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Volume 4, Issue 8

November 2008

Shut up! They won? Silvertips Billiards of Mississauga was the home for 6 teams for the CCS Canadian qualifiers on November 1, 2008. On Saturday, Great Racks started off with a loss of 3 -1 against Shut up and Drink. During the tournament Great Racks consisting of Kelly, Sharlene and Suzy played strong games using defensive shots and strategic playing. Shut up and Drink consisting of Shelly, Anne and Dianna dominated a majority of the evening by winning an average of 3 rounds per match. Shut up and Drink won a total of 14 rounds scoring 378 points to take first place and Great Racks made a come back to take second place with a total of 13 rounds won scoring 343 points.

Sue, 8-ball Tour director said, "I would like to thank Silvertips for hosting our event and will be looking forward to seeing them again." Next stop will be held at Riley's Billiards in Oshawa previously known as Petrina's. Frank has generously added money to our tour stop and am looking forward to see all the players on November 22nd. Please spread the word bring out new players. To qualify for the money added by Riley's Billiards players need to play one tournament plus the finals. Proceeds will go to the championship stop. Championship stop will also have money added to the tournament. 1st. Shut Up and Drink - $160.00 2nd. Great Racks - $110.00


Right On Target wins event

Right on Target!

On Nov 22 2008, Riley's in Oshawa was the host of 19 women 6 teams in the CCS qualifier this weekend with $250.00 added. Thank you Frank for hosting our ladies event everyone had nothing but positive to say about your staff and your location. We are looking forward to having another event at your location in 2009. There were three teams that dominated the event on November 22nd at Riley's. Shut Up and Drink with Anne Sinclair, Yonette Alphonso and Dianna Yoeman, and On Target with Kim Pain, Loreen Toutant, Brenda Ridge Phillips, and Stacked Racks with Dawn Craigie, Sharon Gibson, Veronica St. Jean and Sue Sepp.

But through a tough battle throughout the day Stacked Racks lost steam and ended up going from 1st after 3 round to third not being able to place in the cash. After battling for first and second place, Shut Up and Drink battled through the 4th and 5th round by winning a majority of their matches which brought them from 4th place to 2nd place, while On Target played a strong 4th and 5th round and ended up taking first place. Excellent playing ladies and thank you for the excellent sportsmanship throughout the tournament. The Championship stop will be held on Dececember 6 at Millsy's Billiards in Kitchener which will be hosting 7 teams for two spots being paid to the Canadians. Story by Sue Sepp 1st On Target - $160.00 2nd Shut Up and Drink - $ 110.00

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8-ball Team Event News - November 2008  

Shut up and drink wins Tour stop # 2 and On Target wins Tour stop # 3