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22 May 2013 #365

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Welcome back, black swan! What’s up at Tsitsikamma golf estate? p3

Women set free with new Knysna course p7

Local estate agents make their mark p8 & 9

Dave Milne shared this photo and wrote: ‘We have been living on the Keurbooms River for the last five years and, about a year ago, became aware of the presence of a black swan on the water. These birds are not indigenous to South Africa so I contacted Birds of Eden as I thought that the swan may have escaped from their enclosure. They said that, along with SANParks, they were aware of its presence but were letting nature take its course. The swan seems to be moving up and down the river from the mouth to the bridge at Plett Angling Club. By the end of July last year, the beautiful bird had disappeared, so it was with great delight that we welcomed it back this year.’




News & Views

May 22 - 2013

Supercar owners honour Cobra creator To most the word Cobra means a venomous snake to be avoided at all costs but, to car enthusiasts, that same word represents one of the most powerful and challenging to drive sports cars ever made - BOB HOPKIN reports


small but dedicated group of local Cobra owners gathered at Belvidere, outside Knysna, recently to remember Carroll Shelby - the eccentric, charismatic and visionary engineer who created this memorable vehicle and who passed away on May 10 last year. Sedgefield-based Cobra enthusiast Dave MacMillan said: “To us, Carroll Shelby represented the first American ‘HotRodder’ who created cars that were able to compete on the world’s stage with the best that Europe had to offer.” Macmillan’s car and four others are some of the few examples of Cobra replicas seen on the roads of the southern Cape. The original production line in California produced so few vehicles that the demand still exists even now and has prompted the growth of a Cobra replica industry around the world, making cars and kits that follow the same basic design. Shelby was born in Texas in 1923 and was soon diagnosed with severe heart problems that dogged him throughout his life. After serving as test pilot during WWII, he started chicken farming to produce an income and began motor racing, which soon became his passion. His successes in local racing soon saw him employed by in-

SNAKE PIT: Shelby Cobra replicas gathered in Belvidere Photo: Bob Hopkin

HAVING FUN: Carroll Shelby at his happiest, behind the wheel

ternational teams, which led to the driving pinnacle of his career when, along with British driver Roy Salvadori, he won the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1959 - even while taking medication for his heart condition during the race. The risk of a heart attack while racing forced his retirement in 1960 but his love of motor sport led him to become a racing car manufacturer. His vision of combining the lightweight, well-handling British AC Ace sports car with an American V8 engine led to the creation of the Shelby Cobra muscle car. His engineering and driving skills were only exceeded by his bravery as he was always aware that his heart was a ticking time bomb and could expire at any time. He expressed his views on life in this situation when, during a television interview, he said: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, so live for today.” In spite of this handicap, he survived a heart transplant in 1990 and kidney transplant in 1996 to live to 89 years before passing away on May 10, 2012. ß" Kpvgtguvkpin{." jku" Ng" Ocpu" tcekpi" rctvpgt" Tq{" Htcpegueq" Ucnxcfqtk" *dqtp" 34" Oc{" 3;44+" fkgf" nguu" vjcp" c" oqpvj" chvgt" Ujgnd{" ncuv" {gct." qp" Lwpg" 5" *yyy0iwctfkcp0eq0wm+0

‘Murdered to Death’ staged in Plettenberg Bay next week


ITOU Amateur Theatrical Society, which was formed through the meeting of the minds of David Hall-Green and Roger Davis, is staging their first production at St Peter’s Church hall in Plett this month. The comedy thriller Owtfgtgf" vq" Fgcvj" is written by wellknown British playwright Peter Gordon in the Agatha Christie genre, but with the inclusion of a bumbling and inept police inspector. The play opens on May 28,

with evening performances at 7:30pm until the 31st, and a matinee show on Saturday June 1 at 2pm. Tickets at R70 can be obtained from the church office on weekday mornings, Barney’s tourism kiosk at The Market Square, or at the Knysna FM studio in Woodmill Lane. Support these brave local actors and actresses by arriving in numbers to enjoy an evening of hilarious amateur theatre. All proceeds will be donated to Plett Animal Welfare Service.

MURDEROUS LINES: Rehearsing the play - which has been done twice weekly for the last five months - are, from left, Joy Sachs (as Margaret Craddock), Juliette de Gersigny (Dorothy), David Hall-Green (colonel Charles Craddock), Michael Lond (Bunting the butler), Brian Hardy (constable Thompkins), Kim Seiler (Elizabeth), and Nita Davis (Joan Maple)

Notice Board Dktf"eqwtug"kp"Mp{upc A presentation of the Flight for Birders bird identification and conservation course by Dr Anton Odendal is scheduled for May 23 & 24 at Knysna NG Church Hall at R450 per head. Register by e-mailing your intention to attend to Elaine at or calling her on 082 455 8402. Lqkp"vjg"yqtnfykfg"rtqvguv" cickpuv"Oqpucpvq" Would you feel safe buying food from the same company

that created the chemical warfare weapon Agent Orange and DDT, one of the most deadly pesticides known to man? And what if this same company became the world’s largest producer of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in seed production? Monsanto is the world’s largest producer of these ‘Frankenseeds’, and now they are on a new mission: trying to outlaw farmers’ right to harvest and retain seed and to replant their

own seeds. A global protest against this greedy giant is taking place on May 25 at the corner of Courtney and York streets in George from 10am - come armed with anti-Monsanto and anti-GMO placards and posters. Email for info on the protest, and google Monsanto and GMOs for insight into this alarming issue. RCYU"ect"dqqv"ucng Please book your position for the next car boot sale in aid of

Plett Animal Welfare Service held on May 26 from 9am to 1pm in the parking area near Horse & Hound at The Market Square. For R100 per car you can bring all the unwanted stuff you are dying to get rid of and make some pocket money, or more! Start clearing out those cupboards - you will be surprised to find how interesting your junk is to other people. Contact Alan Kushner on 082 601 4859 or at kushie@mweb. to book.

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May 22 - 2013


Tsitsikamma training camp claims refuted, ‘racist farmers’ blamed CXPRESS investigated allegations that the Tsitsikamma Coastal Golf Estate and a farm in the Langkloof have been used to train terrorists - JOHN HARVEY reports


HE Fckn{" Ocxgtkem website last week reported that a Johannesburg dentist, Junaid Dockrat, and his cousin, Farhad Dockrat - who were identified as al-Qaeda financial backers and recruiters - were behind the training camps at the Estate and the farm Greylock, between Uniondale and Joubertina. Greg Pearson, the manager of the stalled Tsitsikamma Coastal Golf Estate, claims he has laid several complaints with Storms River Village police over alleged crimes committed by members of the Dockrat family, who have at times in the past resided there. Pearson - who lives just off the property and is employed by the Tsitsikamma Home Owners Association, of which he is also the representative - gave CXPRESS a tour of the estate at the centre of the controversy. During the visit, a team of labourers was busy mowing the fairways which lie against a spectacular backdrop of mountains, as well as ocean views. The greens on the golf course, however, were clearly not fit for playing, as clumps of dried ground were interspersed with weeds and tufts of grass. While the stands are not occupied, there was at least one which advertised that a home was intended to be built there. CXPRESS was also shown the Tsitsikamma Home Owners building, which currently is occupied by a Malawian man who

works on the estate, but who was not in residence at the time. A golf cart was located outside the office building, which apparently is used to drive on the concrete pathways between the stands and the golf course. Pearson claimed Farhad Dockrat arrived on the estate on January 12 last year after a request from his cousin, Suliman Dockrat, that he allowed him to do some “remedial” work. “We later learnt they had contacted the workforce and in-

‘If the allegation was true surely there could have been some evidence that could be brought forward. Why has it not been brought forward?’ - Farhad Dockrat formed them that Farhad Dockrat was taking over the estate and the workers. “Via a back road he inconspicuously moved mattresses, food, fuel and cooking equipment into the office building and informed me that his six sons would be staying overnight, which I allowed with the instruction that they were not allowed to enter the locked office of the homeowners’ association, as important documentation to which they had no right

were kept there.” But Pearson said that was where the arrangement broke down, as the following morning “total chaos” ensued, with groups of bearded men riding on the back of open LDVs, waving firearms and shouting “we are in charge now”. “On that day they placed an additional lock on the shed used by the appointed maintenance contractor and demanded keys to all the buildings on the estate, including the two houses occupied by my family and the maintenance contractor, which I denied them.” Prior to that point, Pearson’s mother-in-law, Cia Malan of the company DJM Operators, had been responsible for the labour force on the estate. He said it was apparent that Farhad Dockrat had “absolutely no clue” as to how to run a golf estate from the outset. “At the end of 2011 already the developers stopped paying the golf course workers.” He said since his suspicions had been aroused, he had done research on the Dockrat family and realised they were the same family who had allegedly been under surveillance at the farm Greylock in the Langkloof. He then submitted a dossier of the information he had gathered but claimed that, as was the case with his complaints of theft and damage to property laid at the Storms River police station, his pleas fell on deaf ears.

