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Cucu Wesseh Laitainen 5 C 25 20900 TURKU P. 041 472 9038


Postgraduate Diploma , Mikkeli Business Polytechnic, 2001 F.E.C. International BusinessProgram, 2004 WORK EXPERIENCE:

DEVELOPMENT EDUCATON SUMMER SCHOOL VOLUNTEER   PROGRAMME I am applying to secure a long-term volunteering career in development in a coordinative environment of human service, capacity building and social capital marketing within an international human resource management organization. My core competence lies in positive youth education emphasizing strongly on grass root community development. I possess a three year track record in youth and sports education in the area of youth and skills development coaching as well as project coordination with the Finnish football federation (SPL) and Turun Nappulaliiga (TuNL). I am resourceful, independent and self -initiative and possess solid business acumen. I am also ambitious, focused and goal-oriented and have strong interactive and communicative skills. I am analytical and synergetic with good human process approach. I am fluent in English, Finnish and Russian. I also command a fair and satisfactory knowledge of French and Spanish. I intend to embark on and develop a successful career with Global me a fast-growing multi and cross cultural organisational setting of knowledge transfer and social capital management and competence and capacity building through education and volunteerism. For further detail on my career development and track record, please see:

Better life World wide ry, 21.9 -31.12 2009 Return Project coordinator, Suomen Palloliitto (SPL), Turun piiri, TuNL Youth & Skills development, 2007 -2010 Suomen Posti Oyj , Dispatch logistics 1.11–22.12.2004 Russian Cargo Service Oy, Customer Service Coordinator, 1.12.2003– 17.8.2004 Market- Visio Oy, IT research analyst assistant, 1.4.2000-22.12.2000 INTERNAT IO NAL SEMINARS:

CommunicAsiaMulti-media and telecommunications symposium, Singapore (15–19.2004)

The Multimedia Super Corridor seminar, hosted by Telecom Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Sincerely, Cucu Wesseh

(30.5–8.6.2004) COMPUT I NG SKILLS: Ms Windows NT/ XP 2000 (Works, Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Nova 6, File maker) PERSONAL SKILLS & COMPETENCI ES : Reliable, conscientious and able

Cucu Wesseh – Laitainen 5C, 25 – 20900 TURKU– Puh/Tel: +358 41 472 903 8–,


Cucu Wesseh Laitainen 5 C 25 20900 TURKU Singapore (15–19.2004) The Multimedia Super Corridor seminar, hosted by Telecom Malaysia, I am reso...

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