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Richard Johnson Anglican School

A ‘one-stop’ experience for families Are you looking for a learning environment which:  cares for and nurtures the individual person  challenges and enriches students academically  facilitates a culture of respect and tolerance  expects high standards of conduct and performance  cultivates Christian values in each activity Richard Johnson Anglican School offers Kindergarten to Year 12 a ‘one-stop’ experience for families. Principal’s (Mr Paul Cockrem) comments: “We are very pleased with the academic performance achieved by individual students in the HSC, and we are also delighted to see the significant development in character and leadership by RJAS students over the years. The feedback from last year’s graduating Year

12 students provides a clear indication of the huge efforts our School community invests in the growth of our students.” Year 12 students have demonstrated :  Significant development in character  Very pleasing HSC results  Excellent growth in leadership and community-mindedness  Increasing knowledge and faith in God Our School community is very proud of recent achievements and would welcome visitors to come and see what happens: A Prospectus and Application Form is available from the Office (02 9677 2455) or contact our Enrolments Registrar.

Richard Johnson Anglican School offers a ‘one-stop’ experience for families from Kindergarten to Year 12. 93 Hyatts Road Oakhurst 2761 Ph: 9677 2455 Fax: 9677 2528 LG5031917AA-240412

06 Beyond the School Prospectus Neil Pearson asks parents what they want for their child 10 Reaping the benefits Christian education is very important as not only can it provide great education but also opens many doors… Dr Charles Walker


12 Chaplains in need Jim Wallace examines the government’s decision for Chaplains in secular schools 14 Top Tips for online security Important information about protecting students from some of the evils for young people on the internet… Michael McKinnon



I give you sound learning, so do 4:2 not forsake my teaching. Prov

God has chosen us to help one another. – Smith Wigglesworth Welcome to another edition of Find a Christian School. It is a big decision when deciding on what school to send your children to. Many parents ask what is the value of Christian education. What benefits are there in a Christ-centred education. There are in fact many benefits and the articles

in this magazine point to the value of children being taught in the ways of the Lord. It is important to understand that as parents you need to fully check out the different schools, even if they have the name ‘Christian’ attached to them. Our choice of school for our children will largely determine not only what they learn but importantly who they learn it from. What

perspective of life will they embrace? Who will their friends be? What life priorities will they set? Thank you for taking the time to consider the information in this publication and to understand how valuable education is – particularly Christ-centred education. Lynn Goldsmith Find a Christian School Guide 2013 | 5

Point of view

Beyond the School


As a Christian parent what do I want for my child? Is it happiness, friends, success, wisdom, health, academics and opportunities? Who could argue with that list? Me. …NEIL PIERSON

6 | Find a Christian School Guide 2013


ur choice of school for our children will largely determine not only what they learn but importantly who they learn it from. What perspective of life will they embrace? Who will their friends be? What life priorities will they set? How are we as prospective parents to know what a school really is like? Is a school prospectus enough to make a decision? My own parents didn’t need a school prospectus. I doubt there was one. I went to the local public school. My kindergarten teacher was extremely short and lots of fun. My favourite primary teacher was male, extremely tall and fostered in me a love for learning. At my public high school there was an eclectic bunch of teachers. Among them were political activists, academics, bullies, lesbians and passionate teachers. The teachers reflected society. Some we laughed at. Others we respected. Some we feared. In hindsight I would say overall my teachers shared a worldview which was consistent with my home - non Christian. Twelve months before finishing high school I became a Christian. My view on life changed. Lots of things changed. There was much I needed to learn. Actually there was much I needed to unlearn. As a teenager I quickly understood something many Christians still doubt. Public education is secular. Passionately secular!. God is deliberately and actively removed from the curriculum. God may be allowed in a box called Scripture but He had, and still has, no place in the general classroom or curriculum. For our own children my wife and I didn’t want a secular education. We had dedicated our children to God publicly in church. How could we then entrust our children into the hands of teachers who not only disagreed with, but opposed our view of the meaning and purpose of life? We chose a Christian school for their primary years. It was a stretch financially. Having been raised in a non-Christian home I understood the importance of laying foundations for life. Being involved in children’s ministry I also discovered a

