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Confluence SEPTEMBER 2013

New Green Middle School! We are excited to announce that, through a generous donation by grandparents Barbara Schilling and Richard Carr, we will have a new middle school this year. Three modular classrooms will be built at the site of the current music and extended day classrooms. The new buildings will be SAGE (Smart Academic Green Enviroment) green classrooms, the recipient of a 2012 international SEED design award. The design provides enhanced natural daylight, drastically improved air quality, spaciousness, and high quality non-toxic materials in a compact and beautiful building. Use of a “whole building design”

approach increases energy efficiency dramatically. This integrated design was a collaboration between Portland State University. Blazer Industries and Pacific Construction Services. We are the first school in Oregon to have these new buildings. We will be part of a project with Energy Trust of Oregon to evaluate their efficiency. This exciting project will create a lot of change for our school environs, and we will keep you updated in the weekly ASA about our progress.

UPCOMING EVENTS  Join us for Michaelmas on September 26 at 11am

Take a lovely stroll on the new 1/4 mile path We have a new path that circles the playground, providing a wonderful surface for running and walking. It measures exactly ¼ mile, and will be used extensively by Girls on the Run. Already students and staff have been using it every day. We invite parents to take a stroll; each footfall helps keep the gophers away!

Many thanks to Timberhill Dental for a donation that made the path possible. Inside this issue:

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New Programs and New Staff this year. Sweet Peas, a three morning program for two year olds, is taught by Jessica Henry. We are currently accepting applications for a waiting list. We also have a three day preschool for three and four year olds called Honeybees, taught by Marcya Rosecrans. There is still space in this program if you have friends looking for our special early childhood programs. We have two new preschools

The class of 2015, 7th grade, is now being taught by Steph-

anie Croft. She is a California native and has been involved in Waldorf education in the US and Canada since 1987. Andrea Delos-Reyes is the new Golden Rose preschool assistant. She is excited to be working at the school the children attend. Julie Gust is the new Extended Day Director. Ms Gust worked as an Extended Day Provider last year. She has taught music and elementary students for the past eleven years. Liz Riley and Anais Alexander are

Michaelmas is a festival of inner strength ...

Why We Celebrate Michaelmas The following is an abbreviated version of an article by David Mitchell, master Waldorf teacher. The autumn is a rare time in Corvallis. The tree leaves undergo their color changes, the air become crisp and clear, the evening skies show meteor showers visible even in our city skies. Darkness starts to wrap around us, and we are moved inside to the comfort of our homes. The dreamy mood of summer is replaced by a new vigor, and, for many of us in a school community, September is more a New Year than January 1st, as we establish our rhythms for a new school

year. An ancient wisdom placed a festival at each of the four turning points of the solar year. In autumn, this festival is named after a mythological ďŹ gure, the archangel Michael. The name Michael is Hebrew and its meaning is the question, "Who is like God?" Legends abound about Michael, the most notable being of his confrontation in heaven with the rebellious angels, led by Lucifer, who sought to overthrow God. The forces of Michael cast these angels out of heaven and held them in control in their earthly form as dragons. Michael did not slay

the leading dragon, but held it under his control through his own inner strength. This dragon is not an external reality, but lives in all humankind, represented by cold, dead, overly rationalistic thinking. It is alive within each of us as a potentially negative, restrictive force. Michael's message to humanity is not to try to slay the dragon within ourselves, for we would not live in freedom if we did, but to overcome the dragon with conscious thinking and strength of will. Michaelmas is a festival of inner strength and initiative, an opportunity

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for our higher being to conquer fear and anxiety. The backdrop for the drama of history is the struggle between the powers that strive for the forces of Goodness against those that struggle for the power of Evil. It is within each individual that this drama is enacted. We live in an age of individuality and personal freedom. We have a multitude of personal choices and live amidst the unsettling

realities of shifting forms of social order, order that once represented stability for mankind. We can no longer rely on outer forms but must give direction to our own lives out of our personal initiative and strength. In the legend of Michael we ďŹ nd he offers four gifts: strength, courage, the will to do true deeds, and love. To those who are willing to undertake selftransformation and look towards that which is divine in

every human being, the transformation and the battle with the dragon are uniquely individual. At Corvallis Waldorf School and Waldorf schools around the globe, children hear stories and legends of Michael. Then, this year on September 26th, our students and faculty will gather on our grounds and see the enactment of Michael's battle with the

Join us for dragon bread and a picnic after the Michaelmas

dragon. Most of the student body directly participates as the pageant unfolds, and each and every child inwardly participates in feats of skill and courage. Please join us this year at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 26th, in

the back ďŹ eld for our Michaelmas pageant.


Corvallis Waldorf School 3855 NE HIghway 20 Corvallis , Oregon

Phone: 541-758-4674 Fax: 541-758-5091

The Corvallis Waldorf School is proud to be an independent, not-for-profit educational organization. Unlike public or charter schools, independent schools receive no funding from the government. Our funding comes from family tuition, community donations, and grants. We welcome students of all nationalities, ethnicity, and spiritual backgrounds. There are four pillars of our interdependent and cooperative governance and decision-making. They include, the Board of Directors, Faculty and Staff, Administration and Parent Council.

Our Mission The mission of Corvallis Waldorf School is to educate independent thinking people who meet life with courage and respond with initiative and creativity to the needs of the world and their fellow human beings.

Health and Illness Guidelines

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It is time to check your child/ren’s immunization record/s. There are specific grades that may require updates; prekindergarten, kindergarten, first, second and seventh grade students. If you have a returning child who has had additional boosters since Re-enrollment in

March or over the summer, please bring this information, type of booster and date given, to the office. The school must have an up-to-date Oregon Certificate of Immunization form on file for your child by the first day of school. If your family has a different immunization philosophy, the immunization form has a “religious exemption” option. One of these options must be completed and form signed by the parent. For information from county health clinics, call . If we can be of help, please call 541-758-4674. Flu season will be with us soon and with that in mind we ask that parents be vigilant in adhering to our Illness guide-

lines. Please keep your children home if they are experiencing flu or influenza-like illness (fever with a cough or sore throat). Children should remain at home for at least 24 hours after fever is gone (fever-free without the use of a fever-reducing medicine.) If your child is without a fever, yet with symptoms that will interfere with classroom activities, for example, if the child has a continuous runny nose, persistent cough, fatigue, or the child needs to be restricted by not going outside, etc., then s/he should remain at home.

Cws newsletter september 2013  
Cws newsletter september 2013