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C L AU D I A WR Z EC I O N E K Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio



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L i nkedIn: https : //w w w. l i nkedi n. co m / in/ cl a udi a - wrzeci o nek /



09/2015 - Present R y e r s o n U n i v e r s i t y | To r o n t o , O N Bachelor of Architectural Science

09/2017 - Timber Fever Design-Build Competition - 4-day design-build project with a team of architecture/ engineering students

09/2011 - 06/2015 Cawthra Park Secondary School | Mississauga, ON Visual Arts Major i n Regional Program + Specialist High Skills Major in Arts & Culture + Honour Roll

Work Experience 05/2016 - Present Art Instructor at Visual Arts Mississauga - Summer camp and weekend instructor - Guest speaker for university portfolio pre p classes 06-08/2014 C o - o p Te r m w i t h M a i n t e n a n c e S e r v i c e s a t Peel District School Board - Created basic AutoCAD drawings - Organized and archived documentation

Affiliations 02/ 2018 - Present AIAS Mentor - Assisting two 1st/2nd year mentees 09/2017 - Present Freedom By Design Member - Currently working on Allan Gardens Rejuvenation with team 09/2015 - Present AIAS Member

Language Proficiency English - Native Polish - Native French - Basic

Te c h n i c a l S k i l l s 3D Modeling & Render: Revit 2017/ 2018 + BIM Rhinoceros 5.0 V- ray Sketch-Up

Graphic Presentation: Adobe InDesign CC Adobe Illustrator CC Adobe Photoshop CC AutoCAD 2016

Crafting: Physical model making Laser cutting Woodworking Hand sketching / painting


Wood-Works Research Cabin


C(r)ave Restaurant


To r o n t o A c a d e m y o f P e r f o r m i n g A r t s


Diagrid Distillery


Timber Fever Design-Build Competition 2017


Personal Artwork

Wood-Works Research Cabin Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto Year 1 Semester 2 Situated loosely in a large field, the concept relies on an orthagonal organization of spaces that creates a comfortable study space for the botanist client, within the contrasting natural landscape. The building is divided up into a work area and live area, as well as a transitional space that defines the boundaries of the two. This ensures a balance in their experience and use of the cabin. The selective bay windows signal important views out into the studied landscape, vegetation and continued open space.





Interior Render of Workspace


West-East Section

South Elevation


C(r)ave Restaurant Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto Year 2 Semester 1

This restaurant design acts as a connection of the home and the city. It connects certain points on the Nathan Phillips Square site, including: the pond, as the history, the stage, as the culture, and the City Hall, as Toronto itself. The chef’s restaurant, located at the northwest corner, is then the home in comfort of its surrounding environment.



New City Hall

Osgoode Hall

Peace Garden

East Elevation

Peace Garden

Osgoode Hall

New City Hall

The cave-like form is a play on our natural instincts, and serves as a carving out of the city into a protective and ambiguously familiar environment; here, the senses are experienced naturally.


Section Perspective W-E


Toronto Academy of Performing Arts Church St. and Shuter St., Toronto Year 2 Semester 2

This project depicts the movement and flow of the city in relationship to the art of dance. The building acts as a living organism, exposing the elements of structure and the movement of user bodies through the fluid facade. The skin of this building is composed of 3 “faces�, which are: translucent, opaque and transparent. The composition of these skins controls the views, as well as the amount of natural light that fall into the spaces.


West-East Section Perspective

From the street level, those passing by are able to see the silhouettes of the performers in some elevations, while others provide a clear view into the space thus eliminating any boundaries between the artist and the viewer; both are limitless and ambiguous in a way. This concept is supported by the interior of the building as well, where the studio spaces are placed behind glass on the inside and outside of the building, while the theatre and residential floors are more private from the interior, and requiring special access.


Dalhousie St.

Church St.

Shuter St.

Site Plan


Ground Floor Plan

Floor 2

Courtyard Render

The idea behind the various open spaces and intentional repetition, or breakage of, is that the users could break out into dance at any point. The building mimics their flexibility by allowing itself to be transformed into a performance space.

Floors 4-8


Experiential Section


West Elevation

South Elevation


Diagrid Distillery Mill St. and Trinity St., Toronto Year 3 Semester 1 This project aims to exhibit the program of the existing heritage and new distillery buildings, conceptually imitating the form of a whisky glass, as a gesture to the final step of the distilling process. This mass reinforces its presence on the site, within the historic Distillery District, and invites a fresh educational and experiential approach to the distilling process. On the south facade, the carved form works to pull people into the heart of the building, while maintaining the existing historic facade; to the north, this broken glass form is repeated in both buildings to form a larger public space for user-distillery interaction.


Trinity St. Mill St.

Site Plan


Interior Perspective of Distillery


Interior Perspective of Heritage Building Atrium

Ground Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan


North Elevation


South Elevation

Section W-E Section Perspective W-E


West Elevation


East Elevation

Section Perspective N-S

Section Perspective N-S


Heritage Building Entrance Wall Section


Timber Fever Design-Build Competition 2017 This project, programmed as a reading room, was designed by our team of architecture and engineering students to imitate the arrangement of book spines lined up side by side. These strong vertical elements are then expressed through the play of light. Inspired by our given objects, 2 styrofoam heads, the 2 separate spaces act as a flexible barrier allowing several users to experience the space at once, whether individually or by interacting.


Personal Artwork

“Taste I”




China Marker

Acrylic paint, Tissue paper

35 mm Film Photograph

“Taste II”

China Marker

Claudia Wrzecionek - Architecture Portfolio  

Ryerson University - Bachelor of Architectural Science

Claudia Wrzecionek - Architecture Portfolio  

Ryerson University - Bachelor of Architectural Science