child’s worldview is effectively set by age 12. Little wonder that some countries ban children’s ministry. Non-Christians seem to understand this more than many Christians. Our expectation was to switch to public education for secondary school once their foundations were laid. Eventually we decided to stay with Christian education for both primary and secondary. If I had to make the choice again I would still choose a Christian school for primary over secondary because of the importance of foundations. These days I spend a lot of my time in schools. As a storyteller I help schools discover and share their own story. It’s fun. It’s challenging. As I travel, talk and assist schools I am making interesting discoveries. Some ‘Christian’ schools are as secular as public schools. Their website, prospectus and vision statement may speak of Christian values and beliefs yet their educational content is basically the same. Employment and enrolment policies vary dramatically. I am however grateful to live in a country which allows parents the right to choose who they will partner with in educating their children. So what advice do I offer you as fellow parents on this journey? • Look beyond the prospectus • Spend time in the school • Ask questions • Talk to parents • Check the fruit School prospectus and websites Most schools will provide interested parents with a prospectus. Inside you will usually find carefully selected words and photos. A prospectus is static. It is clean. It is a snapshot. They are important as a starting point. They can quickly inform you what the school determines to be most important. As a snapshot with limited pages they can reflect the school’s stated priorities.

Where next? An obvious place is a school website. Some repeat the prospectus. Most expand on it. Like a prospectus they are largely made up of carefully selected words and photos. Yet they can provide more of a window into the life of the school.

Spend time in the school Open Days can be a good window into a school and their community. School tours can show you the facilities. The danger is that some are a show, a performance, a carefully crafted prospectus acted out by students


Christian School

...From Christ and For Him ents Enrolcmome wel 6762 0970

r on Call us ure a place fo to sec our child. y

Carinya… where all your children, from pre schoolers to Year 12, share the the same outstanding facilities and are educated, encouraged and equipped for the future. Teachers who love the Lord Jesus are committed to working in partnership with parents to provide a quality, Christcentred education for every student. Discuss the opportunities for your child with our Registrar. 25 Boronia Drive, Tamworth Phone: 6762 0970 46 Elgin Street, Gunnedah Phone: 6742 2766 Email: or visit

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and staff. Go back on a normal school day. Are classrooms functioning well? Are teachers engaging students in learning? What is the atmosphere like? Ask questions If you are going to invest years of your life and finance into a school be willing to ask lots of questions. If all you want are the NAPLAN results then our secular education system has already decided your priorities. My kids do well at NAPLAN. Very well! Yet NAPLAN records a terribly narrow form of education. If all I wanted was good NAPLAN results then I’m not actually wanting much for my children. Talk to parents I work in schools. I am paid to say good things about schools. I shouldn’t be trusted! However as a parent talking to prospective parents that is different. If you want to know about a school talk to a variety of parents. As Christians we won’t judge a church by one member of the congregation or one sermon. Nor should we judge a school by one family’s experience. Look for consistent trends. Parents believe parents. Talk to them. Check the fruit Jesus said a good tree will produce good fruit. What defines

good fruit? Is it happiness, friends, success, wisdom, health, academics and opportunities? The Bible tells us the desired fruits of the spirit which we are to encourage in ourselves and our children are: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatian 5:22-23). Do the students display any, or all, of these? These strengths are actually what will determine their ‘success’ and choices in life. Social Media and Christian Schools Social media now allows parents to do so much of this important research online. Things like Facebook can help connect prospective and current parents enabling them to ask questions of each other. Located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Covenant Christian School’s approach to social media is different to many schools. While the school does have a facebook and twitter page the focus has been on YouTube and an extensive blogsite. With over 200 videos already uploaded since May 2009 the YouTube channel has averaged at least one video a week. Some of the videos are professionally filmed and edited. Most are not. Some videos are deliberately promotional in nature. Others help retell the history of the school and the vision of its pioneers. Most are simply a glimpse into the real life of the school. With so many videos it is much harder to present a false impression of the school. What you see is reality. The purpose is to allow current and prospective parents to ‘spend time’ in the school. The other unusual aspect of Covenant is their school blogsite at A blogsite is a type of website but more like a newspaper or journal. With an average of two stories every school day and over 15,000 photos the blogsite offers parents a wonderful window into the life of the school. BIG Questions to ask at Christian schools • Is Christianity integrated or compartmentalised into chapel / scripture / Biblical Studies • Are teachers trained any differently than secular teachers? • Are the teachers practising Christians? Some Christian schools may answer or not answer these clearly. I would still choose a Christian school over a deliberately secular one but be clear on what you are expecting as parents. As a parent I pray for you. May God lead you. May God help you partner with others in this wonderful calling of raising kids.

