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So he sent a woman to deliver poisoned fast food to them. But on the way to their house a dog bit the woman, seriously injuring her, and she never arrived.

“nailing him.”

Rashid surrendered his heart to Jesus Christ and was born again. “I lost my peace,” Rashid recalls. “I accepted the Lord Jesus as my He was afraid to say anything to personal savior, was baptized and his friends. received the gifts of the Holy Spirit and I’m evangelizing people They sent a second woman with Surprisingly, Rashid had a Bible in through “Bibles for Mideast,” he poisonous chocolate to give Pastor his room. “Actually I was using its says. He has become one of their Paul’s children. The boys ate the verses for criticizing Christianity key leaders. chocolate and survived, but the and justifying Islam.” pastor’s daughter got very sick. He opened the Bible and his eyes “Thousands of Muslims are secretly believing in Jesus Christ as their “I was watching with two others fell on this verse: “That was the Savior. They don’t have Bibles and from an ambulance near the hos- true Light, which lighteth every the rulers do not allow them to get pital to see his daughter’s death. man that cometh into the world. Bibles. The Bible is totally prohibOur plan was to kidnap the dead He was in the world, and the world ited in certain countries. But peobody along with his family in our was made by him, and the world ple are so thirsty for the Word of knew him not.” (John 1:9-10 KJV) ambulance,” Rashid recounts. God.” “I understood it was about Jesus,” Then something happened that “Many of our team members are amazed Rashid. “I saw a ball of he says. He realized the ball of converts from Islam to Christianilight came down from the sky and light that came from above was ac- ty with the gifts of the Holy Spirit stand over the room where his tually Jesus, who suffered when he and have good experiences of dodaughter was lying unconscious,” was nailed to the cross. ing personal evangelism, conducthe says. His heart softened, Rashid went ing crusades, and pastoring house To his utter disbelief he watched a to see Pastor Paul and shared ev- churches,” he says. Many are lay hand come from the ball of light, erything with him. Unsure what pastors who earn a livelihood to touch the pastor’s daughter, and his reaction might be, he was sur- support their ministry. she immediately regained con- prised when Pastor Paul embraced “Bibles for Mideast” is distribhim, with tears running down his sciousness and stood up. uting Bibles and establishing face. underground house churches He was astonished to see a hole in “I was once an enemy of Jesus throughout the Middle East. the middle of the hand and that Christ, but he loved me,” Pastor For more information, please blood was flowing down. “I tremPaul said. “He was crucified — go to: https://bibles4mideast. bled with fear,” Rashid says. “I felt gave His life for me – then He rose com. giddy and fell down. My friends from the dead. Because of His love moved me from there at once.” I can love you, because Christ loves After this unusual incident Rashid you. I believe Jesus Christ Himself found it difficult to sleep. When he brought you here to share this love attempted to drift off, a vision of and to find salvation.” the hand entered his mind. “Jesus is the prince of peace,” he The following night a shadow of continued. “And He will give you a human face appeared with the peace. Accept Him as your Savhand and asked him why he was ior,” he exhorted. | 23

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