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Pen Holders

PEN 17 -The Caduceus Motion Pen

PH01 - Guardian Snake

PH33 - Private Dancer

PH36GP - Atlas Gold Plated

PH36 - Atlas

PH36BP - Atlas Black Plated

PH47 - Butterfly 3 Pen Holder

PH53 - Octopus

PH50 - Hercules

PH60 - Hummingbirds Gold Plated

PH60 - Hummingbirds

PH64 - Whale Tails

PH70 - Scales of Justice

PH75 - Write no Evil ® 4 Monkeys, Jac’s Trademarked piece.

PH83 - Swooping Eagle

PH86 - The Battle. Pen & Card Holder

PH85 - Serenity

PH88 - Legal Eagle PH87 -Deco wings, Pen or Card Holder

PH94 - Vise Versa

PH95 - Thought Aqueduct

PH99 - Think before you ink

PH101D - Write No Evil 速 Hands Chained Down PH102- Mini Atlas

PH101T - Write No Evil 速 Hands Tied Up

PH101U - Write No Evil 速 Hands Tied Up

PH103- Happy Buddha

PH107 - Take a Giant Step

PH108 - 3.2.1. Write Now Rocket

PH114- Chain your Bike Not your Thoughts Desk Set

PH112 - Heel Obsession, Bronze

PH113 - Skull Pen or Card Holder

PH115 - Heaven Can Wait

Actions are like Words, only worth their value when used wisely; sit, focus, WRITE and do. Live Today!

Beta Inkless Pens It lays down a grey line that doesn’t smudge or erase. It never needs sharpening and doesn’t run out. It’s design is the revival of an age old artist technique of writing in metal!

Beta Inkless Pen - Black or Silver Aluminum & Cherry Wood

Beta Inkless Keychain Pen - Stainless Steel

**Warning: The tip of the pen contains lead, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Do not place tip in mouth. This is not a toy and not intended for Children.

Ripple Pens PEN55 Ab Intra PEN60 Alpha Bravo...Zulu PEN35B Write No Evil 速 (black) PEN35W Write No Evil 速 (white) PEN58 Reflection Pen PEN50 Carpe Diem PEN56 World Skyline PEN51 Let your thoughts Soar PEN53 Pocket PC PEN37 Star Spangled Banner

New Pens: The Legend

Pen63- Black Barrel with Silver twist cap with Clip**

Pen63MOP - Mother of Pearl twist cap, Rhodium Barrel** **Stand Included with each pen

Pen71 - The Ultimate 7-1 pen: Ball Point Pen - Flat head and Phillips Screw Driver Spirit Level - Inches and Centimeter Ruler Touch Screen Stylus. Gift Boxed.

Pendora Pens: 400SSB - Space Skulls - Bronze

PD3 - Big Head Bronze Ball Point Twist Bronze

PD/02 - Pendora Bronze Roller Ball (Available in Fountain)

Shaker Pens: Pen80 - Bullet Shaker

Pen81 - Hexagonal Shakers

PD05 - Luv you to Death Space Skulls - Sterling Silver

SR05 - Bear’s Growl

SR02 - Lion’s Roar

SR03 - Dragon’s Breath

SR04 - Shark Bite

ST01 - Shark Bite Stapler

SR13 - Happy Hippo

SR01 - Snake Bite

SR07 - Snapping Gator

SR12 - T-Rex Skull

Accessories: Bottle Openers Biting Skull

BO01- Yellow Bronze

BO02The Minimalist

BO01W- White Bronze

BO03 The Architect

BO04 - The Write Opener Pen


CL01 Business Face Skull Pewter

CL02-B Laugh Out Loud Skulls Bronze

CL02 Laugh Out Loud Skulls Pewter


J04 - Free Ride Bike Pendant

J03 - Bike Wheel Pendant

J04 - Business Face Skull

Stone Paper Notebooks Stone paper is a revolutionary paper product made from calcium carbonate powder. 100% tree free, anti-static, acid free, no grain direction, water resistant, grease resistant, tear resistant and insect resistant.

SJ03 - Flexable Soft Cover J02 - Rocca Jotter Top Spiral

SJ01 - Stone Paper With Pen


SH01D - Sterling Silver Skulls Double Edge Razor SH02 - Bronze Skulls Double Edge Razor

SH03 - Bronze Skulls Handle for Mach 3 heads

We also offer a full line of ink refills. Have closeout deals from time to time. Add new products regularly, just ask to see any new items.

CA02 - Happy Buddha Candle Holder

PHLT - Leatherette Pen Case


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