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Urrrr, let’s have a look inside …

Faith i n ‘Faith’ – what’s that about?

to get Helping you more to know God

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Alexa Tewkesbury

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Faith and the Friends – Jesus the healer


God of Gra

Jonah ’s Jour ney – Enou gh gra ce for eve ryone

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What’s inside? Day 1

Day 10

Day 16

Day 25

Day 1

FAITH IN OUR FATHER ‘We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him …’ (Romans 8 v 28)

Pens were off to the cinema. ‘We need to leave now,’ worried Gloria, ‘otherwise we might be late.’ But there was no sign of Philippa. ‘I’ll wait for her,’ said Marco.



‘You’ll miss the film,’ chivvied Gloria. ‘No, I won’t,’ he replied. ‘Philippa’s promised to be here in time, and she will be.’ Pens set off and Marco waited. Not for long, though. Philippa arrived with time to spare. ‘Thanks for waiting for me,’ she smiled. ‘That’s all right,’ grinned Marco. ‘I knew you’d be here because you promised.’ God has made promises to us and we can trust Him to keep them.

W he r e c an w e find o ut a b o ut G od ’s promises?

Pens Prnak Yyouesro much Lord God, tha romised to be that You’ve p ch ys. Please tea with me alwa You. Amen. me to trust in



Day 2

Faith in our Father

Squiggle raised an eyebrow. ‘Why do you want to be brave?’

‘… build up your strength in union with the Lord and by means of his mighty power.’ (Ephesians 6 v 10)


‘I want to invite Pens to tea,’ Splodge answered, ‘but I’m worried they won’t want to come.’ ‘Only one way to find out,’ said Squiggle. ‘Let’s ask them.’

If only …

‘Oh no, I’m a bit too scared to ask them,’ murmured Splodge.



‘Charlotte says that God helps us to be brave. Let’s go and ask them together,’ encouraged Squiggle. So off they went to ask every single Pen to tea …

… if only I was BRAVE!

And every single Pen said – ‘YES!’ S q uig g

le a nd S plo d g

e live her e

Do you ne ed to ask God to h elp you today?


When we put our faith in God, He will help us to do even the things we find difficult.

r Pens Proad,yif e I ever feel

Dear Father G rried, I want to scared or wo ays t You will alw remember tha I ask You to. help me when Amen.


Faith in our Father

Day 3

Splodge wanted to learn to cross the road by herself.

‘The LORD protects me from all danger; I will never be afraid.’ (Psalm 27 v 1)

‘Who can I ask to help me?’ she wondered.


She thought of Max, but – ‘No,’ she decided. ‘Not Max.’


She thought of Gloria, but – ‘No,’ she decided. ‘Not Gloria.’ She thought of Denzil, but – ‘No,’ she decided. ‘Not Denzil.’

decision PUSH


‘Who’s going to help you, Splodge?’ asked Charlotte. ‘I don’t know,’ shrugged Splodge. ‘I’m just not sure who to ask.’ ‘We all love you and will always try to help you,’ said Charlotte. ‘We’d be sad if we thought you didn’t trust us.’ It makes God happy when we put our faith and trust in Him to take care of us.

How c an you show God th at you trust Him ?


Pens Prnak Yyouesro

Lord God, tha ing after me much for look today. Amen.


Day 4

Faith in our Father ‘… in all things you are faithful, O LORD.’ (Psalm 89 v 8)

It’s very good exercise. It’ll help to keep you healthy.

‘I can’t do it,’ said Marco crossly. ‘I’ve tried and I’ve tried, and I just CAN’T DO IT!’ ‘Ask God to help you,’ suggested Philippa. ‘That’s what I do when I find something hard.’ ‘But this is just skipping,’ said Marco. ‘Why would God want to help me with just skipping?’ ‘God wants us to trust Him for everything,’ smiled Philippa. ‘If it matters to you, it matters to God.’

Marco was trying to teach himself to skip with a skipping rope.

God wants us to have faith that He’ll be with us in all the things we do.

Apart from having exercise, ho w else c an y o u ke e p yourself strong and he althy?

Pens Prgsaayndeinrthe

In the big thin k ord God, than little things, L t h g for being ri You so much men. beside me. A



Day 5

Faith in our Father ‘… I, the LORD your God, am with you wherever you go.’ (Joshua 1 v 9)



Charlotte was sad. She didn’t know why. She didn’t feel like smiling. She didn’t feel like chatting. She didn’t even feel like singing – and that was making her sadder still. ‘I’m just not myself today,’ she sighed. ‘Pens are used to a cheerful Charlotte. They won’t want to be my friends if I’m feeling like this.’ ‘That’s not right,’ said Max. ‘We all have sad days. We can’t help it. But it doesn’t change how we feel about each other. Pens will be friends no matter what. Always.’ With faith, we can trust in God to be with us whether we’re feeling happy or sad.

How could Y ou show God ’s love to someone w h o is sad?

Pens Pry alovyineg r 12

Thank You, m are my God, that You r the day Friend whateve . brings. Amen



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