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Why Australia’s ABC should keep rainbow politics out of Play School


arents should be able to trust their toddlers to the ABC’s Play School program without worrying if they are being exposed to controversial political and social agendas, according to the Australian Christian Lobby. A recent segment of Play School featured two men raising two girls in its popular Through the Windows segment. The Australian Christian Lobby’s (ACL) Queensland director, Wend Francis, has spoken out on the matter, stating the moral issues at hand. In a recent interview, Ms Francis said, “As a grandmother I find it disappointing that the ABC is seeking to include rainbow politics for toddlers when millions of their parents do not agree with redefining marriage in law.” “Millions of Australians also do not agree that two men should be allowed to deliberately deprive a child of its mother. This does not mean two men cannot love a child, of course they can. The issue is whether or not it is right for the child to be deprived of its mother and whether this should be taught as ethical to toddlers. “The ABC should also not assume that producing children through harvested eggs and a rented or donated woman’s womb to meet the desires of two men is a public good. “Unsupervised watching of Play School was always considered safe by generations of parents. Now parents can’t be sure if their children are going to be exposed to contested social and political agendas. “As ACL warned in February this year, Play School is not the place for the

ABC to run agendas. The Australian people will be deciding whether or not marriage (and with it parenting) is redefined in a national plebiscite after the federal election, should the Coalition win. “Many parents will be disappointed with this, particularly as this is a taxpayer-funded program that should refrain from pushing confusing adult messaging to our children. “Parents shouldn’t be forced to have adult conversations about sexuality and bioethics with their kids at such a young age and it certainly should not be the government broadcaster raising the subject with them.” Ms Francis said the nature of the ABC as a taxpayer-funded broadcaster meant that it had an

obligation to maintain its objectivity on political issues, particularly when matters crucial to the definition of marriage and family are subject to a national vote. “ABC Kids should be particularly sensitive to what it shows to young impressionable minds and refrain from introducing contested social concepts into their children’s programing,” Ms Francis said. “We encourage the Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield, to take these concerns to the ABC so that the integrity of the ABC can be maintained.” The ABC is an Australian government-owned and run media organization. Play School celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Benita Collings & Don Spencer with Play School’s Big Ted & Maurice. | 15

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