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Inspiring Empowering Equipping MAY–SEPTEMBER 2012 training brochure

About CWR and Waverley Abbey House Through our wide range of seminars and courses, Bible notes, books and DVD resources, CWR’s vision is to enable you to apply God’s Word to everyday life and relationships. Waverley Abbey House, a beautiful Georgian house situated in tranquil surroundings, is the venue for our seminars and courses – a perfect place to come away and be equipped and spiritually refreshed. A number of our seminars and courses are also taken out to churches and other venues around the UK and overseas. 2

Waverley Training & Events, CWR, Waverley Abbey House, Waverley Lane, Farnham, Surrey GU9 8EP, UK Tel: +44 (0)1252 784719 Email: ‘Waverley Training & Events’ is part of CWR. CWR is a Limited Company registered in England – Registration No. 1990308. CWR is a Registered Charity – No. 294387

SPECIAL OFFERS ‘Early Bird’ Prices Do look out for these - they’ll give you 10% off the brochure price if you book and pay in advance (at least eight weeks for one-day courses and twelve weeks for longer courses). Group Booking Discount See page 15 for the special offer – book five places on a one-day course and get the sixth free! GIFT VOUCHERS How about giving a friend a gift voucher towards a course or event? Call +44 (0)1252 784719 to purchase.


From top left: Philip Greenslade, Andy Peck, Lynn Penson, Owen Ashley, Heather Churchill, Irene Davies, Andre Radmall, Mary Higginson. For information about all course tutors visit our website




Exile and Coming Home (Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Isaiah and the Gospels) Led by Philip Greenslade The Babylonian Exile, beginning in 597BC, was a key historical event. Over five evenings we will look at Old Testament prophetic responses to exile and come to a deeper appreciation of the ministry of Jesus in the light of national and spiritual exile. Exploring this theme will also shed light on our current Christian condition as ‘resident aliens’ in a post-Christendom world. Five Tuesday evenings 1-29 May (6.45 - 9.15pm) £60

‘The teaching was excellent as always.’

These one-day courses are designed for those who have been on our Big Story course and regular participants of Bible Discovery weekends. They will significantly extend your understanding of the Bible.

Going Home – the Parable of the Prodigal Father Thurs 10 May (9am – 4pm) £37.50 including lunch

Next course (see web for details) Thurs 11 September (9am – 4pm) £37.50 including lunch

Early Bird Price £33.75 (up to 17 July)



Refreshing Your View of the Bible Led by Philip Greenslade with Andy Peck and Elizabeth Hodkinson The Bible is a rich ‘library’ of different literary forms through which God used many authors over time to communicate His truth. In seeking to gain a life-changing understanding of the Bible’s overall message and its relevance to us today, we will use a lecture and workshop format to address topics such as:

bible discovery

Discovering More about God’s Story Led by Philip Greenslade

• The meaning of the first five books and how they shape God’s unfolding story • The centrality of the theme of kingship • Prophecy, Psalmody, wisdom literature and apocalyptic literature • Exodus, Exile, and AD70 as the turning points • Why the Gospels are written as they are • 10 things worth knowing about the OT and 10 more things worth knowing about the NT

Early Bird Price £382.50 Residential/£324 Non-residential (up to 11 May)

Case studies will enable us to examine more deeply books such as Hebrews and Revelation. Mon-Fri 23-27 July £425 Residential/£360 Non-residential


bible discovery


Future Bible Discovery Weekend:

Bible Discovery weekends are an invaluable opportunity to get deeper into the Bible and grasp more of the wonder of God’s story. Each weekend offers in-depth teaching, worship, fellowship and time for personal reflection in the beautiful surroundings of Waverley Abbey House.

David – the ‘man after God’s own heart’

Nothing Can Stop the Gospel Led by Philip Greenslade

How can we read, interpret and personally apply the Bible today? This broad overview of the Bible’s content, themes and priorities emphasizes the centrality of Christ as the heart of God’s revelation and will inspire you to go on discovering the riches of Scripture for the rest of your life. Thurs 20 September (9am – 4pm) £37.50 including lunch


The gospel of Jesus, powered by the Holy Spirit, leapt over all barriers to stake God’s kingdom claims in the heart of the Roman Empire – Rome itself. Gain confidence from key chapters of the Acts of the Apostles that the gospel can surmount any challenge posed by Western culture today. Fri-Sun 22-24 June £205 Residential/£150 Non-residential

Early Bird Price £184.50 Residential/£135 Non-residential (up to 11 May) 4

Fri-Sun 5-7 October

The Bible in a Day Led by Andy Peck

Early Bird Price £33.75 (up to 26 Jul)

CWR has been a pioneer of biblical pastoral care and counselling training for over 30 years. All our training is based on firm biblical foundations and integrates insights from the best contemporary models and practice. If you have a heart to help others, the best place to start is the five-day Introductory course (see below). You may then decide to go onto one of our longer and more specialised courses for pastoral care or counselling training. It is an exciting journey that will challenge, equip and help you grow personally and spiritually.