No headway in Chinese murder case Yolandé Stander


month after a foreign national was killed and two others seriously injured by two gunmen in KwaNokuthula, police are still no closer to finding the perpetrators. While leaving a nightclub in Skosana Street on April 22 at about 2:20am, Chinese nation-

als 32-year-old Tony Zheng, his 22-year-old cousin Yong Li and a friend were approached by two men. The men pulled out firearms and demanded money. Police spokeswoman captain Bernadine Steyn said after the three victims handed the men money, the suspects fired a number of shots at them. Li was hit in the arm and head

and died on the scene, while Zheng was wounded in the arm, and his friend in the chest. Both survivors were admitted to hospital and discharged later. Steyn said police were investigating a case of murder, attempted murder and armed robbery. “Nobody has been arrested yet and the investigation continues,” she said.

“Our quest finally led to visiting the US embassy in Pretoria. After meeting the legal attaché and the defence attaché, they informed us that we must be careful of the Dockrats.” He had also approached the Director of Public Prosecutions. However, Storms River police spokesman W/O Gerda Swart

confirmed while three cases were opened by police following Pearson’s complaints, “in all three cases the senior prosecutor in Humansdorp declined to prosecute in the matter”. “Complainants in the matter were not satisfied with the outcome and all three cases were taken to the Director of Public Prosecution in Grahamstown for his decision,” she said. Farhad Dockrat hit back in a press release last week to the al-



legations. “None of the American authorities or Central Intelligence Agency have been able to prove the allegation or give any evidence, let alone credible evidence, in support of the allegation. “If the allegation was true, surely there could have been some evidence that could be brought forward. Why has it not been brought forward?” he asked. Dockrat said Fckn{" Ocxgtkem journalist De Wet Potgieter was an “ex Vlakplaas reporter” and claimed that he was subject to a racist plot on the part of neighbouring farmers to exclude people of colour from farming in the area. Ictfgp"Tqwvg"Ogfkc




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May 22 - 2013

Letter to the Editor

Say no to horse riding on Keurbooms Beach This newsy letter was submitted by Keurbooms residents Laurence and Claire Parkman


T the Bitou mayco meeting on April 29, it was decided to allow horse riding on Keurbooms Beach for a trial period up to September 30, subject to permits being issued to unspecified operators on vague operating criteria. It was also decided to allow a ‘unique’ event to take place on May 25 for 10-20 horses on the basis that organisers must be ‘broadly in accordance’ with the vague criteria laid down for the trial period - i.e. they can do as they please. These municipal decisions arbitrarily reversed an informed decision (Resolution M/4/44/01/10 dated 25 January 2010) when the mayco refused an application to allow horse riding on beaches due to the disturbance of local fishermen and danger to children. Opinion by the head of Corporate Services at the meeting was that before the council rescinds the decision (thus allowing horse riding at Keurbooms),

a public consultation process must be embarked upon. This advice was ignored. Due to high density developments and unemployment there are now more fishermen and children on the beach than there were in 2010. No in-depth justification was given or environmental report produced to back up the decision to allow horse riding, and no public consultation process was entered into before the decision was made. Local community representative groups were omitted on the basis that they had objected to horse riding in the past. Only the pro horse riding lobby was allowed to present their case at the meeting. The approval to allow horse riding was given without due consideration to problems with beach access along the single pathway at Tsokwane - the only ‘viable’ entry/exit point. No easy access exists for emergency services, the NSRI having to deal with evacuations by sea.

It is proposed to remove protected vegetation to reduce conflict with human traffic. The steepness of the Dunes at this point makes access ‘unviable’ for horses and will lead to erosion and compromise horse and rider safety. The nearest car park is a considerable distance from the beach and no ablution facilities, water points, stables or facilities to deal with the waste generated are available. One of the horse trail operators motivating the application (and presumably expecting to receive a permit) openly admitted in his motivation to having carried out a number of unauthorised ‘illegal’ horse riding tours on the beach in the last year. This is an extract of the mayco decision giving total power to operators to profit from running their own horse trails and selling on permits: “3(a) no person may ride on any beach unless prior written permission has been granted

by the municipality to the person, which permission may be granted to cp{ local Bitou operator who offers horse riding as a tourism attraction, who may in turn issue permits to riders under his/her direct supervision or vq"cp{"kpfkxkfwcn.” Bitou Municipality intends to make no money from the process and implies it will not punish violations until year end: “3(f) That all applicants deposit R2’500 with the municipality before being issued with a permit to use the beach for a period of one financial year (July 1 to June 30), which deposit shall be repaid to the applicant if all conditions of the permit were met during year.” There has been conflict between horse riders and humans and their pets in the past, mainly caused by inconsiderate or inexperienced riders and the volume of horse manure dumped. The beach has a delicate ecostructure which will be damaged by horse riding. It is home to endangered species, e.g. the African Black Oystercatcher, which studies have shown will

be compromised by horse riding activities. Tidal and narrow, the beach is bordered by large resorts with more in the planning stages (The Dunes alone accommodates 600+), guaranteeing an ongoing and increasing health and safety hazard between humans and horses. There is no sound justification to the belief that horse riding on beaches encourages tourism. Surveys indicate that the opposite is true in that leisure tourists will avoid horse tour beaches due to the disruption caused and unhygienic conditions. These beach rides will not provide or increase employment in the area as all the proposed operators already exist and the employment opportunities are therefore already in place. What it will do is endanger the jobs of accommodation and catering related staff if leisure tourists are chased away. In the case of both the ‘unique’ event on May 25 and the issuing of ‘trial’ permits, municipal staff left themselves wide open to accusations of acting with undue bias. The municipal decision-making process

is described as ‘considerations for colleagues’ and ‘bylaws for buddies’. The decision to allow horse riding was pushed through with spectacular haste for reasons unknown and concerns lodged regarding the process followed, and how the new dispensation will work in practice, remain unanswered giving the impression that this also is to be kept a secret from Keurbooms residents and other beach users. We urge mayor Booysen to step in and use his executive powers to stop this farce. Surely the role of the municipality is to follow due process for the good of the community and the environment as a whole, not rush through legislation suiting a chosen few? If organisers and participants are true lovers of nature, they will redirect the May 25 event to the numerous legitimate trails available and not play Russian roulette with the wildlife and eco-structure of Keurbooms Beach. As a community we need to speak out now - if it’s horse riding on Keurbooms today, what next? Quad bikes on Central Beach, or 4x4s on Robberg? If you share our concerns, lodge a complaint with Strategic Services at dlombaard@ or with the municipal manager at apaulse@plett. today.

Help Darwin care for our primates KARIN SAKS of the non-profit organisation Darwin Primate Group addresses this plea to CXPRESS readers


AVING Darwin Primate Sanctuary has become an urgent need. Our primates are presently housed at a nearby wildlife centre waiting for us to find a secure home for them. Our campaign seeks to raise the funds to pay off a loan to Save The Primates Australia, in order for Darwin Primate Group to continue its work while ensuring the future of primates in its care. In 2012, Australian philanthropist Phillip Wollen of the Kindness Trust donated the down payment for Darwin Primate Group (DPG) to purchase a small private nature reserve

next to Tsitsikamma National Park. As primate conservationist - aka ‘Baboon Woman’ - in charge, the DPG endeavoured to build the best natural habitat private primate sanctuary in South Africa. A second donor came forward to sponsor the rest of the purchase and our dream became reality… or so we thought. Not even one year later, unforeseen differences of expectations between the second donor and the DPG made it clear the two parties could not work together, causing a complete breakdown in the relationship.

The second donor - as technical ‘owner’ of the property despite the fact that the property was bought with another donor’s money as well - has subsequently removed permission for DPG to get the required sanctuary permits from CapeNature. Until the loan is paid off in full and DPG is legally recognised as rightful owner, the second donor will actively block DPG from doing its mandated activities of rescuing and caring for the area’s injured or orphaned animals. Visit for more information.

