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Bangkok, Elephant Hills and Krabi INCLUDES: 6 nights’ first class hotel plus 2 nights’

10 day Circumnavigation Cruise of Iceland INCLUDES: Ship berth accommodation, zodiac excursions, all meals on board.

luxury tented camp accommodation, all breakfasts, guided touring including full-day cycling tour in Bangkok and wildlife safari at Elephant Hills, flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani, airport transfers.

T&Cs: Excludes international airfare and all taxes, travel Insurance, gratuities unless otherwise stated, items of a personal nature, optional excursions, other meals, beverages unless otherwise stated, visa fees if applicable. Flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani is on Bangkok Airways. Seasonal surcharges and blackout dates will apply, Limited seats/spaces.
















iscover your world of Possibilities where unique travel experiences will take you out of your ordinary. Whether it’s adventure, stepping out of your comfort zone, or checking off a bucket list, they’re all exceptional experiences. Revel in the relaxing pleasure of standing on the deck of a cruise ship gliding through remote waters while taking in the untouched beauty of Alaska firsthand. Let a chair lift carry you into the sky and mountains and anticipate the excitement of taking your first run down the ski hill. Enjoy the lure and excitement of Costa Rica, or stand on the Grand Prix sidelines and cheer on the cars that whiz by. Embark to Iceland, a fascinating world that opens us to an experience of a lifetime. No matter what adventure you choose, it promises to be an exhilarating vacation.

2 7 Iceland: Another World on Earth

The Golden Rush of Alaskan Cruises

10 15 Costa Rica is for Adventourists

Top of the World: Elevated Ski Experiences


Formula for Excitement: Racing Tours



ICELAND’S BOUNTY natural wonders has my bruised The otherworldly landscapes of Iceland have long been memory card gasping for air. mined for fantasy. Star Trek Interstellar, Thor, Game of Thrones All in a light…an extraordinary light, as if sunlight has – fire and ice continue to shape an island that is constantly been diffused through a diamond. Those who visit this rattled by seismic activity. Remote and isolated from the North Atlantic nation rest of Europe, its folk can’t help but return Pictu r e: lu n a r l a n d sca p es , c o asta l s ent i nels traditions are rich with tee m ing w i th h u n d r ed s of th o us a n d s of home in bewilderment. stories of giants, fairies We’ll share our photos, and trolls. sea b ir ds, stea m i ng volca noes , ex plos i ve which can never do A poll once revealed geysers, monstro us gl ac i ers , a n d va l l eys justice, and describe that most Icelanders ca r peted i n e m er a l d moss . our experience, as believe in elves. if unsure to believe that what we saw was, in fact real. If With their ice-blue eyes, fair skin, and unfamiliar tongue, you’re looking for a comparison, consider the moons of locals look kind of elfish too. I meet these fashionable Jupiter. When it comes to scenic beauty, Iceland is truly a descendants of ninth century Vikings shortly after flying world apart. into the capital of Reykjavik. I admire them in hipster


coffee shops, boutique stores along the Laugavegur shopping artery, and hanging outside of Reykjavik’s rocket-ship-like landmark, the Hallgrímskirkja Church. The city blossoms during the short summer months, with many street festivals and open-air concerts. Art, culture, cuisine, colour and cheekbones, I explore the world’s most northerly capital city by foot, pleased that the Golden Circle will soon bring me back. Most self-guided or packaged tours follow the so-called Golden Circle of highlights. On the road south - a highway as smooth as the polished leather saddle of an Icelandic horse it doesn’t take long before urban Scandinavia dissolves into a barren, flat and alien rocky landscape. Bright green and yellow shrubs scrub against glittering rivers and imposing mountains. I hike to the rim of an extinct volcano, feeling

