etc. As to the second point above, numerous attempts have been made to try bringing Plett Auto Watch members into some sort of disciplined resource – all of them unsuccessful. I have personally been most supportive of the initiative over a number of years and am satisfied that this type of initiative will not work unless resources are constantly applied to monitor and maintain discipline, in which case those involved may as well attend to the security themselves. A resolution was passed by Bitou in 1998 approving a carguarding scheme. I am not sure where the illegality comes into the picture unless, of course, one calls them ‘car guards’. So there is at present no illegality to enforce that I am aware of. The situation has become intolerable to locals and visitors alike (I get constant complaints). So the intention is to revoke the above resolution and make ‘car-guarding’ illegal, empowering the Municipal Law Enforcement and SAPS to remove any illegal operators. My preference is to create some form of employment structure that will perform a similar but far superior, disciplined and pleasant-to-dealwith structure to replace what

we presently have in order that we do not remove the opportunity to ‘earn a living’ - but what form that may take needs careful consideration. My intention, in the first instance, was to invite suggestions from the security industry as the specialists in this type of endeavour and go from there. It needs to be understood that a great deal of work has gone into the attempts to regularise this problem - my report to the municipal manager ran to about eight pages and unless one has been involved and fully understands what has gone before, it is dubious as to whether many comments will be of substance as most to date are repeating suggestions that we have pursued before and have failed. But by all means the issue must be debated – you never know, someone may just come up with a really clever idea. *Ogcpyjkng." Mp{upc" Owpkek/ rcnkv{" cppqwpegf" qp" Cwiwuv" 7" vjcv" kv" jcf" tgkpuvcvgf" vjg" ocp/ cigogpv" qh" kphqtocn" rctmkpi" cvvgpfcpvu" kp" vjg" Mp{upc" cpf" Ugfighkgnf" dwukpguu" ctgcu." vq" vjg"itgcv"eqpuvgtpcvkqp"qh"uqog" qh" kvu" tgukfgpvu0" Fq" {qw" jcxg" vjcv"ykppkpi"kfgc"vq"tguqnxg"vjku" ocvvgtA"Gockn"gfkvqtBezrtguu0 eq0|c"ykvj"{qwt"vjqwijvu0+

Locked isn’t locked? We have had four incidents around my place of business during the past month, where people locked their cars with remotes and when they got back, valuables had been stolen without any sign of forced entry. So I tested it: if I press my garage remote while trying to lock the car with its own remote, it doesn’t lock at all. I spoke to another local who said he had tried the same thing along with friends – only the Merc and BMW could lock, but the remotes of a Kia and Prado seemed to be blocked by the garage or gate remotes and didn’t

lock those cars. All we can assume is that people hang around in the parking lots of Plett blocking the remote signal of certain brands of cars. So you think that you’ve locked it but that’s not the case at all. Everyone must be aware of this and double-check that they are not being targeted. Cpqp."Rngvv --BR: It would seem that this is a reality in Plett and although the security agencies (SAPS and Plettenberg Bay Crime Prevention Association) look out for the perpetrators, as will be appreciated this is a difficult one. An individual who is a repeat offender was picked up by the police going down the Beacon Way hill in possession of a gate remote and items which are used to break into vehicles, but had not been seen committing an offence so was interrogated and released after the “equipment” was confiscated. The solution is an easy one – simply ensure that your remote has activated the lock before leaving your car. I have done this for many years and the reason why cars give an audible or visible confirmation that they are locked is for this very reason. The confirmation is pointless if the owner ignores it. If you walk away from your vehicle, activate the remote and the vehicle fails to lock, you should simply walk off slowly to delay the whole process and immediately report the incident to the PBCPA on 082 251 8134. Obviously you must keep the general area and your car in sight so that any movement towards it can be detected. If a vehicle is involved, take the registration number and note the appearance and dress of any individuals on foot. If you remain in the general area, the perpetrators will wait until you move off, giving the PBCPA time to get to the scene.

News & Views

August 14 - 2013


Show-house thieving spree ends with Bonny and Clyde’s PE arrest A couple dubbed the Garden Route’s Bonny and Clyde has been targeting homeowners across the Western Cape, impersonating prospective buyers while stealing hundreds of thousands of rands worth of valuables and cash when viewing the homes YOLANDE STANDER reports CAUGHT: The couple, whose modus operandi was to distract show-house agents in order to search for valuables, was arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen goods


UST over a week ago the two suspects - a 33-year-old man and 43-year-old woman targeted a Plett homeowner who they allegedly robbed while she was showing them around. Their spree however came to an end in Port Elizabeth on August 8 when they were arrested in connection with these crimes after ostensibly trying a similar ploy in Summerstrand. Estate agents have been circulating a notice warning colleagues about the couple - whose names are known to CXPRESS - and providing information on their modus operandi after they allegedly stole R80’000 worth of jewellery

from a house in Brackenfell some months ago. Cape Town police spokesman lieutenant Marchell Roode said police had received reports about a woman, wearing heavy make-up, and a man driving a white Ford Bantam bakkie, convincing estate agents that they were interested in purchasing a home. Once inside, one would distract the agent or homeowner while the other would search the house for valuables. Roode confirmed two cases were also reported in Durbanville and that the couple would walk out of these homes with items worth between R50’000

and R60’000 at a time. They used false names - Pieter and Louise Rossouw - when introducing themselves. Beatrice Henning from Plett said she had been approached by a couple on August 2 at about 4pm wanting to view her home. “My house is for sale and they told me they were desperately looking to buy a home for the man’s mother,” said Henning. She showed the two around, but once inside the main bedroom, the man stood in front of her dresser - where her jewellery was kept - unusually long. “The woman distracted me and asked about the bathroom while the man remained in the bedroom.” Only after they had left did she notice that her jewellery was missing. “I had a bad feeling about them. They took three rings, necklaces and other jewellery. The one ring alone is worth about R20’000.” They also targeted a Stellenbosch lawyer, Tania Jooste, last month, allegedly stealing about R60’000 worth of jewellery and an iPod. Among the items taken were business cards, which the woman reportedly started giving out to estate agents, claiming she was a lawyer. Jooste said after the incident she had started receiving calls from Garden Route estate agents, asking if she had been to

