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was peace and joy and happiness and life just began to work out and fall into place.

in the stillness and sat there without any stress. I felt His presence come in such an incredibly real way. I began to do this every day. The journey and the transformation have totally amazed me – where it’s led me with God. What has the transformation been? What changes have you noticed? So many things – inward and outward transformation! The peace was the first and biggest change that I noticed. Instead of waking up in the morning with a sense of dread and a churning stomach, I had peace and a sense that there was nothing to worry about – it was wonderful to feel that constant sense of peace. I learnt the ability to let things go. Three years later I have learnt to let everything go – it just comes naturally. It is the peace that passes all understanding. I am very calm and relaxed. I have been transformed to be able to let things go. I used to get very angry because I was so stressed. Upon practising meditation all the anger went, which changed our family life – there was peace and joy and happiness and life just began to work out and fall into place. Hopes and dreams, which I had stored in my heart, began opening up for me. God just found ways to open doors, which had been shut for a long time. Even strategies for our business and the confidence and the plans to make those things real began to unfold. When we go looking for dreams to unfold it can lead to frustration. When we just focus on God and how amazing He is and His love is – it supernaturally releases all other things. When we put God first (Matthew. 6:33) and seek Him – He takes care of everything else. There is something supernaturally powerful about being totally consumed by Him – it releases things in such a way that you could not have figured it out better for yourself.

What are the steps needed to start meditating? Find a quiet place where you are not going to be disturbed. Jesus said to go into your room and shut the door. Set aside some time and be fully engaged. I take my journal my Bible and a pen. I use my phone for Scriptures I may need to find. I go prepared to hear from God and journal everything. I have a cushion and I sit on the floor, but relax just wherever it suits you. The power is in meeting with God. Make yourself comfortable. I don’t use music because it can distract. So, I do have some strategies. Once I am comfortable I close my eyes and sit up straight, I take a few slow, deep breaths to relax and to help me forget everything else and begin to focus on God. I begin by stilling my mind. I make a point of stopping all the thoughts running around my head causing stress and worry. I remind myself that in the next 20 minutes (or longer) I don’t need to think about anything. This is my time with God and everything else can wait. This can take a little bit of practice but don’t give up because the peace that comes from spending time with God is worth it. Some days are harder than others, particularly if you are tired. If your mind wanders, just bring it back to centre on God. Let your thoughts go and come back to the awareness of God. Sometimes I quote a passage of Scripture a few times as a way to stop all the other thoughts and to help calm my spirit and focus myself on God’s presence. After this I will spend a few minutes (or however long it takes) to ‘let go’. This is where I consciously choose to let go of everything that is worrying me and causing me stress and anxiety. I give it to God. I also make sure I forgive and let go of any hurt or offenses. When I reach the point where my mind is still and I have let go of everything that has been worrying me I find that my heart – or spirit – becomes open and very aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

He is always with us but it is in this beautiful stillness that we become most aware of Him. And it’s in this stillness that God pours out His peace and ministers to our heart. As you become aware of His presence, you realize you have connected with Him and He is right there with you. You will find that the more you practice being still and letting go of everything else and just focusing your heart and spirit on God, you will be drawn deeper and deeper into Him. This is an amazing life changing experience and there is no limit to His depth. Every day is a different experience with God. Sometimes God drops a few words into my spirit – it doesn’t come from me. I look up my Bible and I am amazed because it is what I needed that day. Those moments only come in the stillness. We need God to restore and refresh us and it only comes in the stillness. It is only there that He reveals more of Himself and we begin to get a greater picture of who He is – His love and grace. There is so much more I have learnt on the journey. One of the revelations I have received through meditation is that God lives in me and because of that, whatever I need is already in me. Whatever it is that I need; peace, joy, patience, strength, creativity or anything else it may be - is already in me and meditation is just tapping into the source of everything I need. Lynn Goldsmith Editor | 15

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