the wind chill in my bones, and continue to Gerduberg, where basalt rocks take the shape of symmetrical columns topped with perfect hexagons. Not far away is the imposing Snaefellsjökull volcano, where Jules Verne set Journey to the Centre of the Earth. I take a guided tour into the cave system beneath, if not to the centre, than at least several metres beneath the Earth. Returning to mid-morning sunshine, I walk to the edge of the cliffs nearby, watching the wild Atlantic smash into the rocks, eroding archways and giant flowerpots. Goose bumps on my neck are tall enough to sway in the wind. Iceland is full of such moments. In a replica grass-thatched Viking house, I learn that Vikings slept while seated, and never wore horns on their helmets (that’s credited to operas in the 1800’s). I visit the site of Iceland’s historic parliament, believed to be the world’s oldest, set in a


scenic rift valley that spans the continental divide. Lunch consists of picnics, and the food is distinct. Icelanders love their smoked fish, cheese, crisp breads, salty liquorice, and quite surprisingly, their hot dogs too. Less appetizing is the horsemeat, seal, whale or smoked seabirds, all served as a delicacy. For the culinarily brave, pick up a vacuumsealed bag of hákarl, the national dish of dried and fermented Greenland shark. It has the pungent aroma and taste of ammonia, recognizable if you’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter an open sewer. Gagging on your first try is acceptable, and a chaser of brennivín, the local spirit, is encouraged. Don’t be put off that carawayflavoured brennivín goes by the nickname of “Black Death”. Glacier-fed waterfalls are postcardperfect and unusually plentiful. Skógarfoss, Barnavoss and Seljalandsfoss are difficult to pronounce, perhaps because they take your breath away. Cascades of water descend in layers at my favourite falls, Gullfoss, which plummets 32 metres into a crevice below.

Walking trails and viewpoints ensure all can be enjoyed no matter how much time you have. Not too far away, I feel the hot water spray of the Strokkur geyser exploding up to 30 metres in the air. Note to self: always stand upwind of a geyser! Outside of Reykjavik, I prepare for the flight home with a therapeutic dip in the waters of the Blue Lagoon. The sulphur rich, dye-blue waters are the by-product of a nearby geothermal power plant, and are renowned to aid all manner of skin ailments. It might be the most popular tourist attraction in the country, but the Blue Lagoon’s heat, rock, water, and unusual colour embody Iceland itself: an entirely civilized opportunity to appreciate the planet’s most destructive and beautiful forces. As for slopping the white sulphur mud on my face? If you’re going to visit another planet, you may as well look like an alien. Bestselling author Robin Esrock visited over 100 countries on 7 continents to research his latest book, The Great Global Bucket List.

Why Iceland is Green and Greenland is Ice Iceland was named by the first Norseman to seek out the island. After settling in for a mild summer, a hard, freezing and particularly icy winter sent them sailing back to Norway. They told everyone about their torrid experiences on “Iceland”, but didn’t stop others from settling, and discovering that Iceland can be quite lush and green. Greenland, on the other hand, is attributed to a violent ruffian named Eric the Red. After years of banishment, he persuaded Icelanders to join him in settling a fertile “green land” that he had discovered (with himself as Chieftain, of course). Some 500 people signed up, although not everyone survived the crossing. What they discovered on arrival was a land more ice than green, which is why one should never believe a homicidal Viking marauder.


Skรณgarfoss, Barnavoss & Seljalandsfoss ARE DIFFICULT TO PRONOUNCE, perhaps because they take your breath away. 5


There is something special about Alaska—something adventurous, natural, and powerful. From the spectacular scenery and majestic mountains to the incredible wildlife and friendly people, experience the beauty of the Great Land with Globus on this spectacular cruise/tour.

NATURE’S BEST: ALASKA with ALASKA CRUISE 13 days from Fairbanks to Vancouver Fairbanks • Denali National Park • Talkeetna • Anchorage • Seward • Kenai Fjords National Park • Glacier Bay National Park • Haines •

Juneau • Ketchikan • Vancouver

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Celebrate an Alaska Experience 70 Years in the Making

• Onboard 70th Anniversary Party • Exclusive Alaska-Themed Entertainment • Menus celebrating our Alaska Heritage • Commemorative Pale Ale by Alaskan Brewing Co. Please contact your CWT Travel Advisor for more information and to book

Ships’ Registry: The Netherlands.



