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MALAYSIA HAS A TOUCH FROM GOD I had the privilege of meeting with DATO Chua Jui Meng in Kuala Lumpur, who was the former Health Minister of Malaysia, to hear his story…and what a story it is! I will let you into his life at the time of meeting with Christ and his life BC.  He is one inspiring man of God who doesn’t hold back his rhetoric on describing how his life has changed.


hua Jui Meng is a man on a mission for his God and he has such a great love for Him. His exuberance bubbles over as he relates his life to me. I admit I was mesmerized. He has come a long way from his political days and has encountered so much, which ultimately led him to finding Christ. So, his story begins…his step into Christianity started at the age of 13 when he began attending church in the 1950s. It was a rather conservative church, and missionaries from Australia and New Zealand happened to be speaking and they told him about Christ. He finally acknowledged Christ and followed Him until he started working, then sadly he began to fall away. “Gradually I began to disconnect with the Lord,” Chua explained. “For some 40 years I lost touch until 2004.” Eleven years ago an amazing experience overtook Chua.  The catalyst was actually the Lord himself ! Before that occurrence his sons had found God, he says this was definitely without the influence of his wife and himself. Chua had moved away from his relationship with God and his wife was a strong unbeliever! “My wife and I were very much resistant to the gospel,” Chua said.  “However in Melbourne in 2000 my wife was the first to have an encounter

with the Lord Jesus. We went to an Asian church where my son, who was a believer, was attending while he was studying and working in Australia. At that point when we went reluctantly to church with him, we sat right at the back – we certainly did not want to sit too close to the pulpit. On that day there was a lady pastor from Malaysia. At the end of the service she beckoned me to come forward – I didn’t know her, but she recognized me as I was still the Minister of Health.” Chua and his wife went reluctantly to the front and she wanted to pray for them. “I said, ‘yes, why not.’ Then she touched my wife and as soon as she did so my wife fell to the floor. She laid there for 20 minutes. She prayed for me but I stayed as cold and solid as a rock. Lying on the floor, tears rolling down my wife’s face, she felt a stream of cool water flowing down from her head and into her body, as the Lord Jesus spoke into her life telling her, “let it go, let it go…” She was immediately transformed, praying and reading the Scriptures from that day till now. She was baptised shortly after. However, Chua remained resistant. He told his children not to talk to him about God and said,  “You guys should learn to enjoy yourselves.” He was at that time, trying to dissuade them. Then in 2004 difficult times came upon Chua for him politically and in fact his life in general. “In the year 1999 I felt unwell and went to the National Heart Institute,” Chua said. “I suffered from insomnia and oppression on the head and back. They checked me and said everything was fine, there was nothing wrong. A year later I went again. The same cardiologist did a

series of tests on me. At the end of it, she was not as cheerful as the year before. She said to me, ’You have four arteries that are badly blocked. The aorta has been blocked severely where it meets the heart and stenting is out of the question. I said that this is impossible, that one year before you said everything was great. The doctor explained to me that they needed to do the surgery immediately, as she couldn’t guarantee I would not drop dead anytime.” Chua had the operation, in fact, he had two on the same day. “After the first operation, a bypass, I had to be pushed back into the operating theatre, as my heart had started bleeding internally. I believe now the devil wanted to take my life that day.” The insomnia and oppression in his body continued.  Then major events began to unfold.  “In 2013 I was at church then one doctor gave a sermon of how the Lord healed him of his cancer and he became a Pastor,” Chua said. “When he spoke that day I was touched. When the altar call was made I went up to receive Christ.” The president of the Full Gospel Businessmen of Malaysia was a doctor and he moved in the miraculous. “He told me one day in church that he wanted to cleanse my house. He and three others from the church came and proceeded to do this. I had accumulated many things that were occultic – talismans, charms and idols. All were removed and destroyed. That cleansing cleared the way for the Lord Jesus to act.” In 2014 in February Chua had taken two sleeping pills. He explained, “I was | 17

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