By-election results may equate Pyrrhic keep calm, because the result victory for S-Cape ANC shows that we are making huge


FTER a fierce battle for control of five wards in the Southern Cape, the ANC trounced its opposition in the majority of the contested areas in last week’s by-elections. The party’s winning margin has however decreased dramatically, and it lost one of its critical wards in Oudtshoorn. “It was a very important election for us and we pulled through. This means we are now in control of Oudtshoorn,” said DA chairman for the Western Cape’s Eastern region Christelle Vosloo. In Bitou the ANC won Ward 4 by a small margin, Hilda Plaatjies edging ahead of the DA’s Elaine Paulse by just 37 votes. The DA aimed to win

the ward to secure an outright majority vote in council and to ensure they did not have to rely on a coalition. In 2011 Paulse lost the ward, which includes a part of Kwanokuthula and New Horizons, by 124 votes. “We are shocked to have lost by only 37 votes, but at the same time we are happy,” Paulse said. “The fact is that we won the ward’s other area in New Horizons convincingly, whereas we had no foothold there in 2009. This close result shows that we are certainly making inroads in Plettenberg Bay.” She added the loss was difficult to accept by those who had worked hard to canvass on her behalf. “I have told them to

progress in Bitou.” W-Cape ANC leader Marius Fransman was especially elated with the ANC’s Bitou victory. “DA leader Helen Zille was desperate for a win there so that they can have full majority, so we are happy we won that ward. “Overall we are satisfied with the results. It shows we are on track for a 2014 victory and that when the ANC is a cohesive force, we can make inroads.” In George, the DA retained Ward 1, allowing them to remain in control of the municipality. Their candidate Melvin Naik received 1211 votes compared to Neil Carelse’s (ICOSA) 642 and Pieter van der Hoven’s (ANC) 104. [qncpfg"Uvcpfgt"

their show houses - where items went missing too. “I realised someone was committing identity theft and using my business cards to impersonate me. This, however, helped police track their movements,” said Jooste.

Other towns hit by the two include Oudtshoorn, Sedgefield and George. Jooste reported the matter to eBlockwatch and information was spread among its 86’000 members. Jooste’s secretary also recognised the man in a picture of the couple that was circulated, so helping authorities to ascertain their real names. Founder Andre Snyman said since the information was added to the eBlockwatch website, other homeowners and agents also came forward. “We had reports of similar incidents in



George and on Knysna’s Leisure Isle,” Snyman said. Head of the eBlockwatch task team Annelize Jerling informed Port Elizabeth police after a couple believed to be the showhouse robbers attempted a similar ploy in Summerstrand. PE police spokesman captain Sandra Janse van Rensburg said local police found a suspicious bakkie in Strandfontein Road with a couple fitting the description. After searching the vehicle they found gold watches, jewellery and perfume. “They were arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen goods and will appear in court on Monday. We believe they could be linked to other cases in Port Elizabeth too,” said Janse van Rensburg.




News & Views

August 14 - 2013

Kiani Satu: environmental clean-up may take months


Y yesterday morning, efforts continued to tow the bulk rice carrier Kiani Satu back out to sea after a delay due to technical problems on August 12. The German-owned vessel carrying 300 tons of heavy fuel oil and 15 000 tons

of rice ran aground near Buffels Bay on August 8. A spokesperson for the SA Maritime Authority, Nigel Campbell, said that a heavy-lift helicopter was able to fly nearly 1 000m of tow rope connected to the salvage choke and the

Plett icon passes on Tiny Doidge passed away peacefully in Joburg on Monday August 12. He will be greatly missed by Jane, Megan and Robin and all the grandchildren.

ship, and that the rescue team waited for an incoming tide to be able to pull the ship quite easily into the sea. It would then be towed back to the Cape by salvage vessel Smit Amandla. Local NSRI crews heard at 3:39am on August 8 that the ship, sailing from Cape Town to Gabon, experienced mechanical problems in 5m swells and 45knot onshore westerly winds, causing it to drag anchor. By 10am that day, all 19 Filipino and Ukrainian nationals had been airlifted by helicopter with the help of NSRI volunteers. The vessel sprang an oil leak which engineers worked to seal, but by August 11 it was reported that several tonnes of oil had already leaked into the ocean. An oil spill response team worked around the clock to implement protection measures and clean up oil in the two estuaries on either side of the bulk carrier. Knysna municipal manager Lauren Waring yesterday lauded the quick and efficient action of nearly 20 different stakeholders who have been working together in this emergency situation, with a special mention to Knysna and Wilderness NSRI. Goukamma Nature Reserve is now closed to the public and a kilometre exclusion zone applies, applicable to all land, air and water craft. Persons coming into this area without permission will be removed. The parking area at Buffalo Bay wild side and the grounds of the NG Church have been cordoned off as salvage equipment loading and storage areas.

As the ship is only accessible by air, the latter space is also being used as a helipad. “Protection officers patrol the entire area and will not refrain from arresting offenders,” said Waring, adding that there were numerous health risks associated with this kind of situations. The access road from the N2 to Buffalo Bay is open, but might be temporarily closed to allow safe passing for large vehicles. The marine clean-up is an ongoing process that may take weeks and months, and the public is requested to bear with the many people working towards this goal. The Kiani Satu’s owners have the best insurance and have flown in experts from all over the world, but the fact that there will be no cost to the state is of little consolation when taking into account the extent of potential environmental damage.

