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JAN–APR 2012

WELCOME TO PRAYER TRACK. Our daily guide is produced to help focus intercession on areas of the world where there is great spiritual need and opportunities to reveal the love of Jesus Christ. It is also aimed at helping you to pray for CWR’s ministry. Compiled by Eddie Tait


Monday 9 January A CWR two-day event called Leaders’ Time Out is being led by Philip Greenslade at Waverley Abbey House today and tomorrow. Pray for those attending as they are spiritually refreshed for the year ahead.

‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’ John 3:16

Sunday 1 January People are desperate for more – more fun, more money and, most of all, more security. In Europe most are looking for it in places like shopping malls, McDonalds, Starbucks, pubs and dance clubs rather than in church. It’s estimated that 97% of Europe’s population do not know Jesus. Pray about this. Monday 2 January Millions in Europe struggle with depression, anxiety and loneliness. Pray that this year many will discover the love of Jesus as organisations such as missions reach out sensitively to them. Tuesday 3 January Drug and alcohol abuse are common across Europe as people look for pleasure or hide from problems. Pray for the witness of Christians to such people, that the light of Jesus will transform their lives. Wednesday 4 January Countless numbers of people’s Christian lives benefit from using CWR’s various daily Bible-reading notes. Pray for those who have started to read one of these publications this year.

Christian organisations are helping people struggling to survive in drought-stricken Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and other affected places in East Africa. (7–8 January) PHOTO:

Thursday 5 January

Tuesday 10 January CWR’s accounts team are preparing the year-end accounts and drafting the trustees’ annual report for 2011. Pray for accuracy and wisdom as they do this vital work. Wednesday 11 January

Fitter, Healthier, Stronger is the title of the current issue of Every Day with Jesus. It covers spiritual exercises to improve the health of our souls. Pray for readers to take up the challenges of these exercises during this month and next – and to grow spiritually.

Women in Sierra Leone face barriers in accessing education and formal work opportunities even though they are key earners for their families through petty trading. More of them have suffered domestic violence since the end of 11 years of civil war. Pray for AdvocAid as it helps these women.

Friday 6 January

Thursday 12 January

Students on Year 3 of CWR’s BA Counselling programme gather for another weekend at Waverley Abbey House, led by Irene Davies and her team. Pray that the students will be much encouraged as they study together.

Antiquated laws in Sierra Leone mean that too often women are imprisoned over allegations of small debts, including those incurred by their husbands, and other petty crimes. Most women in detention tend to have a background of physical and emotional abuse or mental health problems. Women are often sole carers and their incarceration can have a devastating effect on their families, particularly young children. Pray for the work of AdvocAid in seeking justice and freedom for these women.

Weekend 7–8 January This past year severe drought affected up to 10 million people in the Horn of Africa. Over two million of the sufferers were children under five. Pray for Christian organisations working in the affected areas – especially Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya.


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Friday 13 January

Thursday 19 January

CWR is holding an MBTI Understanding Yourself, Understanding Others course especially for those in counselling training at Waverley Abbey House today. Pray for tutors Lynn and Andrew Penson and those attending this course.

Norway has a strong Christian heritage, which is apparent today in the vibrant life and witness of its churches. The State church is Lutheran and many of its pastors are evangelical. Free churches have planted over 500 congregations in the past few years. Pray for outreach and spiritual life to increase.