The massive ship glides effortlessly through icy waters and we are stunned as we take in the views before us. The bite of the cold on my face makes me feel alive as I draw the blanket around my shoulders to take away the sting of the sharp morning air. Coffee in hand, binoculars in other, it’s as if we are sitting in a theatre watching a movie gazing into a vivid and unimaginable scene. Chunks of ice bob in the emerald water, silent, spectacular and surreal against a grand backdrop of waterfalls, glaciers and mountains. Mother Nature is magnificent. We hear someone yell out “is that a Bald Eagle perched on the top of that iceberg?” Excitement mounts as we focus our binoculars. Yes, we see it and it is a beautiful bird indeed. At that moment, a glacier begins calving, thundering as it 7 slides into the water. It’s this morning’s

adventure at Tracy Arm, Alaska. “Alaska”? “Too cold for me.” “Aren’t there bears?” friends would comment when we told them we wanted adventure for our holiday. As we stood on the deck of the cruise ship it doesn’t feel like a hardship and it’s not that cold. “We struck gold today” my husband quipped. I laughed. He thinks he’s so witty but he is right. This is a part of the world that seems untouched and pure with a history so rich with delicious tales of the Yukon gold rush and the characters that made it so colourful. This isn’t a vacation. This is an experience. Every part of the ship is beautiful and interesting. Our stateroom feels like home already and we quickly fall into an easy routine. There’s many activities to do each day on or off the ship.


"WE STRUCK GOLD TODAY" Nor the r n Lig hts

On this trip, we didn’t get to experience firsthand the legendary show of the Northern Lights in Alaska. Later in the season − between September and April − is when one can watch the dancing bursts of colour in the night sky. We are lucky to live where Northern Lights are part of our world. Lights so intense, it’s as if the universe is painting a picture for us using broad sweeping green and purple strokes onto it’s canvas. Gorgeous.


What extraordinary choices we have. In addition to the beauty that surrounds us, the fresh mountain air, the stillness of the glaciers, and the snow-capped peaks, Alaska's history is filled with dreams of striking it rich. The stories of swindlers, confident men, industrious women, and the epic disappointment that followed makes this past a remarkable tale of the Klondike. Those days are preserved and retold in such a way that one can understand the gold fever

shopping for jewels. After dinner, we walk onto the deck and we are hypnotized by what we see. The brilliant orange and gold hues showcase the aura of the sun as it seems to drop into icy waters. We did hear these sunsets are spectacular. They are. You would have to see it yourself to believe it. We were here, humbled by the pristine offering to the world and moved by an unbelievable history. I think we might have to return for more. We are discovering there

——————————————— It wa s e x hilaratin g to walk on a s us p e n s ion b r idg e

w h i le li s te n in g to the r us hin g wate r s b e low s ur r oun ded by s ce n e r y s o s p e ctacular it hardly s e e ms re al.


that struck and you can almost feel firsthand the suffering endured. It wasn’t long before we met and befriended other “cruisers” and together we shared our memorable moments. The chatter at dinner in the main dining room is busy with talk of each day’s adventure as we relish the extraordinary five course meals. Beyond that history what one can experience in the present is astounding. Ziplining through the forest is surprisingly easy and fun. We enjoyed lunch at a famous saloon with costumed period characters, then rode a train through Skagway imagining the years gone by. Time spent wandering through museums was fascinating as we learned more. Standing at the grave site of perhaps the most famous con man in Alaska Soapy Smith, my husband blurted out “He was a scallywag”. I turn to him and smile. This is bringing out a side to him rarely seen. He’s loving this holiday. We spent a day walking through Ketchikan wandering through museums, and

are different ways to see this delightful state. This time the plan for our next trip in March is to let someone else do everything for us. The hotels are booked, the meals are planned while we explore and learn more about the culture of this stunning place. Lovely to hear the history from the experienced drivers and tour directors as we weave our way through more of this spectacular landscape. Our biggest concern for the day is what else we can absorb of this world. We are beyond excited to say the least. They say this may be the very best time of the year to view the Aurora Borealis if the conditions are just right. The places we will see are so cool. Yea that’s the word, cool. Viewing the kennels of the Iditarod champion, attending the ceremonial start of the race in Anchorage, walking through the Wildlife Conservation Center, getting up close to wildlife, maybe skiing, snowshoeing. Wow this will be the vacation to top. Thank you, Alaska.




