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January–July 2011

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In addition to our well-established programme, we now offer a number of exciting new opportunities to enrich your life and enable you to help others grow. We have just launched the UK’s first single honours BA degree in Counselling taught from a Christian world-view (p.12). This unique venture fully represents CWR’s distinctive and well-established Christian approach to counselling and helping people pastorally. Also new are Foundations of Biblical Care (p.10) and a fiveday presentation of our ever-popular course, The Big Story – Genesis to Revelation (p.6). I can also give you advance notice of Developing Pastoral Care, a new course beginning 16 September – visit for further details. Whether you come to deepen your understanding of the Bible, to be equipped to help others or to find personal challenge or spiritual refreshment, we look forward to welcoming you to Waverley.

Mick Brooks, Chief Executive

SPECIAL OFFERS ‘Early Bird’ Prices Do look out for these – they’ll give you 10% off the brochure price if you book and pay in advance (at least eight weeks for one-day courses and at least twelve weeks for longer courses).


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Group Booking Discount See page 23 for the special offer — book five places on a one-day course and get the sixth free! GIFT VOUCHERS How about giving a friend a gift voucher towards a course or event? Call +44 (0)1252 784719 to purchase.

About CWR and Waverley Abbey House Through our wide range of seminars and courses, Bible notes, books and DVD resources, CWR’s vision is to enable you to apply God’s Word to everyday life and relationships. Waverley Abbey House, a beautiful Georgian house situated in tranquil surroundings, is the venue for our seminars and courses. It is a perfect place for you to come away to be equipped and spiritually refreshed. A number of our seminars and courses are also taken out to churches around the UK and overseas. Waverley Training & Events, CWR, Waverley Abbey House, Waverley Lane, Farnham, Surrey GU9 8EP, UK Tel: +44 (0)1252 784719 Email:

Waverley Training & Events is part of CWR. CWR is a Limited Company registered in England – Registration No. 1990308. CWR is a Registered Charity – No. 294387

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The Bible in a Day Love Divine, All Loves Excelling – Exploring the First Letter of John God’s Empowering Presence – the Holy Spirit in the Letters of Paul

5 5 6

The Big Story – Genesis to Revelation 6 Exile and Coming Home


Discovering More About God’s Story 7 Israel Bible Land Tour


PASTORAL CARE AND COUNSELLING Helping Survivors of Childhood Sexual and/or Emotional Abuse


Helping Couples with Troubled Marriages



Understanding Yourself, Understanding Others


Counselling Training in Singapore


Personality and Spirituality


BA (Hons) Counselling


A Day Together


Preparation for Marriage


Introduction to Biblical Counselling

Waverley Certificate of Christian Counselling


Supervision of Christian Counselling Levels 1&2 12 CWR/LST Certificate/Diploma of Christian Counselling

LEADERSHIP The Leader’s Vital Breath: Church Leaders’ Forum


Mentoring Others


CWR/LST Certificate, Diploma and BA (Hons) in Theology and Counselling 13

Ideas for Small Group Leaders


Lead Like Jesus


CWR/LST MA in Integrative Psychotherapy

From Bible Text to Engaging Sermon 18



Reaching and Keeping Teenagers


Nurturing Kingdom Values in Schools 19



WOMEN at waverley

Prayer Evening


True Confidence

20 20

Successfully Navigating the Teenage Years


Christ Empowered Living


Woman to Woman

Insight into Perfectionism


How to Meditate on the Bible


You Prepare a Table Before Me

Insight into Assertiveness


Spiritual Formation


Intimacy with God


Summer Evening for Women

22 22


Foundations of Biblical Care Caring God’s Way Pastoring Those on the Fringe



Faith, Hope, Love and Everything in Between



The Guided Life


Seminars that we can bring to your church


Day of Reflection


How to Book


2011 Calendar


Deepening Our Security in God


Counselling Training Enquirers’ Days 11



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CWR tutors (Pictured from left to right) Philip Greenslade BA, BD, MTh Having originally trained for the Baptist ministry at Spurgeon’s College, Philip has over thirty years’ experience in Christian ministry. Alongside being a senior tutor at CWR, he is Consulting Editor for CWR’s Cover to Cover Every Day. He is a highly respected theologian and his books include Voice from the Hills, Leadership and Ministering Angles (all published by CWR). Andy Peck BSc (Hons), MTh Andy has served in pastoral ministry in three churches in the south of England and more recently worked as an editor with Christianity magazine. Now a tutor for CWR, Andy has authored Coached by Christ and A Life to Die For and co-authored Closing the Back Door of the Church (all published by CWR). 4

Lynn Penson BA (Hons), PGCE, Diploma in Christian Counselling (CWR) Lynn brings to her tutoring role a background in theology, education, counselling training and MBTI professional training, also having lectured at Bible college. Her role at CWR encompasses the women’s ministry, marriage courses, MBTI and pastoral care training and days of reflection. COUNSELLING TRAINING TEAM Owen Ashley BSc (Hons), MA (Couns), MBACP (Snr. Accred), PG Cert HE, ACC Accred. Counsellor & Supervisor Owen is a CWR Counselling Tutor both at London School of Theology and at