Weekend 14–15 January This Saturday CWR is holding a Counsellor Training Enquirers’ Morning at Waverley Abbey House. Pray that those who come along will discover whether or not counselling training is for them. Also pray for Year 1 BA Counselling students at Waverley this weekend, led by Irene Davies and team. Monday 16 January Students in their final months (Year 4) of their BA Counselling programme are at Waverley Abbey House from today until Friday. Pray for them in this intensive time of study led by CWR’s Heather Churchill and team. Tuesday 17 January

Friday 20 January CWR is launching a new series of Bible-study notes this month, New Every Day – especially for older people. Pray for this series to greatly benefit those in this age group as they seek to live for Christ. Weekend 21–22 January A US State Department report lists Costa Rica as a major source and destination of trafficked people, particularly women and children. Child sex tourism is a particularly serious issue, with thousands of children working on the streets of the capital, San Jose, alone. Many live permanently on the streets and face a daily struggle for food and shelter on top of the danger of being

Before last year’s devastating tsunami, Japan, said one national Christian leader, was an affluent country where most people were able to meet their own needs, limiting opportunity for practical Christian witness and ministry. After the tsunami ‘tremendous opportunity to extend the love of Christ presented itself’. Pray for ongoing opportunities to share about Him.

Monday 23 January Viva has a network in San Jose, Costa Rica, which runs a feeding centre for malnourished children, many of them street children. They are working with needy families to help look after their children properly – making sure they are fed and safe from the dangers of the streets. Pray for this work. Tuesday 24 January Christians in Laos, south-east Asia, have gone through much suffering for their faith. Two ministers were arrested and detained for months for holding a ‘secret meeting’, while other believers have had property, livestock and crops taken from them, and even been forced to move from their homes. Pray for Christians in Laos. Wednesday 25 January The Church in Laos has grown rapidly in the face of persecution. Arrests of believers, especially leaders, and attempts to make them renounce their faith in exchange for freedom, has spurred rather than hindered growth. But the task of the gospel remains huge. Pray about this. Thursday 26 January

Wednesday 18 January The bombing in Oslo and the shootings at a youth conference on nearby Utoya island in which 77 died left Norway in shock. Pray that despite the lone wolf perpetrator, Anders Behring Breivik, claiming he was ‘a Christian’, more Norwegians will discover who Christ really is through the love of His people.

enticed into gangs where crime and drug abuse are virtual certainties. Pray for these children to be rescued and tough government measures taken against trafficking.

CWR is launching a new series of Bible studies and a new Highway Code title to help older people and those nearing retirement to live fulfilling lives for Christ. (20 January; 4–5 February) PHOTO: Photodisc

A hindrance to the gospel in Laos is wide ethnic diversity. The mostly unreached Tai tribes, for instance, speak 15 languages between them. Pray for them to hear and receive the good news. Friday 27 January Logos Hope sails the world communicating God’s love at every port she visits through her book fair on board, tours of the Operation


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people’s physical and spiritual needs.


Friday 3 February


Readers of CWR’s Inspiring Women Every Day are being guided this month by Caroline Fletcher on how to deal with the various pressures daily life throws up by considering how Christ dealt with them. Pray for readers.


Weekend 4–5 February


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Logos Hope sails the world’s oceans to bring light and hope to many lives. (27 January) PHOTO: Operation Mobilisation

Mobilisation crew members and outreaches ashore in conjunction with local Christians. Visits have touched the hearts of many at various levels of society. Pray for the Lord to meet the ship’s needs, especially fuel and maintenance costs. Weekend 28–29 January CWR’s Topz gives 7- to 11-year-olds invaluable insights into the Bible and issues they face as Christians in a colourful, exciting way. Pray for Topz readers to grow in faith this year. Pray for them to apply the teaching and challenges in the January/February issue to their lives, especially assurance that God is with them on good and bad days and that He keeps His promises. Monday 30 January South Sudan had a troubled birth last July. The world’s newest country has endured decades of civil war with the North and the transition to independence was marred by fighting with Northern forces. Militia splinter groups have compounded this through a power struggle and the cycle of retaliatory killings and banditry has continued. Pray for South Sudan.

Tuesday 31 January Mission Aviation Fellowship is a vital link in South Sudan, serving missions, churches and aid organisations in meeting physical and spiritual needs. Pray for this work – and for the light of the gospel to shine in this new nation.

