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M CAMERON SUDDRETH Class of 2017 hometown Wilson, NC email

y name is Cameron Suddreth and I am a sophomore in the PGA Golf Management Program here at NC State. It has been an honor to edit your newsletter over the past year. I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr. Joe Elwell. Joe is a Graphic Designer in the metro Washington D.C. area, and a former golf professional who I previously worked with. He was gracious enough to donate his free time and also his golf and design experience to help provide us with a professional publication. Thank you Joe!

I must say the past 17 months of my life have been remarkable. From beginning my college education at NC State, to preparing for my next internship, it has been a pretty cool ride. I have had the opportunity to meet some great people across the country, and learn so many things about myself because of this program. From my first internship at Westchester Country Club, to my upcoming internship at Ocean Forest Golf Club, I have been able to learn a lot about the golf industry through work experience, and

I also encourage you all to continue to take full advantage of our curriculum and provide feedback for the betterment of our program’s future.


I also look forward to what the future holds for my education. I would like to encourage all of you to chase your dreams, and think outside the box in order to achieve whatever you wish. I am in pursuit of my dreams through thisNEUTRON program, whether JIMMY Classtoofa2017 it leads me job in the golf industry or another field. I hometown CLEVELAND, OH know that the experiences that home course I will take away from both this FIRESTONE CC program and this university, will aid me to becoming a great golf professional, and more importantly a better man. We are fortunate to be students in the PGA Golf Management Program at NC State for many reasons. We have access to the best technology including Trackman, FlightScope, V1, SAM PuttLab and I am sure there are more to come as our industry evolves. We have opportunities to travel not only across the United States, but also across the world. We

Spring 2015 | NCSU PGM Newsletter

have a tournament program that is continuing to grow; we had record participation this past semester. We have great faculty members who truly care about bettering the education, and lives of their students. I also encourage you all to continue to take full advantage of our curriculum and provide feedback for the betterment of our program’s future. It has been an honor to be able to edit this newsletter. I thank you all for taking the time to read this newsletter, and I most certainly hope that you take away something that will help you. If I can ever be of assistance to any of you please do not hesitate to ask. Have a great semester!

Cameron Suddreth



E ANDY JIMMYBETZ, NEUTRON PGA Internship Class ofDirector 2017 hometown hometown CLEVELAND, Raleigh, NCOH home course FIRESTONE CC


ach of us in the PGM Office are looking forward to another successful Spring Semester. During this past Fall Semester, the Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse outfitted with TrackMan, Flight Scope, Foresight, V1 and the most up to date Club Repair equipment from Mitchell Golf has been a tremendous addition to our program. For me personally, I have utilized the space to both instruct our current students with their games and also teach our students that want to learn how to use all of this great equipment for their own personal knowledge and instruction. As I have mentioned many times before, “once you graduate from our program you should be very well versed and trained to use all of this great technology, which will make you a more valuable employee once you enter the work force.” We will

have a new addition at the start of the Spring Semester, Sam Putt Lab, which will be located at the Short Game Area. We are already off to a great start with internship placement for the 2015 season. Internships have been firmed up all over the country once again at some of the country’s best Private, Semi-Private and Resort golf courses. As always, we have students returning to sites where other students have interned in the past such as: Bandon Dunes, Pebble Beach, Desert Willow Resort, Ocean Forest GC, Grandfather G&CC and TPC Sawgrass to name a few. We have also opened up some new facilities where our students will be interning such as: Olympia Fields, National Golf Links, Ritz CarltonOrlando, Mountain Top, Diamond Creek, Yeamans Hall, The Olde Farm and Capital City Club. Every year it seems that

“Once you graduate from our program you should be very well versed and trained to use all of this great technology... we are creating more and more great opportunities for both our current and future students because of the outstanding jobs our students are doing while on their internships which are

Spring 2015 | NCSU PGM Newsletter

leading to full time jobs upon graduation. While on your various internships it is crucial to complete all of the necessary Work Experience Activities associated with your current Level in the program. While on your internships not only will you need to interview the Golf Professionals, but you will also have to interview the Merchandise Manager, Superintendent and the General Manager/Food and Beverage Manager to assist in answering some questions on what their job responsibilities are on a day-to-day basis. The more you get to experience while you are on your internship will only help lead the path to your first job in the ever changing golf industry.