Waverley. He worked as a counsellor in a General Medical Practice for many years and currently has a private counselling practice. Owen is currently undertaking a PhD, researching CWR’s Waverley counselling model. Heather Churchill BA (Hons, Brunel), Theology and Counselling, MTh, MBACP (Snr. Accred), ACC (Accred) Heather is CWR’s Head of Counselling Training. She has many years’ experience as a counsellor, supervisor and trainer and is accredited with both BACP and ACC. Heather also has a small private clinical practice where she specialises in counselling adults who have been sexually abused in childhood. Irene Davies BA (Hons) in Theology and Counselling, MHM Irene tutors at both Waverley and London School of Theology and is a Member of BACP (MBACP). She has a private counselling practice and is a Counselling Supervisor. She originally trained as a nurse and a midwife and worked in the NHS for twenty years, latterly with responsibility for the development of maternity services. Andre Radmall BA (Hons), MSc, MA Most of Andre’s career has been in mental health, with social services, adolescent units and, more recently, managing an eating disorders unit. He has trained as a psychotherapist and has a private practice. Andre is a CWR Counselling Tutor both at London School of Theology and at Waverley.

Alongside the CWR tutors, the courses are led by a team of part-time presenters and guest speakers.

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An expanded programme in support of

The Bible in a Day


the 2011 Biblefresh initiative which seeks Led by Andy Peck

Bible Discovery weekends are an

‘to encourage and inspire churches

This day will enable you to read and

invaluable opportunity to get deeper

across the UK to a greater confidence

interpret the complex library of

into the Bible and grasp more of the

and appetite for the Word of God’.

books we know as the Bible so that

wonder of God’s story. Each weekend

God’s Word can work to maximum

offers in-depth teaching, worship,

effect in your life. A broad overview

fellowship and time for personal

of the Bible’s content, themes and

reflection in the beautiful surroundings

priorities will be taken, from Genesis

of Waverley Abbey House.

bible discovery


to Revelation, with emphasis on the You will be inspired to discover its

Love Divine, All Loves Excelling Exploring the First Letter of John

treasure for the rest of your life.

Led by Philip Greenslade

*Sat 5 February or **Wed 11 May

What does it mean to love and be loved

(9am – 4pm)

by God? Over the weekend you will

centrality of Christ in God’s revelation.

£35 including lunch

address this question as we study the

Early Bird Price £31.50 (*up to 11 Dec 2010;**up to 16 Mar)

First Letter of John. You will discover the nature of ‘true life’ in a virtual reality world, recognise ‘God-light’ as why love is not God, and be encouraged in the ‘faith that overcomes the world’. Fri–Sun 8–10 April £199 Residential/£140 Non-residential

Early Bird Price £179.10 Residential/ £126 Non-residential (up to 14 Jan)

the real ‘Enlightenment’, understand


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bible discovery

• Relating our personal stories to God’s bigger story You will learn to participate more fully and effectively in God’s eternal purposes and help others to play their part too. Mon–Fri 21–25 March

God’s Empowering Presence – the Holy Spirit in the Letters of Paul


Led by Philip Greenslade

Led by Philip Greenslade

God is present with His people

The Bible is a story, the story of

today in the empowering Person

God – a lively, surprising, compelling

of the Holy Spirit! As we reflect on

story, full of interesting characters,

passages in Galatians, Romans,

that continues to be acted out to this

The Big Story – Genesis to Revelation

£375 Residential/£275 Non-residential

Early Bird Price £337.50 Residential/ £247.50 Non-residential (up to 27 Dec)


First and Second Corinthians and

day through His Church. Join us on

Exile and Coming Home (Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel and Isaiah)

Ephesians we will discover how to

an exciting journey to explore the

Led by Philip Greenslade

discern false forms of spirituality,

structure that lies below it and the

The Babylonian Exile, beginning in

experience the Spirit of new creation

saving plan of God which arches over it.

597BC, was a key historical event.

and new covenant, understand

Key features include:

Over a series of eight evenings we will

the charismatic gifts and how they

• The fitting together of the five

look at prophetic responses to exile

operate, and enjoy Spirit-inspired

interlocking stories – of God, Jesus,

in Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel

hope for God’s future.

the world, Israel, ourselves

and Isaiah, and come to a deeper

Fri–Sun 1–3 July

• The implementing of God’s Kingdom

understanding of the ministry of Jesus

£199 Residential/£140 Non-residential

Rule in history through a series of

in the light of national and spiritual

Early Bird Price £179.10 Residential/ £126 Non-residential (up to 8 April)

covenants culminating in Jesus and

exile. Exploring the theme of exile will

the New Creation

also shed light on our current Christian


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Christendom world.

Experience the Bible

Nine Tuesday evenings 3 May – 28 June

Israel Bible Land Tour with Richmond World Holidays

• Caesarea, Nazareth and the Sea


Early Bird Price £81 (up to 8 Mar)

Led by Andy Peck

• Galilee and the Golan Heights

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus and

• The Jordan Valley to Jerusalem


of Galilee

Discovering More About God’s Story

see the Bible ‘come alive’ as we take

• Jerusalem, the Old City

a fascinating journey through the

• The Dead Sea and Masada

Led by Philip Greenslade

Holy Land. Touring in an executive air

• Jerusalem, the New City

Designed for those who have been

conditioned coach with local English

• The ancient port of Jaffa

on our Big Story course and regular

speaking guides and staying in quality

Thurs 26 May – Fri 3 June 2011

participants of Bible Discovery

4 star hotels, we will visit:

£798 (excluding flights)

bible discovery

condition as ‘resident aliens’ in a post-

weekends, these courses will further extend your understanding of the Bible.

