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Destination Weddings Easy as an Ocean Breeze

Saying “I do” to sand, sea and sun A few years ago, I attended my very first destination wedding and I was instantly converted. My stepdaughter Monica was marrying her fiancé Andrew, and it was clear they both had their hearts set on their dream wedding somewhere in the Caribbean. So, after browsing websites and brochures, they chose a date and settled on Dreams Palm Beach, a lovely resort on a gorgeous white sand beach lined with towering Royal Palms in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic. Family and friends were invited down for the week and the couple planned to stay on for a second week’s honeymoon.

The Details

Through Monica, I observed the many benefits of a destination wedding. Once the wedding had been booked, with the wedding package selected at the hotel and the travel arrangements set up so that guests could make their arrangements with the travel agent, there was not a lot left to do until the week in Punta Cana itself. Many things went into their decision, including the availability of flights for friends and family. Arrival dates and departures were also important, as was affordability. Monica and Andrew had chosen to have their wedding and reception on the beach, starting at 5pm. Of course, there was a backup plan in case of rain, and the call would be made the evening before. I have to admit I did have my doubts about the beach in terms of everyone’s comfort, but I was so wrong.

The Day

The Setting pproaching 5pm, the hotel set up a beautiful little wedding canopy right near the water on an area of the beach often used for parties. The setting sun was behind us and gave the entire area a golden glow. There were white draped chairs arranged with a centre aisle facing the canopy. This created a beautiful and romantic scene as the couple and their attendants walked down the aisle to stand on the beach with the glow of the sunset providing the lighting. It was a magical setting for their vows, against the backdrop of the blue Caribbean Sea.



re you or someone close to you planning a wedding soon? If so, a destination wedding may be the perfect way to celebrate saying "I do". Consider a wedding in an idyllic, sunny spot in the Caribbean or Mexico or say "Aloha" to Hawaii. Perhaps you’ll venture further afield to French Polynesia or the Mediterranean – or even exchange vows in a memorable wedding at sea. The key is to choose a resort or venue that will build a unique wedding experience that suits your ideas, dreams and, of course, your budget. Here’s a personal wedding-in-paradise story about one couple who opted for a sunset beach ceremony in the Caribbean and were thrilled with their choice. 14

The Reception urther back on the beach, a bar, DJ and tables had been set up, along with a dance floor. As darkness descended, we had a candlelight dinner followed by speeches, music and dancing. The warm tropical air and gentle offshore breeze afforded us perfect comfort.


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