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ack when I was young, we’re talking the 1960’s and 70’s here, a man and a woman living together without being married was an absolute scandal. A woman falling pregnant outside marriage – well, that was pretty much unthinkable. Today, both those things represent a perfectly valid lifestyle choice. The question is; is it progress? Or is it a retrograde step that’s decaying the very fabric of our society? Right there, you have the divide between liberalism and conservatism that seems to dominate the politics of many a country. I’m going to tell you right up front what I think and why. I believe that God’s plan is for a man and a woman – and only a man and a woman – to be joined together in a life–long relationship of marriage. A permanent, intimate relationship – emotional, spiritual, physical, financial – the whole kit and caboodle. The whole nine yards. The cottin’ pickin’ lot. All in, boots and all! At this point, some people might want to brand me a conservative, a fundamentalist, a bigot and anything else they can think of. It seems that these

days, when we disagree with someone, what we do, is we hurl a label at them that has derogatory connotations, as a way of marginalising their perspective. This happens particularly when Christians express views that go against popular opinion and the ‘wisdom of the day’. Which from my perspective is fine … I’ve been called a lot worse! Anyhow, it seems to me, that when we’re talking about what constitutes a family, people have very short memories. It’s only in the last thirty to forty years, well within my lifetime, that first the extended family and then the nuclear family was the norm. Where marriage was the appropriate way to express the love between a man and a woman. Where marriage was the only place in which to bring children into the world. All of that was based largely on the Judeo–Christian ethics that come from, yes, you guessed it … the Bible. Well, today many have rejected marriage as an anachronistic institution. And let’s face it sex drives a lot of that thinking. We don’t like to talk about it too much, but we’re all sexual beings and the sex

Because Life Doesn’t Stop

drive is an incredibly powerful drive – and rightly so. It’s part of God’s plan and God’s design, to make sure that we continue to be abundant and multiply and fill the earth. (Well, that bit seems to be working just fine!!) But God’s plan for sex is also to bind people – a man and a woman – together in a life–long relationship. Jesus, quoting the book of Genesis, puts it this way: For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. (Matt 19:5) God’s good and perfect will is for a lifelong relationship of commitment and intimacy between a man and a woman. And intimacy is more than sex. It’s a deep emotional connection that finds its fulfilment in a man and a woman exclusively sharing their lives, their bodies … their everything, with one another. It’s a beautiful plan. It’s God’s very best for us. And so I look at this whole ‘living together’ thing, de facto relationships without commitment … and I ask myself:


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