Full info/bookings:

Mon 23 May (9am – 4pm)


£35 including lunch


Early Bird Price £31.50 (up to 28 Mar)

T: 020 3004 2661 7

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pastoral care and counselling

PASTORAL CARE AND COUNSELLING INSIGHT DAYS These invaluable teaching days are designed both for those who would like to come for themselves and for others who seek to support people facing these issues.

Helping Survivors of Childhood Sexual and/or Emotional Abuse

Helping Couples with Troubled Marriages

Led by Heather Churchill

Led by Heather and Ian Churchill

Childhood sexual abuse often leaves

This day will introduce those involved

survivors struggling with issues

in pastoral care and counselling and

of shame, self-harm, flashbacks,

others to the skills – and challenges

troubling intrusive memories and

– involved in helping couples with

difficulties in their relationship with

relationship difficulties. Based on

God. Exploring these issues, plus the

an understanding of God’s original

‘false memory syndrome’ controversy,

design for marriage, you will be

this Insight Day will equip anyone

equipped to help couples in regard

seeking to help survivors along the

to communication, sexuality, finance,

road to recovery. (NB, CWR Waverley

roles and responsibilities.

Diploma course graduates have

Fri 8 April (9am – 4.30pm)

already covered this material.)

£45 including lunch

Fri 4 February (9am – 4.30pm)

Early Bird Price £40.50 (up to 11 Feb)

£45 including lunch

Early Bird Price £40.50 (up to 10 Dec)


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Insight into Perfectionism

Insight into Assertiveness

Led by Chris Ledger

Led by Chris Ledger

Led by Owen Ashley

Perfectionism can be mistaken for

Do you often say ‘yes’ when you really

This course will introduce people to

Christian holiness and, instead of

want to say ‘no’? Acquiring the skill of

a variety of theoretical and practical

helping us to grow into wholeness,

assertiveness sets us free from fear

approaches to understanding and

leave us as emotional neurotics. This

of confrontation and guilt avoidance,

responding to ‘typical’ teenage

Insight Day will help you to identify

enabling us to value ourselves and

development issues, drawing on Owen’s and understand perfectionism and

others and set appropriate boundaries.

well-established Human Growth and

overcome it as you learn to find your

This course will help you to find a

Development Course. Topics covered

identity and security in God rather

balanced way of living, a better sense

will include teenage transitions (viewed

than being perfect, and allow Him to

of identity and confidence to be the

through the lens of Transactional

accept and love the Real You.

person God wants you to be.

Analysis), teenage love (in terms of

Mon 27 June (9am – 4.30pm)

Sat 23 July (9am – 4.30pm)

Sternberg’s ‘Triangular Love Theory’),

£45 including lunch

£45 including lunch

cross-cultural teenage experiences, and Early Bird Price £40.50 (up to 2 May) the ‘Teenage Syndrome’ (various issues related to adolescence). Parenting styles will also be considered.

Early Bird Price £40.50 (up to 28 May)

pastoral care and counselling

Successfully Navigating the Teenage Years

Tues 10 May (9am – 4.30pm)

Early Bird Price £40.50 (up to 15 Mar)

£45 including lunch


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pastoral care and counselling

Deepening Our Security in God

skills as you reflect on your local

how to build rapport. You will learn

Led by Stuart and Marilyn Checkley

church’s care in the light of Scripture.

about the awesome power of the right

The need for security, like all our basic

The course will include:

words, the crucial role of the mind in

needs, is best met in relationship, firstly

• The vision and importance of

producing spiritual change and how to

with Christ and, secondly, with our

pastoral care

help people change their troublesome

closest friends and family. Drawing on

• Care within a discipleship framework

thinking for the better.

testimonies, Scripture and psychology,

• The role care plays in church growth

Sat 7 May (9am – 4.30pm)

we will explore ways to find wholeness,

• Forming and being part of a pastoral

£35 including lunch

for ourselves and others, through

care team

practising the presence of God, praying

• How you can communicate better

for the healing of the effects of early

• Assessing your church’s

separation from mother and ‘feeding’ on the goodness of God through the sacrament of Communion.

pastoral care • Developing approaches for the long haul

Early Bird Price £31.50 (up to 12 Mar)

Pastoring Those on the Fringe Led by Hugo Anson and Andy Peck People who, for various reasons, are on the way in or out of a local church,

Fri 11 March (9am – 4.30pm)

Mon–Fri 28 March – 1 April

can be challenging people to care

£35 including lunch

£455 Residential/£395 Non-residential

for, but they make up an increasing

Early Bird Price £31.50 (up to 14 Jan)

Early Bird Price £409.50 Residential/ £355.50 Non-residential (up to 3 Jan)

number of the people in church on any

Foundations of Biblical Care

given Sunday. Drawing on the insights of leaders of a number of community-

Led by Andy Peck, Philip Greenslade and Lynn Penson

Caring God’s Way

based projects in the UK and overseas,

Led by Mick Brooks and Lynn Penson

we will consider how Jesus related to

Pastoral care plays a significant role

How often do we encounter someone

‘fringe people’ and learn how we can

in church growth. Join with others

harbouring deep hurts, and never know

relate to and care for them in our day.

in exploring the fundamentals of

it, all because we fail to spot the signals

Wed 25 May (9.30am – 4pm)

caring for people in your church and

that reveal pain or discouragement.

