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What Makes a Faithful Ministry? “Defining success may be the most important decision we make as God’s people. Measuring it comes a close second because what we measure communicates what we value. How leaders define and measure success gives form and direction to all aspects of ministry. It shapes the culture that follows and ultimately determines our future”. With these opening words, Gary Hoag, Scott Rodin and Wesley Willmer lay the foundation for their recently released book, ‘The Choice’, and go on to argue that the ‘Kingdom Path’ is markedly different to the ‘Common Path’ when pursuing effective ministry. Two of the authors, Gary Hoag and Wesley Willmer, will be visiting Australia in June to speak at CMA’s ‘Faithful’ conference for church, ministry and Christian business leaders, June 7-8 at Sea World on the Gold Coast. Each of them will be delivering a keynote address, but then together they will be taking a four-session elective which explores faithful ministry in terms of leadership, governance, fundraising and administration. The contrast they draw between the Common Path and the Kingdom Path is critical, and it challenges a few well-loved assumptions. For example, they contrast ‘Production-Driven Leadership’ (the Common Path) with ‘Steward Leadership’ (the Kingdom Path). Production-Driven leadership is all about continued expansion, with numbers-driven metrics, and places more value on the ends achieved, and less value on the means taken to get there. Many times, good and faithful people can simply get run over in a productiondriven environment. Steward Leaders, on the other hand, are utterly dependent on God for the ‘production’, and instead focus on ‘leading organisations in ways which reflect Christ-centred values, strategies, plans and actions’. No doubt some readers will immediately think ‘copout’, and that this focus removes the accountability that comes with having to actually generate results. No! Steward Leaders still measure results and impact, but their effort is not DRIVEN by the results – it’s driven by faithfulness and obedience to God’s call, from which the Kingdom outcomes flow. Further contrasts between the two paths are identified as Expansion-Focused Strategies vs Faithfulness Focused Strategies; Earthly-Oriented Metrics vs Eternity12 | The Christian Pulse, May 2016

The Christian Pulse May 2016  

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