FEBRUARY ‘... on this rock I will build my church ...’ Matthew 16:18

Wednesday 1 February Just over 20 years ago the shackles of atheism fell off Albania. It opened the door to Christian mission and church growth has been rapid in the past two decades. Pray for the Lord to continue to build His church in Albania. Thursday 2 February Christianity has grown in Albania faster than anywhere else in Europe, but physical poverty is still extreme and the country is the second poorest on the continent. Pray for Eurovangelism partner Mission Possible which runs a diverse range of activities to meet

This month, CWR is publishing a new title in the popular Highway Code series – for those approaching retirement. It is written by David Winter. Pray that it will help many to enter a fulfilling new phase of life in the Lord’s service. Monday 6 February Scattered throughout Israel, especially in the north, are enclaves of Christians, some even living in wholly Christian villages. Pray for their vibrant witness. Tuesday 7 February Lynn Penson is leading a CWR seminar at Waverley Abbey House today called More Than You Can Handle Alone. Based on Ephesians 6, it gives very practical teaching on how to come through the ‘battles’ we all face at times with others and ourselves to regain emotional and spiritual security. Pray for this seminar. Wednesday 8 February Guidance issued by the Medical Defence Union, backed by the General Medical Council in the UK, says that doctors can pray for patients if done tactfully, without pressure or causing embarrassment. Pray for Christian doctors. Thursday 9 February The Bible in a Day is a CWR seminar being held at Waverley Abbey House today. Pray that those PAGE 15

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Tuesday 14 February Mick and Lynette Brooks, with Ron Kallmier, are touring Australia for two weeks, mainly to present CWR seminars. Pray for a deep impact on Christians who attend the seminars and that there will be an increase in demand for CWR resources as a result of the visit. Wednesday 15 February

Helping Survivors of Childhood Sexual and Emotional Abuse is a key seminar for equipping pastoral carers to bring release for sufferers from their traumas. (10 February) PHOTO: Photodisc

attending will gain much from God’s Word as they are led by Andy Peck. Friday 10 February A CWR Insight seminar, Helping Survivors of Childhood Sexual and Emotional Abuse, is taking place at Waverley Abbey House today. Pray for those attending to gain valuable understanding. Also pray for Year 1 BA Counselling students beginning another weekend at Waverley. Weekend 11–12 February An AsiaLink partner in India’s Andhra Pradesh province has trained a network of pastors and evangelists whose lives are living testimonies of God’s love, transforming the lives of many they come in contact with. Pray for these men and women, who often endure hardship and persecution. Monday 13 February Heather Churchill and team are leading five days of the CWR BA Counselling Programme for Year 2 students at Waverley. Pray for the students in these intensive studies.

In 2011 Hungary adopted a very restrictive religion law. One pastor described it as ‘the greatest discrimination against evangelical Christians since the fall of Communism. This is just the first step against real, active, Bible-believing Christian groups’. Pray for the freedom of the gospel in Hungary. Thursday 16 February Every Home for Christ is in its twenty-first year of ministry in the Czech Republic. Millions of Scripture leaflets have been distributed and many thousands of responses received. Pray for this ongoing work. Friday 17 February Another of CWR’s popular Bible Discovery Weekends is being held at Waverley Abbey House, led by Philip Greenslade. Pray that those attending make wonderful discoveries about the Scriptures. Weekend 18–19 February At Waverley Abbey House on Saturday Andy Peck is leading a CWR seminar Small Group Leaders’ Toolbox. Pray for leaders who attend to use the insights gained to build up their groups. Take this opportunity to pray for the small groups in your church. Monday 20 February The annual audit of CWR’s accounts is taking place between now and Friday. Pray for it to be clear and