OIL ON THE WATER: By Sunday morning August 11, black sludge was streaking along in the currents around the ship, to a point where photographer Alix Carmichele said she could ‘smell the oil’ from her home a 3min flight away; the pic below shows the ship in the distance and the Goukamma snaking towards the sea - after bulldozing the river mouth closed last Saturday, booms were placed to seal off the Goukamma estuary, while Swartvlei to the west was partially closed and carefully monitored for any oil pollution - Photos: Alix Carmichele (Helicopter flight courtesy of Nico & Adriaan Heyns)


Investor Focus

August 14 - 2013 Malcolm Stewart – Portfolio Manager at Sanlam Private Investments Knysna

Our changing investment climate O VER the last four to five years, we have witnessed extreme levels of liquidity accompanied by 100-year low interest rates. These measures pulled the developed world back from a serious depression and have resulted in a gradual economic recovery in the US. We also see economic traction beginning in the UK and, to a certain extent, in Euroland. This abnormal situation cannot continue indefinitely and the Federal Reserve in the US has now sent out an early warning signal that if conditions continued to improve, then these measures would gradually be toned down and, ultimately, be withdrawn. During this period, with interest rates at zero and long bonds offering a dismal 1%, we saw the now much-publicised ‘search for yield’ investment trend. Income-hungry investors were driven into junk bonds, corporate bonds, and even highyielding equities. Many of these offered attractive dividend yields while producing reasonable capital

growth. They were fairly priced and offered very sound value - and there was no real alternative, because of the negative interest rates (that still prevail). This scenario is however about to start a gradual change. The first step will be the withdrawal of liquidity from the global monetary system, which could take at least 18 months if not longer, depending on the rate of economic growth in the United States. We will then face a period of interest-rate normalisation, during which we can expect interest rates to at least equal the US inflation rate. As this trend unfolds, highyielding equities will start facing competition from the higher yields offered in the bond markets, as these will be seen as less volatile. Those investors who were in the high-yielding equity markets at the early (cheap) stages will sit pretty, as their dividend income should grow at least in line with inflation. Newcomers, however, face a changing environment.

New equity investors should expect a climate where markets face the headwinds of shrinking liquidity and rising interest rates over the next two to four years. (This is where I am really pushing my crystal ball...) Markets are already trading at elevated levels, for example, the S&P 500 sits with a P/E ratio of over 16, the FTSE 100 in London at 17.5, and the Dax in Germany at 14. There are shares on the JSE with P/E ratios in the mid-20s. I prefer buying shares with single-figure P/E ratios. It is here that the investment strategy must change. It is possible that the developed world equity markets will begin to mark time for an extended period. However, it is clear that specific companies will blossom during this period. The skill of the ‘bottom-up’ stock picker now becomes essential. In equity investing there is only one certainty and that is the price that you pay. All other aspects - i.e. future profits, share prices, etc. - will only emerge as time unfolds. So the

Engel & Völkers sees double-digit growth on Majorca saw a considduring the first half of 2013 enues erable growth rate at 29%.


HE Engel & Völkers group is continuing on its course of record growth, embarked upon during the first months of the year. Following the strongest first quarter in the company’s history, revenue growth in the second quarter of 2013 is at a double-digit percentage rate. In total, turnover from commission generated by the group with its licence partners operating in 37 countries on five continents rose by 18.8% to 123.9-million euros (compared to same period in previous year: 104.3-million euros). Turnover is increasing particularly strongly in foreign markets, where group commission revenues have risen by a total of 30% to 46.5-million euros (previous year 35.8-million euros). Group commission revenues from the brokerage of commercial real estate also rose significantly by 27.4% to 28.3-million euros (previous year 22.3-million euros). With growth of 6.1% to 49-million euros (previous year 46.2-million euros), brokerage operations in residential property in Germany achieved a record result once again. Internationally, Engel & Völkers underwent especially strong

growth on the American continents and in Southern Europe. A clear recovery of the property market and ongoing expansion of the company’s network with the opening of new residential property shops in the USA by the licence partners in Florida led to a growth in commission revenues of 50%, and of almost 90% in California. The rate of growth in South America was almost 70%. “The intensive efforts to expand our network outside of Europe are having a positive impact,” said Christian Völkers, CEO of Engel & Völkers AG. “We are seeing substantial opportunities for growth abroad on the basis of the strengthening economic situation on the real estate market. The broadlybased formation of our network puts us in an excellent position to make extensive use of these opportunities.” Residential property shops in southern European countries also profited from a further recovery of the property markets. In addition, the new Metropolitan Market Centre in Barcelona recorded a particularly successful start, resulting in overall revenue growth of 65% in the first half-year of 2013 on the Spanish mainland, while rev-

The strong demand for capital investments continues to have a positive effect on the business division for commercial estate, although this potential cannot be fully utilised due to a lack of sufficient offerings on the market. “In South Africa, we have had similar success with an increase of 31% when compared to the same period in the previous financial year,” said Craig Hutchison, CEO of Engel & Völkers Southern Africa. He added that the activities are still at a high, even through the winter months, and expected it to increase even further in the latter half of the year when the country would experience a further increase in activities for the coming summer months. This will be assisted by the launch of the new Engel & Völkers website and social media campaigns which will raise search engine optimisations and in turn increase the number of searching buyers through the Engel & Völkers network. The company is forecasting further strong growth over the remainder of the year, meaning that it expects to again close 2013 with record results. Ugg"vjg"cfu"qp"rcigu"32"cpf"34" hqt"eqpvcev"fgvcknu"cpf"nkuvkpiu0

CXPRESS clever investor now has to be particularly disciplined in the price he/she pays. The company should be well researched and if possible have a structural driver behind its industry. It should be well managed and eventually capture the imagination of the momentum investors. Markets may well become a little boring but you now need to find the winners at

the right price to get the performance that you need. Unit trust selection has become rather difficult. You need to select those managers with good track records of stock picking, rather than the trend followers. Value-biased funds could provide a sound long term option. Bond funds are a dangerous option as rising interest rates equate to falling



bond prices. Even some of the specialised income funds need careful scrutiny, so it’s high time you visit your investment advisor to relook your current strategy. Ocneqno" jcu" dggp" kp" vjg" kp/ xguvogpv" kpfwuvt{" hqt" qxgt" 62" {gctu0" Jg" jcu" ytkvvgp" vjku" eqn/ wop" kp" EZRTGUU" hqt" vjg" ncuv" 37" {gctu" cpf" ku" c" urgekcnkuv" kp" ocpcikpi"tgvktgf"ygcnvj0

