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STUDY TWO 29/10/2010

EPISTLE|OF|JAMES 1. Faith Matters! (James 1:1-18) 2. Religion that God approves (James 1:19-27)

RELIGION THAT GOD APPROVES James 1:19-27 Intro: Do you ever think of yourself as being religious? Should you? ask: What do you think it means to be religious? What do you think the Bible says about being religious? Encourage discussion and don't place too much emphasis on getting the "right" answer - but hopefully this study will help people put it in perspective. Pray and Read James 1:19-27. James says in verse 19 that we should be “quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry�. What does he say is bad about our anger? v20 man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires

man's anger = centered around matters of this world. Irrelevant in the scale of heaven and God's work on Earth. Our selfish

MAIN IDEAs 1. Anger that does not lead to anger does not reflect our attitude toward receiving a life of righteousness from God by grace. sin is anger that is in line with Do you think it's possible to have righteous anger? Discuss in your group. God's will 2. Religion that pleases God is a life lived in response to the love and grace shown by the living God whom we have a personal relationship with. 3. Living out this religion begins with taking His Word seriously.

Yes. But the line is very fine. Best answer is to watch that you don't get angry. Eph 4:26 Righetous anger is that which is expressed not through pride and personal worth but that which glorifies God. Some Bible references of righteous anger displayed (I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU PREVIEW, THEN PICK AND CHOOSE) Ezra 9:13-15 Nehemiah 5:1-13 Mark 3:1-6 Jesus' righteous anger Think of some instances in which you got angry. Have a chat about how it could lead to sin. An example: dealing with insults. Getting angry over someone insulting you is selfish anger because it is your pride and image at stake. Getting angry over someone insulting your friend depends. Could be selfish if you do it to gain the favour of your friend, or to publicly "show off" your caring nature. What does James tell us to do with what we read in the Bible? DO IT - [up to the leader to draw this out] Leave ample time for the final question in particular, which is looking at this question practically.

Look at verses 26-27. What's the difference between how the world views religion and what God calls religion? How does this relate to what we looked at so far? From the passage: world like the Pharisees who earn the respect of men giving to charity, going to church hardened heart

| |

God being held responsible before Him


keep from being polluted by the world


having compassion on others through Christlike love

Religion is not a bunch of rules to follow but a life lived in response to having a relationship with the living God who loves and cares.

Take the time to think back over the previous few passages you've read in the Bible (including this one), whether it be at YG, at home, or on Sunday. What does it look like to live out what you learnt about? How can you do it? Come back and discuss after personally reflecting on it. You might like to ask your leader for ideas and experiences from their own life first =) 1.

Passage: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Message: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Application: _________________________________________________________________________________________


Passage: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Message: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Application: _________________________________________________________________________________________


Passage: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Message: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Application: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Close by spending time praying over what you wrote down. Pray that you would see religion as not just a list of to-dos, but a real and personal relationship with the living God =) For a John Piper sermon on hearing and living out the Word go to:

2. James (Religion that God approves) Leaders Notes  

29/10/2010 What does James tell us to do with what we read in the Bible? DO IT - [up to the leader to draw this out] Leave ample time for th...

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