Introduction to Biblical Care and Counselling Led by Angie Coombes, Richard Laws and team 5 DAYS This five-day foundation course is an ideal way to


Are you a trained counsellor wanting to integrate your Christian world view into your professional work? This introductory course will provide an overview and basic working understanding of the Waverley Model and three phase approach to counselling, and include the opportunity for discussion of case studies. It will demonstrate how elements from cognitive, psychodynamic and person centred approaches can be integrated within the Waverley Model’s framework. Based on a Christian worldview and underpinned by a Christian anthropology, the course will encourage participants to consider ways of working with both Christian and nonChristian clients. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and for personal reflection on the material. It offers 25 hours of CPD for all participants. Mon-Thurs 6-9 August 2012 Starts at 11.30am on Monday and ends approximately 3pm on Thursday £450 Residential/£375 Non-residential

‘This is a life changing course which is delivered with passion and honesty. A must for anyone seeking to explore a possible Counselling Ministry.’

begin learning how to put your desire to help people into effective practice. You will be encouraged to reflect on your own life in the light of the biblical model presented before using the principles to help others. Our approach has transformed the lives of so many who have been on this course. Key features include: • The biblical basis for pastoral care and counselling • Essential facts every people-helper should know • Developing and sharpening your counselling skills • How to deal with life’s basic issues successfully • A step-by-step personal strategy for pastoral care and counselling Mon-Fri 28 May - 1 June | Mon-Fri 13-17 August £499 Residential/£439 Non-residential

Developing an Integrative Christian Approach to Counselling Led by Mary Higginson

pastoral care and counselling



pastoral care and counselling 6

INSIGHT DAYS These invaluable teaching days are designed both for those who would like to come for their own benefit and for others who seek to support people facing particular issues.

Helping Survivors of Childhood Sexual and/or Emotional Abuse Led by Heather Churchill

Below the surface – Understanding Eating Disorders Led by Helena Wilkinson This course will help you to understand the often hidden issues underlying eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating) and provide effective care and support. Sat 30 June (9am – 4.30pm) £50 including lunch

Survivors of such abuse often struggle with issues of shame, self-harm, flashbacks, troubling intrusive memories and spiritual difficulties. Exploring these issues, plus the ‘false memory syndrome’ controversy, will equip anyone seeking to help survivors in their process of recovery. (NB: CWR Diploma course graduates have already covered this material.) Fri 11 May (9am – 4.30pm) £50 including lunch

Early Bird Price £45 (up to 11 May)

Helping Families Heal

Early Bird Price £45 (up to 19 May)

Led by Andre Radmall Taking the Bible’s view of family relationships as potentially loving, faithful, nurturing and joyful, we will consider the reasons why this potential often fails to be fulfilled. Family Therapy techniques to help families think, relate and perceive themselves more positively will be explored, with particular emphasis on understanding communication patterns. Mon 21 May (9am – 4.30pm) £50 including lunch

Early Bird Price £45 (up to 11 May)

Insight into Self-harm Led by Chris Ledger This day will provide helpful insight into the roots and purposes of self-harming and enable you to encourage those who succumb to it to find new hope in God. Sat 14 July (9am – 4.30pm) £50 including lunch

Handling the Pressure Led by Beverley Shepherd With the aim of enabling us to understand the nature, causes and symptoms of stress and how we and others may learn to live as more stress-resilient sons and daughters of our Father, the day comprises 4 sessions: Rhythms of Grace, Spiritual Roots of Stress, Driven or Led?, Moving Forward. Sat 11 August (9am – 4.30pm) £50 including lunch

Early Bird Price £45 (up to 16 Jun)

Led by Peter Jackson We will consider together ‘the bereavement journey’ and how to cope with the pain and grief of loss, particularly of significant people in our lives, and practically support those struggling with loss. Taking a biblical perspective we will discover how God’s love can be found in the midst of loss. Note: Unsuitable for those bereaved in the previous three months. Sat 1 September (9am – 4.30pm) £50 including lunch

Early Bird Price £45 (up to 7 Jul)

‘Reminded me that my goal in life is to be more like Jesus.’ Are you wondering if counselling training is for you?