Erasmus Panelbeaters does S-Cape proud

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER: Owner Kallie Erasmus and his wife, Tigi, with the Diamond Award received at a ceremony in George last month


HE entire team at Erasmus Panelbeaters in Plett was excited when they received an invitation to the Southern Cape Leaders & Achievers awards breakfast recently. According to a customer survey, this able local team scored an excellent 4.12 out of a possible 5 in the panel-beating category and thus received a Diamond Award - the highest honour attainable. The award was presented to them by PMR Africa, which publicly acknowledges competency and performance in accordance with results of surveys

reflecting the opinions of 95 respondents, including CEOs, MDs, business owners, and senior management. So not only was performance acknowledged during the handover ceremony, but it also served as recognition for the work done by Erasmus Panelbeaters’ management team. Owner Kallie Erasmus and his wife, Tigi, enjoyed attending the July 22 breakfast event in George in the company of award winners in various categories of industry, business, service providers and government. “It was a proud moment for

my team. They work consistently towards the highest standards, with customer service a priority,” beamed Kallie. The purpose of the PMR Africa survey was to profile the Southern Cape as growth point and potential investment area for foreign and local developers and investors. It measured companies, institutions, government entities and individuals on their contribution to economic growth and development of the region, levels of management expertise and innovation. This accolade attained by Erasmus Panelbeaters reflects a high level of professionalism, and the company’s growth is a positive sign for other businesses in the Southern Cape. Phone them on 044 533 3259 or visit www.erasmuspanelbeat for more information.



August 14 - 2013


Pre-nuptial agreement senior style

How to make a woman happy...


Evening news is where they begin with ‘Good Evening,’ and then proceed to tell you why it isn’t.


N elderly couple in their 70s were about to get married. She: “I want to keep my house.” He: “That’s fine with me.” She: “I want to keep my Lexus.” He: “That’s fine with me.” She: “I want to make love six times a week.” He: “Put me down for Fridays.”


V‚U" pqv" fkhhkewnv" vq" ocmg" c" yqocp" jcrr{0" C" ocp" qpn{" pggfu"vq"dg<" A friend, a lover, a brother, a chef, an electrician, a carpenter, a plumber, a mechanic, a sexologist, a pest controller, a psychiatrist, a good listener, a good father, very clean, sympathetic,

‘n Tikmasjien?


IE kleinkinders ontdek ‘n ou tikmasjien in die huis, en oupa moet verduidelik hoe dit werk. Hy sit ‘n vel papier in en tik. Die kinders is verstom. “Waar rnwi jy hom in?” vra Jannie. “Nee, jy rnwi hom nie in nie,” sê oupa. “Waar is sy batterye?” “Nee, hy het nie batterye nie.” “Sjoe,” sê Jannie, “hoekom het hulle dit nie al lankal uitgevind nie?”

Being British BRITISH NEWSPAPERS Vtwg"tgrqtvu"htqo"Dtkvkuj"nkhg” • Commenting on a complaint from a Mr Arthur Purdey about a large gas bill, a spokesman for North West Gas said: “We agree it was rather high for the time of year. It’s possible Mr Purdey has been charged for the gas used up during the explosion that destroyed his house.” (Vjg" Fckn{"Vgngitcrj) • A young girl who was blown out to sea on a set of inflatable teeth was rescued by a man on an inflatable lobster. A coast guard spokesman commented: “This sort of thing is all too common.” (Vjg"Vkogu) • At the height of the gale, the harbourmaster radioed a coast guard and asked him to estimate the wind speed. He replied he was sorry, but he didn’t have a gauge. However, if it was any help, the wind had just blown his Land Rover off the cliff. (Cdgtfggp"Gxgpkpi"Gzrtguu)

HEARD ON THE LONDON UNDERGOUND TUBE C"nkuv"qh"cevwcn"cppqwpegogpvu" vjcv" Nqpfqp" vwdg" vtckp" ftkxgtu" jcxg"ocfg"vq"vjgkt"rcuugpigtu000 • “Ladies and Gentlemen, I do apologise for the delay to your service. I know you’re all dying to get home, unless, of course, you happen to be married to my ex-wife, in which case you’ll want to cross over to the Westbound and go in the opposite direction.” • “Your delay this evening is caused by the line controller suffering from E&B syndrome: not knowing his elbow from his backside. I’ll let you know any further information as soon as I’m given any.” • “Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologise for the delay, but there is a security alert at Victoria Station and we are therefore stuck here for the foreseeable future. So let’s take our minds off it and pass some pleasant time. All together now… ‘Ten green bottles, hanging on a wall...’.” • “Please move all baggage away from the doors.” (Pause…) “Please move ALL belongings away from the doors.” (Pause…) “This is a personal message to the gentleman in the brown suit wearing glasses at the rear of the train: Put the pie down, four-eyes, and move your bloody golf clubs away from the door before I come down there and shove them up your backside sideways!”

athletic, attentive, intelligent, funny, creative, tender, strong, understanding, tolerant, ambitious, courageous, dependable, passionate - ykvjqwv" hqtigvvkpi" vq<"give her compliments regularly, love shopping, be very rich, not stress her out, not look at other girls - cpf"cv"vjg"ucog"

vkog."jg"owuv"cnuq< give her lots of attention but expect little in return, give her lots of space, never worry about where she goes - kv"ku"xgt{"korqtvcpv"pgxgt" vq" hqtigv< birthdays, anniversaries, arrangements she makes. How to make a man happy: Show up naked, bring food.

Social Scene

Photo: Sharyn Hodges - ShowMe Plett

August 14 - 2013

FIVE FAMOUS YEARS! Lunchbox Theatre celebrated its fifth birthday on August 7 and in the pic, board and team members cut the delicious birthday bake, thanks to Clare’s Cakes, before tucking into pizzas donated by Pico’s. The intrepid actors again launch their annual Tshisa Talent auditions this month, so be at the following community centres at 7pm sharp: The Crags August 19, Wittedrift and Green Valley Aug 20, Bossiesgif/Qolweni Aug 21, Kranshoek Aug 26, New Horizons Aug 27 and KwaNokuthula Aug 28 - visit for all the info.