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May 22 - 2013

Bitou becomes site of unique ‘human fence’ Words & photo: Timothy Twidle


A’s second Land Art Week is scheduled to take place in Plett from August 10-17. In preparation, a workshop by artist Erica Lüttich, entitled Twp/ pkpi"Hgpegu, was held in Bitou from April 21 to May 12. During this period, 100 people from the communities of Kurland, New Horizons, KwaNokuthula, Kranshoek and Harker-

ville worked alongside Lüttich to construct sections of a fence fashioned from the trunks and branches of felled alien trees. On Friday May 10, a ‘human fence’ of 62 people, with sections of the wooden fence at intervals, was formed at the site of Madiba’s 90 Trees, next to the N2 as it sweeps northwards past New Horizons and Qolweni, towards Port Elizabeth. The underlying message of the fence and the project is to motivate people to connect and


Luyolo rocks SA’s art world with operatic flair

Oakhill Grade 5 student Luyolo Mvimbi, 11, took one gold and two silver medals at the National Championship of Performing Arts in Rustenburg last month - an achievement that means he will perform in Los Angeles in July. The keen drama student is the son of former Bitou mayor Lulama Mvimbi and his proud wife, Belinda, who now live happily in Knysna. Says Luyolo: ‘I want to cut an opera CD as soon as possible, but also a rock one...’ Multi-talented, indeed! - Photo: Ewald Stander

Dylan nears his R50k goal, all because of YOU! HANKS to the generosity of the Bitou community and friends and family from all over, 17-year-old Dylan Reddering and his family have managed to raise R43’200 of the R50’000 needed for him to represent SA at the Global Young Leaders Conference in Washington DC next month (visit www.cxpress. and click on the People & Places page of issue 361 for the full story). During his April school term break, Dylan was intricately involved in the fundraising efforts, despite studying daily for his mid-year matric exams. His first performance at Plett’s famous Surf Café with musician Stuart Brink on April 5 was well supported, with over R3’000 raised in donations and cover charge. While selling tickets for the next fundraiser, Dylan was interviewed by Russell Honeywill of Plett community radio station MC90.3FM, explaining his nomination and excitement at being selected for this prestigious global event. During his stylish PhotoJazz fundraiser at Plett’s White House on April 19, Dylan thanked the entire community for backing him, with special appreciation to Suzi Ovenstone and her White House staff, and


communicate with each other. Said participant Shirley Harker: “It is very exciting. It’s a community project of which we can be very proud.” Fellow Bitou resident Shirley Raubenheimer added: “It is a pleasure meeting so many people from our community.” The fence will be completed during the Land Art Week and erected in its entirety at the mouth of the Piesang River, on a site in the vicinity of Beacon Island Resort.

COUNT ME IN! Nellie Ghall of Kurland enjoyed being a member of the human fence formed in Bitou on May 10



Jacqui and Nathalie of Nguni restaurant for their exceptional generosity. Patrons were in awe of Dylan’s soulful voice and guitar renditions of special songs, which was followed by dad Marty’s spectacular slide show set to music. The event, attended by a jolly crowd of locals and visitors all dressed to the nines, raised a whopping R11’000. With their final fundraiser of raffling a Breitling Colt Automatic watch worth R24’000 to be drawn at St Andrews College on May 31, the Redderings are

AND HE CROONS, TOO: Dylan surprised punters with his soulful voice at his White House fundraiser last month Photo: Marty Reddering

confident that they will reach their target. They thank Breitling for sponsoring the watch, for which raffle tickets at R100 a pop are being sold until month’s end (see details below). Dylan and his parents are overjoyed and express their overwhelming gratitude at the amount of support received. Nominated by his drama teacher, as a high achieving student with outstanding leadership potential, Dylan will join with scholars from more than 100 countries to take part in a 10-day international conference which moves from Washington to New York. Included in the jam packed programme of talks and assignments, Dylan will visit international embassies, take part in a Global Summit simulation at the United Nations headquarters, evaluate world trade and economics, and learn the art of conflict resolution. Vq"uvcpf"c"qpg"kp"522"ejcpeg" vq"ykp"c"T46‚222"Dtgkvnkpi"Eqnv" Cwvqocvke" ycvej" cv" qpn{" T322" rgt" vkemgv." ecnn" Octv{" Tgffgt/ kpi" qp" 2:5" 679" 2679." qt" ocmg" c" fktgev" fgrqukv" kpvq" F{ncp" Tgffgtkpi." HPD" Rngvv" *dtcpej" eqfg" 472877+." cee" pq" 844" 2;3" 577630"Rngcug"wug"{qwt"PCOG" cpf"EGNN"pwodgt"cu"tghgtgpeg0




Formosa Primary kids relish their new digs

Words & photos: Timothy Twidle


HERE WE LOVE TO LEARN: Above, principal Colin Wildeman smiles broadly with a group of enthusiastic learners in the grounds of their brand new school; at right, educator Blanche Lamini and her Grade 1s settle in to their bright classroom

News & Views

May 22 - 2013

EW Horizons was the scene of great elation when Formosa Primary School students and staff effected the long-awaited move into their new premises on May 3. Along with another recently completed school of identical layout in Pacaltsdorp, George, the new Bitou school building has been constructed on the basis of a modern design for primary education, hailing a first of its kind in South Africa for both schools. Each of these educational facilities cost R32.5million to build. Formosa Primary traces its history back to Saint Peter’s Mission School, founded in 1912, that occupied the site of the present day Foschini store

in Plett’s Main Street. Michael William Dunn, grandfather of award-winning Formosa educator Leigh Dunn, was the Mission School’s headmaster from 1912-1952. Requirements of the Group Areas Act meant that the school had to relocate in 1969 to a prefabricated building in New Horizons. By 2001, the building had become overcrowded and was in a state of disrepair. The decision to build a new school was taken in 2011 by Education MEC Donald Grant, and construction began in April 2012, to be completed a year later. Says Leigh: “The new school has brought great excitement to the learners and a sense of exuberance to the entire community of New Horizons.” There are presently 1’200 learners enrolled at Formosa Primary and the new building will be officially opened by minister Grant at a date yet to be decided.

Youngsters go hungry for global good cause

Thousands of youngsters around the world unite every year to fight the global food-shortage scourge through the 30HourFamine campaign. Not only do they learn what it feels like to be really hungry, but they also raise funds for those who go without food on a daily basis. Students from Wittedrift High, Plett Primary, Bay College, Plett Christian School, and Greenwood did their bit for this cause during the weekend of May 10 & 11, when they took to the streets to ask for donations. The money raised will be distributed among various local charities and community projects. Photo: Ewald Stander

Considering divorce? Remember that and children alike the children come first! tobut,parents when coparenting is not


XPRESS chatted to Christof Sharp of CoParenting ( - an expert in his field who says that it will take five to 10 years before the Children’s Act (38 of 2005) catches up with what’s happening on the ground. “So we as parents and the broader society have the responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of our offspring.” The principle of coparenting states that a child always has the right to maintain a stable relationship and contact with both parents, even if they are separated or divorced, unless there is a recognised need to

separate the child from one or both parents. This right is based on the premise that parents are committed to the best interest of their children - not necessarily that of the other parent. A commitment to the best interest of the children may never be threatened by the parents’ relationship. CoParenting opposes the habit to grant custody of a child exclusively to a single parent, while promoting responsible shared parenting to ensure taht children receive care and love from both parents. “The concept of coparenting poses unique challenges

practised, children can sustain permanent emotional damage,” warns Sharp. “Organising the child’s life and activities, making sure that kids receive consistent types and styles of discipline, and ensuring both parents are made aware of issues in a child’s life, are just some of the challenges.” Sharp concludes that successful coparenting creates a safe and loving environment for children, while saving millions in potential litigation. Visit for more information and watch this space for future updates on this important subject.

News & Views

May 22 - 2013

Women Unlimited will limit ‘limited’ women... A Knysna organisation has devised a course to cure ‘helpless woman’ syndrome - award-winning journalist CHRIS DU PLESSIS tells all

HELP IS ON ITS WAY: Potential Women Unlimited client, Julie Reid Stevenson, in the midst of a problem-solving crisis

“OF course we hope you can prove us wrong,” Mark Stevenson says with a hint of seriousness spreading across his face, “but if you’re an average South African woman of sound mind, we’re presuming you most probably can’t do at least two of the following five things.” Then he rattles off the list: “We’re presuming you can’t fix your car if it breaks down on the highway, effectively apply first aid to you yourself or others in an emergency situation, rectify your own plumbing or electricity problems, defend yourself efficiently when attacked by a stranger or get back on track when you’re lost in the woods, at sea or in a desert by looking at the stars or utilising tools from your immediate natural environment.” The fact that probably even less men of any given age are capable of these feats these days, is beside the point, according to Mark. “It’s only women that are courageous enough to admit such shortcomings,” he laughs. And this is precisely why he has devised the Women Unlimited Survival Course - a compact life-skills enhancement programme aimed at empowering women to better take care of themselves in emergency situations. Mark, who runs other courses for specialised groups from his base camp surrounded by the Swartvlei, Rondevlei and Langvlei lakes between Sedge-

field and Wilderness, came upon the idea after listening to some “horror stories” by female friends of his wife at his home one night. “I realised many of the socalled traumatic events and incidents they described could easily have been averted if they’d only had a basic knowledge of certain things,” he says. During the weekend-long programme, a host of experts in their respective fields will take manageable groups of eight women through the paces of the abovementioned disciplines to alleviate their fears and make them more efficient citizens. “We have people like the head of Knysna Nissan, Gary Laughton, for instance, who will show them how to get their cars going if it stops by the roadside, in traffic or in the middle of nowhere - as long as it’s not a major overhaul that’s needed,” Mark explains. “But unlike other such workshops, we won’t get too technical. The emphasis will be on simple explanations for quick, practical solutions.” The same will apply to the first-aid, self-defence, and rudimental electricity and plumbing aspects of the weekend. “You don’t need to know the entire spectrum of stellar constellations to find your direction by way of the stars,” says Mark. “We’ll concentrate on the relevant ones needed to get you out of trouble.” The same principles are applied to the basic

