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CONTENTS issue five • may 2016

07 IN SHORT How to Talk about God: Without Being a Jerk 08 CHURCH 5 Bad Reasons to Leave a Church 10 COVER STORY Political Correctness Gone Mad

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12 CONFERENCE What Makes a Faithful Ministry

20 NEXT GENERATION 10 Things you should know about Gen Z

14 GIFTINGS The Glory of Self Awareness

22 WORLD Islamic terrorist hunted pastor, but Jesus foiled plot with unusual vision

17 GOD CONVERSATIONS Three barriers to hearing God’s voice

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Front cover: Asheville, North Carolina, USA - April 2, 2016: Close up of a sign about bathroom use at a HB2 protest rally of the new NC law which denies rights to those who are gay or transgender on April 2, 2016 in downtown Asheville, NC

4 | The Christian Pulse, May 2016

The Christian Pulse May 2016  

The latest issue of The Christian Pulse is out now. Featuring articles on Political Correctness Gone Mad, How to Talk About God Without Bein...

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