Neil Pierson tells stories for a living. True stories. One of his projects is the www.WhyChristianSchools. website and DVD. The series of free videos help answer common questions by Christian parents. Contact him at 8 | Find a Christian School Guide 2013

Videos for Parents: Why Christian Schools?


Co-educational Prep to Year 12

Raise the issue of Christian schools and you may start some lively debate. The Why Christian Schools? website, videos, booklet and DVD are designed to help parents consider, and discuss, some of the important issues in a non-threatening environment. In this series of short videos individual parents, and couples, answer some of the most common questions Christians raise about Christian schools and the purpose of education. Although created by Covenant Christian School in Sydney the videos deliberately do not promote the school. Neil Pierson, who managed the project explains, “In talking with parents I realised many shared the same important questions about the role of Christian Schools and the larger concern of Christian education. These are valid questions. They do need to be discussed. Many of these serious questions were already answered in books but they were not being read by prospective parents. Video was an obvious answer. Parents believe the testimony of other parents more than paid school staff. The parents are not following a script, they are sharing their own stories. Rather than just address our own school community I asked our Executive and Board if they were willing to help create a resource to help similar Christian schools. Their response was extremely positive.” Will hearing these personal stories convince everyone to choose a Christian school? No. That’s not the purpose. It’s designed to raise issues, start conversations and help Christian couples hear some of the thought process behind why these parents made the choices they did.

ed You’re invit 02 9608 0033 125 KINGSFORD SMITH AVE, MIDDLETON GRANGE NSW



Seeking Expressions of Interest for Year 7, 2014

Before you choose a school please take a moment to watch the videos at au Christian schools can also take advantage of the resource by … 1. Adding a link on their website to www. 2. Embedding some of the Why Christian School YouTube Videos (at no cost) 3. Purchasing copies of the 17 minute DVD (AUD$5 each) to distribute to their community or local churches. The website includes a blogsite of over 100 promotional videos from Christian schools. It’s fascinating to see what some schools mention or focus on, as well as what they leave out. Watching these can help parents decide what questions they should be asking when considering a school for their child.

Currently a Primary School


Find a Christian School Guide 2013 | 9


Dr Charles Walker says that Christian education is very important as not only can it provide great education but also open many doors. He maintains the benefits of the sound education offered in the Christian school are far-reaching and long-term

Reaping the Benefits of a Christian School


he joy received from watching a child grow academically and mature in the Lord makes all the effort, all the time, all the money worth it. As a parent, you have prayed, researched, sought counsel, and examined all possible educational options. You have conscientiously made the decision to send your child

to a Christian school because you understand the value and benefits of a Christian education. It might prove enlightening and encouraging to you to carefully re-examine the specific reasons that prompted you to make this critical choice for your child and why today you are reaping the benefits of a Christian school. Your first response to the question

10 | Find a Christian School Guide 2013

of ‘why?’ my child attends a Christian school may go something like this: “I enrolled my child in a Christian school to obtain a Christian education in a morally, spiritually, and physically safe environment.” However, this answer is probably an over-simplification of your decision to capitalize on the values of a Christian school. A review of the many benefits that your child reaps academically, spiritually, and socially in a Christ-centered classroom may illuminate your reasoning preparing you to “be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” (I Peter 3:15). A child’s teacher is an important role model. Your child spends a major portion of the school day under the influence of one or more key teachers. You value the importance of the exemplary model set by your child’s teacher. In the Christian school classroom, the teacher openly teaches the truths of Scripture because his commitment compels an open, unashamed love and service to Jesus Christ. The government does not hinder these teachings, nor the reading of the Bible, nor prayer; all three are common everyday occurrences. The teachers openly demonstrate and model Christian principles, one of the reasons you send your child to a Christian school. The academic instruction in the Christian school exceeds that of the public schools. With strict standards of behavior enforced and high academic standards expected, the Christian school provides your child a better education, opening more doors in his life for future success and satisfaction. The benefits of the sound education offered in the Christian school are far-reaching and long-term, another reason you send your child to a Christian school. Christian values and attitudes are taught and emphasized in the Christian school. The overt effects of violence and immorality so common in today’s public schools clearly demonstrate the need for a Christian education. The Christian ethics and morals expounded in your home and church are reinforced in the Christian school classroom. Nurturing a child with Biblical truth is an excellent way