bush-survival course. “Many courses and self-help schemes offer such wisdom,” he says, “but none with such a comprehensive list of aspects geared specifically to empower women.” It’s also not all work and no play turning women into superwomen, according to Mark - who has weaved in ample leisure and après-workshop activities to make the weekend worthwhile. “We’re lucky enough to be in a wonderful setting,” Mark explains. So we’ll take a walk through the forest to enjoy a picnic by the lakeside and go canoeing on the Swartvlei.” There will also be wine tasting led by CXPRESS wine-fundi PeeBee, as well as an interactive presentation by celebrity chefs such as Colin Capon - former personal chef to King Hussein of Jordan and three times gold-winning British team captain for the Culinary Olympic, among other things. “Many people think these workshop weekends are just an excuse to let your hair down,” Mark laughs. “But we sincerely believe that we can make a more confident, capable human being of you without stopping you from having the time of your life.” Booking is essential - call 076 935 5905 or email mark@ and if you get together a group of seven friends to join, you can do the course for free.



Read CXPRESS online @






May 22 - 2013

A little love goes a long way - 10 tips to extend the life of your car T

HERE is no truer saying than ‘take care of your car and it will take care of you’. And with rising fuel costs and high inflation, car care should be at the top of your priority list. Motor Industry Workshop Association (MIWA) chairman Les McMaster says you don’t have to be a mechanical ex-

pert, either. “You just need to be aware of what you should be looking out for, and keep a regular maintenance schedule,” he says. McMaster’s 10 basic car care tips will ensure your car stays on the road longer, and that you pick up smaller repairs before they become big ticket items.

• Read the car’s manual and schedule maintenance - don’t let it sit neglected in your glove compartment. Keeping up with your recommended maintenance schedule can help avoid costly problems with your cooling system, drivetrain, suspension and other components. Follow this schedule religiously and only use quality oil, fluids and parts. • Like other car parts that have been made to last longer, most car batteries are maintenancefree and can last more than three years. Often, trouble starting the engine is the first indication that you need a new battery. • Visibility is essential, but taking care of your windshield wipers is often neglected. Change your wipers every 12 months or if the rubber becomes worn, and ensure the

wiper fluid reservoir is full. • Use online forums to learn about potential problems before they happen so that you can prevent them - and fix them immediately. Find an owners’ forum online and get informed on potential problems as your car gets older. • Check the fluids - the level of your antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid - every time you fill up. If your car develops a leak, fluid levels can quickly become dangerously low. It’s also important to change oil regularly to improve your mileage and protect your engine. The recommended mileage between oil changes is 5000-8000km or every three to six months. Remember to change the oil filter, which is cheap and avail-

able at any parts store, as there is no sense in putting clean oil through a dirty filter. Check your service manual or contact a dealer for your car’s specific needs. • Monitor your brake pad thickness and don’t let them wear down to metal, as this will cause damage to your brake rotors (discs) and possibly your callipers, too. Rotors and callipers are much more expensive to replace than pads. • Changing tyre position is very important and reduces uneven wear and tear on the tread, thus extending the life of the tyres. They should be rotated diagonally - front right to rear left and front left to rear right. You also need to check your tyre pressure regularly. Proper inflation allows tyres to handle better and last longer, and helps

you get the most out of a tank of petrol. It’s also prudent to regularly have your tyres checked for wear. • Even if you are driving an automatic car, use your hand brake regularly - especially if you’re parked on an incline, as this helps keep the brakes adjusted in the rear of the car and makes them last longer. • Don’t ignore small problems. Pay close attention to your car’s noises, warning lights and cosmetics, like a loose piece of rubber trim. Ignoring a problem allows it to get worse and parts for aging vehicles only get harder to find. • Give your car some love wash it, wax and vacuum it, and treat all leather surfaces, thus protecting both the paint and the interior of your car from premature aging.

Three top awards for Seeff Plett Seeff Plettenberg Bay walked off with the three major awards in its division at the group’s annual national convention, held at Arabella Hotel in Hermanus recently. The awards were Marketer of the Year, Most Improved Licensee of the Year, and Licensee of the Year. Says Seeff Plett principal Linda Engelsman, pictured here with husband Kevin and group chairman Samuel Seeff, centre: ‘This achievement is in no small measure thanks to the fantastic professional team we have built up over the years, and the excellent service we provide to our clients. A feature of our success is the referral and repeat business that we get.’

Investor Focus

Malcolm Stewart – Portfolio Manager at Sanlam Private Investments Knysna

Where to find good quality in the ‘perfect storm’ E currently have the pergold market, which normally er tells you to bite the bullet and Cyclical companies in general W fect storm in terms of the accompanies inflation, is going stay in money markets, even will not work. The construction uncertainty in investment marthe wrong way! if you do lose a little spending industry is notoriously erratic, kets. The now boring problems of a ‘self-destructing’ Europe, the UK in recession, the USA recovering albeit very gradually, China slowing down, and the recession in the developed world now impacting on the economies of most developing economies, leave us with a real problem. There is also the extreme decade, if not century, low in interest rates. Global bond markets are at extreme levels while global property is now looking very expensive. We are all waiting for the ‘great rotation’ out of bonds into equities. The real question here is whether it may already be well underway. We are also waiting for all of this printed money and economic steroids to trigger the mother of all inflationary spikes. The

The investment advisor is thus facing a rare dilemma. Is there a safe haven? Equity markets are reaching new highs, interest rates are at extreme lows, and property markets i.e. the reits or property trust markets are now expensive. Reducing your equity exposure while the economic steroids kick in may well leave your investment adviser with egg on his face, if markets continue to ride the momentum tiger. If he places your funds in the bond market you could face massive losses. Likewise in the money markets, your return will be below the inflation rate and you will be losing money in real terms. Imagine his position ‘offshore’ with money market rates at 0.6% in the UK and bonds at less than 2%. So where does he go? He eith-

power. Of course, the stay may be longer than you think while equity markets continue to roar! A possible solution lies within these very equity markets - investments in quality equities will always weather the storm. They are obliged to have seriously sound balance sheets, i.e. British American Tobacco, and to have good business models like Proctor and Gamble, or Nestlé. Both of these categories feature global companies with immaculate track records. They never miss a dividend, have been around for a long time, and will be around for long into the future. Resources are well known for their ups and downs with strikes, floods, poor markets and substitute products counting among their continuous threats.

credit retailers fade when interest rates rise, and the agricultural industry needs few comments. The key is to find a balance. Investors realise that we are facing a most unusual situation. We do not know how markets will react when the steroids come to an end. We do not know how long they will last. We do know that bond rates are dangerously low, and that some equities are cheap while others are expensive. We know, too, that quality companies will be around for a long time and that they will continue to pay dividends. Ocneqno" jcu" dggp" kp" vjg" kp/ xguvogpv" kpfwuvt{" hqt" qxgt" 62" {gctu0" Jg" jcu" ytkvvgp" vjku" eqn/ wop" kp" EZRTGUU" hqt" vjg" ncuv" 36" {gctu" cpf" ku" c" urgekcnkuv" kp" ocpcikpi"tgvktgf"ygcnvj0


May 22 - 2013




CXNet SMS Directory Knysna estate agent scoops star performance award R celebrates lift-off ENATE du Rand, the RealNet franchisee in Knysna, has just been named as joint winner of the real estate group’s coveted Action Execution Value Award for 2013. The accolade, presented at the group’s recent all-star annual awards ceremony, recognises a franchisee’s quick action to implement plans and persistence in the task at hand despite difficulties and obstacles. Presenting the award, RealNet Holdings MD Jan Davel said: “Renate managed to secure 159 listings in just four months and although the franchise is restricted from putting up boards in many parts of town, she has managed to find places for 65 boards as well as one large pole advertisement.

