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and appointments with church So what are you no good at? members in distressed… and it Own it. made me miserable. Which made them more miserable.

Don’t be afraid of it.

others what they (honestly and brutally) think about your ________________ (singing, public speaking, counseling, leadership).

Someone else in the body of Christ is incredible in that area. Listen to understand not to defend; Encourage them in it. And focus and keep an open mind. Be willing But get me in a room with 14 your energies and attention on the to die to selfish dreams and visions of grandeur. At the same time, receive feedback in the areas where Listen to understand not to defend; and keep an open mind. BE you are actually meant to grow and WILLING TO DIE TO SELFISH DREAMS AND VISIONS flourish. Which proved that I needed a way out of this misery.

OF GRANDEUR. At the same time, receive feedback in the

And learn to live in the glory of Romans 12:3: “… Everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, inmates in a maximum security things that make you come alive. but to think with sober judgment, prison, and I will preach the most each according to the measure of animated, most hilarious, most Self–awareness is the capacity for faith that God has assigned.” challenging and most Jesus filled introspection and the ability to sermon of my life (at least I’ll try). recognize oneself as an individual separate from other individuals. And I will be on a spiritual high for It’s taking an honest look into who Carlos A. Rodriguez is a a good 72 hours after that. you are without labels of it being pastor at Catch the Fire and right or wrong / good or bad. the founder of HappySonship. Honestly, I failed miserably as a His latest book is “Designed pastor. In more ways that one People that are not self-aware for Inheritance, A Discovery make excuses and get defensive. of Sonship”. He travels But I’m so glad to God I did. They shift blame and are passive extensively all around the Because I am now aware that I’m a aggressive. Sometimes they speak world and you can find out preacher, a communicator, a writer, about themselves in a manner more at www.HappySonship. a dreamer. Yet I only discover that that is embarrassing to those who com when I failed as a worship leader, are listening (because it feels so a counselor, a pastor, a university detached from reality). student, and a real estate agent. So in order to be awaken from

areas where you are actually meant to grow and flourish.

Knowing who I was not… was the deceit, we need humility and probably the most powerful community. indicator to point who I was. I encourage you today to ask 16 | The Christian Pulse, May 2016

The Christian Pulse May 2016  

The latest issue of The Christian Pulse is out now. Featuring articles on Political Correctness Gone Mad, How to Talk About God Without Bein...

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