For some, lounging by the pool or under a palm tree on the beach is absolute-vacation-bliss. For others, a tropical getaway means the opportunity to tackle Mother Nature’s playground, and all it has to offer. There’s no better way to get active than in the great outdoors. And I can’t think of a more idyllic destination than Costa Rica. Ultimately the message is simple; embrace life to its fullest, and enjoy every second of the journey. 10

to the environment that many countries

Pura Vida – which means ‘pure life’ in worldwide look to as a strong example of Spanish, is a phrase coined and used offering a wide variety of outdoor activities by the locals on a daily basis. This tiny, tropical, Central American country is located between Nicaragua and Panama, and is an outdoor playground of lush rainforest, water activities, volcanoes and more, perfect for the spirited fun-seeker. Also appealing is Costa Rica’s commitment

with a low impact on the planet. Green getaways are increasing in popularity, with like-minded people both creating travel experiences and visiting to partake. Many vacationers fly into San José, the nations capital, in the province of Alajuela. From there, the options driving your own rental

Written by Catherine Dunwoody car are plentiful. Start with visiting La Fortuna, about 3.5 hours from the airport, and home to the famous Arenal Volcano and rainforest for a variety of outdoorsy activities. La Fortuna Waterfall is worth the hike up a steep trail to the 70-meter-tall waterfall, rain or shine, but make a day of it with an adrenalinerush-filled itinerary. Not for the faint of heart, the Vertigo Drop is a 25 meter bungee jump you may

want to double-dare yourself to try, plus the entire area is prime real estate for whitewater rafting, downhill mountain biking, kayaking, canyoneering and more. Go easy or go hard, depending on your thrill-seeker energy that day. Advice for trying any activity you have never had the guts to? Be safe. Ask your instructor or guide questions, take your time, and relax. You’re on vacation, there to enjoy yourself – not prove a point. Fun is key.

As you know, Costa Rica is well loved for its surf culture, especially Tamarindo on the Pacific coast in the Guanacaste province. Tamarindo Diria Beach & Golf Resort offers lessons right off the hotel’s shore, with surf pros that are keen to teach you just how much of a rush it is to experience your first successful ‘pop up’. Once I felt the crazy-strong force of the ocean under my board pulling me towards the beach, even for a few moments – I truly 11

understood what all the fuss was about. Nothing else feels quite like it. Other fun in the sun around Tamarindo? Take a guided four wheel trip to Playa Negra for a

Try the Sky Trek, which starts with an aerial tram ride over Arenal Lake and volcano followed by a zip line across the treetops of Monteverde forest with jaw dropping views.

few hours, but with the mud that sprays up along the variety of stunning terrain as you rip along it, don’t wear white. You’ll thank me later. Also departing from Tamarindo

COSTA RICA ECOTOURS Connect with the natural wonders of this exciting country.

are the Marlin Del Rey sailing tours. Imagine a glorious sun-soaked afternoon spent on a catamaran with lunch and cold cerveza, stops for snorkeling, plus stand-up paddle boards and fishing equipment on offer, ending with a dreamy Costa Rican sunset. Since marine wildlife is abundant here, watch for whales, turtles, rays and plenty of sea birds. I can’t think of anything better after a long day of outdoor adventurousness than soaking ones bones at the Eco Termales hot springs. Bubbling up from the heart of the Arenal Volcano, this is about as ‘natural spa’ as it gets. Nothing quite like sinking into soothing hot water pools surrounded by rainforest, especially magical at night where the steam seems to send you right up to the stars along with it. Costa Rica – Pura Vida indeed.

ALL OUR TOURS INCLUDE Round-trip flights • Meet & greet by a local representative at the airport • All transportation at destination • Accommodations in 3 or 4-star hotels • Top-quality tours and excursions with bilingual guides • Daily breakfast

Eco Adventure Tour

National Parks and Beach Tour

8 days | 7 nights

15 days | 14 nights

• Bagaces Mountains & Hot springs • Monteverde Cloud Forest • Tamarindo Beach

• Rincon De La Vieja National Park • Arenal Volcano • Manuel Antonio National Park • Monteverde Cloud Forest • Tamarindo Beach

A weeklong adventure through the cloud forests, mountains and endless beaches of Costa Rica.