In CXPRESS of April 10, we reported on a brilliant new net marketing medium launching its service in Knysna, Plettenberg Bay and Sedgefield (visit and click on the Business page of issue 362 - ‘Business convenience comes to Eden’ tells the full story). The team of CXNet SMS Directory celebrated this occasion in style on May 11 with bubbly, two delectable cakes created by Brenda and Nicky of Cake Troll, and the handing over of a fantabulous Samsung Galaxy Tab to lucky winner Lauren Colgate. Sponsors of other prizes and treats included Body Essence and Bloomers, whose beautiful bouquet was won by Louwna Griesel. Special thanks to Bobbie Erfmann of Woodmill Lane, talented musician Marc Brunsdon - pictured above at right with Ralph Sparg of Knysna FM - and deputy mayor Esmé Edge for her attendance. Said guest Hans Viljoen of Innate Hosting: ‘I think it is a tremendous idea to be able to SMS any questions you might have about businesses in a town and receive an answer by return SMS. It must be especially valuable for visitors as well.’ After the function, all left-over snacks were donated to Edge of Africa. In the top pic, CXNet owner Charles Matthews, left, hands over her prize to Lauren with councillor Edge at right. The beautifully branded cake that was cut by cllr Edge is pictured at left above. Call Lauren on 044 382 2379 for further information. Photos: Gigi Lewis

“This franchisee and her team of six agents attend every RealNet training session and workshop offered to them - sometimes travelling 350km to do so - and now they are in discussions with local underprivileged schools to set up a support system in the community. “Renate has clearly shown that action, with commitment, is a recipe for success, and also proved herself to be a true RealNet ambassador who lives up to the group’s tradition of excellence and service. She is a worthy winner and we are very proud of her.” Xkukv" yyy0tgcnpgv0eq0|c" qt" rjqpg" 2:82" 682682" hqt" cffk/ vkqpcn"kphqtocvkqp0

REAL GOOD: RealNet Knysna franchisee Renate du Rand with RealNet Holdings MD Jan Davel, centre, and RealNet Belfast franchisee Francois de Villiers, with whom Renate shared the Action Execution Value Award



Social Scene

May 22 - 2013

Foto: Nardus Nel


VEER IN CHRIS SE HOED: Verskeie presteerders in die Afrikaanse mediawêreld is op 19 April by Vodaworld in Midrand met ‘n Mediaveertjie deur die ATKV bekroon – ‘n jaarlikse toekennings vir diegene wat ‘n uitnemende bydrae in Afrikaans gelewer het. Knysna-skrywer Chris du Plessis – hier afgeneem saam met Elmari Rautenbach – het die prys opgeraap in die Kunstejoernalistiek afdeling vir ‘Fluit-fluit, die storie is uit’ wat in DeKat verskyn het. Die beoordeelaars het o.m. gesê: ‘Hoe lekker om in Afrikaans die storie van kwêla te lees, geskryf op ‘n manier wat net so dwingend is soos die musiek van die penniefluitjie, en vertel met ritme en kleur en die gemak van diepgaande kennis.’ Veers geluk, ou maat! (Sien ook die storie op bladsy 7.)

CARING FOR THE ROUTE’S KIDS: On May 11, Knysna’s e’Pap Children’s Feeding Project celebrated its 10th anniversary. Guests who included teachers, volunteers, and donors were welcomed in the gardens of St Georges Church on a glorious autumn morning. Children from Wonderland Educare entertained them under the trees and then led all into the beautifully-decorated hall. Lally Viljoen and Shelley Godsell told guests how the project had started with just 60 children in 2003 and has grown to over 4’500 kids to whom 90 volunteers provide the highly nutritious porridge e’Pap in crèches, pre-schools, primary schools, places of care, and high schools daily. A delicious meal by Kilzers Kitchen was served, the cost of which was covered by a generous donor. Well-known speaker Bobby Godsell inspired the audience, who left the celebration thrilled to have been part of such a happy and positive event. In the pic above, Helga Raynor (standing) chats to Gladys Thomas, left, and Cynthia Totito.

ATKINSON ‘COUZIES’ WIN FB COMPETITION: Di Harbour of Plett shared this photo of her ‘grandchildren’ and wrote: ‘My son Mark Atkinson recently won the Facebook Photo of the Month competition - and there were over 300 entries - with this picture of Odie Atkinson, at left, and Mark & Debbie’s daughter, Lily Atkinson.’

GOUE STEMME: Harkerville Primêr se koor het op 8 Mei deelgeneem aan die distrikbyeenkoms vir landelike skole te George. Hulle het die voorgeskrewe isi-Zulu lied ‘Thina Masisuke Sonke’ so mooi gesing dat hul daarmee die landelike afdeling gewen en deurgedring het na die provinsiale rondte in Kaapstad. ‘n Troste personeel en skoolhoof Daries wens die leerders en hul afrigters, Mr Arendse en Me Abrahams, baie sterkte toe met die verdere afrondingswerk. Micyla Booysen staan heel voor op die foto saam met, van links in die middelste ry, Denzil Louw, Stanley Afrikaner, Morgan Harker, Micayla Rigter en Dulin Titus. Agter staan Nastasha Strydom, Micayla Herder, Bronwin Links, Lovenda Wildeman en Thulani Lourens. AFFAIR OF THE HEART: Francois Harmse and Nolene van den Berg, who both hail from Gauteng but have made Plett their home the past few years, tied the knot at George Home Affairs on May 15, followed by a photo shoot at pretty Fairview to commemorate the joyous occasion congrats!

CALLING ALL CREATIVE KIDS! Design Plett’s next favourite pizza on Wednesdays at The Market in Main Street. Each Wednesday winner will qualify for the final and the overall winning creation will be included permanently on the Pizza Kaya menu, with a name chosen by the winner, who will also score a pizza party for her/ him and five friends, including milkshakes and candyfloss! Entrance is R40 of which R10 go to Plett Primary. Pizza rolling starts at 5.30pm and the first 10 entrants to arrive will compete. In the pic, Fikie, left, and Veronica await your entries at the popular Pizza Kaya.

People, places & events

FIT FOR A QUEEN: Aliyaah Arnolds shows off her stunning matric farewell frock at Plett’s whale tail view-site before dazzling fellow Wittedrift students at the April 19 do. Designed by Aliyaah herself, the dress was made by talented Vanessa from Besters Bridal in Knysna (more info at www.besters bridalboutique. com).

SA FIRST FOR LOCAL SAILOR: Plett’s William Edwards has just won the Hobie Tiger nationals in Langebaan - the first time ever that one sailor takes both the Hobie 16 and Tiger top SA titles in one season. An exceptional talent, William has sailed for Knysna Yacht Club for over 25 years and has regularly brought back trophies from all over SA, and almost always a top 10 position when competing in world champs, the most recent being a fourth place in China. The Tiger nationals took place in light to moderate winds and saw Alan Lawrence with his son Daniel finishing second and fellow Plett locals Blaine Dodds with son Peter-Blaine coming third. William normally sails with his son, Douglas, but as Dougi is currently on a gap year competing in the Med racing circuit on a 150-foot super maxi sailing yacht, Dad’s able crew was Josh Selig, who competed with Dougi in the Americas Cup youth team in San Francisco during February. In the pic, William and Josh shake on a race well won.

FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH AND A WHOLE LOTTA LURVE: Renée Bull of CXPRESS website administrators Insite Solutions - pictured at centre with mom Lesley-Anne Bull, right, and mother of her beau Terrence, Colleen de Jager - was spoilt with a mountain of baby presents, snacks and great vibes during her baby shower on May 4. Due on June 16, aka Youth Day, we wish our friendly buddy and clever colleague all the best for the birth and for those fun-filled first weeks of new motherhood...

Photo: Glenn Murray Photography

AGENTS ENJOY NEW MED VIEW: Sotheby’s International Realty head honcho Hein Pretorius, at left, treated his agents to breakfast at the new premises of an old favourite Plett eatery when deciding to hold their weekly meeting at The Med, now located on the first floor of Bayview Hotel in Main Street. Go check out the view!

ADULT EDUCATION: Nosiphiwo Tyelinzima receives her Level 4 ABET certificates from the MD of Triple E Training, Lance Clack, during a prizegiving held recently at the Komatsu/ Denron Centre. Since inception, more than 1700 certificates have been issued for English, Maths and Computers to knowledgeempowered Bitou youngsters.

Photos: Sue Scheepers

REDDERINGS OF THE ROUTE UNITE! During a PhotoJazz event to raise funds at Plett’s White House Theatre on April 19, Dylan Reddering - pictured at left with proud mom, Tania - enjoyed excellent support from friends and family, including his dad Marty’s brother Bob and his wife Magriet Reddering, above. Read the full story on page 5.


May 22 - 2013

Wisdom from Grandpa… • Whether a man winds up with a nest egg or a goose egg, depends a lot on the kind of chick he marries. • Trouble in marriage often starts when a man gets so busy earning’ his salt that he forgets his sugar. • Too many couples marry for better or for worse, but not for good. • When a man marries a woman, they become one, but the trouble starts when they try to decide which one. • If a man has enough horse sense to treat his wife like a thoroughbred, she will never turn into an old nag. • On anniversaries, the wise husband always forgets the past but never the present. • A foolish husband says to his wife: “Honey, you stick to the


washing, ironing, cooking, and scrubbing. No wife of mine is gonna work.” • Many girls like a military man - he can cook, sew, make beds, is in good health, and he’s already used to taking orders. • Eventually you will reach a point when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it. • Some people try to turn back their odometers. Not me, I want people to know why I look this way. I’ve travelled a long way and some of the roads weren’t paved. • You know you are getting old when everything either dries up or leaks. • Old age is when former classmates are so gray, wrinkled, and bald that they don’t recognise you.

