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the Early Church

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Graham Round

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The power of the Holy Spirit 4 Saul meets Jesus 8 Philip and the man in the chariot 12 Cornelius, the soldier who loved God 16 People pray for Peter 20 The storm and the shipwreck 24 A

vision of heaven


the pOWer OF the hOly spirit Acts 2:1–12; 3:1–10

Jesus had died. But God

Soon they were known as Christians. They shared everything they owned. Day by day, more people believed and joined them. Jesus’ friends were also able to heal people just as Jesus had done. When Peter and John went to the Temple to pray, they met a man there begging because he couldn’t walk. ‘We don’t have any money,’ Peter said, ‘but Jesus has given us power to help you walk. Stand up!’ The man stood and walked. ‘God is great! Look, I can walk!’ The man told everyone what had happened to him.

had brought Him back to life – and now He would never die again. It was a miracle. When the Holy Spirit came to help them at Pentecost, all the people who had been friends of Jesus wanted to tell everyone the good news. ‘Tell God you are sorry for all the bad things you’ve done,’ Peter told a huge crowd. ‘Jesus welcomes anyone who wants to be God’s friend.’ Over 3,000 people became friends of Jesus that day.



WHAT’S IN THE CROWD? Which crowd has the most sticks?


Which crowd contains the most children? Which crowd contains a lady with a pot on her head? Which crowd contains a dog? Which crowd is the biggest? Where is the little green snake?



Draw the bodies of the two men.

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