Class of 2016 hometown Greenlawn, NY

BEN JUSTUS Class of 2016

hometown Hendersonville, NC


s the newest wave of future PGA Professionals step on campus they are met each and every year with a program called “Get Internship Ready.” Designed to better prepare students for the demands of an internship in the golf industry. Whether students have already held positions in golf or are completely fresh to the industry, this program builds proper skills and techniques. Lead this year by Junior students Ben Justus and Ryan Finn, the program was a hit. The five week course covered topics such as Interview Skills, How to be the Best Intern on Site, Dressing to Impress, and much more. In an effort to

promote group discussion and build perspective on how golf is perceived across the country the program this year was focused on role-play and open discussion activities. This year’s diverse group of incoming freshman makes up a spread of over 10 states across the country. As the career fair approached and internship interviews continue the freshmen and transfer students continue to relay their perspectives on what “Get Internship Ready” meant to them. Adam Gabbey, a freshman from Wisconsin said, “One of the days in “Get Internship Ready” was spent discussing possible interview situations and questions. During my interview

... a new program is set to kick off for the fir' time in the upcoming spring seme'er.

with Interlachen Country Club, questions that were covered in class were asked. Without “Get Internship Ready” I know I would not have been prepared for some of those questions. We aim that testimonies such as that are echoed throughout the rest of the class whether it be in interviews, building a positive work ethic, or even In addition to the “Get Internship Ready” program a new program is set to kick off for the first time in the upcoming spring semester. This new program is geared towards keeping our NC State PGM alumni active and aware of what is happening within our program, both on campus and nationwide. Earlier in the year a survey was sent out to all previous graduates from the NC State PGM Program in an attempt to create an up-to-date guide on their current positions and if there is any changes they would like to see within our program. We are incredibly

Spring 2015 | NCSU PGM Newsletter

lucky to have our graduates in a multitude of different positions throughout the golf industry and we feel as though they can serve as a valuable resource for incoming freshman to get a first hand account of what it takes to become a successful PGA Golf Professional. Each freshman will be tasked with reaching out to several alumni to ask them questions, try to get to know them, and hopefully create a relationship that produces both a mentor and friend. Both these programs are an example of what sets the NC State PGM Program apart. Each year we continue to try and produce the best and most well prepared interns and PGA Golf Professionals in the country.


Welcome Back BY: BEN NELSON

I BEN NELSON President Class of 2015 hometown Lisle, IL

would first like to welcome everyone back to campus! I hope you are all ready for an exciting Spring Semester! My name is Ben Nelson and I thank you for the privilege of being your President this semester. Graciously, some of our best student leaders have volunteered to join me: Miguel Alvarez, Dylan Dawson, Ben Justus, Ryan Finn, and C.J. Neale. I came into this program in the Fall of 2010 and will be graduating in December of 2016 with both a PGA Golf Management and a Finance degree. I am originally from Chicago, IL and plan to work in that area upon graduation. I

My goal for next seme'er is to simply improve participation in all PGM fun*ions by making them both fun and rewarding to attend! 07

have completed four internships at four facilities including, Interlachen Country Club, Club Champion Custom Club Fitters, The Taylormade Kingdom at Reynolds Plantation, and The Landing Golf Course at Reynolds Plantation. My goal for next semester is to simply improve participation in all PGM functions by making them both fun and rewarding to attend! With that being said, this is YOUR program and I will do everything I can to make things the way YOU want them. If you ever have any thoughts or ideas please do not hesitate to let me know or simply come to one of our weekly board meetings to voice your opinion. I look forward to working for you all next semester! It’s going to be one heck of a ride!

Social Committee BY: C.J. NEALE


olf is obviously a large part of our time here at State and a great way for everyone in the program to get to know each other; However, there is so many more things to do than just golf. We have a wide variety of events to be planned by the social committee that will surely lead to a great semester. As the social coordinator this semester I will continue to unite our program together in a family like atmosphere. I hope to use events that students will find useful and engaging, but also ones that are fun and exciting. Activities such as paint ball, pool battleship, and the Krispy Kreme Challenge are just a few recreational events we have planned for this semester! We are also prepping for a large get together for celebrating Masters Sunday, a national holiday in every golfers mind.

