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ICELAND’S BOUNTY natural wonders has my bruised The otherworldly landscapes of Iceland have long been memory card gasping for air. mined for fantasy. Star Trek Interstellar, Thor, Game of Thrones All in a light…an extraordinary light, as if sunlight has – fire and ice continue to shape an island that is constantly been diffused through a diamond. Those who visit this rattled by seismic activity. Remote and isolated from the North Atlantic nation rest of Europe, its folk can’t help but return Pictu r e: lu n a r l a n d sca p es , c o asta l s ent i nels traditions are rich with tee m ing w i th h u n d r ed s of th o us a n d s of home in bewilderment. stories of giants, fairies We’ll share our photos, and trolls. sea b ir ds, stea m i ng volca noes , ex plos i ve which can never do A poll once revealed geysers, monstro us gl ac i ers , a n d va l l eys justice, and describe that most Icelanders ca r peted i n e m er a l d moss . our experience, as believe in elves. if unsure to believe that what we saw was, in fact real. If With their ice-blue eyes, fair skin, and unfamiliar tongue, you’re looking for a comparison, consider the moons of locals look kind of elfish too. I meet these fashionable Jupiter. When it comes to scenic beauty, Iceland is truly a descendants of ninth century Vikings shortly after flying world apart. into the capital of Reykjavik. I admire them in hipster


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Possibilities Issue 4 by SatoVacations  

Possibilities Issue 4 by SatoVacations  

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