Life’s choices

priest was seated next to Koos on a flight to Brakpan. After the plane was airborne, drink orders were taken. Koos promptly asked for a Brandy and Coke, which was brought and placed on the tray in front of him. The flight attendant then

asked the priest if he would like a drink. He replied in disgust: “I’d rather be attacked by a dozen prostitutes than let liquor touch my lips.” Koos then handed his drink back to the flight attendant and said: “Me too, I didn’t know we had a choice.”


(Women In Charge Of Everything) is proud to announce the opening of its


Note: Due to the complexity and level of difficulty, each course will accept a maximum of eight participants The course covers two days, and topics include:

FC["QPG<" HOW TO FILL ICE CUBE TRAYS Step by step guide with slide presentation TOILET ROLLS - DO THEY GROW ON THE HOLDERS? Round table discussion DIFFERENCES BETWEEN LAUNDRY BASKET & FLOOR Practising with hamper (pictures and graphics) DISHES & SILVERWARE - DO THEY LEVITATE/FLY TO KITCHEN SINK OR DISHWASHER BY THEMSELVES? Debated among a panel of experts REMOTE CONTROL Losing the remote control (helpline and support groups) LEARNING HOW TO FIND THINGS Starting with looking in the right place instead of turning the house upside down while screaming (open forum) FC["VYQ< EMPTY MILK CARTONS - DO THEY BELONG IN THE FRIDGE OR THE BIN? Group discussion and role-play HEALTH WATCH - BRINGING HER FLOWERS IS NOT HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH PowerPoint presentation REAL MEN ASK FOR DIRECTIONS WHEN LOST Real life testimonial from the one man who did IS IT GENETICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO SIT QUIETLY AS SHE PARALLEL PARKS? Driving simulation LIVING WITH ADULTS - BASIC DIFFERENCES BETWEEN YOUR MOTHER AND YOUR PARTNER Online class and role-play HOW TO BE THE IDEAL SHOPPING COMPANION Relaxation exercises, meditation, and breathing techniques REMEMBERING IMPORTANT DATES & CALLING WHEN YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE Bring your calendar or cellphone to class GETTING OVER IT - LEARNING HOW TO LIVE WITH BEING WRONG ALL THE TIME Individual counsellors available







Let’s see your pets through YOUR eyes!


May 22 - 2013

Theme no. 10: FUNNY PICS WITH CAPTIONS... and the winners are: BIRD CATEGORY



Over R20 000 worth of prizes to be won! Sponsored by:


Mariet Horn from Knysna

... Who is the luckiest bird of all? Vanity is in the ‘I’ of the beholder, and this chicken has just won itself a few treats from our generous sponsors. Great idea, great caption, Mariet!


William Ashurst from Plett

Unsolved, indeed! Of course we know where there’s a cat there must be a head, but this entry managed to muddle our heads trying to find that missing face… Great things happen when you’re in the right place at the right time – congrats, William!


This theme-based competition, open to all Garden Route residents, is now nearing the final stages before the winners in each category are announced on the CXPRESS GARDEN ROUTE NEWSPAPER Facebook Page and in CXPRESS of June 19. In the next edition (June 5) all 40 winners of the 10 themes, listed below, will be published before the start of the big judging session to select the grand prize winners - see the prizes below... and watch this space! THE PRIZES • Dog Category: Theme winners - A Rogz voucher and 3kg Propac veterinary food and toys valued at R400. Grand prize - An Axiss Dog-powered Scooter valued at R3 999. • Cat Category: Theme winners - Hagen Catit Senses toy, cat accessories, and Nutrience veterinary super premium food valued at R350. Grand prize - Cat bed, scratching post, food & treats valued at R650. • Bird Category: Theme winners - Daro pet supplies voucher and Petline voucher to the combined value of R400. Grand prize - Daro bird cage suited to bird size up to the value of R1 000. • Other Domesticated Species: Theme winners - A R250 Pet Pool Warehouse voucher. Grand prize - A R500 Pet Pool Warehouse voucher. • Each winner will also receive an A3 full colour print of their winning photo, courtesy of Kodak Express. THE THEMES (which the judges selected at random) • Animal smiles • The little ones • Owner/pet look-alike • In relax mode • Feeding time • All eyes • Cuddles with the family • At play • A moment to remember • Funny pics with captions


Jeannine Stopforth from George

No one has pictured her pets with more aplomb during this Challenge than Jeannine who, with this entry, has won a whopping four prizes for her darlings. Your black piggy is definitely in for a treat – oink, oink!

Visit the Events tab on the CXPRESS GARDEN ROUTE NEWSPAPER Facebook Page to view more entries.


Steve Solomon from Plett

We couldn’t decide which was funnier, the photo or the caption! No doubt, this Twister-moment must have entertained the family no end. Good on you for capturing it so well, Steve.

Home & Health

May 22 - 2013

Plett welcomes Dr Coci


ECENTLY a Joburg specialist, Dr Giovanni Coci, relocated to Plett to open his Specialist Physician practice in town. Chatting to the doc at his state of the art rooms at Medway Centre opposite Mediclinic Plettenberg Bay, CXPRESS inquired about his career, his interests, and what brought him to our shores. Dr Coci was born in Italy and emigrated with his parents to South Africa at the age of 15. After matriculating in Johannesburg he enrolled at the University of the Witwatersrand Medical School. He graduated and worked for a while in a mission hospital in Swaziland, after which he went on to specialise in Internal Medicine, graduating from the Royal College of Physicians of London. He worked at the various university hospitals in Johannesburg and, in particular, spent many years at Baragwanath Hospital. From there he went to work in London but, at a time when doctors were leaving South Africa by the planeloads, Dr Coci returned. Back in Johannesburg, he held the position of physician in the Intensive Care Unit at Baragwanath before venturing into private specialist practice, first at Rand Clinic and then at Donald Gordon Hospital. But what exactly are physi-

DOC'S SPECIAL SPOT: His love of beautiful nature and the potential to practise good medicine in a vibrant community lured specialist physician Dr Giovanni Coci to Plettenberg Bay

cians, and what role do they play in 21st century medicine? “A physician - kpvgtpku in Afrikaans - is a specialist in internal medicine, that is to say the vast field of medicine that covers the diseases of internal organs from heart to lungs, liver, kidneys, and more,” explains Dr Coci. “In the last few decades, more and more medical super specialties have emerged, from

cardiology to endocrinology, gastroenterology to rheumatology, each dealing with one particular organ of the body.” Given this trend, what is the role of the physician in 2013, as opposed to the super specialist? According to Dr Coci, the physician’s role today is as important as ever because, in a context where medicine is becoming more and more com-

CXPRESS partmentalised, it is essential to view the patient holistically as a human being and not as the collection of a number of organs. each requiring complex technology to be dealt with. “Naturally, the physician will work in conjunction with the super specialist when necessary but the general approach of the physician can be optimal in the identification of newly presenting disorders and poorly defined symptoms,” he says. Dr Coci remembers well these words of his Professor of Medicine: “Gentlemen, listen to the patient - he is telling you the diagnosis.” Among the good doctor’s primary interests count preoperative, post-operative and intensive care. “These fields are very stimulating, but the greatest challenges are to be found in solving complex diagnostic problems,” he enthuses. “Equally rewarding are preventive medicine - identifying and correcting potential problems - and the ability to gain the confidence of patients and their families, so that they may accept important recommendations with regard to therapy and lifestyle changes.” Diagnostic facilities at Dr Coci’s practice include cardiac stress testing, equipment to monitor pulse and blood pressure over 24 hours in the patient’s own environment (Holter monitoring) and lung function testing, while a vascular clinic manned by one of the country’s top vascular sonographers is in

Dutch iris - more than just a master painting

FRAAIE BLOEMEN: The dashing blues, whites and yellows of the Dutch iris, above and below, befit the root of the word ‘iris’, which stems from the Greek word for rainbow


