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Stream 1 – PRODUCTION AGENDA Hosted by Tuesday 13 March Supported and Moderated by Leonardo Pardo Werpajosky, Technology Manager, Halliburton Offshore 13:00 Subsea Tieback Technology Company: Oceaneering 13:45 BIOTEMP Transformers for Modern Off Shore and On Shore Power Substation Company: ABB Mature Fields 14:30 Utilizando un sistema automatizado de Optimización y Diagnóstico para Incrementar la Producción – Un Caso de Estudio Company: AdrialPetro 15:15 Justifying Re-Completions in Colombia’s Mature Fields through the use of Cased Hole Solid Expandable Liners, a One Time Permanent Isolation Barrier Company: Weatherford International Ltd 16:00 Benefits of Foundation Fieldbus in order to achieve a comprehensive Asset Management System through detailed diagnostic functions Company: Dakora 16:45 Soluciones a Retos y Necesidades Tecnológicas en Explotación de Yacimientos Aplicando Estrategias Energéticas Enfocadas a Inducción de Productividad Company: Weatherford Mexico 17:00 End of Day One Production Stream

Stream 1 – PRODUCTION AGENDA Hosted by

Wednesday 14 March Pipeline Infrastructure Systems 09:00 Effective pipeline maintenance Company: Protem GmbH 09:45 Geographic Information Systems for the Petroleum and Pipeline Industries Company: Procalculo Prosis Reservoir Engineering 10:30 Tecnologías de Simulación Company: Medios y Soluciones 11:15 Felipe de Jesús Martínez Estrella, Ingeniero Especialistas en Geomecánica - IWC – Mexico, Weatherford Company: Weatherford 12:00 Break for Lunch Drilling & Completions 13:00 How the high-speed broadband network can help drill safely and efficiently? Company: Intelliserv 13:45 The study and application of fracturing for ultra deep hole in crack-cave carbonate oil reservoir Company: Sinopec 14:30 Using Failure Mode Analysis (FMECA) to Minimize the Risk of Failure of Complex Intelligent Completions Company: Proneta 15:15 End of Day Two Production Stream


Hosted by Wednesday 14 March Supported and moderated by Cor F. van Egmond, Olefins Technology Manager, Shaw Energy & Chemicals 10:00 Butadiene Extraction Presentation Presenter: Dirk Burghardt, Lurgi 10:45 C4 & PYGAS Hydrogeneration Presenter: Pascal Coenen, Shell Global Solutions International BV 11:15 Benzene Extraction Technology Presenter: Thomas Diehl, ThyssenKrupp Uhde GmbH 12:00 Break for Lunch 13:00 Steam Cracking and Importance of Ethtlene Presenter: Cor van Egmond, Shaw Energy & Chemicals 13:45 Fluidized Catalytic Cracking: The Importance of Upgrading Heavy Hydrocarbons to PetroChemicals Presenter: Alexandre Figueiredo, Albermarle 14:30 Propane Dehydrogenation (STAR) Presenter: Maarten van Deinse, ThyssenKrupp Uhde GmbH 15:15 End of Processing Stream


16:45 Soluciones a Retos y Necesidades Tecnológicas en Explotación de Yacimientos Aplicando Estrategias Energéticas Enfocadas a Inducción de...

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