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Welcome, young reader, to my absolutely bonkers comic about Easter. You may be wondering why I am lurking in the wings of a theatre at the outset of this presentation.


Yep, it had crossed my mind.

Well, I will tell you. If I am to present to you the full facts about this popular spring festival I will need to correct the odd error or two along the way.

Bumblebrain comic EASTER.indd 1

6/12/11 09:52:33

One of which is the impression that the most important thing about Easter is the Easter Bunny and his Easter eggs.

It is high time that this long-eared interloper was removed from being centre stage.

Which is precisely what I am about to do!

Bumblebrain comic EASTER.indd 2

6/12/11 09:52:41

Do you mind? I was just about , to do my pie‘ce de re sistance, balancing ten creme eggs on my nose and then eating them one by one.

So that’s why you’ve put on a bit of weight around the middle.

He’ll thank me for it one day.

Bumblebrain comic EASTER.indd 3

How rude! That’s muscle I’ll have you know!

Enough of this banter. Sorry Mr Rabbit, but the show’s over.

Don’t be so sure about that, Professor.

6/12/11 09:52:44

If you have an inquisitive mind like mine then you will no doubt be asking yourself how, in fact, the Easter Bunny came to be associated with this popular spring festival.

Nope, not really. As long as I get my Easter eggs, I couldn’t care less!

Nevertheless, I will tell you anyway.

I thought you might.

Bumblebrain comic EASTER.indd 4

6/12/11 09:52:51

The Easter Bunny was originally not a rabbit at all. It was, in fact, a hare.

It would appear that the Easter hare …

Don’t keep rubbing it in!

Bumblebrain comic EASTER.indd 5

Thanks for that. Now I feel even more rejected.

… originated in Germany, probably in the 1500s, where stories were told of it laying eggs for children to find. Yes, I know that hares don’t lay eggs, but please don’t blame me. I didn’t make up the story. Anyway, children believed that if they were good the ‘Oschter Haws’ as he was known would lay a nest of coloured eggs and leave them in baskets to be found when children awoke on Easter day.

6/12/11 09:52:55