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The Glory Of Self Awareness I

t’s possible, that the greatest each one of them, as He chose.” (1 most important thing you can do Corinthians 12:8) for your destiny today, is find out I have been incredible blessed to what you are not. have encountered a few of my A lot of Christian churches provide sweet spots in life. Preaching and space for people who are not writing being two of them. good at (singing, public speaking, greeting, counseling, leading) to do Now, I’m not even close to be being just that (singing, public speaking, a perfect preacher or a great writer. Both trades demand an incredible greeting, counseling, leading). amount of practice, feedback, It’s a blessing and a curse. encouragement and training. The blessing part is when people discover things that they want to work on, because God has called them in that area. So they get stretched, they trust God to empower them, and beautiful supernatural things happen.

But I find joy in both. And more often than not, people express their enjoyment of my preaching and my writing (and send me emails with a million spelling mistakes that need correcting; and others reach out to help me with my theological mistakes.)

The curse is when they get stuck doing the thing they should have Thanks! not done in the first place. And then we all suffer. We endure boring sermons, off pitch worship and makes-it-even-worse counseling. Now, we all have a calling to love people, share the good news, feed the hungry and worship in community. But the Apostle Paul (who had a clear vision of what God had called him to do) encouraged us to know that not all are apostles, or teachers or prophets, etc.

However, it took me a long time to settle on what I really wanted to be. And not just what I wanted to be, but what I was actually called to be.

have no grace to sit with them and listen to them ramble about their hearts and issues and questions for more than 20 minutes. Trust me, I have tried hard! But it’s just not me. My wife on the other hand, oh what a gift. She listens, and observes, and engages and prays (like really prays.) (Like 30-something-minuteprayers… prays!) It’s brutal. And whenever we tried to do it together, it was painful. My eyes would open wide and I would be staring into her soul while trying to send her a non verbal message that screamed out loud: STOP PRAYING ALREADY! IT’S BEEN 3 MINUTES AND I’M STARVING! Yes, she’s incredibly pastoral. It’s who she is. Doesn’t even have to try. Needs no titles to prove it. She just cares.

I wanted to be a pastor since I was a brand new Christian. That was the title that seemed to be the one with most value and influence. But now I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that is not my first calling.

Like Jesus does.

It’s not even in the top 10.

The point is that I tried for a long time to fit that specific mold. I booked counseling meetings

And he reminds us that, “God I really, really love people… but I arranged the members in the body,

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