Two weeks to experience the very best of Costa Rica’s incredible biodiversity, spectacular scenery and wonderful Pacific coast.



Half-day Canyon Adventure Park Tour, Evening/ night Tour of Monteverde Cloud Forest

Half-day Horseback Riding Tour, Tabacón Hot Springs (with dinner), Caño Negro & Rio Frio Safari Boat Tour (with lunch), Half-day Tour of Manuel Antonio National Park, Half-day Sky Walk - Hanging Bridges

Please contact your CWT Travel Advisor for more information and to book Subject to availability at time of booking. Subject to change without notice. For applicable terms and conditions, consult Holder of Quebec permit #702566. TICO registration #50013537. BC registration #32229. ■ ® Air Canada Vacations is a registered trademark of Air Canada, used under license by Touram Limited Partnership, 1440 St. Catherine W., Suite 600, Montreal, QC.

Travel changes people And people change the world When you travel with G Adventures – the small-group adventure travel experts – you won’t just have the time of your life; you’ll help change the world. Travelling with us means supporting local communities and keeping local dollars where they belong – with the people who welcome us into their homes and hearts. Welcome to a World of Good. Contact your CWT Travel Advisor today to book your next adventure.

CYCLING PACKAGES Fans of cycling tours, be they amateur or seasoned, can ride among the castles of Loire, the vineyards of the Douro Valley or along the steep coast of Costa Brava. Six exclusive cycling tours in France, Portugal and Spain – including roundtrip flight, accommodations, breakfast, baggage transport and itineraries – give couples, families and groups the chance to explore picturesque regions from a different angle. Please contact your CWT Travel Advisor for more information and to book

Douro Valley


Canal Du Midi



A GOOEY BAKED CAMEMBERT—oozing over crisp bread, earned by navigating Chamonix’s legendary backcountry trail, the Vallée Blanche (white valley) on the flanks of Mont Blanc. Snuggling up in front of a fire in a cosy mountain hut and dancing in your ski boots to cheesy tunes as the setting sun gilds the endless landscape of peaks and glaciers encircling you. These are just snapshots of what one comes to expect when skiing in Europe, the cradle of recreational skiing. The Alps deliver jaw-dropping scenery, authentic mountain villages, and vast ski resorts, many of which encompass several villages and some of which span several countries. Croissants for breakfast in France, fondue lunch in Switzerland and apéritifs back in France – c’est normale. Skiing in Europe is as much a cultural and social experience as a sporting endeavour; the priority tends to

be lunch (particularly in France), followed by après-ski (especially in Austria) and looking stylish (Italy). In the glossiest resorts, such as St Moritz, Courchevel and Villars, skiing lags behind shopping, lunch and spas in popularity. Indeed, to the hardy North American skier, skiing in Europe can seem more like a way of travelling between mountain restaurants for coffee, lunch and après than "earning your turns". However, that's not to say that Euro-skiing is easy: the Alps are veritable giants, striding through France, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Austria and Slovenia. Their jagged peaks puncture the sky above while their sheer flanks offer skiing on dizzyingly steep pitches before softening into gentler, wooded slopes. Alpine topto-bottom runs typically start on a lofty, exposed peak, bringing you down open bowls and glacial valleys to pass through fragrant pine 15

forest before bouncing along pastures dotted with cattle sheds to reach a sleepy village. These ancient farming communities are tucked into the folds of the mountains, their sun-blackened timber chalets now housing inviting hotels and inns. Seemingly lost in time, they offer the tranquillity of an Alpine retreat with skiing on their doorstep, as well as a host of other winter activities from snowshoeing and ice climbing to paragliding and cross-country skiing. Of all the Alpine nations, France offers the greatest diversity of choice in resorts. Here you can choose between sleepy old villages like Valmorel and Peisey-Vallandry and high-altitude, purpose-built resorts like Val Thorens, Tignes and Avoriaz. Built in the 1970s, these then-futuristic resorts placed skier