Counselling Training Open Afternoon

Led by Mick Brooks and Lynn Penson

Would you like to know more about any of the courses mentioned here? If so, then you are warmly invited to an Enquirers’ Afternoon, where you can meet the tutors and current students, and ask questions.

Too often we fail to recognise that the people around us are hurting inside. This seminar will help you to spot the signals and build rapport, recognising the awesome power of the right words. Troublesome thoughts can be handled as we understand the crucial role of the mind in producing spiritual change. Sat 23 June (9am – 4.30pm) £37.50 including lunch

Early Bird Price £33.75 (up to 11 May)

Fri 15 Jun (2 – 5pm) This event is FREE Prior booking required by telephone: 01252 784719

Caring God’s Way

pastoral care and counselling

Insight into Bereavement


pastoral care and counselling 8



Further information on all these courses, including details of entry qualifications, fees and awards,are available on our website or call +44 (0)1252 784731 Go online to find out more about our counselling tutors and hear from them personally.

BA (HONS) COUNSELLING Offering training to the highest professional standards within a proven Christian framework, this life-transforming four-year part-time programme is led by our CWR team of recognised university lecturers and highly experienced counselling practitioners who will ensure that you are equipped as graduates to practise, in line with expected voluntary regulation, at the leading edge of the counselling profession. The programme offers you the flexibility to study to whichever level you choose and to exit with awards validated by Roehampton University.

Certificate of Christian Counselling (ACC level 3) This one-year course, offered over one week and nine weekends at Waverley Abbey House, will equip you with the knowledge and skills for helping people within a clear biblical framework. It forms Year 1 of the BA Counselling Programme, and allows for progression in that programme if you subsequently choose that option.

CWR/LST COURSES AT LONDON SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY The Certificate of Christian Counselling and Diploma of Christian Counselling are each one-year courses, involving study on Wednesdays during term-time at LST plus three residential weekends at CWR. They provide excellent and thorough preparation for counselling and pastoral care, and together provide a foundation for transfer into Year 3 of CWR’s BA Counselling programme for those who want to take their studies further. The BA (Hons) in Theology and Counselling combines CWR’s counselling training with a theology course drawn from the wider programme of LST to provide a jointhonours degree course, validated by Middlesex University. Students may study to Certificate, Diploma or BA level. The MA in Integrative Psychotherapy is an innovative programme, based at LST and validated by Middlesex University, designed for all counsellors who want to develop the integration between a Christian worldview and their counselling practice at Masters level.

Christ Empowered Living Led by Mick and Lynette Brooks This life-changing seminar presents a biblical framework for self-discovery and personal revival based on CWR’s core teaching. In considering our deepest needs and how God has designed us to function, we can learn how to deal with troublesome emotions, depend more deeply on God and discover the true meaning of John 10:10. Wed 2 May (9am – 4.30pm) £37.50 including lunch

An opportunity to find answers to questions about why a loving God allows suffering and how faith can be strengthened in the face of it. Bishop Michael Baughen discusses his book The One Big Question and will be open to questions Believers and non-believers alike are invited to consider a topic of wide concern. Wed 6 June (6.30 - 9pm) £12 including refreshments

Managing Your Time Led by Andy Peck An opportunity to reassess your life and refocus your time and talents. Enhance your Christian walk and your positive impact within God’s world as you: • explore a biblical view of time • seek His perspective on life • learn to use time in ways that suit your temperament and circumstances • overcome guilt Thurs 7 June (6.30 - 9pm) £12 including refreshments


Help! I Want to Read Event the Bible Led by Andy Peck with Lynette Brooks You will be given reading tips to help you enjoy your journey through the Bible’s 66 books, gaining insight into the characters and cultures of ancient times and growing spiritually on the way. You will also be introduced to the variety of CWR materials designed to encourage individual Bible reading. Wed 26 September (6.30 - 9pm) This event is FREE

Summer Evenings for Home Groups Led by Elizabeth Hodkinson

Free Event

An opportunity for church home groups to take a break from their usual programmes and to join together with other home groups in the lovely surroundings of Waverley Abbey House for worship, fellowship and teaching. The two evenings will have a common theme ‘Reading the book that Jesus read’ – and together will form a mini-series though each evening will be self-standing. Wed 13 and 27 June (7.15 - 9.30pm) These events are Free

‘Encouraged me to continue reviewing my priorities and ask myself questions.’