HEN the Flemish botanist Clusius travelled through Spain in 1564, he was so fixated by the blue Ktku"zkrj/ kwo that he sent bulbs back to Belgium, introducing what is known as the Spanish iris to the country. Fast forward to the end of the 19th century, when this Spanish variety had spread to the Netherlands and was crossed with Ktku" vkpikvcpc from north-west Africa. The resulting plant, because of its hybridisation taking place in the Netherlands, was immediately known as the Dutch iris, its flower presenting larger and broader than that of its two parent plants. The spectacular iris does not

easily pass the eye without eliciting a sigh. Master artists like Vincent van Gogh have painted these blooms to last an eternity on canvas. Luckily for non-painters, a garden canvas is possible if we plant our irises with care and water them with the regularity required. One of 260 iris species, the Dutch iris follows the same form as all other plants in this genus, displaying six exquisite petals. Falling into the bulbous category, this iris grows up to 80cm high - a lovely length in a flower bed that allows it to show off its blues, whites and yellows (colours befitting the root of the word ‘iris’, which stems from the Greek word for rainbow). For natural planting, choose to plant your bulbs in May, when autumn temperatures are cooler, as this is not a heat-loving plant at all. This will result in blooms during late September and early October. Have you noticed the affinity for the word ‘cool’ associated with these plants? This is why, when it comes to planting, you should ensure it’s in a spot where the soil is cool, too, i.e. nowhere close to hot paving or touching a north-facing wall, and definitely not in a position that receives full sun. Keep your spot somewhat shaded – overhanging branches work well because they serve the dual purpose of protecting the plants from frost. As for the soil, ensure it has sufficient compost worked into it, and add more on top of the soil surface for a cooling mulch. Place bulbs 5cm below the ground, 7cm apart from one an-

other, so allowing space for layering with another plant such as the hyacinth, eventually creating a denser display of blooms. In November, when the foliage begins to turn yellow, it’s time to lift the bulbs. Unfortunately, because of South Africa’s hot spring season, the bulbs generally don’t perform as well during repeat seasons, although small bulblets can be pulled off from the mother bulb for replanting the following year. Store these bulbs at room temperature until autumn comes around and it’s time to start the cycle again. Do not fret if your garden is not cool enough for these beauties, as they’re generally available from florists as cut flowers throughout the winter months. Or, you could always just purchase a Van Gogh print and have irises in your sitting room all year round, no matter the flowering season. Xkukv" yyy0hcegdqqm0eqo1jcfg" eq0dwndu" qt" yyy0jcfgeq0eq0|c" hqt"oqtg"kphqtocvkqp0

operation from this month. Dr Coci says he really enjoys consulting at Mediclinic Plettenberg Bay with its modern facilities, and looks forward to the opening of the upgraded Intensive Care Unit.



In parting, we ask what brought Dr Coci to Plett in the first place. “A love of beauty, nature and tranquillity, and the opportunity to practise good medicine in a friendly and vibrant community.”




TO LET - CLOSE TO PLETT CBD Private 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. R1800 incl. w&l. Phone 044 533 1004 o/h

May 22 - 2013


On the Soapbox

May 22 - 2013

Letters to the Editor


Email: - Fax: 044 533 0852 - PO Box 1449, Plett 6600

Plett harbour development will rob kids of beach paradise legacy A letter by Capetonian PATRICK COX, urging readers to consider the legacy lost if Plett’s harbour development were to go ahead, has been doing the rounds in cyberspace – we thought it warranted exposure on our pages, too, so please read the abbreviated version below I would like to highlight a viewpoint that seems utterly fundamental to the Plett small boat harbour proposal - a viewpoint that is not remotely considered within the EIA process, and which concerns the opinions of a group of people who you are most unlikely to hear from amidst all the objections and analyses of the ‘experts’. This group is the thousands and thousands of children for whom this little stretch of coastline, beach and lagoon is an incomparable paradise in which they revel each year. I have been a regular holiday visitor to Plettenberg Bay virtually every year of my life since I was born in the early 1970s. As a child, there was nothing that excited me as much as the prospect of travelling to Plett and spending many hours playing in the calm shallow lagoon, and the gentle waves of the protected Central Beach. I have been privileged to experience much of the coast between Saldanha and Umhlanga Rocks, but the beach destination of choice remains the idyllic little beach in Plettenberg Bay that is now threatened with ruin by the misdirected greed of an elite few. Let’s not sugar-coat: selfenrichment is the real incentive behind this proposal, not community or economic development. Let me elaborate as to why this piece of paradise is so unique among beaches across South Africa . Enkocvg: Plett has a moderate to warm climate all year round with virtually no long periods making the beach unusable. Wind is far less of a factor along the Tsitsikamma coast than it is along the majority of the rest of

our coastline. KZN, while having its share of hot days, is often subject to heavy rain through the summer months, while wind sweeps the more southern regions of the Eastern Cape coast. Rqukvkqp: The tombolo shaped formation of Beacon Island and Central Beach makes for a superbly protected beach, cradled between the rocky BI outcrop and Lookout Rocks. The impact can be easily seen when comparing the force of the swell that run up on to Robberg Beach and the far gentler waves that meet Central’s safe swimming beach. This tombolo is almost unique in having the Piesang River form a dynamic sheltered lagoon which is perfect for small children to enjoy safely. Where else in SA can one find such an accessible, sheltered and user-friendly tombolo beach and lagoon within a few metres of each other? This dynamic allows for a family to enjoy the waves while the children enjoy the wonders of the lagoon barely metres away. Vgorgtcvwtg: Pivotal to a successful beach holiday is water warm enough to swim in. Plett sea temperature varies from 1723°C, with only occasional periods out of this range. All of this takes me back to the children, and the very reason why Plett has become such a hallowed destination. Tourists come to Plett because their children can play in this unique and safe environment where the climate and sea are warm, and where they and their children can enjoy a protected beach with friendly waves, and a calm lagoon for young children to be gently introduced to the sea for the first time.

Long-time local, Mike Pead, bids Plett farewell

NICE GUY: Mike will be missed at Plett Post Office and in social circles around town

Vast numbers of tourists from Gauteng, who could take the shorter route to KZN, instead choose the far longer journey to Plett for their vacation. Central Beach is pivotal in their thinking. They know that it is a little paradise for their children. Then there are the many local Plett children who utilise the beach for life-saving. This is their playground but they also get exercise, learn about sea safety, and experience enormous joy on this pristine beach with friends and parents. It is a way of life and healthy alternative to many of the negative distractions that our children are subject to. Furthermore, often on weekends when buses transport children from KwaNokuthula, one simply has to see and hear the joy these children experience playing in the lagoon and sea to believe it. It is an eye-opener to those of us who take access to such a facility for granted. Those who wish to develop this land and turn it into a harbour need to see these children. Does the EIA deal with these realities? Does it measure the phenomenal joy that this stretch of coastline brings to thousands of children? Who is speaking up for these children, local and tourists alike? The EIA certainly does not! Do you seriously want to take this source of enormous joy away from thousands of children for all eternity so that a handful of wealthy businessmen can put extra wealth into their pockets? Let me reiterate, this is not about Environmental Impact Assessments or scientific data. It is not even about the destruction of the flora and fauna within

I arrived in Plett in the latter part of 1987, having been transferred from Cape Town to Plett Post Office, and was still single then. Getting married in 1988, we had two beautiful daughters, Madison and Savanna. I was a training officer, so was based in Plett but did some extensive travelling in the Southern Cape, installing management systems and training staff at all the post offices in the area. A few years later, I stopped the travelling and built a home in Plett. This allowed me to start doing evening work in the restaurant industry, first as waiter and then manager. I decided to stay on in Plett after getting divorced in 2003, as I met so many people in my experience in both service industries, and made so many

the Piesang River estuary, valid though these issues are. This is about a legacy. This is an incomparable and unique stretch of coastline that has been the source of significant joy to hundreds of thousands of people, especially children, for several decades. This is the land upon which Plett was effectively founded. This section of coast is the reason people first settled in this part of South Africa. If you like: this is the goose that laid Plett’s golden egg. Now you want to destroy it - do you expect Plett to flourish thereafter? I have not even touched upon the economic recipe for disaster that the proposed development will generate, should any part of it proceed. I cannot fathom that informed and educated individuals believe that this will be of great benefit to Plett. But then again, the handful attempting to push through any form of development does not come from a position of knowledge, understanding of the area, or a desire to improve the lot of the needy. No, they have only one point of reference: selfenrichment. A spade is a spade. Bad things happen when good people fail to fight for that which is right and the focus of my appeal in this letter is to speak up for the voiceless – those who will be losing the most should any aspect of this abominable proposal be pushed through. A couple of months ago my boy of nearly three was in seventh heaven jumping in the waves on the beach before heading off to explore the river mouth. From there he wandered upstream and under the pedestrian footbridge marvelling at

good friends. I have been a keen fisherman - even winning a Lions Club fishing competition - and over the years developed a passion for cooking. So I recently entered the So You Think You Can Cook competition at LM in Plett and got as far as one of the finalists. I have had an incredible life journey in Plettenberg Bay and have no regrets - I will definitely miss you all! But I have an amazing girlfriend, Vanessa McCarthy, who has been by my side for more than four years now and who lives in Cape Town, so that’s where the heart is... I can’t wait to start my new job and life with her and our family and friends in the Cape. So for now, I bid you all goodbye, not farewell! Okmg"Rgcf."Rngvv

Local classic car show gunning for best in SA Now that the dust has settled I am finalising all the items after the Garden Route Classic Car Show. We had a fantastic event and this is just a note to say thank you for the advertorial that you featured in CXPRESS - greatly appreciated! Having spent a very tense Friday night with all the rain that fell, we were blessed with a beautiful day on Saturday May 4. The Garden Route Motor Club was delighted with the high quality, variety, and number of cars that participated.

