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city built for strolling, Florence’s captivating and narrow, winding streets open up into beautiful squares, punctuated by stunning Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Gelato shops and pizzerias beckon, and stores filled with elegant leather handbags and jackets abound. Glittering gold shops overlooking the River Arno on the Ponte Vecchio leave you dazzled. An art aficionado’s dream, Florence is home to many beautiful paintings and sculptures, many of which were produced under the sponsorship of the powerful Medici family. Highly educated lovers of art and culture, the Medici offered patronage to Florence, making



it the most culturally important city of the Italian Renaissance. The family’s splendid art collection was later bequeathed to the city and much of it remains today. We wanted to be fully present and enjoy every moment of our trip, free of worries and hassles, so booking a guided tour was essential. We enjoyed a five-day art-focused itinerary in Firenze, under the tutelage of outstanding guides - a local art historian, and art history lecturers from local campuses of prestigious U.S. universities. From them, we received invaluable keys to the religious and artistic significance of many works we might never otherwise have seen. We visited the major sites, including the massive Florence

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Possibilities Tailored and Luxury by SatoVacations  

Possibilities Tailored and Luxury by SatoVacations  

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