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halloween You have caught me at a rather splendid time in that I am just about to play a practical joke on my feline friend Einstein (or ‘cat’, if you’d prefer me to use easier to understand words).

Welcome, young reader, to one of my entertaining and informative comics. I do hope you enjoy it and are not put off by my superior intelligence. To be honest, there’s nothing you can do about it anyway, so you will simply have to get used to the fact that you don’t have a brain the size of a large cabbage … and I do!

I would actually!

Einstein is, I have to say, a somewhat timid pet, and it has not helped matters one little bit that today is none other than Halloween, that night of spooks, spectres, superstition and something beginning with ‘t’.


What does trick-or-treating begin with then?

That doesn’t begin with a ‘t’. A knock at the door. Chortle. Sorry, just one of my witty little jokes.

You’re bonkers, Professor!

I know! Anyway, back to the subject of the prank that I am proposing to play on poor, unsuspecting Einstein.

What do you think? Scary or what?


Trick or treat!

Deary me! Einstein will have to wait. It appears I have visitors.

How strange! They must have got the wrong house.

Or what!

Aha, there’s Einstein!

Boo o



? That didn’t seem to work quite as well as I’d hoped. Never mind. Now where was I? Oh yes. I was discoursing on the subject of Halloween.

What’s discoursing?

oooo o!

When it comes to Halloween people have different opinions.

Is it just a bit of harmless fun like, perhaps, playing leapfrog with an elephant?

Harmless?! O u ch !

They sure can!

Or is it not good for us because it’s all to do with ghosts and ghouls that can scare the pants off us?

Perhaps it would be helpful if I filled you in on a little bit of the history of this spooky festival so you can make up your own mind on the matter.


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