There was a wonderful display of 20 Porsches and we congratulate Lynton Lomas from Johannesburg, who won the Concourse d’Elegance trophy sponsored by Encuuke" (" Rgt/ hqtocpeg"Ect"Chtkec magazine, with his immaculate prepared Porsche 356. Without the participation of each entrant, we would not be able to stage an event of this quality. The standard of the car show has been lifted from previous years and we are now firmly on the journey to make

this the premier event in SA. Our aim in future is to make this car show one of a personal invitation and adding to the variety and quality of cars on display. Our objective is quality and not necessary volume, with the number of cars restricted to between 250 and 300. This year we had cars on display from Johannesburg, Durban, East London, Port Alfred, PE, Cape Town and the Garden Route, totalling 216 cars (240 entries were registered but due to the inclement weather, a

number of people withdrew). We were very happy with the public support and estimate that about 2’500 people attended, resulting in gate takings of R35’000. Besides all the fellowship enjoyed by the petrolheads, the aim of the show is to raise money for charity, main beneficiaries being Hospice, Knysna Animal Welfare Services, and the E-pap children feeding scheme. Rgvgt"Rtgvqtkwu"*Ictfgp" Tqwvg"Oqvqt"Enwd"ejcktocp+." Mp{upc

the thousands of little fish dancing in the small pools up against the rocks. As he kept wandering around the bend he got to the calm section of the lagoon where he could roll around in the warmer waters of the lagoon. The joy that he radiated was exactly the same as the intense joy which I



too had experienced when I was his age. He was just one of many children who were experiencing this same joy that afternoon. Even now he talks about Plett and asks when we can go back. This one really is about right and wrong, nothing less. That is the reality.




Sport & Adventure

May 22 - 2013

Local adventure racers survive Expedition Africa 2013


new-look Pennypinchers AR Team headed to the Drakensberg for the third edition of Expedition Africa, Helena Ferreira joining regulars Jeff Wilcock, James Stewart and Garth Pienke on their trip to the northern ‘Berg. They would be joined in the 500km adventure race by 31 other teams, including 11 overseas outfits, five of which are ranked in the world’s top 10. When the route was revealed at the race briefing, it was plain to see that organisers Kinetic

Gear had upped the ante from last year and that the next few days’ running, climbing, paddling and cycling would be a real challenge. Winners of the last two Expeditions, Merrell Adventure Addicts would line up with an unfamiliar underdog tag against some of the best teams in the world. Says PPART skipper James Stewart: “Taking a novice into the race, we needed to be conservative in our approach and could not afford to go out too

hard from the start, which left us off the pace and constantly chasing our rivals. “After packing and plotting our maps we had Sunday night to consider our plight at the foot of the mighty Drakensberg. The weather looked good up until Friday, so we had five days to finish the route.” Inclement weather indeed caught all the teams at the end of the week, which consisted of the following challenges: ß" Leg 1 - run/hike 79km (4’430m of vertical climbing) • Leg 2 - cycle 39km (150m loss of altitude) • Leg 3 - 75km paddle • Leg 4 - 89km cycle • Leg 5 - 59km hike/run with abseil • Leg 6 - 169km cycle • Leg 7 - paddle and hike to the finish • Leg 8 - 50km cycle to finish After five days of nonstop racing, the top three places were filled by overseas teams from Sweden, the States and France respectively, with Cyanosis the first SA team to finish and favourites Merrell Adventure Addicts withdrawn due to injuries. “The race was a true adventure and one felt at all times that, if you made a silly mistake like slipping or falling or getting lost, you would be in a lot of trouble. We battled with the high altitude and new team dynamic, but it was a once in a lifetime African experience,” says James. Novice adventure racer, He-

ALL-OUT ACTION: The Pennypinchers adventure racing team of Helena Ferreira, Jeff Wilcock, James Stewart and Garth Pienke approach the top of Mount Aux Sources - Photo: Bruce Viaene

lena gets the last word: “Carrying our bikes through thorn bushes; abseiling over, through and under waterfalls in the dark; finding our way down the mountain after a 20-hour hike on a ‘path’ that in my opinion does not even faintly resemble a path; walking in a manner that, if done in town, would definitely get you pulled over for a breathalyzer test; shaking your head every now and again to wake up and figure out where you are...” Congratulations to these local athletes for finishing Expedition Africa 2013 – visit www. for full results and more images.

Funds sought for all-round sporto’s Cape squash tour


RAYNOUW Erasmus, 17, already excelled in sport as a youngster at Plett Primary when receiving awards as Hockey Player of the Year (Grade 6 & 7), Rugby Player of the Year (Grades 5-7), and Allround Sportsman when in his Grade 6 year. The talented son of local residents Sonika and Craig Christie also made the KPS rugby team in Grade 7, but broke his shoulder bone in a tackle during SWD trials, effectively ending his rugby career. A pupil of Outeniqua High School in George since Grade 8, Craynouw only touched a squash racket for the first time in Grade 10 when, after a mere

SPORTS ACE: Craynouw Erasmus has been selected for the SA Schools Country squash team and your support will help pave his road to glory

two matches, he made the school team. He went on to be chosen for the SWD team in the same year, and became a Harrow player in 2012, also participating in several other competitions, like the Diaz Tournament in Mossel Bay. As part of the SWD team, Craynouw has attended the SA Country Schools Tournament for three years in a row and is currently the district’s number three player. Having been selected for the SA Schools Country team in Bloemfontein during April, he is now preparing for the SA Schools champs at the University of Cape Town next month. And this is where you could assist this promising player with sponsorship. Readers in a position to help fund Craynouw’s attendance in the Cape must please phone 079 953 8811 or 076 398 4809 – any assistance will be appreciated. Other than squash, Craynouw has also played first-team hockey for his school for the past three years. In fact, this outdoors guy enjoys anything to do with sport, and plans to further his studies in that field after matric. So who are his favourite teams? Rumour has it that, when Craynouw was little, he rooted for the Cheetahs and ‘Wizealand’, but since he has more sense now, he’s a staunch supporter of the Stormers and the Boks.

Plett karateka conquer Mossel Bay We congratulate all the Plettenberg Bay Karate Kyousei students who took part in the Mossel Bay novice competition on April 20. Says sensei Jonathan Jansen: ‘It was a first-time experience for some of these young karateka, all of whom delivered excellent performances and received certificates according to their age categories.’ In front from left are Jayden Wates (2nd kumite), Eathan Windvogel (1st kumite), Kyle McCullum (3rd kumite), Haylene Cedras (3rd kumite), Noal Bosman (3rd kumite), Chelsey Paulse and Shanice Smith. In the middle row are Josh Rossouw (3rd kata), Haley Kivetts (2nd kumite), Thenique Arnolds (3rd kumite, 1st kata), Caithlin Bosman (2nd kata), Jayden Davids and Liam Paulse (3rd kumite), with Cole Kivetts (3rd kumite), Duane Clark (3rd kumite), Donovan Clark (3rd kumite), Francois Matroos, Bryden Plaaitjies (2nd kumite), Enrico Kamm (3rd kumite), and Britney Paulse (3rd kumite) at back. Here’s wishing you all the best for the Kyousei nationals in Cape Town on June 21 & 22.

Sport Shorts Tjkpq"Mpkijvu"9mo"("32mo" Vtckn"Twp"Hwpftckugt Join the inaugural Covie Village Trail Run on May 26 in support of Rhino Knights as they travel 10’000km around SA in their quest to raise awareness and funds for the plight of our rhinos. During their fivemonth trip, Isabel Wolf will cover an average of 100km per day by running a half marathon, cycling 60-80km and riding the remainder of the daily distance on horse-back. The newly established Covie Village Trail Route traverses some steep and winding tracks offering incredible views over the ocean and the Otter Trail. Registration at the Covie Village Trail Route is at 7:30am on May 26 and the race at 8:30am. Entry (cash only on the day) is R100 and a prize-giving and presentation of funds take

place afterwards at Natures Valley Lagoon car park. Food and beverages will be available, so bring the whole family and enjoy the day at this beautiful setting, in support of SA’s rhinos. Pre-race day entries close on May 24 at 12 noon - email for information and early entries. Tquu"Vc{nqt."hcpu."igv"kpxqnxgf# Taking place from August 9-11, the Ross Taylor surf contest is a fundraising bequest left by a fanatic surfer with a love for life and his fellow man. The organising team go about their task out of love and respect for Ross and the inspiration he was to so many. All profits go to Knysna Hospice - email rosstaylorsurf if you would like to get involved and visit www. for info or to enter.



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