VIRTUOSOS IN OUR MIDST: Knysna Plett Concert Series presents Sergey Malov, left, on violin and viola, and pianist Bryan Wallick on August 21 at Knysna DRC hall in Knysna. Their programme will include works by Bach, Schubert and Beethoven and tickets at R100 (scholars R20) are sold at the door from 6:45pm.

People, places & events STIFF RESOLVE: According to the most senior policeman in the province, Western Cape officers suffer more abuse and physical attacks than counterparts anywhere else in SA. Provincial commissioner lieutenant general Arnoe Lamoer - here presenting a 30-year service medal to lt col Van Niekerk, right - made this statement during an impressive medal parade at Outeniqua Park in George this month. He added that the 270 violent attacks on police during the last financial year did not indicate exceptional aggression in the province, but demonstrated the persistence and resolve of his staff to apprehend offenders. The parade honoured some 170 members of the George Cluster for service of either 10, 20 or 30 years. - Bob Hopkin

CELEBRATING LIFE: The exhibition Vernissage V opened at Emily Moon in Plett last Friday and was attended by some 200 people. Enjoying the function from left are Gordon Froud, Myfanwy Bekker, Robyn Brouckaert, Cathy de Villiers, Irmela Kohlsdorf and Carol Sachs. See the story on page 9. - Timothy Twidle PENNY CHARMS PROBUS: The Probus Ladies Club of Plett held a successful meeting on Monday August 5, welcoming as guest speaker the delightful Penny Smythe - pictured at centre with the Probus committee members, from left, Robyn Eidelman, Christine Dunker, Cecile Jacobs, Cheryl Main, Carol Boardman and Lin Alexander. The ladies thank Simon at The Fat Fish for hosting them and for the wonderful meal enjoyed by all.




HONK FOR HOPE: Strijdom van der Merwe, left, unveiled Eden to Addo’s second land art piece within Plett’s Keurbooms Corridor on Sunday. The art work ‘Calling the Herd’ - with its tree-like trumpets that visitors can blow to call the elephants as a symbolic gesture of hope - is the second of many planned along the Eden to Addo Great Corridor, creating SA’s first Land Art Exhibition Route. Eden to Addo aims to establish a living corridor along old elephant migratory paths linking Garden Route National Park to Addo Elephant National Park 350km to the east. The Land Art Exhibition Route will create a thread that links the area’s different communities while keeping the corridor both visible and contextual in the landscape. The first land art piece on the route, ‘Aartmoeders’ by Simon Max Bannister, consists of three stone elephants and was erected at Site Specific’s 2011 land art event. The piece adjoins Kranshoek and celebrates Eden to Addo’s Robberg Coastal Corridor near Plettenberg Bay. The second Site Specific International Land Art Biennale concludes on August 17. Visit and for additional information. Photo: Rhian Berning




Knysna warmly welcomes The Bedz Factory


T The Bedz Factory’s new outlet at Shop 7 of the Broadwalk Centre in Waterfront Drive (opposite Fruit & Veg, next to Waltons), you can now conveniently shop for a wide range of mattresses, base sets, bedroom furniture and gifts at factory prices. The Bedz Factory SA confidently guarantees that its prices will not be beaten, with great service and products that are comfortable and manufactured to the highest quality - factors that will put your mind at ease, every night. The company aims to provide products to the entire market, and supply directly to the public as well as to hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, hospitals, and hostels. The business module has been successfully tried and tested, and The Bedz Factory SA assures its clientele of superior brands at affordable prices. Says a spokesperson: “We

have tried the rest but we sell only the best, and are confident with big names like Simmons and Genessi. Simmons beds are the number one selling brand in the world, with the only patented pocket spring system in SA. Genessi is supplied under a private label, with a wide range of beds made by the largest foam manufacturer in the country. “Most people spend more on a monthly car payment than they want to spend on a decent bed in 10 years. But we have convinced our clients of the necessity of having a decent bed, as we spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping. “Chiropractors and physiotherapists could continue to solve your back problems, or you could come visit us for a great bed-u-cation. We wish you the rest you deserve - every night!” Ugg" vjg" cfxgtv" qp" rcig" ;" hqt" eqpvcev"fgvcknu0

Home & Health

August 14 - 2013

Understanding the mechanics of emotional abuse


MOTIONAL abuse may not show physical scars, but the effects are crippling for the victim. Take note that this situation is not to be confused with the problems normally experienced in relationships. Where there is a relationship problem, the woman feels free to express her feelings but in an abusive relationship, she is too tense or afraid to say anything. The difference comes down to a power imbalance. When one partner is intimidating and controlling, the relationship has become abusive. Remember that abuse is all about power and control. Ejctcevgtkuvkeu"qh" goqvkqpcn"cdwug ß"Isolation - a woman is cut off from her friends and family. ß" The woman is focussed on her partner’s anger, often trying to keep the peace and finding herself walking on eggshells. ß"The abuser makes the woman tired - anxiety, fear and anger tires her. ß" The abuser threatens his partner: “I’ll take the children. I’ll have you locked up.”

ß" The abuser is sometimes kind to his partner, buying her presents, making her tea or taking her on holiday. ß"The abuser controls the money and shows the woman how powerful he is: “I own you.” ß"Degradation and humiliation - he insults, criticises, shames and embarrasses her. He may tell her that she is fat and ugly,

finding fault with everything she does. He may flirt with other women and accuse her of sleeping around. ß"The abuser may demand that she does unnecessary things fold his socks in a special way, keep the children quiet all the time, or pack the cupboards a certain way. Often the woman is brain-

washed into eventually believing that she is as stupid, worthless and useless as she is repeatedly told. But women stay in these abusive relationships for many reasons: ß"Hope that things will change ß"No money ß"No home ß"Fear - threats that she would be killed if she left ß"Lack of confidence Break the silence - for more info or advice, please call Famsa Plett on 044 533 0515.

