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Upon practising meditation all the anger went, which changed our family life – there


met with Leah Bulfin and we chatted over coffee, about the art of meditation. I’m talking about meditating on God and His Word. Leah talks to churches and groups about bringing back this age old tradition of what really is ‘practicing the presence of God’. I must admit I have meditated only spasmodically, but since talking to Leah I am doing this everyday and it is bringing me closer to God and more centred on Him. I asked her some questions about how and why she began to practice meditation. What made you look at meditation? We had been through a season in our life that had been quite difficult – building a

new house and having a new baby. Our business, which is in property development, suffered through the GFC, so we were going through very difficult times. My husband was studying and I was running a kids’ church – I was totally exhausted. I was longing for peace and was dealing with many issues. I desperately needed more of God and His peace. I was very stressed, exhausted and tired and longing for God. As I was doing kids’ church I was not able to be in church myself and was missing the spiritual input. In my spirit I was longing for God more deeply. Over a couple of months I began to wake in the night with a sense that God was calling me to come closer to Him I

didn’t respond immediately, but I had an awareness of His presence. I was reading a book about a woman who was going to India for three months to an Ashram, but I knew this wouldn’t lead to Jesus. I thought how wonderful it would be to have three months to sit with God and meditate on Him. I couldn’t go away for three months but I realized that I could meditate on God - there was nothing to stop me having the same encounter. People all over the world are trying to find Him. The next morning I shut myself in the walk-in-wardrobe with God. I just sat there, closed my eyes and invited the Holy Spirit to come. I shut off my mind and sat


...and the wo rl d b e yo n d

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