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Build Community to Serve Youth During the weekend of January 14-15, 2012, six current teachers and two alumni of Concordia Leadership Academy (CLA) met together in Jiangmen, Guangdong, China to support each other and to advance the CLA program. CLA is a leadership and life skills training program developed by CWEF and implemented by middle school & high school teachers at their schools. The meeting participants came from Xiangshan High School (Guangdong), Heshan #1 High School (Guangdong), and ECNU #3 Middle School (Shanghai). The Guangdong schools have been involved in the CLA program for several years, and their annual winter meeting is a time for teachers to come together, share successes, learn from one another, and build community. The two Shanghai teachers, Xie Xinchun & Yan Yingchun, are launching CLA with

migrant students at their school during Spring semester 2012. Being new to the program, it was invaluable for them to be welcomed into this community of teachers in Guangdong who see the value of CLA for their students and wish to share their knowledge with other educators. The group discussed the purpose of CLA and ideas for how to improve evaluation of the programâ€&#x;s impact. Teachers also formed teams to plan sample CLA lessons and together they demonstrated these lessons to the rest of the participants, followed by discussion and suggestions for improvement.

Dolphin Liu leads discussion

We were also very pleased to have two alumni of CLA come back to join the meeting. Jenny Xu and Ocean He are former CLA participants at Xiangshan High School. Both are currently attending university and plan to become teachers themselves. Chen Ming talks with participants



Community Health Education In the last six months, 20 village volunteers shared what they have learned through giving training to 1,205 Chinese villagers in basic health concepts following the methods of the Community Health Education (CHE) program. Starting six months ago, CWEF staff trained 20 villagers in CHE concepts. Since their first training, those trainers have led an additional 33 training sessions. Long is 35 years old. He is a villager in one of the villages

where CWEF trained local CHE teachers. He has four people in his family, including his wife, son (3 years old) and daughter (9 years old). His daughter studies in primary school. She goes to school on Sundays and returns to the village on Fridays after her classes complete. The government school in his village area is too far away for her to travel there and back each day for class, so she boards at the school during the week. Last year their family income for the year was 8000RMB

(US$1250, or 85¢/day each). Their family has been fortunate that they have not had serious illnesses. Long‟s family participated in the CHE trainings given during the fall. Since the training, his family members now all brush their teeth every day. CWEF will continue to encourage the local trainers in all of the health topics as well as monitor the village situations to look for longer term changed habits and improved health and sanitation conditions.

Clean Water in Cambodia In a country that floods annually during the rainy season, Cambodia‟s amount of water available is not always a problem. The problem for many rural communities is the cleanliness of their water. CWEF supports rural communities through a partnership with Resource Development International to meet a need for clean water. RDI is a Christian organization that has developed a water Distribution of water filters in Bos Pul filter unit for families. The device consists of a plastic container, a clay pot, one plastic O-ring, a spigot, a scrub brush for cleaning, and a plastic lid. All components are specially designed for the purpose of cleanliness and efficiency. IMPROVING



A filter unit lasts 2 to 4 years before it needs replacement. It filters out harmful bacteria, viruses, and chemical components. RDI manufactures, supplies and teaches about the use of their filters, but they aren‟t able to reach every town and village.

home, sanitation or filth. CWEF plans to continue distributing filters and educating about clean water use, striving to serve the great need in Cambodia.

Last month CWEF distributed 40 filters to Bos Pul in northern Cambodia and this month 40 filters will be given to more families in the same area. Volunteers participating in service learning events are trained to distribute and educate families about the filters. The volunteers teach in groups of two, with the help of translators, to small groups of villagers consisting of 7 to 10 people. For many, clean water is the difference between sickness and health, working or staying



Distribution of water filters in Bos Pul




Yunnan Introduces: Cai Long CWEF welcomes Cai Long to our Yunnan office as health manager. Cai Long‟s focus at university was Joint Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine.

Cai Long previously worked for Red Cross Society and Save the Children (UK) for 8 years running health related projects in the areas of HIV/ AIDS prevention and community health.

and let them have the opportunity to choose another life style, and their life will be changed at that time. From then, they need not suffer from lack of basic knowledge and skills.”

Cai Long says, “I am very happy to work with colleagues in CWEF. My slogan is „share experiences and learn from each other‟. Facing the young and little dirty faces in Kunming I realized, maybe the meaning of my job is to help open a window, put the window in front of the villagers,

CWEF is very excited for Cai Long to apply his expertise to programs such as HEAL and CHE. Please join us in welcoming him to the team.

CWEF Thanks “Giving Back” Volunteers Many of you have served with CWEF through one of our short-term service learning trips. A majority of CWEF's

volunteers share their talents with us through those special programs on location in one of our partner communities. CWEF also has special needs as an organization related to our communication and administration functions. We are blessed that volunteers also share their unique gifts IMPROVING



with us in those areas. Some times these volunteers are already familiar with us through participation in our short-term events. But, volunteers also learn about CWEF and our mission through the internet. Last summer we were blessed to have four volunteers serve with us for one month. All four were students finishing their MBA program through the highly regarded Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. This MBA program integrates a "Giving Back" program as part of its corporate social responsibility coursework. All students in the program seek out a nonprofit agency through which they can complete a project relevant to their interests. These four students spent a month in our Kunming office. They reviewed our current EDUCATION


processes and made recommendations for improving CWEF project information tracking. In addition, they reviewed available information management systems and made recommendations to us for systems that would meet our needs as well as be accessible across our various offices. The tracking improvements were instituted already in the fall and the information management improvements are being implemented throughout this year. Keep an eye out this month for our new website that is a part of these improvements. Thank you to Milena Loayza, Julian Sanchez, Miguel Ortega and Carlos Forey for their contribution to CWEF's mission to improve lives through education and service.







Funding Needed for 2012 CWEF would like to thank our generous donors for the financial support given for successful programs in 2011 Please consider financial support for two programs that need additional funding for 2012. According to Guangdong Education Bureau 51.5% of female urban students in Guangdong graduate from high school but only 12.4% of female rural students. Concordia Leadership Academy (CLA) is a mentoring program that works with rural impoverished

students to encourage their desire to continue studying and teach them methods for coping with pressures of meeting test requirements, rigorous school schedules and isolation from family support while living in boarding environments. Gifts given towards a goal of HKD$ 775,000 (USD $100,000) supports participation of 240 students in the CLA program monthly meetings and workshops as well as training for 48 teachers in 8 schools. The program will operate in 8 schools in 3 provinces dur-

ing the 2012-2013 academic year.

student’s intention to continue studies after high school.

CWEF China high school scholarships award tuition, boarding and book fees for each rural impoverished student. The majority of sponsored students are female. Students are invited to apply for scholarships after they receive the results of their high school entrance examination.

CWEF Scholarship program is seeking an additional HKD$ 217,000 (USD $28,000) to support education for 75 rural students in Yunnan, China.

Applications are reviewed based on family financial situation, test results and an assessment of the

Your gift of any amount makes a life-changing difference in the lives of these students.

Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation is a Hong Kong based non-profit organization founded by Lutheran Christians and dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished rural communities in Asia through education and service.

Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation

We partner with local communities, organizations and

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governments to identify sources of poverty and imple-

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We believe that education creates opportunities for people to change their lives and create a new future.


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To improve the lives of impoverished rural communities in Asia, Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation partners with local communities to...

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