The God of Love in a World of Suffering An evening with Bishop Michael Baughen





Money Matters Led by Stephen and Rosalyn Derges

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts Led by Andy Peck

Discover how to handle your resources God’s way and help others facing this challenge. Key considerations include: • Why and how we spend - cultural, social and psychological influences • Purposeful living,  wise choices, decisionmaking and personal responsibility • Personal fulfilment and values - understanding money as it relates to self-worth • Biblical principles • Financial prudence, budgeting and monitoring • Avoiding common pitfalls Sat 14 July (9am – 4pm) £37.50 including lunch

Begin a potentially life-transforming journey of discovery by considering such questions as: • What are ‘spiritual gifts’? • How do we discover the gifts we have? • Are our gifts ‘fixed’? • How and where could they be used? • Why can they sometimes be divisive? • What if our church does not encourage their use? Thurs 6 September (9.30am – 4pm) £37.50 including lunch

Early Bird Price £33.75 (up to 19 May)

Understanding Yourself, Understanding Others

Early Bird Price £33.75 (up to 12 Jul)

MBTI® MBTI® BASIC WORKSHOP Led by Lynn and Andrew Penson 10

The Myers Briggs® Type Indicator (MBTI®) is an effective tool for exploring inborn preferences and differences to help develop greater awareness and appreciation of our own and others’ God-created uniqueness. This introduction will enable you to build more godly relationships and enjoy a less stressful and more rewarding life. Sat 15 September (9am – 5pm) £55 including lunch and materials

Early Bird Price £49.50 (up to 21 July)

Marriage on Track Led by Lynn and Andrew Penson


Growing as They Grow Led by Rachel Causey An opportunity to reflect on how to keep a godly perspective and continue to grow spiritually through the challenging early years of being parents. We will consider expectations of parenthood, emotional highs and lows, ‘pressure points’, and how our parenting experience can help us to understand more of God as our parent. Sat 21 July (9.30am – 4pm) £37.50 including lunch

Early Bird Price £175.50 per person (up to 11 May)

Early Bird Price £33.75 (up to 26 May)

Living Singly for God’s Glory Led by Julia Morgan

Career Changes and Choices Led by Stephen and Rosalyn Derges

Whatever our circumstances life can be a fulfilling adventure in Christ. We will consider together whether singleness is a calling, a gift or an endurance test! Looking at examples of well-known single people demonstrating Christ-empowered living will help us discover where and how to find our self-worth, security and significance. Sat 18 August (9.30am – 4pm) £37.50 including lunch

This course aims to help those facing uncertainty or change at work understand the dynamics and practical issues of employment , and how to balance the expectations of both employers and employees. Issues considered include facing redundancy, managing change, returning to work and seeking new career opportunities. Fri 28 September (9am – 4pm) £37.50 including lunch

Early Bird Price £33.75 (up to 23 Jun)

Early Bird Price £33.75 (up to 3 Aug)

Enjoy a weekend together in beautiful surroundings offering the opportunity to consider what Christian marriage means and explore topics such as communication, handling conflict, sexual intimacy, expressing love and understanding your partner with the help of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. Celebrate your marriage with a romantic dinner a deux on Saturday evening! Fri-Sun 29 June - 1 July £195 per person (Residential)


Life Points – living life to the full at all ages and stages


leadership heading

LEADERSHIP Preaching with Colour Led by Andy Peck Sermons come alive with illustrations and stories that add colour to our words. In addition to considering how Jesus uses stories, you will learn how to collect your own ideas and how to use illustrations and humour effectively. You will also evaluate the use of multi-media such as film clips. Thurs 14 June (9.30am – 4pm) £37.50 including lunch

Early Bird Price £33.75 (up to 11 May)

Leading Yourself Church Leaders’ Forum Led by Andy Peck and Philip Greenslade 12

This day of teaching, discussion and workshops will consider ways to resource ourselves through the means God gives us, including the various spiritual disciplines, time with friends, developing good reading and study habits and a ministry rhythm that enables us to remain fresh and vibrant for the long haul. Thurs 5 July (10am – 3pm) £12.50 including lunch

