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Nick Morgan & Charlotte Warren

Nick Morgan & Charlotte Warren Animation Story Boards - Each image has a corresponding 5 second animation which would be

shown on the screen (mounted in the picture frame) which is part of the in store display.

In Store Display Stand - Video screen mounted in a picture frame showing the 8 animations on a loop. 2 stands either side, for men and women’s fragrance testers. Cabinet underneath for the range of fragrances and gift boxes.

Nick Morgan & Charlotte Warren Gift Bags - Range of 4 unisex gift bags for the fragrances (front and back of the bags shown).

Gift Boxes - Unisex boxes to package the fragrances, same 4 designs as the bags (front and back of the

boxes shown).

Nick Morgan & Charlotte Warren

Our Rationale What is the problem? From our own research into the Ted Baker brand we have found that: • The main aspect of the brand is based around humour but this seems to be too subtle and underused in current products and advertising. • Another main aspect of the brand is it’s British identity, however this seems limited and not particularly noticeable. • Ted Baker doesn’t use regular press and TV advertising so a different way of advertising to attract customers is needed. • There isn’t a particular brand identity that ties the Ted Baker products together and makes the brand instantly recognisable. • It is unclear where Ted Baker products are sold other than in their own stores; new advertising needs to address this. What We Intend To Do Promote Ted Baker as a British brand that takes pride in looking good but without being to serious they like to have fun. We intend to encourage the sale of the fragrance line. We are targeting department stores like House of Fraser and retailers like Boots. We want to make the Ted Baker brand instantly recognisable. Our Audience Stylish, independent, career orientated people who appreciate something different (existing and new customers). Our campaign is also aimed at people who shop for fragrances as gifts in department stores. How We Intend To Do This We will design a new range of outer packaging for the fragrances to be sold in i.e. gift bags and boxes. This would promote the brand and help with brand recognition, for example, people carrying a Ted Baker bag around are a form of free advertising. We will design an in store display stand and propose an animation to be placed within it.

Our Design Decisions To incorporate Ted Baker’s irreverent British humour we have taken stylish, fashion photographs by Andreas Sjodin ( and “ruined” them by adding humorous illustrations of things that typically represent Britain. The underlying theme of our work is to suggest that Ted Baker doesn’t take fashion too seriously, as described in the brief. The illustrations have been produced in a similar colour scheme to that used previously by Ted Baker in order to keep the brand recognisable. These colours were also selected because they stand out so much against the black and white photographs and grab your attention. This colour contrast, along with the contrast between vintagestyle fashion photography and hand drawn-style typography and illustrations, reflect the quirky style of Ted Baker.

YCN Final Submission  
YCN Final Submission  

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