The Christian values taught in the Christian home and reinforced in the Christian school enable your child to deal with a troubled world without succumbing to its troubles

to equip him for maturity. The Christian values taught in the Christian home and reinforced in the Christian school enable your child to deal with a troubled world without succumbing to its troubles, another reason you send your child to a Christian school. Opportunities for Christian friends and fellowship abound in the Christian school. Negative peer pressure is downplayed by emphasizing the relationship of each child with Jesus Christ, and magnifying the Biblical standard of true friendship which calls for love, forgiveness, and accountability. The positive influence of a child’s

Christian peers has no substitute, another reason you send your child to a Christian school. Teacher-pupil ratio in a Christian school is lower than that of most public schools. This smaller class size permits a teacher to spend more time with each child. Consequently, your child receives more individualized attention from the teacher, and this, of course, greatly benefits him academically and personally, another reason you send your child to a Christian school. Obeying Biblical guidelines is essential when seeking the best for your child. Scriptural admonitions concerning the rearing of children in the Christian faith, such as Deuteronomy 6:5-7 and II Corinthians 6:14, can only be truly adhered to if children are taught in a Christian environment. The public schools cannot prepare a child for a fruitful, Christ-honoring life. In the Christian

classroom, your child learns the Biblical truth absolutely necessary for living a balanced Christian life, another reason you send your child to a Christian school. Placing your child in a Christian school may necessitate a financial sacrifice, a geographical inconvenience, or a drain on your energy, but the joy received from watching your child grow academically and mature in the Lord makes all the effort, all the time, all the money worth it. You should praise the Lord for the wisdom and direction He has given you, and thank Him for the blessings of a Christian school. Dr. Charles Walker is a former education director of the American Association of Christian Schools and the executive director of the Tennessee Association of Christian Schools.

HAMILTON CHRISTIAN SCHOOL 4 North City Road, RD1, Hamilton, New Zealand Phone: 07 854 0010 Fax: 07 854 0072 Find a Christian School Guide 2013 | 11


CHAPLAINS IN NEED Jim Wallace examines the government’s decision for Chaplains in secular schools. He maintains that chaplains provide a spiritual dimension to their counselling of students that cannot be provided from secular counsellors.



Old Northern Rd Good Shepherd Christian School

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UBD Map 108, F15

12 | Find a Christian School Guide 2013

Everton Park

he recent announcement by the Schools Education Minister Peter Garrett that more chaplains and secular workers are about to commence work at schools would seem good news if it didn’t herald another broken promise to the Christian community. Last year the government announced the National School Chaplaincy Program would be changed to the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program in 2012, thus allowing schools to apply for funding for secular workers from the same pool of funding which was originally for chaplains only. It’s not that schools shouldn’t have secular student welfare workers but this should not have come from the pool of money promised to the National School Chaplaincy Program during the 2010 election campaign. The government announced the expansion in numbers during the 2010 campaign but its commitment was that the chaplaincy program would retain its unique faith-based pastoral care emphasis. In a video interview conducted just two weeks before the election, I asked Ms Gillard to reassure the Christian constituency that there were no plans to change this. Here’s an excerpt of our conversation: Jim Wallace: The unique pastoral care that is given by chaplaincy is because it draws particularly on its Christian faith just as Salvos have a unique form of pastoral care drawing on their Christian faith particularly in welfare areas. Their (the Christian constituency’s) concern is very much that the program wouldn’t be secularised and that it could retain its unique flavour through its link to Christian faith. Do you see that continuing, would that be your objective? Prime Minister: Yes I do see that continuing….. My view about the chaplaincy program is yes it would continue as a chaplaincy program with everything that that implies. Of the 1000 schools which have applied for funding from what was previously money dedicated to chaplaincy, 35 per cent have applied for the role of a student welfare worker. It’s still unclear why the government made this decision to appease aggressive secularists and the Greens who are opposed to the role of chaplains in schools. Often there is a lot of misunderstanding around the role of chaplains. They do not teach religion in schools. In fact, religious instruction in government schools is entirely different from chaplaincy. Instead chaplains provide a spiritual dimension to their counselling of students that cannot be provided from secular counsellors. The role of chaplains has been highly effective. A 2009 study