£35 including lunch

community. Get God’s perspective on

This powerful seminar will show you

Early Bird Price £31.50 (up to 30 Mar)

pastoral care and develop your caring

how to recognise these signals and


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27/10/10 11:49:05

care training and even experience a

CWR has been a pioneer of biblical

Sat 15 Jan (10am – 1pm) or Sat 21 May (2–5pm)

pastoral care and counselling training

These events are FREE

for over thirty years. All our training

Prior booking required by telephone:

Mon–Fri 14–18 February or 4–8 April or

is based on firm biblical foundations

01252 784719

20–24 June

counselling training taster session.

If you have a heart to help others,

successfully • A clear step-by-step strategy for pastoral care and counselling

£499 Residential/£439 Non-residential

and integrates insights from the best contemporary models and practice.

• How to deal with life’s basic issues

Introduction to Biblical Counselling

Introduction course (see below). You

Led by Angie Coombes, Richard Laws and team

may then decide to go onto one of

If you have a heart to help others, but

Full info/To apply visit or call

our longer courses for counselling

are wondering how, then this five-day

+44 (0)1252 784731 for an application form

training. It is an exciting journey that

foundation course is ideal for you. You

will challenge, equip and help you grow

will be helped to reflect on your own

personally and spiritually.

life in the light of the biblical model

the best place to start is the five-day

to help others. This approach has transformed the lives of so many who

Are you wondering if counselling

have been on this course.

Mon–Fri 14–18 March 2011

training is for you? Would you like

Key features include:

The second level in our international

to know more about our counselling

• The biblical basis for pastoral care

four-part counselling training

training and our NEW BA degree programme? If so, then you are warmly invited to an Enquirer’s Day when you can meet the tutors, ask any questions about our counselling and pastoral

and counselling • Essential facts every people-helper should know • Developing and sharpening your counselling skills

programme. Contact us for further courses in Singapore in 2011. Full info/To book visit or email

Counselling Training Enquirers’ Days

Counselling Training in Singapore The Process of Biblical Counselling – PBC 2

presented, before using the principles

pastoral care and counselling



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pastoral care and counselling

• Years 1–3: Diploma of Higher

people. You will be encouraged in your

Education (Dip HE)

personal and spiritual growth and the

• Years 1–4: BA (Hons)

insights that you gain will impact both

Students may apply for direct entry

your own life and those you are called to


to Years 2, 3 or 4 on the basis of

serve. The course is the same as Year 1

Programme Leader – Heather Churchill

qualifications and life experience

of the BA in Counselling programme

This new four-year part-time programme,

already gained.

(see above). You may complete this as a stand-alone course and gain an

the UK’s first single-honours BA degree in Counselling taught from a Christian

Years 1 and 2: Commence August

internal Waverley award – the ‘Waverley

world-view, offers training to the highest

2011. Each year comprises one week

Certificate of Christian Counselling’.

professional standards within a strong

plus nine weekends.

August 2011 – June 2012. One week plus nine

Christian framework. The programme

Year 3: Commences October 2011.


is led by a team of lecturers and

Two one-week blocks plus four

Full info/Fees/To apply visit

counselling practitioners who bring a


or call +44 (0)1252 784731

high level of experience, expertise and

Year 4: Commences August 2011.

professionalism. You will be equipped

Two one-week blocks plus six

with a well-proven biblical framework for


Supervision of Christian Counselling

counselling, a wealth of insight and skills

Full info/Fees/To apply

Led by Heather Churchill

and you will be encouraged in your own

visit or

Designed for experienced counsellors

personal and spiritual growth.

call +44 (0)1252 784731

who have trained to at least DipHE (Level 5).

The programme offers you the flexibility

Level 1: Thurs–Fri 9–10 June 2011

validated awards:

Waverley Certificate of Christian Counselling (ACC Level 3)

• Years 1–2: Certificate of Higher

Led by Irene Davies and team

Please email or call

This course will equip you with a

+44 (0)1252 784731 for further information.

to study to whichever level you choose and to exit with the following University-

Education (Cert HE)

Level 2: Thurs–Fri 7–8 July 2011 Levels 3 and 4 will be run in 2012.

firm biblical foundation for helping


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27/10/10 11:49:05

Theology to provide a joint-honours

Led by Owen Ashley and team


degree course, validated by Middlesex Starts September 2011 at London School

Waverley Diploma of Christian Counselling, Part 1

of Theology

Led by Richard Pickles, Lynne Bertie and team

MA in Integrative Psychotherapy

Broadly similar to Years 1 and 2 of the

Led by Janet Penny

BA programme (see opp.), these courses

An innovative programme, validated

will give you excellent and thorough

by Middlesex University, designed for

preparation for counselling and pastoral

all counsellors who want to develop

care. Having completed the Diploma

the integration between a Christian

course you may continue your training

world-view and their counselling

by applying to join Year 3 of the BA in

practice, at Masters degree level. Open

Counselling at Waverley Abbey House.

to all graduates with at least a DipHE

Each course: Wednesdays, September 2011 –

counselling qualification. Full-time and

June 2012 plus three residential weekends at

part-time possibilities available.

