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The massive ship glides effortlessly through icy waters and we are stunned as we take in the views before us. The bite of the cold on my face makes me feel alive as I draw the blanket around my shoulders to take away the sting of the sharp morning air. Coffee in hand, binoculars in other, it’s as if we are sitting in a theater watching a movie gazing into a vivid and unimaginable scene. Chunks of ice bob in the emerald water, silent, spectacular and surreal against a grand backdrop of waterfalls, glaciers and mountains. Mother Nature is magnificent. We hear someone yell out “is that a Bald Eagle perched on the top of that iceberg?” Excitement mounts as we focus our binoculars. Yes, we see it and it is a beautiful bird indeed. At that moment, a glacier begins calving, thundering as it 7 slides into the water. It’s this morning’s

adventure at Tracy Arm, Alaska. “Alaska”? “Too cold for me.” “Aren’t there bears?” friends would comment when we told them we wanted adventure for our holiday. As we stood on the deck of the cruise ship it doesn’t feel like a hardship and it’s not that cold. “We struck gold today” my husband quipped. I laughed. He thinks he’s so witty but he is right. This is a part of the world that seems untouched and pure with a history so rich with delicious tales of the Yukon gold rush and the characters that made it so colorful. This isn’t a vacation. This is an experience. Every part of the ship is beautiful and interesting. Our stateroom feels like home already and we quickly fall into an easy routine. There’s many activities to do each day on or off the ship.


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Possibilities Issue 4 by CWT  

Possibilities Issue 4 by CWT  

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