successful. Also pray for Year 4 BA in Counselling students, who are at Waverley Abbey House over these five days to receive teaching from Heather Churchill and team. Tuesday 21 February Before the Iraq war there were an estimated 1.4 million Christians living in the country. Since then the population has declined to around 400,000. Pray for those who remain to be lights for Christ. Wednesday 22 February Killings, especially car bombings and the like, make daily living a struggle in Iraq. Pray for this country as it strives to rebuild. Pray especially for Christians to remain strong in their faith, that the Lord will meet their needs and protect them. Thursday 23 February Who will tell the Black Tai about Jesus? Also known as the Tai Dam, they are one of South-East Asia’s least reached people groups. They straddle borders: 800,000 live in Vietnam, 20,000 in Thailand, a similar number in China and 130,000 in Laos. Pray for them. Friday 24 February There are only about 100 Black Tai Christians. Most of these people cannot read. Radio is one way of reaching them with the gospel and a project is underway to record 40 or so chronological Bible stories so that they can not only hear part of the Scriptures but also follow its flow. Pray about this work. Weekend 25–26 February It’s a busy weekend at Waverley Abbey House. Year 4 BA Counselling students are there for more teaching by Heather Churchill and her team. Diploma in Christian Counselling students from CWR’s Joint Venture with London School of Theology are there until Monday.


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Pray for all the students to be encouraged and developed. Monday 27 February This month CWR published a novel little gift book called Enjoy Life. Written by a father for his daughter for her 21st birthday, it contains marvellous gems of wisdom for all ages. Pray for many to be blessed through it. Tuesday 28 February Central Europe has a rich Christian heritage going back over 1,000 years, but for millions there today the gospel is mere symbolism and tradition, reserved for infant baptisms, weddings and funerals. Last year Every Home for Christ launched an initiative to present a modern, culturally relevant and internet-backed presentation in the region, centring on Prague, Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. Pray for much fruit from it. Wednesday 29 February A number of head teachers and senior leaders in schools come to Waverley Abbey House today for a seminar entitled Transformational Leadership – Myth or Reality? Pray for leaders Coleen Jackson and Robin Precey, and participants as they reflect on their influence on young people’s lives.

CWR’s Joint Venture with London School of Theology who are at Waverley Abbey House from today until Sunday to receive teaching from Owen Ashley and team. Friday 2 March The Church in Belgium needs strong leadership. One weakness is that few pastors are full time, having other jobs to support their families, so they are unable to give the time to properly disciple their members. Pray about this. Weekend 3–4 March Anxiety cripples so many lives. Pray for those attending CWR’s Insight Day on Anxiety at Waverley Abbey House this Saturday, that they will overcome or be able to help others overcome this problem. Also pray for Every Day with Jesus readers beginning two months of Bible readings on ‘The Stormbreaker’ – looking in depth at Jesus’ death and resurrection. Monday 5 March The internet has changed communications, making information, discussion and relationships across continents available in real time, 24/7. Subject to availability in their language, inquirers can read evangelistic articles in relative privacy and ask deep questions –


Tuesday 6 March Evangelistic websites in multiple languages can explain the good news clearly, telling real stories of people who have found faith, creating the space to ask questions and offering online help through e-mentors. Pray for the need of sites in more language groups. Wednesday 7 March About 4 billion people own a mobile phone and about 1.3 million new phones are sold every 24 hours. Increasingly, phones can access the internet. For many in places such as China, India, the Gulf States and several South-East Asian countries, a mobile phone is the only digital device they will own. A lot of owners are unreached by the gospel. Pray for them to hear about Jesus. Thursday 8 March CWR is publishing a major new book this month called There Are No Strong People. Written by Jeff Lucas, it is based on the life of Samson and the insights give challenges to enable us to live for Christ in today’s world. Pray for many to be deeply affected by this book. Friday 9 March ‘In Him – I live and move and have my being’ is the theme of a CWR Women’s Weekend being held at Waverley Abbey House, starting today. Pray for those attending and for leader Lynn Penson.

