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EN-POWER FRAMEWORK CW Industries’ platform for lowering energy costs and increasing occupant comfort



Continuous condition-based testing avoids unscheduled expenses and minimizes equipment failure.

Baseline creation and real-time monitoring of key systems keeps you on track with energy benchmarks.


Cost Control

Ready access to information empowers your staff and increases efficiency.

Monitor equipment health and track maintenance costs while ensuring service provider accountability.


Network diagram


Interfacing made easy A major benefit of En-Power is the intuitive graphical interface. It’s easy to use and understand for all levels of personnel. This prevents errors of misinterpretation and facility miscommunication.

This view allows for quick assessment of comfort ranges. By selecting an RTU or VAV unit number, the user can drill down through the various information about that unit.

The first level is the thermostat view. This is an easily understood method for adjusting the set point and seeing the current space temperature.


Drilling further allows the user to view the equipment in a graphical format. Current values for key equipment points are shown.

Drilling still further, the user has access to additional information and adjustments for the unit.

All point information is continuously logged. The History page is preconfigured to allow for instantly viewing historical data over various time periods.


How healthy is your equipment? Sophisticated data produces “gauges� for each piece of equipment. Gauges display red, green and yellow zones so any staff member at any level of training can instantly determine equipment health.

This real time graph shows the current value in relation to averages and statistical deviations.


Energy En-Power’s Energy function allows you to align energy costs with your business model while remaining continuously efficient.

Energy dashboards show realtime usage.

Energy History files are updated by change in energy level or per duration. The pink chart is windmill power consumption. The yellow is commercial power consumption.


Energy baselines are compared with real-time usage to determine system health.

Aggregation techniques show the big picture.


Cost Control En-Power’s Cost Control function increases efficiency and productivity in managing facilities, equipment, people and costs. A key cost-containment benefit is that the system provides an objective, transparent measure of service quality and ensures service provider accountability. If a service provider makes a repair, Enpower will notify you if the repair was done improperly. The Cost Control function also enables you to track and control costs associated with the operation of your building easily and quickly. Expenditures from light bulbs to hand soap can be tracked and reported.


Library/Document Center Critical to empowering your employees and giving them the tools necessary to perform efficiently is having the information they need readily available. Time is wasted when personnel have to search for diagrams, service manuals, drawings and other critical information – a hidden, but costly, expense. Furthermore, occupant satisfaction is negatively impacted by the subsequent delay in repairs. En-Power’s Library addresses this problem by acting as a digital central repository for all information about your facility. User and maintenance manuals for your primary mechanical equipment will be included in En-Power’s Library function. A key part of the Library is a video library prepared by CW Industries. These videos demonstrate the location of various equipment, components and operation of override capabilities. With the Library function, your staff will have ready access to drawings, user manuals, troubleshooting videos and contact information, saving hours of time. While the focus is primarily on mechanical equipment information, the Library can easily include information about additional systems. This could range from replacement filters to how to maintain counter surfaces or even training manuals. Time saved by not having to search for these items can be significant.


Post-Monitoring Support Examples All data is logged to the data base. The En- Power Framework simply pulls it out and displays it. We design client reports to fit your tastes and needs. The followings pages represent the capabilities of EN-POWER.