Waverley Abbey House

Starts September 2011 at London School of Theology

This programme combines CWR’s counselling training with a theology course drawn from the wider programme of London School of

Full info/Fees/To apply visit or call +44 (0)1252 784731

Certificate, Diploma and BA (Hons) in Theology and Counselling

pastoral care and counselling


Waverley Certificate of Christian Counselling


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life and discipleship

LIFE AND DISCIPLESHIP Bread for Life Two-day Reflective Event

prayers on how we can get alongside

Led by Lynn Penson with input from Andy Peck

Thurs 10 March (6.30–9.15pm)

Take time out to reflect, refresh and

in advance.

people and attract them to Jesus. This is a FREE event. Please book your place

refocus as we explore Jesus’ words, ‘I am the bread of life. He who comes

Christ Empowered Living

to me will never go hungry, and he who

Led by Mick Brooks

believes in me will never be thirsty.’

What did Christ mean when He said,

(John 6:35).

‘I have come that they may have life,

The peaceful surroundings of Waverley

and have it to the full’ (John 10:10)?

provide the perfect setting to take time

This life-changing seminar presents a

out and draw on God’s life-giving food.

biblical framework for self-discovery

Tues–Wed 22–23 February

and personal revival based on CWR’s

£99 Residential/£75 Non-residential

core teaching. Discover the deepest

Early Bird Price £89.10 Residential/£67.50 Non-residential (up to 30 Nov)

needs of the personality and how


God has designed our personalities to function. You will learn how to deal with troublesome emotions, how to

Prayer Evening

deepen your dependence on God and

Guest Speaker Jeff Lucas

much more!

As Jeff shares from his experience of

Mon 16 May (9am – 4.30pm)

evangelism, prodigals and a seeker-

£35 including lunch

friendly church, we will focus our

Early Bird Price £31.50 (up to 21 Mar)


WTE_Brochure Jan-Jun 2011.indd 14

27/10/10 11:49:09


Biblical meditation, described by

Spiritual Formation – Seeing Christ Formed in Us and in Others

Faith, Hope, Love and Everything in Between

Selwyn Hughes as ‘the digestive

Led by Andy Peck

Led by Mick Brooks

system of the soul’, is deeply rooted

Discover how you can enable spiritual

Focusing on the three concepts of

in Scripture and in Christian practice,

formation both in your own life and in

faith, hope and love, the teaching

providing space for God to speak to

the lives of others. We will look at what

explores the journey of transformation

us through His dynamic and life-

spiritual formation is and the various

that we all pass through in order

giving Word. This course provides an

means God has provided to help us

to develop a closer, more intimate

opportunity to explore the principles

grow, including Bible study, prayer,

relationship with God and others. We

and practices of Biblical meditation,

meditation, solitude and silence,

will look at questions such as:

old and new, with the aim of personal

service, worship and fasting. You will

• Who on earth is God?

transformation and renewal.

learn how to lead others into spiritual

• What does it mean to be whole

Tues 24 May (9.30am – 4pm)

formation and acquire some tools and

£35 including lunch

keys for breaking through hindrances.

• Why is there suffering?

Early Bird Price £31.50 (up to 29 Mar)

Mon–Tues 13–14 June

• How can I trust God amidst

Led by Lynn Penson

£120 Residential/£95 Non-residential

Early Bird Price £108 Residential/£85.50 Non-residential (up to 21 Mar)

life and discipleship

How to Meditate on the Bible

and holy?

ambiguity and mystery? • How do I live in the light of eternity? Wed 15 June (6–9.30pm) in advance.

This is a FREE event. Please book your place


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life and discipleship

The Guided Life

Windows of the Soul DAY OF REFLECTION

inborn preferences and differences. enable you to appreciate your God-

decisions can be bewildering. Are

Led by Philip Greenslade and Kathy Overton

Led by Andy Peck Knowing how to make God-honouring

This introduction to the MBTI will created uniqueness and understand

we to expect God to give us detailed

This day offers you a fresh taste of God

your strengths and weaknesses, enjoy

instructions? What role is played by

through Scripture, teaching, poetry

stronger and more godly relationships,

our own desires? How do we deal with

and music. There will be plenty of time

reduce stress and get more out of life.

competing options? This course will

and space for you to meet with God

Fri 20 May (9am – 5pm)

look at guidance in the wider context

and listen for His voice.

£49.50 including lunch and materials

of God’s work in and with us, and give

Tues 12 July (9.30am – 4pm)

Early Bird Price £44.55 (up to 25 Mar)

pointers to making stress-free decisions £29.50 including lunch about the big and little things of life.

Early Bird Price £26.55 (up to 17 May)

Led by Lynn Penson

Mon 4 July (9.30am – 4pm) £35 including lunch

Early Bird Price £31.50 (up to 9 May)

Personality and Spirituality Have you wondered how much your

Myers-Briggs Workshops

personality affects your spiritual life –

Understanding Yourself, Understanding Others MBTI BASIC WORKSHOP

Drawing on the Myers-Briggs® Type

Led by Andrew and Lynn Penson

will bring you insight and greater freedom.

The Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator

You will need to have completed the MBTI


your understanding of God, how you pray and like to worship, and much more? Indicator (MBTI), we will explore these issues in an interactive workshop which

(MBTI) is a positive and powerful tool

Basic course prior to this day.

giving us a deeper understanding

Wed 29 June (9am – 4.30pm)

and appreciation of ourselves and

£35 including lunch

others, and helping us to explore our

Early Bird Price £31.50 (up to 4 May)


WTE_Brochure Jan-Jun 2011.indd 16

27/10/10 11:49:11

Topics include: the nature of Christian

Looking ahead to the autumn …

marriage, understanding love and

Marriage on Track Fri–Sun 14–16 October

A Day Together

sexuality, how to avoid marriage

An enriching weekend for married

Led by Mark and Christine Daniel

breakdown, handling conflict,


This day, led by the FamilyLife team, is

evaluating the strengths, weaknesses

Visit or call

for married couples wanting to invest

and potential stress points in your

+44 (0)1252 784719 for further information.

in their relationship and for anyone

relationship and how to understand

involved in marriage or family ministry. your own and your partner’s Offering practical relationship tools

personality with insights from the

and biblical principles it will benefit

Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator.