‘... Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life.”’ John 6:35

Thursday 1 March CWR has been a pioneer of counselling training from a Christian worldview for over 30 years. Thousands of people have successfully completed the courses and are using their gifts and skills to help others. Pray for those on current counselling courses, including Certificate in Christian Counselling students from

a web phenomenon called ‘anonymous intimacy’. Pray for internet evangelism.

Weekend 10–11 March Brazil has a huge evangelical population and the vast problem of over a million street children. (10–11 March) PHOTO:

The evangelical population of Brazil is one of the largest in the world. One of the biggest challenges is that there are over a million street children, many of them sucked into drug addiction, violence and prostitution. Pray for Christians PAGE 17

CT21prayertrack.indd 17

11/11/11 11:45:52

and ministries such as Youth With A Mission and Every Home for Christ as they seek to rescue them. Monday 12 March Seeing how the individual stories relate to the big ‘plot’ of the Bible is what those attending The Big Story CWR seminar at Waverley Abbey House are learning between now and Friday. Pray for the intensive teaching by Philip Greenslade, that people will be thrilled by God’s story of salvation. Tuesday 13 March Over 340 cities and towns in Spain with populations of over 5,000 people have no evangelical church. Many of the smaller towns, villages and districts have no evangelical witness either. Pray for Spain. Wednesday 14 March

given the opportunity to hear the gospel. Pray for such ministries. Weekend 17–18 March Pray for CWR’s Year 1 BA Counselling students to be encouraged at Waverley this weekend as they absorb teaching by Irene Davies and team. Also pray for YP’s readers (11–15s) as they learn the message of Ephesians, look at the Easter story and at how God has made each of us – a walking miracle. Monday 19 March A CWR Introduction to Biblical Care and Counselling course is being held at Waverley Abbey House from today until Friday, led by Angie Coombes, Richard Laws and team. Pray for those attending to be personally transformed and to develop their ability to be people helpers. Tuesday 20 March

despite harassment. Pray for this and other congregations as they seek to stay and witness together. Friday 23 March CWR is holding another of the popular Preparation for Marriage seminars at Waverley Abbey House over this weekend. Pray for Mick and Lynette Brooks and Andrew and Lynn Penson as they help couples preparing for future life together. Weekend 24–25 March CWR is holding a seminar in its Life Points series on Saturday, called ‘Successfully Navigating the Teenage Years’. Pray for Owen and Laura Ashley leading this. Also pray for the ministry of Yeldall Manor, near Reading, UK, which has helped with the mending of many lives broken by addiction, crime and other things over the years. Pray for this ministry.

The number of born again believers in Spain has grown encouragingly in recent times, but many evangelical churches are concentrated in Catalonia – especially Barcelona – and along the east coast, in Andalucía and around Madrid, leaving large parts of the country without a witness to Christ. Pray for more pioneer evangelists and church planters.

For 41 years Every Home for Christ has been distributing gospel leaflets house to house in France. One of EHC’s initiatives is called ‘Operation Village’. Pray for the thousands of families who received literature in recent months in Burgundy, Brittany and other regions to find hope in Christ.

A CWR five-day course on Pastoral Care in the Local Church starts at Waverley Abbey House today. Pray for participants to see their ministries increase in effectiveness through the teaching of Lynn Penson, Stuart Pascall and team.

Thursday 15 March

Wednesday 21 March

Tuesday 27 March

Spain is one of world’s worst countries for drug addiction. Most addicts are young people. And more incomes are spent on gambling there than possibly any other country. Use of prostitutes by men is a desperately high 39%. Pray for the light of the gospel to reach Spanish hearts.

Churches in West Java, Indonesia suffer harassment and are often threatened because of their testimony. Pray about the problem of gaining permission to build a place of worship or, in some cases, gaining the authorities’ permission only to have it withdrawn because of pressure from local radical Islamic groups.

Austria has Europe’s highest ratio of refugees to inhabitants. As many as 20,000 refugees enter the country each year. The Austrian Bible Society has a special outreach to these people. Pray for it.