Mentoring Others Led by Peter Jackson Mentoring can be a powerful means of enabling others to grow spiritually. This course will envision and equip you to serve others in this way. Through it discover the biblical roots of mentoring and explore its scope for developing people. You will get to grips with the practicalities and enjoy learning from others’ experience. Tues 10 July (9.30am – 4pm) £37.50 including lunch

Early Bird Price £33.75 (up to 15 May)


Small Group Event Leaders’ Evening Led by Andy Peck with a presentation by Lynette Brooks Learn more about pastoring a small group with other church leaders. CWR’s many resources in the form of publications and DVDS designed for small group use will be available for you to investigate and purchase with a view to refreshing your vision and helping you to do the job better. Wed 11 July (6.30– 9pm) This event is Free

Reaching Teenagers Led by Andy Peck and Martin Saunders Do you want to reach today’s teenagers? Martin Saunders, Director of Children and Families at Premier Radio and the former editor of Youthwork, brings a unique insight drawn from situations across the UK  including trends shaping teenagers’ lives, views held by the Church on teenagers and vice versa, evaluation of strategies for reaching teenagers, and ways to connect effectively with them. Thurs 13 September (9.30am – 4pm) £37.50 including lunch

Early Bird Price £33.75 (up to 19 Jul)

Our INSET courses are designed for teachers, head teachers, governors and those in or going into the education profession. They offer a range of opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in a variety of aspects of teaching and learning. All courses will be led by acknowledged experts.

Effective RE Teaching Equipping the Non-Specialist Led by Lorraine Abbott

This day aims to help you recognise Christianity as the very foundation of all that education seeks to achieve. We will consider:

The course aims to explore the role of the RE teacher and how we may effectively fulfil this role and meet the needs of all our students. We will:

• The place of a Christian school in a multi-faith society • Fundamental issues of education • Christianity’s unique contribution to education • Timeless lessons from God’s Word about living in a multi-faith society • This course is suitable for teachers, heads, governors and chaplains.

• Explore the role of the RE teacher • Develop a range of strategies to engage students actively in lessons • Develop an understanding of how AFL can be used effectively to ensure progress by each student • Identify ways to incorporate levels of attainment into lessons for use by students

Wed 27 June (9am – 4pm) £70 including lunch

This course is suitable for primary and secondary teachers Wed 4 July 2012 (9am – 3.30pm) £70 including lunch

Early Bird Price £63 (up to 11 May)

Early Bird Price £63 (up to 9 May)

Education: A Christian Undertaking? Led by Robert Jackson




women at waverley 14

WOMEN AT WAVERLEY These special events, designed for women of all ages and walks of life, offer opportunities to find God and get to know Him more deeply. Come and enjoy outstanding teaching, inspiring worship, warm fellowship and good food. 5 DAYS Woman to Woman TRAINING COURSE Led by Lynn Penson and Rosalyn Derges with guest speakers including Jeannette Barwick and Philip Greenslade This unique course is designed for women of all ages who want to help and minister to other women, whether on a one-to-one basis, leading a small group or with responsibility for a church or area–wide group. The course is brimming with opportunities to learn and grow as you understand more about yourself and explore your gifts, vision, spirituality and abilities. Key features include: • Establishing biblical foundations • Developing vision and goals • Identifying your spiritual gifting • Recognising the influences of personality; your own and others, using MBTI ® • Discerning God’s design and purposes for women • Understanding the root of people’s problems and how to help them • Developing godly leadership • Listening to God • Facilitating women’s groups and events And so much more! Mon-Fri 16-20 July £425.00 Residential/£360.00 Non-residential

Early Bird Price £382.50 Residential/£324.00 Non-residential (up to 11 May)

WEEKENDS OF SPIRITUAL REFRESHING Retreat from the pressures of everyday life and draw closer to God in the beautiful surroundings of Waverley Abbey House.

In His Presence



Led by Lynn Penson and Rosalyn Derges ‘Few delights can equal the mere presence of one whom we fully trust.’ (George MacDonald). Take this opportunity to consider what the great gift of God’s presence means by spending time in His presence through worship, teaching and quiet reflection. Enjoy company with one another and,most importantly, with God. Fri-Sun 28-30 September £195 Residential/ £142.50 Non-residential

Early Bird Price £175.50 Residential / £128.25 Non-residential (up to 6 Jul) For full information about Women at Waverley courses and to book places, visit or call +44 (0)1243 784719

‘Excellent course - I think churches should endorse it.’

