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“LANDLORDS NEED TO THINK ABOUT JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS AND ASK ‘WOULD I LET MY KIDS OR GRAND-KID LIVE IN THIS HOUSE?’ IF THE ANSWER IS ‘NO’ THEY SHOULD IMPROVE THE PROPERTY.” rates, low incomes, ill health and patchy employment,” says Mr Johnson. “New Zealand’s retirement income policy is largely based on the idea you will own a home when you retire. Superannuation provides a reasonable income if you own your own home, but it’s really tough if you don’t. As more baby boomers retire, we need to be planning for more affordable rental housing for them.” Marriage and family breakdown contribute to the problem. “The reality is that marriages do break up and for all sorts of reasons. But when matrimonial property is divided up, women may struggle to find credit to buy a house as they usually have

lower incomes. You end up being disadvantaged after a lifetime of effort.” What can Christians do? “Christian people can express public opposition to what’s happening, especially with regard to housing for children, families and older folk,” says Mr Johnson. He himself spent two nights sleeping in his car during last month’s Park Up for the Homeless events in Auckland. A group of young Christians supported this initiative which saw more than 1,000 people sleeping in cars to demonstrate solidarity with homeless people. Protestors included Mangere Labour MP, Su’a William Sio, Green Party MP, Marama

Davidson and representatives from Lifewise, Child Poverty Action and Te Puea Marae. The Salvation Army has 300 social housing units throughout New Zealand and some emergency housing, mainly in central Auckland and Christchurch, and its Community Ministry offers advocacy and advice. Other church-based organisations helping with housing in Auckland include the Bays Housing Trust, Vision West, Monte Cecelia and De Paul House. “As part of our Christian commitment,” says Mr Johnson “we need to lend a helping hand to the work these organisations are doing.”

“Kendal’s book is a godsend to anyone who is at a loss to understand what lies behind the suffering in the Middle East. Drawing on authoritative voices from the region, her clear-eyed analysis untangles the conflicts with the heart and insight of a prophet. She gives a sobering account of the West’s complicity in the atrocities – and what we can do to bring healing in a crisis as appalling as the indifference to it.” – Jeff M. SellerS, editor, PerSecution newS Service, Morning Star News

For hundreds of thousands of now destitute Christian families, THIS IS THE NEW REALITY. Yet contrary to all appearances, GOD IS AT WORK in the Middle East and you are invited to join him. For more information, including purchasing options visit 18 | The Christian Pulse, August/September 2016

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