Amazing antirrhinums – snazzy snapdragons M OST of us have childhood memories of squeezing the flowers of antirrhinums together to make dragon mouths. Not only are snapdragons an endless source of amusement to children, they are ideal too for bringing striking colour into the garden. While antirrhinums can be grown throughout the year in most parts of the country, March, April and May are ideal

months to plant out the seedlings. They have just enough time to settle themselves in before the depths of winter, readying themselves for a glorious spring and early summer display. Snapdragons tolerate light frost so you can still plant these beauties in August in our mild part of South Africa. They are easy to grow in any welldrained, reasonably fertile, soil, but prefer a light or medium loam, so add in plenty of compost when preparing the bed. As the soil needs to be kept relatively moist, you should water deeply every five days or so. They like a warm, sunny location, but in a hot climate they perform better in partial shade. Put the plants where they will receive good air movement to prevent the fungal disease or

ENTERTAINING AND DASHING: August plant of the month antirrhinum is a positive in any garden

rust taking hold. Visit for more info on the Bedding Plant Growers Association.

Ooh la la! Your maison* treasures now needed for fair à la français


HE ‘maison market’ concept, where traders sell a variety of home and gardenrelated items at a morning fair, originated in France and has become popular throughout the world as a much-anticipated event for hunters of homeware, garden goods, and bargains. Now, Knysna is to have its very own maison market thanks to the creative thinking of the folk at Knysna/Sedgefield Hospice, who have launched the Big Hospice Treasure Hunt in search of items to be sold at their first-ever Spring Maison Market on September 6 & 7. Over the next few weeks, you

are encouraged to hunt down all those good but no longer used home and garden treasures, and to donate them to Hospice in aid of this project. Items needed include furniture, ornaments, vases, lamps, artworks, frames, soft furnishings, carpets, tableware, crockery, baskets, kitchenware, linen, craft items, garden pots and decorations, Christmas baubles, fabrics, beads, buttons, wool, ribbon, stationery, jewellery and accessories, classy vintage clothing…you name it! Already a sleeper couch, quarter-sized billiards table, glassware and crockery have been donated by private individuals. Hospice now also appeals to shop owners and interior decorators to come forward with donations so that a delightfully trendy mix of wares can be made available at the market. Knysna/Sedgefield Hospice currently provides palliative care for about 250 patients requiring 3’500 interventions per month, making the organisation a vital part of our community. Hospice operates two successful charity shops in Knysna and Sedgefield, but it is felt that there’s a gap indeed for the more fashionable maison market ä"nc"htcpècku! Pam Golding Properties is proudly sponsoring the Big Hospice Treasure Hunt and has kindly offered its Leisure Isle premises as drop-off point for all donated items. Alternatively, please call 083 448 1934 to have your goods collected. The Spring Maison Market will convene at Knysna Catholic Church hall in Queen Street, starting at 10am each morning and ending at 4pm on Friday September 6, and 1pm on Saturday the 7th. ,"ockuqp"?"jqog


August 14 - 2013




Vernissage V celebrates the magnificent progress of Plett’s creative collective


LETTENBERG Bay’s fifth annual life drawing and sculpture exhibition, Vernissage, is currently on display at Emily Moon River Lodge in the pretty Bitou Valley. The exhibition affords accomplished life drawing artists and sculptors of the area the perfect context to display their chosen works of latter 2012 and 2013, creating the opportunity for guests to view and purchase from a collection of wonderful mixed media, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, creative furniture and photography - all of which discuss the human form in one way or another. Xgtpkuucig is a French word referring to the actual varnish of an artwork and the occasion, over the ages, calls for groups of friends and art lovers to celebrate the completion of a work or works of art before the artist applies the final varnish. In Plett, the concept has been loosely interpreted by this spirited group of artists to punctuate their yearly art pieces with

FORM CAPTURED: This lovely charcoal life drawing by Plett artist Muffin BekkerBalajadia demonstrates the beauty of the female form, which has over centuries inspired artists of all media

recognition and celebration. The opening function on August 9 saw guests flocking to The James Room, where cocktails and crudities were served preceding an address by wellknown artist and educator Gordon Froud, and the poetry of Cathy de Villiers performed to original music. Said established Bitou artist Myfanwy Bekker - a founding member of the life drawing group - on the subject of Vernissage V: “It celebrates the progress of the artists’ work, inspiring and communicating to others the joy of creating and expressing oneself. “This year’s opening coincides with the International Land Art Biennale, showing mutual support to the international and national land artists in town. As artists, we find that it’s in our DNA to uphold and support each other. “The opening on Women’s Day served to acknowledge the beauty of the human form - over centuries, the female figure has

Rastafari hail the prophet in Plett this coming weekend J OIN members of Plett’s House of Judah when they commemorate Marcus Mosiah Garvey at New Horizons community hall from August 16-18. “The great prophet’s birthday on August 17 is an occasion celebrated annually by Rastafarians around the world,” explains Ras Tommy Wentzel, adding that all Bitou locals and visitors are welcome. “We would like everyone to support and participate, so we invite young and old from near and far to come and celebrate with I and I, with a special invitation to women, as it is their month.” Starting off at 5pm on Friday with a prayer, word of welcome, a mayoral address and a talk about Marcus Mosiah

Garvey, live music will carry on into the night. Doors open at 11am on Saturday and there’s a special Women’s Hour from 3pm onwards. Bands due to perform include Garvey’s Ghost, Rasta Rebels, Ubulumko, Uprising, Reggae Ambassadors, Royal Sons, I Cliff, and No Regrets. The programme concludes at 12 noon on Sunday. Door fees to cover entertainment costs range from R20 for adults and R10 for kids on the Friday, to R30/R15 for the Saturday’s programme. Call Asher on 073 578 5564 or Ras Tommy on 072 117 1490 for more information. ß" Octewu" Oqukcj" Ictxg{" Lt" *3902:03::9" /" 320283;62+" ycu" c" Lcockecp" rqnkvkecn" ngcfgt."

