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Volume 5, Issue 1 “Happy Anniversary CWPT!”

March 2008

Winter Storms through Dunlop Barrie Ontario, but Denise “Da Bomb” Belanger Clears it up with a win! The Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour kicked off its first season stop at Dunlop’s Billiards in Barrie on March 8 – 9 2008. Despite the harsh winter storm on Friday and Saturday, 17 awesome women players from US and Ontario still travel to set their eyes on the $1000.00 added including the 2008 WPBA Qualifier, sponsor by TableSports Canada, Tiger Products and Dunlop Billiards. "The weather was so bad and so much snow, I couldn't see my car at Dunlop's parking lot. I am honored to have these ladies come out and play in the tour. Thank you, to all the players who came out and supported the tour!", Carolina Fernandez, CEO. After two days of solid playing, Denise “Da Bomb” Belanger clean sweep the field undefeated claiming the first season stop! On Sunday, saw the returning six players: Denise Belanger, Tina Meraglio, Leanne Amable, Darlene Gardiner, Maureen Seto, and Naomi Williams – returning CWPT champion. At the hot seat match on Saturday, Belanger back in the pool scene, breezed through her first three opponents, and then drilled Meraglio (7-2) in the semi-final on Sunday. In the lost bracket side, the field grew smaller as Williams defeated Amable (7-6) and Gardiner (7-2), who defeated Seto (7-4), in the semi-quarter finals. In the final b-side match, Meraglio, from Ohio USA, traveled all the way up to our tour for some action, and after being defeated by Belanger, Meraglio is matched up with Williams “I really enjoyed playing the Tiger CWPT tour, I do not mind traveling to any of the tournaments.” said Tina Meraglio..

Denise Belanger – 1st place Winner at Dunlop Billiards in Barrie for TableSports Canada WPBA Qualifier

In round 5, Meraglio is on fire with a leaping score 4 -1. Williams doesn’t back down and knots the score 4 – 4. In round 11, Meraglio was able to keep control and leads the score 6 – 4 which puts her on the hill In this alternative break format, it is Williams turn to break. Continued on page 2 INSIDE THIS ISSUE 2

At the hot seat match, Meralgio leading 4-1…


Pool Player Winter Fun!


Tour point Summary

At the hot seat match, Meralgio leads 4-1 ‌

Tina Meralgio in a match against Naomi Williams

She breaks her almighty thunder break and sinks the 2-ball. However, the cue ball lands a tough shot for the 1-ball and Williams decides to play safe. Meraglio banks and kick shot the 1-ball and pockets it in the corner. Nice Shot! Aid one of the spectators. runs up to the 6-ball and hooks the cue ball behind the 9-ball. Williams brings out her jump cue stick and makes the shot. The 6-ball rattles at the corner. It was indeed a close shot! Now spectators are anxious to see if Meraglio will run out in the game? In this round, Meraglio had other plans and decided to play safe by sending the cue ball once again behind the 9-ball. The patience and strategy pays off and Williams misses the kick shot. Meraglio cleans the table up. With a 7-4 score, Williams settles for 3rd place and Meraglio win to own the winner side.

In the final hot seat match, Meraglio is back and getting her revenge on Belanger as she leads the score 4 – 1 in Round 5. Belanger, a veteran Canadian player, struggled during her match as she missed some key shots that cost her some games. Will it be over? In this match, the odds are tough but Belanger sends a bomb on the table with run outs and kick safety shots in Round 10, which brings her back the game with a leading score 6-4. In round 11, Meraglio plays a perfect safety leading the cue ball on the opposite side of the table. Belanger checks the shot. She decides to go big or go home! She cuts the 8-ball in corner pocket and made perfect shape for an easy 9-ball in the corner. With a 7-4 score, Meraglio settles for 2nd place and Belanger wins the 2008 WPBA Qualifier.

The tournament total cash prize was at $1,125.00 Calcutta Breakdown %5 proceeds went towards the tour

1st 2nd 3rd

$310.00 $185.00 $125.00




1st Denise Belanger - $150 + Wpba Qualifier 2nd Tina Meraglio - $290.00 3rd Naomi Williams $175.00 4th Darlene Gardiner $90.00 5th/6th Leanne Amable/Maureen Seto $60.00

Canadian Women’s Pool Tour News


Next Stop#2 at Big Wigs – OBSA 2008 Canadian Amateur Qualifier and $500.00 added. Lots of action will take place. Ladies show your stuff. Also ladies, bring the men, they are invited to win a spot as well! Please see handicap changes in our Annual Tour Points 2008. Event Sponsor by TableSports Canada

On the left: Tina Meralgio– 2nd place and Denise Belanger 1st place. Nice smiles ladies!

Pool Player Winter Fun!

On Saturday, Dunlop Barrie was hit with 30 cm of snow. As you can see with this picture on the right, it just started to fall. After the tournament, the CWPT players couldn’t go home as their car was covered entirely with snow, and it was very hard to get out! The men’s tournament at Masse Hall was also finished and everyone came by to hang out with the CWPT players. Lots of pool playing action all night and everyone had a great time. I like to thank Corrine Johnson for sending this picture to me. See you ladies at the next event!

Canadian Women’s Pool Tour News


Tour1 FirstName Denise Tina Naomi Darlene Leanne Maureen Zabrina Kristy Loreen Brittany Corrine Jen Dawn Lisa Star Nicole Jill

08-Mar-08 LastName Handicap 9-break 9-run Belanger A+ 0 3 Meraglio Open 0 0 Williams Open 0 3 Gardiner B+ 0 0 Amable B 0 0 Seto Open 0 0 Wellman C+ 0 0 De Vries C+ 1 1 Toutant B 0 0 Bryant A 0 2 Johnson A 0 0 Dong B 0 0 Craigie C+ 0 0 Turner C+ 0 0 Williams B+ 0 0 Palescuk B+ 0 0 Pitcher C+ 0 0

Results Points CCS 1st 200 5 2nd 160 0 3rd 125 6 4th 100 5 5th/6th 80 4 5th/6th 80 0 7th/8th 65 4 7th/8th 65 4 9th-12th 50 3 9th-12th 50 3 9th-12th 50 3 9th-12th 50 3 13th-16th 40 3 13th-16th 40 2 13th-16th 40 2 13th-16th 40 0 17th-24th 30 2

Canadian Women’s Pool Tour News


Tour stop # 1 March 2008  

FIrst season event of 2008

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