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Marco Marker He’s a joker who loves messing about, but he always means well, even if he sometimes gets things wrong.

Waxy Max He’s very sporty and football mad. On the outside, he’s tough, but underneath he’s got the biggest heart.

Philippa Feltpen A real peacemaker, she helps keep the other Pens in order by sorting out arguments and giving good advice.

Hey Splodge, how long can you stare without blinking?

Squiggle and Splodge The Scribble twins! They’re both quiet, both shy. Although they may not look alike, they do almost everything together.

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Enter …

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Squigg le how w , ell can you re ad?

I’m getting better the more I practise to get Helping you more to know God

s ’ d o G k o o B Written by

Alexa Tewkesbury

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ading short Bible re Every day a help life with the is brought to haracters. of the Pens c rayer estion and p A related qu tten daily life. Wri apply this to sing ns, two focu in four sectio o tw f Pens and on the lives o g racters, youn on Bible cha learn be inspired to children will . and His Word more of God

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Big Bo


What’s inside? Day 1

Wis e – Fo Man, S inst llowing illy Ma n ruc tion God’s s Day 10

od d for G


Gide on Sayin -the-Bra ve g yes to Go – d

Day 16

Day 26

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‘All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for … giving instruction for right living …’ (2 Timothy 3 v 16)

Step by step


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The table was covered in bits. Small bits, bigger bits, stickers and glue. Max and Marco were making a model aeroplane. They had everything they needed – except the instructions for putting it together. ‘Where are they?’ frowned Max. ‘We need them to tell us what to do.’ They looked under the table. They looked under the chairs. Suddenly – ‘Here they are!’ laughed Marco. He’d been sitting on them. Then, bit by bit, step by step, they built a perfect model aeroplane.


‘I’m glad we found those instructions,’ smiled Max. ‘We couldn’t have made this without them.’ GLUE STRONG





The Bible is God’s big Book of instructions for teaching us to live in the way that’s best for us.

Do you have a Bible of your own?

Pens PryaFyatheer r God,

m I praise You, t e Bible so tha for giving us th ur o Y out You and I can learn ab . for me. Amen amazing love

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Day 2

God’s Big Book ‘Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path.’ (Psalm 119 v 105)





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Denzil had a new torch. He switched it on. Out shone a bright beam of light. ‘I can’t wait till it gets dark,’ he said excitedly. ‘Then I’ll be able to try it out properly.’ That evening, Denzil closed the curtains at all his windows. The house was black as night! He couldn’t see a thing. ‘Now!’ he grinned and – SNAP! – turned on the torch. Out shone the bright beam, lighting up everything in its path – the floor, the doorways, the stairs, the furniture. With his new torch, Denzil could see his way perfectly – even in the dark. God’s words are always there to guide us, just as a torch guides us through darkness.

Do you know t he names of an yone in the Bible?

er Pens Prd,aay s I grow up,

Dear Lord Go re more and mo rn a le to t n a w I in m the stories about You fro en. the Bible. Am

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Day 3

God’s Big Book ‘… faith comes from hearing the message …’ (Romans 10 v 17)


w Ise


How did you become so WISE, Philippa?

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Am I wise?

‘Yes!’ declared Squiggle. ‘You sort out Pens’ quarrels. You’re always patient. You knows LOADS about God, and you trust Him to take care of you.’ Philippa smiled. ‘That’s because God’s my best Friend,’ she explained. ‘I learn about Him through reading His Book. God’s words in the Bible teach me the right things to say and do. They teach me to trust Him, too. If I’m wise,’ she added, ‘it’s God who’s taught me to be that way.’ The more we read the Bible, the more we’ll get to know God.


Bibe le by G



Who do you know r e ally well? C an y o u think of any words to d escribe them?

r Pens Prear, Yyoe ur words

Heavenly Fath for l. Thank You ia c e p s o s re a n. ul Book. Ame Your wonderf

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God’s Big Book

Day 4

‘If you refuse good advice, you are asking for trouble; follow it and you are safe.’ (Proverbs 13 v 13)




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