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WHY DO WE ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE MINORITY? WHY DO THOSE WHO KICK AND SCREAM SEEM TO GET THEIR WAY? How many transgenders do we have in our world, compared to straight people?

Are politicians stupid? Do they not know that many people have many struggles in the sexual arena, and that this is just opening up a can of worms? Are they seriously going to pander and appease a minority – albeit with a very loud voice – or as parents (and grandparents) themselves, are they going to realize that this is sheer nonsense and knock it on its head? Why do we always listen to the minority? Why do those who kick and scream seem to get their way? How many transgenders do we have in our world, compared to straight people? Why can’t politicians see that this is simply not OK? We have a responsibility to help the helpless here; that is our children. As I mentioned, there are some pretty messed up people out there, and as their carers, we need to stand up and say that this is not acceptable. Even if it makes us look like judgmental Christians.

and as such the kids were going to be surfing around a bunch of people naked, all of whom really should have kept their clothes on. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that all the people who should keep their clothes on are the same ones that feel the need to take them off. I am not sure what the deal is with that.) Anyway, one would have thought that some of the nudists would have seen the moms and dads arrive at the beach, complete with tents, a PA system, and clearly enough infrastructure to see that there was an even going on, and show some respect. But no; there were grown adults wandering in and out of the surf with no clothes on, with no real care that there were young, influential children nearby. Admittedly most stayed away in the grassed area, but surely, just for one day, they could have put their costumes on

to have a swim? Again, the local council doesn’t want to offend that minority, so they give them a nudist beach. And with how strict councils are on everything to the way you put out your bins, to the time you can park your car in their car parks, surely they could have a rule that says as soon as an event takes place at the beach, it is now illegal to swim or sun bake nude. Fortunately most of the kids at the beach were pretty young and so focused on what they were doing that they missed most of the action. But why do they have to grow up in a world like this? If there are 7 billion of us, surely it is the majority that wins.

Matt Danswan is the CEO of Initiate Media, publishers of The Christian Pulse.

My boys are very keen surfers and are a part of the local boardrider’s club where we live. Once a month they are given the Sunday off church to participate in the club’s monthly contest, something they really enjoy. Just yesterday the contest was going to be called off because the surf was really small, and the contest directors thought it was not possible to run the event. However they found a secluded beach that had waves, and the word went out very early on the Sunday morning that the contest was on. The only issue with this secluded beach is that it is a nudist beach, | 11

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