The National School Chaplaincy Association (NSCA) is a network of Christian chaplaincy organisations in Australia. It is represented by ACCESS Ministries (Vic), GenR8 Ministries (NSW), Schools Ministry Group (SA) and Scripture Union (ACT, Queensland, Tasmania). As one of society’s key institutions, schools are in a strong position to support the wellbeing, values and spirituality of young people. For decades now, chaplains have been playing a significant role in supporting schools throughout Australia. Chaplaincy supports young people in one of the most complex environments in our society — the school. Today, there are over 1,650 state schools with NSCA chaplains across the country. These chaplains provide a safe and supportive influence. “The last few years have seen thousands of schools across Australia choose to employ a chaplain to complement the care that students receive from their school community. Chaplains have been providing a valued service of pastoral care and support to Australians in different contexts for many years. Some school communities have had a chaplain for decades. An independent survey of schools with chaplains reported 97 per cent of principals indicating that they were pleased with the presence and work of the chaplain in their school.” - Canon Dr Evonne Paddison, CEO of ACCESS Ministries

Their (the Christian constituency’s) concern is very much that the program wouldn’t be secularised and that it could retain its unique flavour through its link to Christian faith into The effectiveness of Chaplaincy by Dr Phillip Hughes of Edith Cowan University and Professor Margaret Sims of the University of New England highlighted this. On a scale of one to 10, principals rated chaplains at eight-point-six for providing an opportunity for students to talk through issues and offering support during significant problems. They were also rated at eight-point-five for offering support to students in special risk categories. Chaplains are doing a great job in providing support to young people and it is vital that they are given the funding needed to continue this role and not have to compete with secular welfare workers for funding. The quarantining of the programs funds was an important protection to ensure its future and this election promise so clearly given and now so clearly broken plays directly into the hands of those opposed to it. Jim Wallace Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby

Learning  Faith  Life As a Kindergarten (3 yr olds) to Year 12 Christian College, we help students on their journey of learning for life with a faith that lives. The end result is students who are compassionate and confident and who possess the academic skills and character for success in life. We achieve this by working with our students to discover and develop their passions, skills and abilities.

Learners Today... Leaders Tomorrow... g  Fai th 


r Lea


19 82

Give them confidence to explore their world



We provide… • A safe, nurturing environment where learning is exciting, positive and encouraging • An environment where each individual student’s gifts, talents and abilities are recognised and developed • Cultural and sporting opportunities • Quality and affordable Christian co-education.


Christian Outreach College Toowoomba 505 Hume Street Toowoomba


Phone 4617 6555



for online security


echnology these days provide students with such incredible access to information, and the ability to connect seamlessly with others across the globe like never before. In my day, it was all about hitting the books, but today it’s all about hitting the internet. The internet is such a wonderful place, and provides far more advantage than disadvantage overall, yet despite this we’re still faced with some serious issues like cyber-crime, privacy breaches, bullying and harassment. Our children rightly deserve the best head-start in life, and to compromise that by exposing them unnecessarily to some of the evils that lurk online means we need to tread carefully. Communication and awareness are the keys. There are many risks in computing, from security issues to hardware problems, so it's really important to consider the backup solutions and security you use. As a recent school parent, I’m impressed by the dedication of teachers and parents alike, and I’m seeing first-hand how setting some high standards within a school community can make a real difference to our peace of mind online, and usually it is as simple as following some simple guidelines. Upgrade old computers, and keep them up to date As computer operating systems age they inherently become more secure through regular updates, but it is also necessary every few years to upgrade to the latest major versions as well – for example, if you’re still using Windows XP you are well overdue for an upgrade! It is also critical that you have automatic updates enabled at all