Spring 2015 | NCSU PGM Newsletter

Now, us here, at the NC State PGM also believe we can do more to give back to the community that is so good to us, which is why we do “Pack Gives Back.� This year we will have a wide variety of volunteering opportunities. In addition to the regular work we will continue to do for Lonnie Poole we will also be working to get free lessons for our professors that work so hard for us!


Class of 2018 hometown Landenberg, PA

List of Social Activities Č— Club Customizing Day Č— $"- &#'' )" )  Short Game Competition Č— ./ -.0)4-/4 Č— -$.+4 - ( #'' )" Č— &$1 .& Č— *2'$)" "0


Secretary / Treasurer BY: RYAN FINN


Class of 2016 hometown Greenlawn, NY

I am excited to serve as your Secretary/ Treasurer for this upcoming seme'er... 09

y name is Ryan Finn and I am a Junior in the PGM program at NC State. I was lucky enough to be raised in Greenlawn, NY surrounded by some of the best golf courses in the world. I have been lucky enough to complete my first two internship experiences at Westchester Country Club in Rye, NY and TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. My time at these two facilities has provided me with knowledge and relationships that helped me to secure my final internship

at the National Golf Links of America in Southampton, NY this upcoming summer. I am excited to serve as your Secretary/Treasurer for this upcoming semester and am confident that with the leadership team we have assembled this will be one of our finest years yet. I have watched this program grow into the best in the country over the past three years and am looking forward to a continued role in it success going forward.



one are the days of attending every Saturday NC State football game, golfing at Lonnie Poole Golf Course until dark, late night study sessions at D. H. Hill Library, eating at Sammy’s Tap & Grill, drinking a morning coffee at Cup A Joe before an 8:00 am class, and hanging out in the PGA Golf Management office on a lazy afternoon. Time spent on NC State’s campus comes and goes in the blink of an eye. The friendships, learning opportunities, and skills acquired during undergrad occur so quickly, making these valuable years the most critical time to prepare for a successful future. For NC State Alumni Steve Houg, PGA and Stephen Limpach, PGA, these items are now in the rearview mirror. Although they are both learning more about the golf industry

today than ever, it was precious moments on and off campus (as students) that molded them into the golf professionals they are today. “My foundation, drive and work ethic as a golf professional was formed during my time at NC State,” says Limpach, a member of the Championships department for The PGA of America (Palm Beach Gardens, FL). “Spending time learning about the (golf) industry, the power of networking, and hard work will truly pay off if you stay consistent.” He adds. “I had to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself,” claims Houg, an Assistant Golf Professional at both Seminole Golf Club (Juno Beach, FL) and Interlachen Golf Club (Edina, MN). “Moving across the country at a young age is not the easiest thing to

STEVE HOUG, PGA Class of 2011

Assistant Golf Professional Interlachen Country Club Seminole Golf Club


Championship Ticketing and Corporate Hospitality Coord. PGA of America

While the days of undergrad have indeed concluded, these gentlemen offer sound advice to not only get involved, but 'ay involved. Spring 2015 | NCSU PGM Newsletter



do, but if you strive to excel quickly in the industry, you need to be willing to take that step.” While at (NC) State, both Houg and Limpach served as President of the PGA Golf Management student body. These two individuals forged many of the ideas that students enjoy today including a yearround tournament schedule modeled exactly like the PGA TOUR. They both stress the importance of getting involved with the program not only to be “in the know”, but also to gain industry knowledge and network. Both Houg and Limpach learned invaluable insight into time management and organization while trying to juggle work, school and presidential duties with the program. “When you are planning golf tournaments for the student association, working on becoming a Class-A PGA Member and also studying for undergraduate exams, you get a taste of what the real world looks like.” Limpach includes. Although these two


proud Alums look in their rearview mirrors with a smile, they both continue to stay connected with all things NC State. “I am constantly thinking of how I can help the program continue to grow,” Houg proclaims. “We must continue to stay connected and build upon the (PGA Golf Management) program’s strong foundation,” Limpach adds While the days of undergrad have indeed concluded, these gentlemen offer sound advice to not only get involved, but stay involved.


houg & limpach’s

Keys to Success: Network, network,network! The golf business is small and you never know who is going to be the person that will help you in your career.

