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1. We start writing down similar questions that our youngsters from Finland and Holland need to answer, for example:    

  

What does cultural diversity mean to you? Do you see advantages and/or disadvantages? how can you make from a disadvantage an advantage how would you like to translate cultural diversity into activities; what kind of activities would you use to show the youngsters from Holland/Finland what cultural diversity means and what the [dis]advantages are in your country Are there people who have changed a disadvantage into an advantage, who are they, can we invite them, are they an example for you and other youngsters Is there an interesting training or a coach who could set up a training to give youngsters an eye opener on cultural diversity? There are so many interesting things to do, youngsters are so much more creative than we are, so let them speak up...

So if we have all those questions (I can put them together with the teachers) then both the youngsters for Finland and Holland could answer them and we (the youngsters and I for Holland and you and your youngsters for Finland) can set up a program. The beauty of it is, that both Holland and Finland might have totally different ideas about cultural diversity and setting up this exchange is the perfect way to learn from each other and exchange ideas how to improve!!... So it might be interesting to have both exchanges in one summer holiday... you see? But then we need to know if the NA's are ok with this and of course the school and the youngsters... What do you think? Please share your ideas with me... we can of course plan in a skype meeting on Tuesday, 11th... let me know.

Thanks Cucu, involvement youngsters is exactly our purpose. I need to know the deadline for delivery form NA too, any idea when that is? From earlier experience I know it can be killing if we don't have our dates straight, therefore as soon as you know what need to be done by when, I can inform the teachers too and make a timeschedule when we can work together with our youngsters. Can you also send me the form that we need to send to our NA so we can work together on this? SCHEDULE 13 -01–2011 Presentation Vania for school director and teachers, including remarks NA letter and deadline data for form NA. Set up schedule for youngsters to discuss program 1st proposal program from youngsters Holland / youngsters Finland Youngsters NL make contact by mail with Youngsters Finland to discuss proposal PROGRAM Cucu to visit Holland and discuss proposal for setting up in Finland DEADLINE form to be sent to NA

Dear Cucu, I am very happy about the partnership that you found in Catch. New ways to help young people from minorities to participate on local and European level is very much needed. Understanding over cultural barriers is also needed, as you know about the situation in Finland. Your plan looks suitable for youth exchange. However, keep in mind the following things: 1) The young people should be involved already. We cannot support projects that are made by adults for the young people. The participation of young people should be evident already in the planning and preparation of the project. It is a very critical quality criteria in youth exchanges and cannot be overlooked. Motivate your groups of young people already to take part in the planning of the project. What do the ideas of your project mean to them? How do they see they could be interpreted in their lives on local and European level? How can they learn new things about cultural diversity so that it has some meaning on their level as well? 2) Bring the project plan down on the concrete level. What is the learning plan? What is our common objective? Namely, what is it we want to learn about cultural diversity and how can we learn it? What do we know about it now and what do we want to learn? If there are difficult and high-flying theories about cultural diversity, how does it link to us on the streets? 3) Plan action: how do we challenge us to understand more about the chosen topic? How do we measure our learning? How do we tell the surrounding world our ideas and learning? Hopefully some of these thoughts can guide you and your young people to new ideas. Paavo

Hey Cucu Dear, just to let you know that 1 school has already responded positively and they are going to look for some interesting english speaking students. I'm having lunch with the teacher on 19 October, so will come back to you soon. Hope you are doing ok Cucu, because I have been so busy the last few weeks that I didn't get time to breath... I really look forward to our exchange. By the way isnt' that workshop regarding politics taking place one of these days? Speak to you very soon, take care, vania


What do you think? Please share your ideas with me... we can of course plan in a skype meeting on Tuesday, 11th... let me know. There are so...

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