rwdnkujgt." lqwtpcnkuv." gpvtgrtg/ pgwt." cpf" qtcvqt0" C" uvcwpej" rtqrqpgpv" qh" vjg" Dncem" Pcvkq/ pcnkuo" cpf" Rcp/Chtkecpkuo" oqxgogpvu." jg" hqwpfgf" vjg" Wpkxgtucn" Pgitq" Kortqxgogpv" Cuuqekcvkqp" cpf" Chtkecp" Eqo/ owpkvkgu" Ngciwg" *WPKC/CEN+0" Jg"cnuq"hqwpfgf"vjg"Dncem"Uvct" Nkpg."rctv"qh"vjg"Dcem/vq/Chtkec" oqxgogpv."yjkej"rtqoqvgf"vjg" tgvwtp" qh" vjg" Chtkecp" fkcurqtc" vq"vjgkt"cpeguvtcn"ncpfu0 Ictxg{"ycu"wpkswg"kp"cfxcpe/ kpi" c" Rcp/Chtkecp" rjknquqrj{" vq"kpurktg"c"inqdcn"ocuu"oqxg/ ogpv" cpf" geqpqoke" gorqygt/ ogpv"hqewukpi"qp"Chtkec"mpqyp" cu"Ictxg{kuo0"Rtqoqvgf"d{"vjg" WPKC"cu"c"oqxgogpv"qh"Chtkecp" Tgfgorvkqp." Ictxg{kuo" yqwnf" gxgpvwcnn{"kpurktg"qvjgtu."tcpi/ kpi"htqo"vjg"Pcvkqp"qh"Kunco"vq" vjg" Tcuvchctk" oqxgogpv." yjkej" rtqenckou"Ictxg{"cu"c"rtqrjgv0"

These pretty mosaic snakes don’t bite Margie Ford of Mosaics Etc shared this pic of her latest project at Plett’s Global Village, where her larger-than-life-sized snakes and ladders board is sure to entertain visitors. Grab some dice at the front shop or bring your own for a fun game, and visit for more information on Margie’s work.

inspired artists of all media, and continues to do so. “After five consecutive exhibitions we are truly committed and the standard of work improves steadily. So please do join us in this celebration of the creative life force.” The gallery is open 10:30am to 3:30pm on weekdays, and Sundays from noon to three-ish ‘till August 30. Call Irmela on 044 533 0308 for info, and visit for the full land art programme.




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August 14 - 2013


On the Soapbox

August 14 - 2013

Letters to the Editor


Email: - Fax: 044 533 0852 - PO Box 1449, Plett 6600

Market Square team gets Candy’s car home safe A couple of Fridays ago I’d left my car key on the counter at Pick n Pay in Plettenberg Bay. The next customer purposely, secretly, took the key - in plain language, stole it - and put it in her bag. This was captured on the store’s camera. Ten minutes later, I came to the manager’s counter and Albert without hesitation went and looked at what happened on the cameras and where I might have lost my key. He then ran across the entire Market Square trying to identify the culprit. When established what had happened, the police was con-

tacted and arrived within no time. At the end of the day my car was kept safe for almost three days. An investigation continued and three days later, I had my car key back and the perpetrator was located. Nothing like this has ever happening to me before. It was a very traumatic experience, especially because I had my 11-year-old son, whom just got out of hospital, with me. I live 55km away from the area and I had to be at home by 1pm because my other kids were coming from school at that time and I had nobody at

Chris Robinson of Plett sent this photo and wrote: ‘This Paper Nautilus shell was found on Lookout Beach on July 6 by my daughter Ashleigh Hale of Joburg. Is this a rare find for Plett?’ Henk Nieuwoudt of CapeNature said that these beauties are found quite often on our shores around this time of year – which doesn’t make them less soft on the eye to those lucky enough to stumble upon them. Thanks for sharing, Chris.

Paper-thin treasure found on Lookout

Thanks for a warmer winter The Plett Jewish community thanks all the pupils and parents of our local schools who have so generously contributed towards the annual Winter Warmth Drive for clothing for Bitou’s less fortunate. This clothing has been distributed in the coloured and black townships as well as to destitute whites in our midst.

We also thank The Print Shop for printing the letters distributed throughout schools, and La Fashionista for its generous donation of clothing. Thank you one and all for making winter a little easier for these folk. Rcv"Uckvqykv|"/"ejckt"rgtuqp"qh" vjg"Lgykuj"Ncfkgu"Iwknf." d{"gockn

home waiting for them, since I was stuck without a car key. I’m sure there are readers out there who have experienced far worse things, but something like this was devastating to me. It is real, and it seems you do get people who seem to be possessed with evil. We need to pray against all these evil things and let God be glorified. I want to shout a big thank you to inspector Hendriks at SAPS Plett. We need more inspectors like you. Thank you to the first inspector arriving on the scene I did not get his name, but will always remember his face (he might be from Knysna SAPS).

What legacy do we wish to leave? To the people of Plettenberg Bay, whom it must concern: our future hangs in the balance. This involves virtually the entire population of Plett - young, old, rich, poor and, in particular, those families who have been around for generations and whose forbears laid the foundations from an untamed land to what we have today. I apologise to them for the mess we find ourselves in at present. Is there really a legal battle over the redevelopment of Main Beach? Apart from the oversupply of housing development in and around Plett town, there has been virtually no upgrading along the beach since the once whaling station became the Beacon Island Hotel. Surely the time is now, in 2013, to upgrade the antique buildings as well as the fact that

After the fire - we know Bitou has a great heart On the night of Saturday July 27 a devastating fire, the cause of which is still under investigation, ripped through an established pocket of informal houses in Kurland Village in The Crags. Fortunately, no lives were lost but 37 dwellings, home to about 100 people of all ages, were totally razed to the ground. The majority of residents were able to save only the clothes they were wearing plus a few hastily grabbed household items before the fire, driven by a stiff westerly wind, totally destroyed virtually everything they owned. The region’s emergency services, assisted by many local individuals, swung into action to provide temporary shelter, blankets and food to the affected people and by Monday the 29th, the general appeal for im-

mediate and strategic support had reached into the broader Bitou community. The response from the wonderful people of Plettenberg Bay has, to put it mildly, been absolutely fantastic. To date over 40 individuals and business organisations have committed their resources to provide funds, food, clothing, school uniforms, educational equipment, baby clothes, household appliances and goods. Not only did this generosity see these people through the immediate crisis, but is helping re-equip them to establish their homes again. The involved parties have worked tirelessly to assist public officials draw up a strategy to address immediate requirements plus the long-term needs of individuals on an equitable