Keep a keep clean look, people notice. When you notice that you need a haircut or should have ironed your pants, a dozen people have already thought that.

The Internet is your friend. Gone are the days of having to go to Butch or Hank to watch them teach, you can find anything and everything on the Internet.

Find someone you trust. You need to find a mentor that you trust, learn as much as you can from them, then pass it on.

Dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have. If there is one where we both believe you should invest in It is quality clothing that fits. Not only clothes that you wear at work but also away from work. You will be surprised who you will see in public.

If anyone has questions or if we can help you out, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s important to keep the Wolfpack family together! Steve Houg Stephen Limapch

Spring 2015 | NCSU PGM Newsletter


From the Tournament Dir BY: DYLAN DAWSON

DYLAN DAWSON Class of 2015

hometown Indian Creek, NC

s I write this it is hard for me to believe another year has passed and 2015 is here. I am excited to begin my second and final semester as our Tournament Director. This semester will also be my final semester in our program. In May, I will be headed to Grandfather Golf & Country Club in Linville, NC. While I’m looking forward to getting started, it’s hard to believe my time here at NC State is coming to a close. Trust me, it goes by fast! I would like to thank everyone for their participation during the fall semester. I would also like to thank Aaron Larson for all his help during the fall semester; I could not have done it without him. We have a wonderful opportunity to play a lot of golf during our time here, and as you’ll hear and see

My main goal for the spring is to give us more playing opportunities along with maintaining our high participation levels. 13

from your supervisors, those opportunities often become few and far between once we get out of school. I realize many of us, including myself, are working in addition to being full-time students. Let’s do our best to play golf when we get the opportunity. I can promise being an accomplished player can only help as we progress in our careers. When it’s all said and done, I hope you’ll feel as I do, that the tournament program is in better shape than it’s ever been. Here’s to a great spring semester of tournament play! FALL 2014 RECAP My main goal for the fall was to increase participation and I feel we were able to accomplish that. Of the 72 students who were on campus, 66 of them played in at least one tournament this semester. Our weekly 9-hole tournaments saw record participation. For our ten

rector’s Desk 9-hole events, we averaged just fewer than 27 players including an all-time high of 38 players for one 9-hole tournament! Our annual Welcome Back Tournament was won by the team of Kyle Backers, Kevin Campbell, Nick Funk, and Aaron Hartman. The Red & White Classic was won by the White (Out-of-state) team by a score of 20.5-15.5. We also had 11 different winners of 9-Hole Tournaments throughout the semester! Our 2014 Jones Cup team was represented by Anthony Capra, Ben Justus, Tim Palmer, Pitch Riley, and Zach Rubenstein. Pitch Riley also won the 2014 PGM Championship. The team of Austin Cook & David Einstein won the Inaugural 2-Person Team Championship. The Fall Individual Match Play was won by Ben Nelson. The winner of the fall 2014 Director’s Cup for accumulating

Spring 2015 | NCSU PGM Newsletter

the most points throughout the semester was Ben Nelson who finished with 1,961 points. Congratulations to all our tournament winners! SPRING 2015 PREVIEW My main goal for the spring is to give us more playing opportunities along with maintaining our high participation levels. Whether you’re playing for the money, to get ready for the PAT, to escape from schoolwork, or you absolutely love it like me. I hope to create more opportunities for us to enjoy this great game! This semester we will be introducing Dogfights to our program. These Dogfights will be held on a weekly/biweekly basis, often on Monday’s along with occasional weekends. They will be a mixture of 9 and 18 holes with no formal entry fee. Formats will vary and this will be a great way to work on your game under



tournament conditions. Our popular 9-Hole Tournaments will return and we plan to hold 10 of them throughout the semester. Many will be held on Friday afternoons with others spread across the other weekdays. We will continue to offer fun and unique formats as we did in the fall! Our major tournament schedule will include a variety of different events. We will hold a semester long 2-Person Match Play tournament modeled after the Individual Match Play. We will also be holding a spring 2-Person Team Championship held over two days modeled after the inaugural event this past fall. Our Ryder Cup will see the Upperclassmen take on the Lower-classmen in a three day match play event modeled just like the Ryder Cup. Our annual Pack Masters will be held in the late spring. The Pack