Christians and non-Christians alike.

Fri–Sun *25–27 March or **10–12 June

A great opportunity also to see if you

£375 per couple (Residential)

would like the team to run this event

Early Bird Price £337.50 (*up to 31 Dec; **up to 18 Mar)

in your area as a way of reaching and

life and discipleship


serving your community. Sat 19 March (9.30am – 4pm) £35 per person including lunch

Early Bird Price £31.50 (up to 22 Jan)

Preparation for Marriage

Are you engaged or planning to be married? This highly practical weekend will help you build a firm biblical foundation for your marriage.

Led by Mick and Lynette Brooks with Lynn and Andrew Penson


WTE_Brochure Jan-Jun 2011.indd 17

27/10/10 11:49:12



you to serve others in this way. We will

Lead Like Jesus

The Leader’s Vital Breath Church Leaders’ Forum

look at the biblical roots of mentoring,

Led by Andy Peck

explore its scope as a tool in personal

Jesus wants His disciples to serve as

Led by Philip Greenslade and Andy Peck and spiritual development and look at the they lead (Mark 10:42), but what does Continuing in the pattern of previous

practicalities of how to mentor others.

that mean? We will consider why Jesus

Church Leaders’ forums we will

Tues 8 February (9.30am – 4pm)

says so little about this important topic.

focus upon the personal prayer life

£35 including lunch

Other topics will include the leadership

of the Christian leader, looking at

Early Bird Price £31.50 (up to 14 Dec)

potential within every believer,

its importance within leadership

character development as the focus

and pastoral care, and considering


the distractions that make praying

Ideas for Small Group Leaders

Christian church leadership, listening to

difficult. A mix of Bible teaching, shared

Led by Andy Peck and the CWR Team

God and others and avoiding burnout.

experience and honest reflection to help

Refresh your vision and invest in

Come and have your mind stretched,

those gathered resolve to make personal

resources that will help you lead

your heart warmed and your approach

prayer a vital part of ministry in 2011.

your small group more effectively.

to leadership refreshed!

Wed 26 January (10am – 3pm)

Assess your group in the light of other

Wed 9 March (9.30am – 4pm)

This day is FREE to church leaders. Lunch

approaches. View relevant tailor-made

£35 including lunch

included. Places are limited so please book.

products, especially in the run-up to

Early Bird Price £31.50 (up to 12 Jan)

and basis for true leadership, anti-

Lent. View DVDs, browse books and

Mentoring Others

get ideas for the future of your group.

Led by Andy Peck

Participate in an informal ‘Q&A’ looking

From Bible Text to Engaging Sermon

Mentoring can be a powerful means of

at ‘small group dynamics’.

Led by Andy Peck

enabling others to grow spiritually. This

Tues 8 February (7-9pm)

Preparing a sermon or talk based on

course will envision you for mentoring in

This is a free event. Please book your place

a Bible passage involves choices in

the local church and elsewhere and equip

in advance.

moving from the biblical text to your


WTE_Brochure Jan-Jun 2011.indd 18

27/10/10 11:49:12

Nurturing Kingdom Values in Schools and Classrooms Led by Derek Holbird This course will help you: • consider the relationship between



‘good’ values and ‘kingdom’ values; • explore one particular set of values that exemplifies good practice in Designed for anyone seeking to make

Reaching and Keeping Teenagers

their preaching more effective, and

Led by Andy Peck and Martin Saunders

for seasoned preachers wanting

Anyone seeking to understand the

to observe other approaches, this

world of teenagers and help them to

course will look at how to prepare

know and follow Christ will find this

The course will be led by Canon Derek

ourselves for preaching, key decisions

course helpful. Their view of the church

Holbird, Director of Education for the

and questions, use of background

and the church’s view of them will be

Diocese of Guildford.

materials and illustrations, form and

considered in the light of God’s view

Mon 21 February (9.30am – 4pm)

construction, application of the text,

of them. You will assess the church’s

£35 including lunch

final delivery, and much more.

reactions to the loss of teens and learn

Early Bird Price £31.50 (up to 27 Dec)

Wed 18 May (9.30am – 4pm)

how to assist youth workers in their

£35 including lunch

role and develop churches that can

Early Bird Price £31.50 (up to 23 Mar)

reach and keep teenagers.

personally constructed message.

Christian values work; • relate one set of Christian values to specific areas of school life; and • consider how kingdom values might be nurtured in practice.

£35 including lunch

Visit or call +44 (0)1252

Early Bird Price £31.50 (up to 21 Apr)

784719 for further information

Thurs 16 June (9.30am – 4pm)

Looking ahead to the autumn … Building School Students’ Self-Esteem


WTE_Brochure Jan-Jun 2011.indd 19

27/10/10 11:49:14

women at waverley

women at waverley events designed for women of all ages



and walks of life – offering opportunities

Led by Wendy Bray

to find God and get to know Him more

God longs for us to be the women

Led by Lynn Penson and Ros Derges with guest speakers

deeply. Come and enjoy outstanding

He designed us to be, with our

This unique course is designed for

teaching, worship, warm fellowship and

confidence rooted in the love of the

women of all ages who want to help

good food.

