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Bestselling author Robin Esrock visited over 100 countries on seven continents to research his latest book, The Great Global Bucket List.

appear in the sky, accompanied by a chorus of unfamiliar chirps, barks and croaks. How big is the Amazon? During rainy season, parts of the river can swell to over 118 miles in width! With a luxury riverboat as a mothership, we explore tributaries on smaller motorboats, spotting monkeys, sloths, caymans, and birdlife. We also visit small communities of people who call the Amazon home, dropping off supplies for a local school. I end up playing soccer with some kids on a clear-cut field, but when the ball is kicked into the jungle thicket, I let one of the locals retrieve it. Earlier that day on a short walk, my guide pointed out tarantula and a perfectly camouflaged anaconda.

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Teeming with life, the jungle feels like it can swallow you whole. No wonder villagers live atop stilted wooden huts. Although seeing pink dolphins and fishing for piranha were definite highlights, I found each cultural encounter with villagers as fascinating as the Amazon’s wildlife. It would be a few more years (and many more miles) before I could say I found myself. Fortunately, the many natural, historical and cultural wonders of Peru ensured I would also find myself in Peru again. Each visit continues to unravel a remarkable destination as diverse as the travelers who choose to visit it.