Masters is a 36-hole stroke play tournament played from the Competition tees where players will play for their very own Red Jacket! Lastly, we will send a team to compete in the Carolinas Cup. The Carolinas Cup is held each spring over 36 holes where area PGM schools compete. Last year we hosted the Carolinas Cup and participating teams included Campbell, Coastal Carolina, Maryland-Eastern Shore, Methodist, and NC State. I encourage each of you to participate in as many tournaments as possible. As always, if you have any suggestions or ideas, I’d love to hear them. If I can ever be of any assistance, please let me know. All the Best,


Internship Reviews



am a fourth year student in our PGM Program; I have done previous internships at a small private club in Cape Cod at Eastward Ho! Country Club and Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. For my Level 3 internship I chose to switch it up and went to Congressional Country Club, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. While at Congressional I was given a unique opportunity. Working at a top 100 course that has held five major championships and has an annual PGA Tour Tournament was something special. When I first arrived I walked through the hallways of the clubhouse just like past US Open Champions Ken Venturi, Ernie Els, and Rory McIlroy walked and just took it all in.

Spring 2015 | NCSU PGM Newsletter

You see the pictures of the 5 past presidents, Taft, Hoover, Harding, Coolidge, and Wilson who started Congressional 90 years ago in 1924 and are almost speechless. During my internship I had the opportunity to assist in weekly tournaments, merchandise the golf shop that does over $2,000,000 a year, and assist with the set-up, in tournament work, and break down of the 2014 Quicken Loans National hosted by The Tiger Woods Foundation. Congressional Country Club was an excellent opportunity for me to learn how to become a golf professional and learn from the best of the best. The experiences I had at Congressional I will be able to take with me for the rest of my career.

CHRIS CONCANNNON Class of 2015 hometown Belmont, MA



Pebble Beach Resorts BY: MIGUEL ALVAREZ


MIGUEL ALVAREZ Class of 2015

hometown San Juan, Puerto Rico


y internship at Pebble Beach Resorts was a truly unforgettable experience! I started working at Pebble Beach Golf Links and then spent the second half of my time in California working at The Links at Spanish Bay. At Pebble Beach, I assisted with outside operations services majority of my time there. I would also work in the golf shop once or twice a week. I did everything from providing world-class customer service to 220 golfers on a daily basis to coordinating corporate outings and preparing putting contests for special events. Ensuring smooth and orderly operations was always a key factor to being successful at a fast-paced environment. Come mid-August it was time for the Concours d’Elegance, which is the biggest one-day car shows in the world and the only day of the year Pebble Beach Golf Links shuts down. It was also time for me to transfer to The Links at Spanish Bay. At Spanish Bay, I worked 100 % of the time in the golf shop and assisted at least 50 golfers with golf check-in and registration every day. It was quite a different

environment than Pebble Beach. Pebble is a golf factory and it is all about pumping golfers out on the course on time every ten minutes (50-55 foursomes per day on average). On the other hand, Spanish Bay was a lot more relax and you could really excel with customer service since there were never as many golfers on average. My experience in general was great! The staff members at both courses were very supportive and I made lots of good friends. The golf courses are spectacular and its impressive how well kept they are with the amount of play they get. Pebble Beach is a golfer’s heaven!

Cullasaja Club BY: DAVID SCHAAF


y name is David Schaaf and I spent my final internship at Cullasaja Club in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The course was designed by Arnold Palmer in the late 1980s and is nestled within view of Whiteside Mountain; which, are quite spectacular. The club is located in a small seasonal vacation town called Highlands. During the season, from May to October, the population can get up to 20,000 but usually stays much lower than that. Many of our members split their year between Florida

Spring 2015 | NCSU PGM Newsletter

and Highlands, while others came up on the weekends from Atlanta and Greenville. Cullasaja is a very family friendly community with many activities to do for all ages. My internship at Cullasaja was by far the best one out of the three I have completed. The relationships I built with the Head Pro, members, and other co-workers have definitely shaped me to become the best golf professional I can be. If you ever have the opportunity to work in the Highlands-Cashiers area don’t hesitate, it will change your life!