Father, modelled on Jesus the Son,

and minister to other women, whether

empowered by the Holy Spirit, and

on a one-to-one basis, leading a small

reaching out to a hurting world.

group or with responsibility for a

Sharing biblical insights and personal

church or area-wide group. The course

experience, Wendy will help us to grow

is brimming with opportunities to learn

in true confidence, based not in our

and grow as you understand more

own abilities but in the unchanging

about yourself and explore your gifts,

nature of God and the power and

vision, spirituality and abilities.

gifting of the Holy Spirit.

Key features

Tues 1 March (10.30am – 3.30pm)

• Establishing biblical foundations

£29.50 including lunch

• Development of vision and goals

Early Bird Price £26.55 (up to 4 Jan)

• Issues facing women in the twenty-

We invite you to join us for these special

first century

• Identifying your spiritual gifting • Insight into the influences of personality • Understanding God’s design and purposes for women


WTE_Brochure Jan-Jun 2011.indd 20

27/10/10 11:49:15

Intimacy with God SUMMER WEEKEND

Retreat from the pressures of everyday

Led by Lynn Penson and Dianne Tidball

life and draw closer to God in the

Do you yearn for greater intimacy

beautiful surroundings of Waverley

with God? What do you do when God

Abbey House.

seems distant? Insights from the Song of Solomon will deepen your

You Prepare a Table Before Me SPRING WEEKEND

understanding of God’s desire for

Led by Lynn Penson, Jeannette Barwick and Beverley Shepherd

seek for more. The weekend will include

We gather around a meal to mark

good company and good food.

significant occasions in our lives

Fri–Sun 3–5 June

intimacy with us and encourage you to teaching, worship, time for reflection,

£199 Residential/£140 Non-residential

• Developing godly leadership

us for a weekend of feasting on the

• Listening to God

riches of this theme in Scripture – a

Early Bird Price £179.10 Residential/ £126 Non-residential (up to 11 Mar)

And so much more!

wonderful opportunity to remember

Mon–Fri 14–18 March

and celebrate together the things God

£455 Residential/£395 Non-residential

has so generously given each of us and

Early Bird Price £409.50 Residential/ £355.50 Non-residential (up to 20 Dec)

draw closer to Him. £199 Residential/£140 Non-residential

Full info/To apply visit or call +44 (0)1252 784719

Early Bird Price £179.10 Residential/ £126 Non-residential (up to 4 Feb)

and so it was in biblical times. Join

Fri–Sun 29 April – 1 May

women at waverley



WTE_Brochure Jan-Jun 2011.indd 21

27/10/10 11:49:16

women at waverley

Summer Evening for Women Guest speaker Fiona Castle


Join us on this summer evening at

CWR has a range of popular seminars

Waverley. Cold drinks and nibbles will

that we would be delighted to bring to

be served before we enjoy hearing

your church or any suitable venue in

our guest speaker, Fiona Castle. The

your locality. Seminars include:

grounds will be open from 5pm during which time the Credo worship group

Especially for women

will be playing. Do bring a picnic and

• Being a Secure Woman – in an

chair to enjoy a relaxing time with

insecure world*

friends! Suitable for women at any part

Finding security in God (One-day or

of their faith journey.


Registration and refreshments from

• More Than You Can Handle Alone


Learning to stand firm in the battles

Tues 28 June (arrive any time 5–7pm)

of life (One-day)

£12.50 including refreshments

• Women Mentoring Women Investing in others (One-day, half-day or evening) • Seasons of the Spirit

Seminars for Everyone • Faith, Hope, Love and Everything in Between NEW Exploring the journey of transformation on our journey towards God. • 7 Laws for Life Discovering the way to dynamic and

Learning to move in God’s rhythm

effective Christian living

for your life (One-day or half-day)

• Christ Empowered Living

• Designed for Living** Who am I, why do I have problems

CWR’s life-changing core teaching for personal revival

and how can I live as God intended? (One-day) **Formerly How to be a Secure Woman *Formerly Designer Living

For full details or to arrange a seminar in your area, please contact David Ramsay on +44 (0)1252 784782 or email


WTE_Brochure Jan-Jun 2011.indd 22

27/10/10 11:49:18

Booking by Telephone Most day, evening and weekend courses can be booked over the phone – call +44 (0)1252 784719. For other courses we can send you a booking form on request.

Cancellations Day/evening events are non-refundable. For courses one weekend and longer, should you cancel your booking, we offer the following refunds on the balance (deposit non-refundable): ten weeks or more prior to event = 60%; six weeks or more prior to event = 40%; two to five weeks or more prior to event = 20%; less than two weeks prior to event = Nil. We strongly recommend that you consider taking out insurance to cover the possibility of such a cancellation.

Special Group Booking Offer – Book five places get the sixth FREE!* The offer applies to each group of six booked at one time. *Offer cannot be used in conjunction with the Early Bird prices or any other offer.