convenience above all else: perched above the treeline amidst sprawling ski areas, they're car free and entirely ski-in/ski-out. They remain convenient today, particularly for families and those looking for snow-sure vacations, and their avant-garde architecture, while still dividing opinion, is now prized for its retro value. There's also plenty between these two ends of the French ski resort spectrum, such as the historic yet lively mountaineering town of Chamonix, renowned for its extreme off-piste skiing; Val d'Isère with countless luxury chalets, boisterous nightlife and a vast ski area; and pretty Méribel, which sits at the heart of the world's largest lift-linked ski area, the Three Valleys. The diversity of skiing in France is perfectly reflected

in the Three Valleys: encompassing eight resorts, it offers 600km of marked trails spanning 35,000 hectares of terrain, 25 summits and six glaciers (that’s bigger than America’s five largest resorts US combined). The skiing varies from gentle nursery slopes to vertiginous couloirs, while the resorts range from Val Thorens and glamorous Courchevel to the old farming village of St Martin de Belleville. In the Three Valleys you can sleep in a chalet in Courchevel, ski to a three Michelinstarred lunch at La Bouitte in St Marcel and hail a helicopter back to “Courch”. Or you can enjoy an all-inclusive family vacation in Méribel with lunches at the Suchet family’s old goat herding hut and hayloft. The three Suchet brothers - Eric, Bruno and Thierry

- make cheeses according to age-old family tradition, serving fromage-laden Savoyard dishes in Chez Pépé Nicholas (on the slopes below Val Thorens) and Le Montagnard (in St Martin de Belleville), where the walls are dressed with family portraits and farming tools and (clean) bloomers hang from washing lines strung from the ancient timber beams. With Europe’s bounty of natural beauty and heritage, it can be hard for North America to compete. However, North America typically delivers more, and lighter, snow; individual resorts are often larger with fewer skiers, better lift systems, and less expensive lift tickets; and customer service is streaks ahead. Canada’s British Columbia classic Whistler Blackcomb (North America’s largest resort) combines all the above with a big dose of

cosmopolitan style in the form of a vibrant European-style village, lively après-ski and world-class cuisine. You’ll also find European flair in Colorado resorts such as Vail, with its Tyroleanstyled village; Aspen’s authentic Austrian mountain hut Cloud Nine Bistro; and Crested Butte’s delectable French bistro Soupçon. And, although you’ll struggle to find a fondue in the Wild West town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Tetons and Yellowstone National Park certainly give the Alps a run for their rugged majesty. In a time where we have the luxury of being able to ski on all seven continents, in over 6,000 resorts in 75 countries, the entire world is our ski oyster. Whether you enjoy the magic of your local ski hill or go transatlantic

to experience the scale, cuisine and pistes of the Alps, take pleasure in the splendour of the mountains, the perfection of each unique snowflake, those reassuringly achy thighs, and the joy of sharing it all with loved ones. For it’s these simple, timeless pleasures that make skiing special, wherever in the world you are.


Forfaits ski dans les Alpes françaises

discover another winter Ski Packages in the French Alps

7 ALL-INCLUSIVE NIGHTS with round-trip flights included from Montreal or Toronto


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by Bernadette Roy

THERE’S NOTHING LIKE THE ROAR OF A FORMULA 1 CAR—the speed, the sound of a cheering crowd, the adrenaline rush, the history and the glamour of the greatest motor sport event in the international racing world. It is the pinnacle of motor racing, attracting the best drivers, engineers and its global reach allows people to attend races across five continents, to experience a new country and culture and to interact with people from around the world. The yearly race calendar showcases the world’s most sought after holidays and tour destinations. Spanning approximately 20 countries across the globe, planning a trip to one of the F1 destinations allows you to witness speed and technical excellence on a worldwide stage and to discover new destinations. If you are interested in accelerating your race car interest, Formula 1 racing is surely the place to start. Experience historical European circuits such as Monza, Silverstone and SpaFrancorchamps, the glamour and luxury of Monaco, Singapore’s dramatic street race, the Americas with races in Montreal, Austin, Mexico and Sao Paolo or the opulence of the Middle Eastern races such as Bahrain and