Friday 16 March Many people in Spain are desperately poor. One European Christian Mission-related church regularly collects food from the Red Cross and invites needy families to collect. Those who do so are also

Thursday 22 March The authorities closed a church in Indonesia and put a ‘prohibited’ seal on it. So the congregation have met outside in the road to worship and even baptise there, refusing to move

Monday 26 March

Wednesday 28 March Refugees in Austria include people from countries ‘closed’ to evangelism and others ensnared by human traffickers. In Vienna, where many asylum seekers live in refugee centres, Bible Society is giving them Scriptures and supporting many Christian ministries working with them. Pray for this work.


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Thursday 29 March

Tuesday 3 April

Tuesday 10 April

Refugees in Austria visit Christian-run centres for clothes and then return for coffee and even evangelistic meetings. Among recent converts are Farsi-speaking Iranians. This language is understood by Afghans, so pray that those of them who seek asylum in Austria will receive the good news too.

Emmanuel Press has been helping prison chaplains in Swaziland to use Scripture materials the ministry publishes in the most effective ways. Pray that through this work many inmates will find hope and eternal life.

African Enterprise works to transform lives in word and deed. In Malembe village, on the edge of Lilongwe, capital of Malawi, a team has dug shallow wells to give the inhabitants safe and clean water for the first time. Pray for the people to drink the waters of eternal life.

Friday 30 March CWR has made available Baby’s First Bible, a beautifully illustrated book as a very special gift for the youngest family members. Pray for this book to be much used in introducing children to God’s Word at the earliest opportunity. Saturday 31 March In the midst of persecution, the Church in Zimbabwe has been hit by false teaching. Pray for leaders to firmly deal with this and for those led astray to come back to the truths of God’s Word.

APRIL ‘... if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone ...’ 2 Corinthians 5:17

Sunday 1 April In Swaziland, southern Africa, inmates of the 13 prisons are receiving the Word of God. Pray for the chaplains and local church visitors as they share the Saviour’s love with the prisoners. Monday 2 April Sharing the gospel with Swaziland prisoners began with a pastor placing small amounts of tracts and Bible studies in the local prison once a month. Then Emmanuel Press, which supplies teaching materials to chaplains in South African prisons, was asked to do the same in all Swaziland’s prisons. Pray for this work.

Wednesday 4 April This spring CWR is publishing two new books for Topz readers – exciting stories written by Alexa Tewkesbury featuring all their favourite characters, aimed at teaching them godly principles for life. Pray for the ministry of these books. Thursday 5 April CWR’s annual accounts await approval by the Board. Pray for this – and all the work being done by accounts staff. Friday 6 April A growing number of young British soldiers are reading the Bible openly as they face the dangers of frontline action in Afghanistan. About 25,000 camouflage-edition New Testaments are given each year to soldiers, including recruits, by the Naval, Military and Air Force Bible Society. Pray for recipients. Weekend 7–8 April

Wednesday 11 April Like a Tree is a CWR seminar being held at Waverley Abbey House today and tomorrow based on Jeremiah’s description of those who trust in the Lord being ‘like a tree planted by water, sending its roots by the stream’. Pray that as Lynn Penson leads it, with input from Andy Peck, those attending will gain from being able to reflect on what it means to draw on God’s life-giving water, and relax and refocus. Thursday 12 April The Han Chinese number about 1.3 billion – the world’s largest ethnic group. The vast majority live in mainland China but they also live in nearly every other country. In a number of lands, including Thailand and Tanzania, their communities are unreached by the gospel. Pray for them. Friday 13 April

In the last two years or so the government in Iran has aggressively cracked down on Christians, especially those belonging to the growing house church movement. Many have been arrested. Pray for Iran’s Christians, especially those in prison.

Please pray for the MBTI Understanding Yourself, Understanding Others course, led by Lynn Penson, being held at Waverley Abbey House today especially for those in the teaching profession.

