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The rest of the world know where people in the State that much about the rest stereotype possibly, but I more clued-up about the r might see a change in the perceptions of peoples’ o United States.

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-Female, Namibia

Objectives Top 3

1.) Create a platform for dialogue among young adults from diverse cultural backgrounds. 2.) Facilitate an organization with funding from a corporation (i.e. Skype) that will benefit from humanitarian work and exposure. 3.) Decrease the amount of ignorance among Americans about the rest of the world as well as boost their reputation.

Domestic Program Starting at Home


E-Commerce Major project at the end of the year on country and Virtual Buddy U.S. children form relationship with child from another country Regional focus (target swing countries)

8th Grade

Cultural Exchange Requirement Virtual Pen Pal Young adult would go to host country, meet their E-Buddy, and work on humanitarian project with Sister School

High School

Language Education and Senior Project Build a school, help with logistics of Virtual Pen Pal program Scholarships, rewards, and benefits

Citizens ideally really should be the Government. But people don’t always see it that way. In many cases I think people equate the government with the citizens.

-Female, Namibia


International Partners Teach conversational English, math, and other classroom subjects Care for vulnerable and at-risk children in children’s homes and orphanages Socialize with community elders Help construct and repair classrooms, community centers, and health clinic

Corporations Source of Funds Skype Ebay PayPal


Start with youth Reccomendations

Allow program to grow with target audience


International Skype personnel Alumni volunteers as class aides


Base spending on startup number of schools Future expansion through corporate alliances


Intended Effect Build off our previous presentation

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness�

Promote dialogue among young adults Necessary in order to build a sustainable world

Create the next generation of leaders Strengthen international partnerships Unite the world together through their youth


America has acted more like a stubborn teenager, stamping its feet and refusing to play ball, rather than taking a firm moral stance. - Male, UK


Sales Promotions Calling Abroad

Icon or message on Skype log-on page “First Day of School� call promotion Sustainable school project abroad International scholarship competition


Create Awareness Focus on visual media outlets

Easily display a commonly recognized endorser, an organizational director, and kids that are actively engaged and benefiting from the program

Press Release

Boost initial enthusiasm among families, teachers, and students

Broad reach, short frequency Short but effective initial launch

Research Gain Insight

Understanding Target Audiences K-12 Students Americans Rest of the World (Primary and Secondary Research)


Surveys, focus groups, interviews, with those involved with program


Consult with teachers and students


Surveys locally and abroad


I love America and a met. Easily some of welcoming people i do chuckle to mysel what they do.


all the people I have f the nicest and most in the world, but I lf sometimes with

-Male, England

Presentation 3  

Presentation 3

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