Abu Dhabi, to name a few. Watching Formula 1 live is something that many dream of and can become a reality. Whether it’s relaxing with a fully escorted tour, to indulge yourself in the very best hospitality options, or planning your own adventure with a tailor-made package, there is a multitude of choices to suit your needs. For F1 enthusiasts − ‘‘tifosis’’ (an Italian word meaning fan) − the Italian Grand prix is the place to be. A journey filled with emotions highlighting regions in northern Italy such as historical Emilia Romagna and the enchanting Lombardy Lake district. Discover how Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Balsamic vinegar are made, tour luxury car factories, visit historical car museums, savour the local gastronomy, enjoy a wine tasting with a sommelier and attend one of the ultimate race events at Monza circuit. Plunged in a perfectly mild climate, the land of Lombardy Lakes has always been, since ancient Roman times and above all after the Renaissance, the destination of travellers seeking their very own little corner of paradise. The beautiful Ardennes region of Belgium showcases one of the most historical and

challenging tracks for an F1 race. Attending the Belgium Grand Prix is on every race connoisseur’s bucket list. The first race was held in 1925, with seven cars taking part and which saw the victory of the famous Alfa Romeo driver, Antonio Ascari. World War II would interrupt the life of the track for seven long years, during which little of the Ardennes was spared. In the late fifties, the Royal Automobile Club organized its Grand Prix of Spa, and the last Belgium Grand Prix was held in 1970 along the 14k-long track. Velocity of cars increased, and for security reasons, drivers no longer wished to race there. Aiming at preserving the main characteristics while eliminating some high risk areas, a new layout was eventually chosen for a new 7k-long track and inaugurated in 1979. Enjoy local gastronomy, Belgian chocolates and discover the Stavelot Abbey historical car museum. A guided tour of a Belgian beer brewery with beer tasting is a must while discovering the region as pure Ardennes spring water is used, thus enhancing the flavours and aroma of the ingredients. Enjoy the sights and tastes of Belgium, combined with the track action at Spa-Francorchamps circuit. 19

When visiting one of twenty destinations around the globe, indulge yourself and lap up the atmosphere with the very best option; a ticket to the Paddock Club™. This exclusive hospitality area located above the pit lane offers a prime viewing location and features gourmet food, fine wines and Champagne to celebrate race wins in style. But most prized of all is the pit lane walkabout, which grants access to the inner sanctum of Formula 1. Thousands of F1 fans and thrill-seekers take over the city, making Montreal one of the most popular F1 cities in the world. Montreal’s first taste of F1 fever came in 1978, when the very first championship was won by none other than Gilles Villeneuve, Québec's legendary driver. Originally known as the Île Notre-Dame Circuit because it is built on a man-island in the St. Lawrence River adjacent to Montreal, the track was 20

renamed in his honour upon his untimely death during a practice run at the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix. Experience Montreal’s Old World charm infused with Canadian energy and celebrate the 375th foundation anniversary in this exciting city.

If you prefer to travel closer to home, gear up for an exciting weekend of glitz and racing glory when the Grand Prix circus rolls into Montreal. The Circuit of the Americas, located on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, was designed by the well-known architect Herman Tilke and built specifically for F1 racing. Austin is known as a music capital and has earned a reputation as one of the

'in' cities in the United States. It features that rare combination of ideal geographic location and beauty. With fine dining, world-renowned hospitality and excellent transportation infrastructure Austin is ideally suited to host and manage an F1 event of this magnitude. From the Americas, to Europe, the Middle East and even Australia, there are Grand Prix F1 packages to suit all tastes and needs. Combine an F1 trip with that all-important business meeting, or include it in a European journey you are planning. Whichever package you choose and whichever destination, one thing is for sure; your trip will be a once in a lifetime experience of a variety of cultures, stunning destinations and sightseeing, and the glamour and prestige surrounding this world-famous sporting spectacle.


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