Monday 9 April

Weekend 14–15 April

Persecution of Christians in China has worsened in recent years. Pray that believers will stand firm in their faith and that the Church will continue to grow in the face of new forms of persecution.

Pray for all involved in another busy weekend at Waverley Abbey House. Year 1 BA Counselling students are receiving teaching from Irene Davies and team and on Saturday a Counselling Training Enquirers’ PAGE 19

CT21prayertrack.indd 19

11/11/11 11:45:53

Morning takes place. Also pray for teachers who attended yesterday’s MBTI Understanding Yourself, Understanding Others seminar, as they absorb the teaching by Andrew and Lynn Penson. Monday 16 April Over four million international visitors are expected to arrive in London for the Summer Olympics, which run from 27 July until 12 August. This will provide tremendous opportunities to share the good news. Pray for missions and churches involved.

The Summer Olympics in London present churches and Christian organisations with tremendous opportunities to share the gospel. (16–17 April) PHOTO: istock/Ben Ryan

Tuesday 17 April ‘More Than Gold’ plans to hand out three million cups of water and run an outreach at main transport hubs and pedestrian routes during the Summer Olympics in London. And over 3,000 churches plan to use the Games to reach out to their own communities. Pray for these initiatives. Wednesday 18 April In Arnhem Land, in the far northeast of Australia, Mission Aviation Fellowship flies education, government, essential services, pastors, medical and other personnel to and from the isolated communities. Patients are flown to hospital and aboriginal people use the flights for essential supplies. MAF even answers calls to search for lost boats. Pray for this work to touch lives with Jesus’ love. Thursday 19 April Democratic reform is yet to take place in Burma (Myanmar). Non-Burmese ethnic minorities, to which most Christians belong, are still oppressed. Pray for justice and freedom to come to Burma. Friday 20 April The latest in the Waverley Abbey Insight Series, on sexual abuse, has

been published by CWR. Pray that it will be the catalyst to help many in this area and also those who are seeking to help people they know who have suffered such abuse. Also pray for Year 2 BA Counselling students to be encouraged this weekend at Waverley Abbey House. Weekend 21–22 April The Chechen live in the remote valleys of the Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. Fighting is synonymous with their name. The few Christians living among them are in danger of torture or death for their beliefs. Pray for Christ to win the hearts of Chechens, a people despised by many. Monday 23 April A new CWR seminar on Helping Trauma Survivors is being held at Waverley Abbey House today. Pray for Richard Pickles who is teaching and for those attending. Tuesday 24 April ‘Seasons’ is the title of CWR’s Women’s Spring Day at Waverley Abbey House. Pray for those attending as they are led by Lynn Penson and Jeannette Barwick.

Wednesday 25 April JAARS (originally known as Jungle Aviation and Radio Service) provides technical support in the advance of Bible translation and literacy programmes. This work is vital for SIL International, the Wycliffe Global Alliance and many related organisations. In Central Africa pilots serve in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. Pray for JAARS. Thursday 26 April As well as serving Bible translation team needs in Central Africa, Cameroon-based JAARS pilots often transport equipment for community development, fly lifesaving medical evacuations and missionaries’ children to boarding school. Pray for this work – and flight safety. Friday 27 April Hundreds of languages are spoken in Central Africa – some by millions of people, others by no more than a dozen. Along with Nigeria, the region hosts more than 20% of the remaining language groups without the Scriptures. Pray about this great need. Weekend 28–29 April Year 4 BA Counselling students are getting close to gaining their degrees. Pray for them as they study at Waverley Abbey House this weekend. Monday 30 April CLC in New Zealand has seen an encouraging number of people come into the bookshops and visit the Bookbus looking for books to help them grow in the faith or Bibles and other material to give to seekers. Pray for much spiritual fruit from this.


CT21prayertrack.indd 20

11/11/11 11:45:53


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