Thank you to the two police officers who took my statement. Thank you to my neighbour, Aunty Magda, and to Aunty Bettie and Peta Ann for taking my kids in when I did not pitch. Thank you Gerald Swarts for being the best brother-in-law. Thank you Sakkie for driving my car home. Thank you Pick n Pay Plett, we would never have found that key without your input. Albert you are the best. Thank you, Market Square centre management and all the security guys, for keeping my car safe. To God be all the honour and glory. Ecpf{"Xcngpvkpg."d{"gockn

distribution basis. Should you wish to make a contribution by direct bank transfer, details to use are: Alenti 38 t/a Kids of Kurland School Project, Nedbank Plett, acc no 1090 0342 88. This must be clearly reference marked as ‘Kurland Fire’. Should you have household goods and clothing to donate, contact Toni or Kaarin on 082 322 7901, who will also collect any cash contributions. To each and every individual, business and organisation who assisted in coordinating and contributing to this mammoth effort, a most sincere and hearty THANK YOU! You guys rock and clearly show that Plett has a great heart! flFu"Oce‚"/"qp"dgjcnh"qh"vjg" Mwtncpf"Fkucuvgt"Tgnkgh" Eqookvvgg."d{"gockn

boats are dragged into the sea by an old tractor - which creates enormous fear for holiday visitors with small children on the beach. The Skiboat Club? No comment. At least its restaurant does a good job in spite of the building. And so on and on. My view is that the very best we could do for the entire area is to clean up the obvious, one way or another, and twin with Knysna - which had similar problems when developing its yacht basin, marina and waterfront. Join in and create what would be the most exciting, beautiful, and best holiday destination in the world. Fqtggp"Yknnkcou."d{"gockn






Sport & Adventure

August 14 - 2013

Michèle now world’s number one! A

LTHOUGH Plett native Michèle Eray has won many international surf ski events, her victory in Portugal on July 13 at the first-ever official world surf ski championship endorsed by the International Canoe Federation (ICF) catapulted her into the awesome position of top-ranked female surf skier on earth. Says proud mom, Colleen: “It is a HUGE win and very significant in the surf ski world globally. It was a fantastic event and Michèle received great recognition from the International Canoe Federation.” A report on the ICF website describes the championships, held off the beach of Ofir, north

of Porto, as “historic” with more than 380 athletes from five continents participating. Apart from Michèle’s gold in the SS1 Women Senior category, amazing performances were also delivered by fellow South Africans Michelle Burn and Nikki Mocke, in second and third place respectively. Our national flag was held high by the men, too, with Sean Rice nabbing gold from Aussies Tim Jacob and Cory Hill after an epic fight in the water. Congratulations to all involved, but to Michèle in particular for the incredible feat of being best in the world. Xkukv"yyy0ecpqgkeh0eqo"hqt"hwnn" tguwnvu"cpf"oqtg"rjqvqu0

LEADER OF THE PACK: Plett Olympian paddler Michèle Eray in action in Portugal last month - Photo:

Kev conquers Golan Heights to bring home the gold Plett elite cyclist Kevin Evans toured to Israel last month to contend in the 19th Maccabiah Games. Held every four years and popularly known as the Jewish Olympics, this year saw 9’000 athletes from 72 countries competing in a multitude of disciplines. Our favourite mountainbiker proceeded to beat off incredibly stiff competition to win a silver medal in the individual time trial over 26km, and then topped this performance by taking gold for South Africa in the 110km road race, which took place in the Golan Heights in northern Israel. Allan Kuhnert from Club 100 Plett rallied local fans to welcome Kev back as he arrived home in Harkerville on July 29 – in the pic with him and Allan, centre, are Karen Evans and little Ruby, only too happy to be back in her champ dad’s arms. Visit to read all about Kevin’s Israel experience. Congrats, too, to Allan and Club 100 for successfully raising R34’000 towards their chosen charities (Wittedrift High Bursary Fund, PAWS, NSRI and FAMSA) through this year’s Tour de Plett.

Local athletes battle the Winter War Trail


S ultra-triathlons go, few are tougher than the Winter War Trail. Held annually and now in its 12th year, this three-disciplined event requires competitors to traverse the Witteberg / Drakensberg mountain ridge line outside Lady Grey in the North Eastern Cape. The 65km traverse on day one is followed by a 135km mountain bike race on day two, which descends some of the steepest mountain passes in the country as the track hugs the

Lesotho border. Once this is completed, day three has athletes paddling 65km along the Orange River to finish the circular route in Aliwal North. Pennypinchers racing team duo James Stewart of Plett and Knysnite Jeff Willcocks left the comfort of team racing and completed the race as individuals, with James finishing fifth in 22 hours and 59 minutes and Jeff coming in seventh (23:56). Due to a howling north-east-

erly headwind on the Saturday, James said that this was by far the hardest cycle he had ever completed. For Jeff, the long day on the river was a first, making that top-10 finish even more of a feather in his cap. This event requires seconds - people able to drive competitors to the start, collect at the finish, and replenish them with food and drink along the route. I was fortunate enough to second these two diesel engines (probably the oldest two contestants

Glenn Murray

in the field... I wish I could say that I shared some of the cold, their 4am starts, the dust and wind and many hours on the road and in the river. I didn’t. What I experienced was great luxury in comparison, so well done, boys, on an awesome achievement. Overall race winner was Craig Carter-Brown from Ixopo in a phenomenal time of 18:02. Xkukv"yyy0yctvtcknejcnngpig0 eq0|c"hqt"kocigu"cpf"hwnn" tguwnvu0"