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and in awe of the resurrection power of God to bring one of his children through to a new life. I have read the book and quite honestly, I couldn’t put it down. There is so much to learn from Elizabeth’s life. I asked Elizabeth what led her taking drugs in the first place. She explained, “The reason I delved into the world of drugs is because I didn’t really want to live. I didn’t have an identity and I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I was just lost and disconnected from society – I felt very rejected.” In hooking up with a drug addict, this brought her life tumbling down for all those years. Elizabeth’s children were very accepting of the addiction she had. They also had each other and they had their school friends and their own little world, apart from her addictions. This is how they coped with their lives while their mother tried to fight her addiction. But it was hard for them even so – very hard for them. They were supportive of their mother and loved her. “They accepted me just the way I was, although they didn’t like it and it was hard for them. That acceptance kept me alive through those years.” What was the final trauma that led Elizabeth to finally call out to God, I wanted to know? “The catalyst that got me separated from the co-dependant relationship with my husband was when he hurt my youngest child Grace, who was three at the time. I just thought I couldn’t keep Grace in that environment by herself because her older brothers and sisters couldn’t help. “If I left it would halve the risk to her. God just showed up in the refuge that I finally escaped to and I heard his voice twice, where He said, “Do you want to be made whole?” Well, of course I wanted to be made whole and well again for myself and my children so I just

gave into Him. Elizabeth’s mother was very influential in helping her daughter to want to be set free. She reminded her of who she was before she started using drugs, and that memory jolted something in her that had been lost all those years ago. “I thought to myself, ‘What happened, how did I get to this point before I started using hard drugs’? I had a good job, good friends, was connected to family, and then I met Francis and everything changed after that, so much. I got to the point where I forgot I had freewill. Being reminded of that was that we do have free will and we are allowed to seek God and allowed to worship him and pray to Him.” Elizabeth wanted to share her story to show the incredible love and power of God. She was adamant that this is available for all those who have addictions of any kind. Change is possible and there is freedom on the other side. If anyone is looking for a way out of addictions Elizabeth says to ask God to help you and forgive you and get baptized, and your life will never be the same again. God always forgives us. Elizabeth is passionate as she states, “I want to give God more glory for what He has done. I had Grace by my side and didn’t go to any psychiatrists or rehab. I only had God – He does the impossible. I didn’t have a car or home – no money, no phone. God did this for all the addicts out there – not just for me. He wants to set everyone free. He doesn’t want us bound up in addictions.” This book is one of transparency about the life of a former addict to the beautiful and gentle woman she is today. CW Lynn Goldsmith | 19

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