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“I have been in Malaysia and to Nigeria, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Tokyo & Singapore where I’ve seen the OMNIPOTENCE, OPMNISCIENCE & OMNIPRESENCE OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST in dynamic action with thousands of healings, deliverances, amazing miracles. Multitudes in those countries received Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The last 11 years were truly Days of Wonder.

sitting on the floor cross legged, reading my cabinet papers. My son, Damien, came back home – he saw me reading and of course, thought this was what I was doing. He waited for me to acknowledge him but I was not even aware of his presence. He shook me and said, ‘Dad wake up.’ My head lifted up and he was shocked to see my eyes were both rolled up, all white. Evil was on my face. I said, ‘Zalim, Zalim’ – which is Arabic for cruel. I began to shake all over. He thought I had a stroke and he called his mother, his brother and his own wife. They lifted me onto the bed. As soon as I touched the bed, I called in Greek, ‘Beezelbub’ which is Satan. My eyes were still all rolled up and there was the look of evil

18 | The Christian Pulse, September 2015

on my face, I began to hiss. My son yelled out, ‘We want to pray for you dad.’ The demons began to speak to my family, that conversation with the demons lasted for five hours.” At one time, Damien commanded in the name of Jesus, “What is your name?” He replied, “I am Legion for we are many,” exactly as in the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 5. Chua was eventually delivered from the evil forces and it had a profound effect on him. He was healed of his insomnia and oppression. “I knew that’s why my arteries went from good to severely blocked in one year. As the Lord Jesus said, ‘The Devil comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. I come to give you life and life more abundantly.’ Chua and his family personally

experienced some 25 miracles over the last 11 years. Amazing days of wonder, of healings of eczema, hyperthyroidism, heart diseases, depression, major deliverances from demonization, of gout and of an Angel who rescued Damien from kidnappers who had threatened him with death. Above all of eternal salvation for the entire family.

Lynn Goldsmith Editor

The Christian Pulse issue 3 September 2015  

The latest issue of The Christian Pulse is out now! We have an exclusive interview with ex-mafia man Michael Franzese. We discuss God's view...

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