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Mr. Wallace, I represent Siemensen Vegetables. (Slowly, Dennis realizes what’s happening.) DENNIS

The corporate farm? Agricultural corporation.


(DENNIS looks at MITCHELL) You wanna buy us out.


(MR. PUCKETT walks to the map on the wall.) MR. PUCKETT I’m sure you recognize the Tri-County area. DENNIS


MR. PUCKETT Each of these pins represents a recent purchase. green one, this is theThe Coulter place. weeks ago.

DENNIS I know that farm.

Take this

Ya’ll bought it a few

MR. PUCKETT Mr. Coulter got a more than fair price for his land. (condescending) However, this large area here in the middle. Do you recognize this land, Mr. Wallace? MITCHELL Mr. Puckett, there’s no need-

I reckon I do.



MR. PUCKETT You’re property is the only purchase we haven’t made yet. You’re in a very unique position. MITCHELL They’re willin’ to pay you well above market price-

2. MR. PUCKETT Once we have your property we’ll be able to bulldoze the buildings and pull up the fence rows. The ground is still very fertile, we’ll plant corn for miles. DENNIS

Solid corn? That’s the plan.


DENNIS Land can’t support that kind of yield. MR. PUCKETT We have some interesting ideas. Chemicals?

DENNIS Steroids- Is that your idea?

MR. PUCKETT Siemensen Vegetables just wants to help the land reach it’s full potential. How?

By raping it?


MR. PUCKETT There’s no need to get political. This isn’t an ethical issue. Bullshit it ain’t! Dennis-


MR. PUCKETT The fact is, Mr. Wallace, you’re farm is strugglingDENNIS That don’t give you the right to come in here and talk to me like I’m stupidHow else am I supposed-


DENNIS You support this, Mitchell? Just gonna let ‘em clean us out?

Family Tradtions -- Short Excerpt  

A brief moment from the one-act play, Family Traditions, which was performed as part of FSU's 2012 New Horizons Festival. A scene was also...

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