London Reading





Basingstoke Farnham Guildford

M23 A31


Southampton Brighton Portsmouth

Isle of Wight

WTE_Brochure Jan-Jun 2011.indd 23

CWR’s Terms and Conditions CWR reserves the right to cancel an event due to unforeseen circumstances or low numbers, in which case fees are fully refundable. However, CWR is not liable for other expenses the applicant may have incurred. CWR also reserves the right to refuse registration to anyone it considers unsuitable for a course. All fees are correct at time of going to press and may be subject to change. Accommodation Bedrooms are shared and are en-suite. A list of local Bed and Breakfast accommodation is available on request. Mobility Waverley is a listed (Grade 2*) property and the first floor (where courses are held) and the second and third floors (where bedrooms are located) are reached by stairs only. Therefore those with significant mobility challenges may not be able to access these floors.

Free Podcasts Download free podcasts on topics such as ‘Counselling Issues’, ‘Shaping Church’, ‘Knowing your Calling’.


Waverley Abbey House (on the B3001)

Detailed travel directions are available on request or at

High Wycombe

how to book

Payment Arrangements For day, evening and weekend events the full fee is payable on booking. For courses longer than one weekend a £100 deposit or the full fee is payable on application. The deposit amount is non-refundable once CWR has confirmed your booking in writing. The balance of the fee must be paid at least six weeks prior to the event or in full on application if you are applying later than this.

Online Booking Most day/evening courses can be booked online at and, for all other courses, booking forms can be downloaded from our website.


27/10/10 11:49:18

2011 calendar

JANUARY 15 17 26

Counselling Training Enquirers’ Afternoon BA Counselling (Year 3 starts) The Leader’s Vital Breath - Church Leaders’ Forum

20 21 23 24 25

Understanding Yourself, Understanding Others (MBTI Basic) Counselling Training Enquirers’ Afternoon Discovering More About God’s Story How to Meditate on the Bible Pastoring People on the Fringe

FEBRUARY 4 5 8 8 14-18 21 22–23

Helping Survivors of Childhood Sexual and/or Emotional Abuse The Bible in a Day Mentoring Others Ideas for Small Group Leaders Introduction to Biblical Counselling Nurturing Kingdom Values in Schools Bread for Life

MARCH 1 9 10 11 14-18 19 21-25 25-27 28-1 Apr

Women’s Spring Day – True Confidence Lead Like Jesus Prayer Evening Deepening Our Security in God ‘Woman to Woman’ training course A Day Together The Big Story Preparation for Marriage Foundations of Biblical Care

APRIL 4-8 8 8-10

Introduction to Biblical Counselling Helping Couples with Troubled Marriages Bible Discovery Weekend – Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (1 John) 29-1 May Women’s Weekend – You Prepare a Table Before Me

MAY 3 7 10 11 16 18

Bible Discovery Evening Classes – Exile and Coming Home (nine Tuesday evenings) Caring God’s Way Successfully Navigating the Teenage Years The Bible in a Day Christ Empowered Living From Bible Text to Engaging Sermon

WTE_Brochure Jan-Jun 2011.indd 24

JUNE 3-5 9-10 10-12 13-14 15 16 20-24 27 28 29

Women’s Weekend – Intimacy with God (Song of Solomon) Supervision of Christian Counselling Level 1 Preparation for Marriage Spiritual Formation Faith, Hope, Love and Everything in Between Reaching and Keeping Teenagers Introduction to Biblical Counselling Insight into Perfectionism Women’s Summer Evening Personality and Spirituality

4 7-8 12 23

Bible Discovery Weekend – God’s Empowering Presence (The Holy Spirit in Paul’s Letters) The Guided Life Supervision of Christian Counselling Level 2 Day of Reflection Insight into Assertiveness

AUGUST 8-12 12 15 20 22-26 30 31

Introduction to Biblical Counselling BA Counselling (Year 1 starts) BA Counselling (Year 4 starts) Insight into Bereavement Refreshing Your View of the Bible Building School Students’ Self-Esteem BA Counselling (Year 2 starts)

SEPTEMBER 6 8 12 16

The Inner World of a Leader Managing Your Time Women’s Weekend - Rhythms of Grace Church Leader’s Forum (topic tbc)

OCTOBER 3 4 8 11 12 14-16 18 20 21-23 22 24

BA Counselling (Year 3 starts) Women’s Autumn Day - The Father Heart of God Taking a Look at the Old Testament (1) How to Disciple Others Prayer Evening Marriage on Track Insight into Anger Ideas for Small Group Leaders Bible Discovery Weekend - Thinking Outside the Box (Proverbs/Job) Understanding Yourself, Understanding Others (MBTI Basic) BA Counselling (Year 1 starts)


JULY 1-3

20 23 23-25 27

Discovering More About God’s Story Insight into Dementia (tbc) Pastoring People through Life’s Crises Developing Pastoral Care (one weekend and ten Thursdays)

2 9 12 14 15 19 21-25 29 30

Faith, Hope, Love and Everything in Between Caring God’s Way Taking a Look at the Old Testament (2) Insight into Addictions Preachers Must Apply! Deeper Insights into MBTI Introduction to Biblical Counselling Mentoring Others Flat Pack Men - No Batteries Included


Women’s Christmas Celebration Insight into Depression

NB Programme subject to change – check website for latest info. All courses and events are held at Waverley Abbey House, Farnham, Surrey, UK unless otherwise indicated. Waverley Training and Events, CWR, Waverley Abbey House, Waverley Lane, Farnham, Surrey GU9 8EP, UK Tel: 01252 784719 Email:

27/10/10 11:49:18