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Phoenix Jones Peter O’Cain How did this happen? When I see our boys in blue are being replaced by a hobo snitch in a mask, gallivanting around with a slew of nerds in tights, I have to wonder:

I can recall a time I could leave this lair and conduct my duties proudly and without distraction, but now he’s out there along with his silly gang of misfit Power Rangers disturbing the peace. How things have changed: now our city is protected not by our once respected police force but by a tormented, delusional freak in a mask.

what direction is our fair city heading in? The Rain City Superhero Movement must disintegrate. For far too long, we’ve watched as our nation buys into its childish charade, and its run its course. It’s time to get real, Jones. The community would be better off without you – you’re doing more harm than good, and I’m willing to bet that a sensible, sane majority would agree with me. You’re a nuisance, a problem child, a snitch, a fake. You must be stopped once and for all. 58 Akira cityscape // candy-chan

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