times. Install Internet security software and keep it up-to-date Anti-Virus solutions provide good basic protection against viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and adware. However, to keep your school and students safe online today you really need additional layers of protection provided by an internet security software suite, like AVG Internet Security. There are many risks in computing, from security issues to hardware problems such as hard drive failure. It is really important that you consider using one of the many mature solutions available to backup your data files automatically to a remote offsite location – think of all the digital photographs, documents and other important files. A good starting point is Carbonite Online PC Backup at www. If you are a Mac user you will need to follow the link on their website to their USA site. Teach students how to set strong passwords, and keep them private This is especially needed on social networking web sites like Facebook. Also make sure they know how to properly set the privacy information on social networking sites so that their personal information can only be seen by those they trust and give permission to see it. A recent New York Times survey found that up to a third of teenagers will share their passwords with close friends, so it is important to address this issue as well; passwords should always remain private, at all times. Don’t allow peer-group pressure to influence under-age social site sign-ups Did you know that Facebook has

14 | Find a Christian School Guide 2013


a minimum age requirement of 13? Yet, in research we conducted late last year we found an alarming number of 10-13 year olds are already using Facebook. Be vigilant, and do not allow students to sign up for social media sites until they’re ready; the consequences of exposing them before they are ready could be dire. Never use a computer with the ‘Administrator’ account privilege Affecting mostly people using older and insecure operating systems (like Windows XP), up to 90% of all security vulnerabilities can be mitigated against simply by setting up regular user account with a strong password for normal daily use - thus eliminating the need to have administrator rights. Access the administrator account only on those rare instances when you may need to install software or change system settings. Ensure all school computers are set up this way, and educate parents and students about this simple measure.

Teach everyone to stop and think before they click Through social media and other sites, we share information at a rapid pace these days, and so we’re confronted with links to websites and files all the time. Be sure that you understand how to ‘roll over’ a link to view the real destination first, and please make sure you have good web scanning software, like the free AVG Link Scanner which will work on both Windows and Mac computers. It will do a real-time check for any malware payloads that may be lurking on the web page. Don’t forget to secure mobile devices, like phones and tablets Computing no longer happens only at desks or in the office or classroom. It happens on public transport and in busy cafes. Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets these days are as fast as computers were 5 – 8 years ago – we are all walking around with computers in our pockets. These need

to be protected, so ensure you enable PIN number locks, activate phone tracking features like Find my iPhone for iPhone, or the free AVG Mobilation for Android) for lost or stolen devices, as well as security scanning software. Most of all remember the keys to security are: communication and awareness within your school community. Discuss issues with students, teachers and parents together, and work as closely with one another to develop your own standards about what you consider to be acceptable, and stay safe online. Michael McKinnon is the Security Advisor at AVG AU/NZ. At AVG we’re all about protecting our Community of users, and we help schools with discounts of up to 50% on our award winning protection software – backed up with unlimited, expert technical support from the AVG (AU/NZ) team based in Melbourne, free of charge.

Covenant College

Find a Christian School Guide 2013 | 15

Educate, Equip, Encourage Northside Christian College educates and equips students for any future Educate


Northside Christian College has earned an excellent academic reputation. Our biblicallybased curriculum, delivered by insightful teachers, is helping our students to consistently achieve above average results in national tests. In 2011, our average student performance was above both the state and national averages in every category in every year level tested by the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN).

Northside Christian College has a community that cares. Christian teachers seek to develop quality relationships with students to facilitate effective teaching and learning. Our pastoral care program focuses on the development of the individual and our varied missions program encourages students to care for others on campus, in the local community and overseas.

Equip Northside Christian College is equipping students for the digital age. An initiative, which equips every Secondary student with a personal digital device – the Apple iPad – is engaging students in exciting new ways. Students are using iPads to research, access subject materials, participate in forums with peers, and receive tutoring from teachers. Students are linked in to learning in classrooms, around campus and at home.

Northside Christian College is inspiring students to develop Character through Christ. Your child’s journey can begin at Northside in Prep, and continue through Junior, Middle and Senior School. Along the way, your child can enjoy an enriching co-curricular program including activities in the arts, language, technology, sport, and outdoor recreation.

Begin the journey. Visit or call 07 3353 1266.

16 | Find a Christian School Guide 2013

A ministry of Nexus Church Co-ed, Prep – Year 12 151 Flockton Street, Everton Park QLD 4053 P 07 3353 1266 E

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