DAVID SCHAAF Class of 2017

hometown Cleveland, Oh

The course was designed by Arnold Palmer in the late 1980s and is ne'led within view of Whiteside Mountain. 18


I TIM JENNINGS Class of 2018

hometown Charlotte, NC

am a freshman in the program and already I feel that it is imperative to participate in the PGM functions, from the nine-hole tournaments and the match play events to the bowling nights at The Alley. I have known that I wanted to come to NC State’s PGA Golf Management program since I was a sophomore in high school. Since then, PGM has been one of the only things I have thought about. Once I came to Raleigh, I jumped right in and tried to participate as much as I could. Whether it was going up to the office or playing in tournaments, I tried to do as much as I could.

I know fir' hand that playing and pra*icing with players that are better than myself has helped my game. As we all know, being a good player is a necessity in the golf industry. When you go out and play with a member do you want to shoot a ninety? No you do not. You want to be able to shoot par or a couple over every time you play. When we do not play well however, the


member will remember how you acted more so than your score. This year we had an extremely high turnout for the ninehole events, and I think that should continue. The greater the student participlation, the greater the competition, and greater competition makes all of us better players. I know first hand that playing and practicing with players that are better than myself has helped my game. In conclusion, I believe that in order for all of us to become the best PGA professionals that we can be, we need to participate. Take advantage of the technology at Lonnie Poole, play in the tournaments, and go up to the office to talk to Doc, Andy, and Susan. If we want to become great PGA professionals and get jobs where we have dreamed of working, we need to start becoming that professional now.

PAT Schedule COURSE:



Methodist University GC

Fayettville, NC

March 21st - 22nd, 2015

Methodist University GC

Fayettville, NC

April 18th - 19th, 2015

Prestonwood CC

Cary, NC

April 20th, 2015

Growth and Development Meetings DATE & TIME:


January 15 – 7:00 pm

Biltmore or Playcenter*

February 15 – 6:00 pm



March 29 – 6:00 pm


April 26 – 6:00 pm





*Playcenter in Carmichael

Men’s Home Basketball Schedule OPPONENT:



1/3/15 – 12:00 pm


1/11/15 – TBA


1/14/15 – 7:00 pm

Notre Dame

1/25/15 – 6:30 pm


1/28/15 – 9:00 pm


2/11/15 – 8:00 pm

Virginia Tech

2/21/15 – 6:00 pm


3/7/15 – 12:00 pm

Spring 2015 | NCSU PGM Newsletter


Freshman Questionnaire

Q: What is your ideal job after graduation? A: A consultant for a golf management company. Q: What is your favorite thing about NC State so far? A: The facilities and the people. Q: What is your favorite golf course that you have played? A: Scioto Country Club EVAN MASSIE Class of 2018 hometown Jackson, OH


Q: What is your dream golf foursome? A: My dad and my two brothers at St. Andrews.

Q: What is your ideal job after graduation? A: Head Golf Professional Q: What is your favorite thing about NC State so far? A: The weather Q: What is your favorite golf course that you have played? A: Lonnie Poole Golf Course Q: What is your dream golf foursome? A: Luke Donald, Henrik Stenson, and Martin Kaymer at Congressional Country Club

JACK SOPER Class of 2018

hometown Long Island, NY

Q: What is your ideal job after graduation? A: High Private Head Pro Q: What is your favorite thing about NC State so far? A: The people in the program. Q: What is your favorite golf course that you have played? A: Pinehurst No. 2 Q: What is your dream golf foursome? A: Rory McIlroy, Arnold Palmer, and my dad

PITCH RILEY Class of 2018

hometown Marblehead, MA

Spring 2015 | NCSU PGM Newsletter


NCSU PGM Contacts PGM Faculty/Staff Dr. Robert Wade, PGA | Director | Andy Betz, PGA | Internship Director | Susan Colby | Student Services Coordinator | Lottie Gan | Administrative Assistant |

PGM Board Ben Nelson | President | Miguel Alvarez | Vice-President | Ryan Finn | Secretary/Treasurer | Dylan Dawson | Tournament Director | CJ Neale | Social Committee Chair | Alex Rateike | I.T. Committee Chair | Ben Justus | Alumni Relations Coordinator |


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