Online Booking Most day/evening courses can be booked online at and, for all other courses, booking forms can be downloaded from our website. Booking by Telephone Most day, evening and weekend courses can be booked over the phone – call +44 (0)1252 784719. For other courses we can send you a booking form on request. Special Group Booking Offer Book five places, get the sixth FREE!* The offer applies to one-day courses, for each group of six booked at one time. *Offer cannot be used in conjunction with the Early Bird prices or any other offer.


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Cancellations Day/evening events are non-refundable. For courses one weekend and longer, should you cancel your booking, we offer the following refunds on the balance (deposit non-refundable): ten weeks or more prior to event = 60%; six weeks or more prior to event = 40%; two to five weeks or more prior to event = 20%; less than two weeks prior to event = Nil. We strongly recommend that you consider taking out insurance to cover the possibility of such a cancellation. CWR’s Terms and Conditions CWR reserves the right to cancel an event due to unforeseen circumstances or low numbers, in which case fees are fully refundable. However, CWR is not liable for other expenses the applicant may have incurred. CWR also reserves the right to refuse registration to anyone it considers unsuitable for a course. All courses, dates and prices correct at time of going to press and may be subject to change. Accommodation Bedrooms are shared and are en-suite. A list of local Bed and Breakfast accommodation is available on request. Mobility Waverley is a listed (Grade 2*) property and the first floor (where courses are held) and the second and third floors (where bedrooms are located) are reached by stairs only. Therefore those with significant mobility challenges may not be able to access these floors.

Detailed travel directions are available on request or at

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Payment Arrangements For day, evening and weekend events the full fee is payable on booking. For courses longer than one weekend a £100 deposit or the full fee is payable on application. The deposit amount is non-refundable once CWR has confirmed your booking in writing. The balance of the fee must be paid at least six weeks prior to the event or in full on application if you are applying later than this. Different terms apply to courses on page 8. Please note there is a 3% surcharge on payments by credit card.

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2012 calendar

MAY 1-29 2 10

Exile and Coming Home (5 Tuesday evenings) Christ Empowered Living Coming Home – the Parable of the Prodigal Father 11 Helping Survivors of Childhood Sexual and/or Emotional Abuse 21 Helping Families Heal 28-1 Jun Introduction to Biblical Care and Counselling

JUNE 6 16

16-20 21 23-27

Woman to Woman Training Course Growing as They Grow Refreshing Your View of the Bible

AUGUST 6-9 11 13-17 18 20-24 20-21

Developing an integrative Christian Approach to Counselling Handling the Pressure Introduction to Biblical Care and Counselling Living Singly for God’s Glory BA Counselling Yr 1 begins Certificate of Christian Counselling begins

The God of Love in a World of Suffering – An evening with Bishop Michael Baughen 7 Managing Your Time 13,27 Home Group Evenings 14 Preaching with Colour 15 Counselling Training Open Afternoon 22-24 Nothing Can Stop the Gospel Bible Discovery Weekend 23 Caring God’s Way 27 Education: A Christian Undertaking? 29-1 July Marriage on Track 30 Below the Surface – Understanding Eating Disorders

20 26 28 28-30





5 10 11 14 14

Effective RE Teaching – Equipping the Non-specialist Church Leaders’ Forum Mentoring Others Small Group Leaders’ Evening Insight into Self-harm Money matters


Personality and Spirituality (building on MBTI® basic)

NOVEMBER 8 3 10 15-16 19-21 19-23 30

Preachers’ Workshop Christians @ Work Deeper Insights into MBTI® The Constant Leader Revelation Introduction to Biblical Care and Counselling How to Help Couples with Troubled Marriages

SEPTEMBER 1 6 11 14 15

6 16 18 24

Insight into Bereavement Discovering Your Basic Gifts Discovering More about God’s Story Reaching Teenagers Understanding Yourself, Understanding Others (MBTI® Basic) The Bible in a Day Help! I Want to Read the Bible Career Changes and Choices In His Presence (Women’s Weekend)

David – the man ‘after God’s own heart’ – Bible Discovery weekend Insight into Depression Women’s Autumn Day Developing Pastoral Care (Part 1 begins) Depression and Anxiety - Helping Teenagers with Hidden Problems

25th Anniversary Celebrations at Waverley House 7-9 Sept Refer to our website for more details All courses and events are held at Waverley Abbey House, Farnham, Surrey, UK unless otherwise indicated. Waverley Training and Events, CWR, Waverley Abbey House, Waverley Lane, Farnham, Surrey GU9 8EP, UK Tel: 01252 784719 Email: