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ot many people are able to maintain a twenty-four year heroin and methadone addiction, all the while raising five children. But Sydney woman Elizabeth Muldovan was an exception. Born and raised in Sydney Australia, Elizabeth’s addiction to drugs started off as a woman in her twenties – and would remain with her for close to two and a half decades. Hers was a life a life of depravity and destruction, couple with her an honest recount. In her recently released book, The Prodigal Daughter, Elizabeth recounts her life story. From the depths of hopelessness, to the saving grace of Jesus, this is a story that truly shows God at work. In fact it would be hard for a skeptic of Christ to remain that way after reading her telling story. When the average person thinks of a heroin addict, the stereotypical idea that comes to mind is of inner-city streets, of ‘junkies’ huddling around in a dark, dingy lane trying to find a vein in which to inject. But we don’t imagine a housewife doing her daily chores, including preparing the school lunches, getting the children out the door, and ensuring they are all run off to their after-school activities, homework completed, dinner made, and so on. It’s hard enough to do the work of a mother with your mind on the job, let alone being dependent on a damaging drug daily. And to top it off, Elizabeth did it with five children, not just a couple. But the twist in this story is that not only was she heroin dependent, but her husband also shared the same daily addiction. Here is a family in the city of Sydney, the city in which I reside, packing their children off to school, getting out the door to work – all the while sharing a dirty secret. As Elizabeth recounts in this amazing book, she and her husband were able to cope whist on heroin; it was this drug that kept them going and maintaining ‘normal’ lives. But when their lives really took a turn was when they decided to kick heroin, opting for methadone instead. As readers delve into the pages of this extraordinary woman and her life they will be held spellbound at the enormity of the power of addiction to drugs. They will also be aware 18 | The Christian Pulse, May 2016

From Heroin to Christ

The Christian Pulse May 2016  

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